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DAY6 Losing Junhyeok?
IT'S TIME TO GET SERIOUS. This morning, I was saddened to hear about a posting from JYP Entertainment that noted the contract cancellation of Junhyeok from the band DAY6. I was hoping that this was just a rumor, and that the dating scandal recently brought up was too. As I look more into it, it seems that the post is becoming more and more real. Junhyeok debuted with DAY6 later in 2015 and he had always dreamed of becoming a well known singer. It breaks my heart that it has come to this but I KNOW he will be much happier on his own and with a sense of privacy around him than he has been dealing with due to fame. If you know DAY6 and Junhyeok at all, you know how rough it must have been for his quiet natured and reserved self to adjust to fame and scrutiny 24/7. Junhyeok had lots of talent and if he has found a new path as a solo musician, then I will support it 100%. Please be patient and respectful and careful with this situation as Junhyeok has always been really sensitive. He has a good heart, and a big one at that, and he has ALWAYS taken the time to reach out to fans and support them as they support him. DAY6 has asked us to walk with them every step of the way, and while there may be some rocky times and we may stumble, they will always be there to pick us up. I just hope everyone can understand and treat Junhyeok with the utmost respect. And I hope Jae, Sungjin, Wonpil, Younghyun, and Dowoon are doing well and taking a breather. It's obvious they were close so I know they have to be hurting from it, too. In their trainee days, Sungjin recalled that almost having Wonpil, Younghyun, and Junhyeok moved to another group was one of his worst moments. He grew so close to all the members and as a leader, Sungjin is most likely hurting a lot. Please send your support to Junhyeok and DAY6 because they will always be in our hearts. And regardless of numbers now, DAY6 will always be DAY6. We will remember Junhyeok fondly.