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Hide And Seek [BTS Short]
A/N: Hey!! So decided to write a short for you guys! The picture above doesn't have anything to do with the story. I just love Jin's pumpkin head and Jhope's mini lightsaber lol. Hope you enjoy the story! :D Rating: PG-13 Warnings: Language, Violence Genre: Thriller, Lil' bit of Horror/Suspense Group: BTS Words: 4802 Seokjin slammed the door shut as soon as he got out of the truck. “Wah! Look at this place guys! It’s so beautiful here,” He said as he looked around at the trees. “It is, but are you sure we are supposed to be up here? It doesn’t seem like a regular camping site,” you asked as you closed the car door. “I’m sure it’s fine,” Yoongi started, “We all looked into it. It’s just not as popular as others. Why we picked it.” You nodded and smiled as everyone started joking and laughing with each other. Each person was given instructions on getting everything unloaded from both the car and the truck then setting it up. The boys did most of the unloading while you and the other two girls unpacked and set up different things. One girl was dating Jimin, you weren’t sure of her name, and the other girl was dating Namjoon, she went by Luna. You weren’t sure if that was her real name or if it was something else. She was a dancer for one of the music companies so it wouldn’t surprise you if that was a type of stage name. You on the other hand weren’t dating any of the members. You had been inducted as one of the “guys” about a year back and now here you were going camping with them. “Jin, where do you want all of this cooking equipment,” You asked as you dug through a tote. “Just leave it there for now,” He answered back while helping Jungkook set up one of the tents, “I’ll sort through it in a second.” “Did you bring the entire kitchen. There is so much in here.” “Well you need certain tools to make certain dishes.” “You’re ridiculous Jin.” You chuckled as you walked away from the tote and onto the next task. After everything was set up dinner was eaten and everyone was now gathered around a fire playing different games. The current game everyone was playing charades and Taehyung was up. Everyone was laughing at him because he wasn’t making any sense with his acting. “I thought you were an actor,” you said through your heavy laughter. “Yah [Y/N]! This is more difficult than it looks,” he responded back feeling defeated. “No talking Taehyung,” Namjoon said while pointing at him. Taehyung let out a groan and just as he started to act again the sound of a gunshot echoed in the air. Everyone became silent and looked at each other. “Did you hear that noona,” Jungkook asked with a nervous expression. “I’m sure it’s fine Kookie,” you answered back feeling nervous yourself. “Holy shit!” Namjoon yelled making you look up at him. You followed his eye site to behind Taehyung and saw a shadowy figure standing behind him. Hoseok let out a loud scream making everyone jump including Taehyung. “What is that behind you Taehyung,” Hoseok asked. Taehyung turned around and was met with a shotgun to his chest. He was a good 10 feet away from you and it was pitch black outside other than the fire light, but you could still see his tan skin turn whiter than rice. “I suggest you sit down boy,” the strange man said as he pushed Taehyung back with his gun. Taehyung quickly ran to Namjoon’s side and sat next to him on the ground. “Hyung,” he whispered. Namjoon grabbed his hand and held it tightly. It seemed as if you could hear everyone’s heart racing. Without thinking you stood up to speak but something pressed against your back. Your breath caught in your chest while your body froze. Seokjin grabbed you close to him and forced you to sit on his lap. As he held you tightly, you could feel him shaking. His face showed no signs of obvious fear. “Can we help you sirs,” Namjoon asked kindly trying to keep the fear from his voice. Hoseok let out another scream when another stranger approached the group and it made everyone jump. One of the men shot off a gun in the air then pointed it at Hoseok, “Scream again and I’ll shoot it at you.” Hoseok instantly started to cry as he tried to hold back his screams. “Shh, Hoseok it’s okay. Shh, it’s okay,” You said sweetly while trying to console him. You squeezed Seokjin’s arms around you as you felt your own tears stream your cheeks. “Are we trespassing on your land? We will leave right away, if that is the case we apologize,” Namjoon said again trying to understand what was going on. “No you aren’t trespassing. We just want to play a game with you guys,” one of the strange men said. You looked around and noticed there were 4 men that surrounded your group, each one holding a weapon of some sort. “Ah, okay. Of-of course what kind of game would you like to play,” Namjoon asked. “We want to play hide and seek,” another one answered. His voice was probably the creepiest to you. It was calm and quiet, but while he spoke he smiled widely, making you feel uneasy. “What’s going to happen Jin,” you whispered as you looked back at him, your tears falling faster. He showed you a warm smile that didn’t quite reach his eyes. “We’re going to play a game and then we will all go home,” He answered back. “Okay so hide and seek. Who-” Namjoon started before he was interrupted. “We will play by our rules. Now everyone huddle up over there.” One of the strange men pointed to the line of the woods and everyone hesitated before moving. “Well go on, move!” Everyone hustled against the woods and stared at the four strangers in front of them. Jin still held tightly to your hand and you grabbed Jungkook’s hand who was standing at the other side of you. One of the men came up and started ripping everyone apart and throwing them into groups. Luna started screaming as soon as she was forced to leave Namjoon’s side. You closed your eyes at the sudden sound of a gunshot and the silencing of Luna’s screams. Biting your bottom lip you kept yourself from screaming and squeezed Seokjin’s hand tighter, he returned the same. “Luna!” Namjoon screamed as he stepped forward to go to her lifeless body. “Stay where you are,” one of the men said while another pointed his crossbow at Namjoon. Namjoon stepped back into his spot with the group and cried silent tears. Yoongi pulled Namjoon close to him and stared daggers at the men in front of them. “I think the one with the crossbow is the leader of them,” you whispered to Seokjin. He nodded in agreement as you both watched how the one holding the crossbow motioned his head to the others. The other three men walked up to the group and started ripping them apart into pairs. Commotion spread everywhere. Everyone was trying to stay together and refused to be broken apart. One of the men grabbed you and started to pull you from Seokjin but you held onto his hand tighter. “No! NO!” You struggled to break free from the man’s arms. With a strong pull from the man you were thrown to the ground feeling the pain spread through you. “[Y/N]!” Seokjin and Taehyung yelled. With fear in your eyes you looked up to be met with a shotgun in your face. Your breath was heavy and your eyes wide as you stared at the end of the barrell. The man with the gun grabbed your arm and forced you to stand up. Jimin’s girlfriend was thrown at your side and the two of you now stood in the center. You looked around with fear not knowing what expect from the situation. “Rules of the game,” the man with the crossbow spoke, “You hide in the forest and if we find you, we kill you.” The only thing you could hear was Jimin’s girlfriend breaking down into tears. You pulled her close to you, holding her head on your shoulder. “We will give you some time before we come in after you. Now, ladies first.” You looked at the man confused feeling your breath quicken. “I would suggest you get to moving. You’re wasting time.” You grabbed her hand and slowly started walking toward the woods. You noticed out of the corner of your eye the boys trying to get to you but they were held back by the other men. “I would suggest you start running!” As soon as you hit the tree line you started running dragging her behind you. The only sound ringing in your ears were your footsteps beating the ground. Always running forward you would change directions about every 15 paces. It started to feel as if your lungs were going to explode so you stopped for a quick breather. Jimin’s girlfriend was still crying and collapsed to the forest floor. “Listen,” you said between your breaths, “I need you to stop crying. I know you are scared, I’m scared too, but please I need you to stop crying.” She looked up at you but because it was so dark you couldn’t really make out her expression. “What’s your name? I just know you are dating Jimin and that’s it.” “E-Eun,” she said between her sniffles. “Eun, okay great. Listen Eun. We need to find a way out of this forest and back to camp or to the highway so we can get help.” “What about the boys? What about Jimin? I can’t leave him here! I love him!” She started yelling in between her sobs. The sound of dead leaves being crushed by footsteps made you put your hand over Eun’s mouth. You crouched down next to her and hoped the two of you wouldn’t be seen. ‘I need something to defend us,’ you thought as you started to look around you. It was so dark you couldn’t see anything. Quietly you started to drag your hand along the forest floor hoping to find something, but had no luck. The footsteps stopped and so did your breathing. You swallowed hard and squeezed your eyes shut. ‘Please don’t find us. Please don’t find us.’ The click of a gun made your eyes shoot open and search your surrounds in a hurry. ‘I can’t see anything!’ The sudden burning on your cheek made you scream. Putting your hand to your cheek you could feel the blood stream down. “Eun run! They can see us!” You quickly stood up and grabbed Eun’s hand. Eun screamed and fell to the ground, letting go of your hand. “My leg! He shot my leg!” You grabbed her hand and pulled her up. “I don’t care! Run!” Pulling her behind you could hear him laughing in the distance, “You girls will never escape!” Another shot was fired and you felt Eun’s body go limp causing you to crash to the ground. “Eun!” Scuffling toward her you shook her body. “Eun, please… please get up.” The sound of another gunshot echoed in your ears and you laid flat on the ground. You weren’t sure how you managed to dodge the bullet but you did. “I’m sorry Eun. I’m sorry Jimin.” You quickly stood up and started running to your right. ‘I can’t die here. I need to help the others.’ You didn’t know how long you had been running but it felt like ages. You were deeper into the forest now and you stopped to catch your breath briefly. The sudden sound of a scream sent chills up your spine. “Hoseok... Hoseok!” You started running in the direction that you heard his screams and hoped you would reach him in time. “Hoseok!” You continued to yell his name as you ran. You didn’t care if it gave away your position or would get you killed. You would die trying to save him. You didn’t want another person being murdered before your eyes. His screams were so loud they hurt your ears. You stopped suddenly, breathing heavily, you looked around you. “Hoseok where are you!?” “[Y/N]?” His voice was so faint yet so close to you. You search the darkness around you hurriedly. “Hoseok, where are you?” “I’m up here! Please get me down!” You looked up and saw a figure in the trees. “I’m caught in a stupid net with Jimin. Please get us down!” You looked around trying to figure out how you were going to get up there let alone cut them down. Even though you felt like it was a terrible idea you pulled your cell phone out and used the flashlight to aim it at the tree to determine how to climb it. After deciding how to get up quickly, you turned your phone off and placed it back into your pocket. Climbing the tree was the easy part, but getting them down was going to be difficult. “Hoseok I’m up in the tree. What happened to Jimin?” “He was shot in the shoulder and fell knocking himself out. I’ve been carrying him for a while. Please… [Y/N] please get us down,” Hoseok started to cry at the end of his sentence making your own tears appear. “Shh, Hoseok take a deep breath. I’m going to get you down okay?” Listening to Hoseok whimper only made you want to work harder. The poor guy couldn’t handle anything scary and yet he was thrown into this mess. You could feel the knots the kept the net up in the air. ‘There has to be a way to untie these.’ You messed with them over and over again until your hands started to hurt. The tears in your eyes were starting to block any visibility you had, and it wasn’t much. “Hoseok, I don’t know what to do. I don’t know how to get you out.” “W-what? Surely there is something.” You continued to mess with the knots even though your fingers were hurting and it seemed impossible. The sudden slip of the rope from you hand and the sound of something smashing into the ground startled you. Hoseok’s grunt made you realize that you had managed to get him free. “Hoseok!” You called down to him. Climbing down the tree quickly you rushed over to Hoseok and knelt by his side. “Hoseok are you okay?” You asked worriedly. “Mmm, just. Breath knocked out of me,” Hoseok answered slowly. You grabbed his hand and slowly helped him to his feet. “Come on we need to go Hoseok. They will find us.” The sudden pain in your shoulder made you realize you weren’t alone. You let out a small pained scream and held onto Hoseok’s shirt. “[Y/N]!” “Found you,” you heard someone in the woods say. Hoseok suddenly pushed past you and ran in the direction of the voice. “Hoseok! Don’t!” You put your hand to your shoulder and felt the gunshot wound. You winced in pain at the light touch your fingers made. You turned when you heard the sound of people fighting in the distance and another shot fired. “Hoseok!” Your breath quickened as you thought about how Hoseok could be hurt, or worse killed. The sounds in the distance quietened and someone started to run toward you. Too scared to move forward you moved to Jimin’s unconscious body. ‘Please be okay Hoseok.’ You felt the ground around you and found a decent sized rock. Clutching it in your fist you waited to see who was running toward you. When the person was closer to you without hesitation you rushed at them and punched them in the face. “[Y/N]! It’s me!” Hoseok griped your arms hoping to prevent you from punching him again. You looked at him in the moonlight and began to cry. “Hoseok I was so scared you were shot. What was that? Are you okay, were you hurt?” You examined his face and saw plenty of marks other than the one you had made covering his skin. You suddenly realized that Hoseok was shaking and tears started to run down his cheeks. “I shot him [Y/N]. I took his gun and I shot him. I didn’t want him to hurt you guys.” Hoseok was a good amount taller than you but you squeezed him in your arms. “It’s okay Hoseok. But we need to get out of here. Come on.” You helped Hoseok get Jimin on his back. “I want to find the others. I don’t want to leave them behind [Y/N],” Hoseok said quietly. He handed you the handgun he had taken from the man hunting you. “Here take this. I won’t be able to use it while I carry Jimin.” Your shaky hand took the gun from Hoseok and you started running leading the way. The sudden piercing pain in your ankle made you scream so loudly you know everyone had heard you. “[Y/N]!” You fell to the ground while you continued to scream in pain throwing the gun ahead of you. You tried to move from lying on your stomach but the pain was too much. The sound of running footsteps were heading in your direction. “Hoseok! Hide!” “I’m not leaving you!” “Just go!” “Hyung!” You looked up in a panic at the voice. “Jungkook?” You asked forgetting you were trapped in something. “Jungkook! Is that you!” Hoseok yelled into the woods. Jungkook appeared in the moonlight sending relief though you. Hoseok laid Jimin on the ground and ran over to hug Jungkook. “You’re okay Hyung. I was so scared,” Jungkook said as he squeezed Hoseok tightly. “Kookie where’s Namjoon and Jin hyung? They were with you when you left into the forest.” “We had someone chasing us and they hid me then started running. I don’t know where they went. They told me to stay there. I didn’t want to. I heard a shotgun and.” Jungkook started crying uncontrollably. Hoseok pulled him close trying to sooth him. “We’ll find them. They are probably okay. Don’t worry.” “Guys,” you started, “It’s great that you found each other but can we please figure out what my foot is caught in.” The boys looked down at your foot touch it lightly. You wimped and more tears fell from your eyes. “Your foot is in a bear trap,” Hoseok answered with a sniffle. “H-Hoseok,” Jimin asked weakly. “Jimin you’re awake! I’ll be there in a second, hold on,” Hoseok answered back. The two boys started put their hands on the cold metal and went to pull it apart when a sound sent cold chills through everyone’s bodies. Jimin’s soft cries made everyone turn to look in his direction, even you considering the amount of pain it caused you to turn. A figure stood standing over Jimin while the three of you stared at it in awe. “Please… what did we do to you?” Jimin asked with a soft voice. “Nothing. We were just bored,” it was the man with crossbow. The man fired a bolt ending any sound that would leave Jimin. “J... Jimin!” Hoseok yelled standing up and charging at the man. The man was quick to load and shot at Hoseok sending him to the ground. Jungkook stared at the man terrified unable to move. “It’s nice that all of you gathered here. Makes this game of hide and seek much easier,” the man said as he loaded another bolt into his crossbow. Aiming it carefully at Jungkook the man took a deep breath. “Usually I would say ladies first, but I think I want to savor her death.” He licked his lips and stared down at you making your tears stop only a moment and your breath quicken. The man suddenly started gagging and dropped his crossbow to the ground. Jungkook was quick to grab it then aimed it at the man. Jungkook pulled the trigger sending a bolt into the man’s chest. Jungkook’s breath quickened and his cries filled with panic. As the man’s body fell to the ground, Yoongi’s form was seen. “Hyung,” Jungkook cried. Yoongi ignored Jungkook as he bent down and looked at Jimin and then turned to look over at Hoseok. You could hear Yoongi’s cries over your own and Jungkook’s combined. A small choke left Hoseok and Jungkook rushed over to him. “Hobi hyung, are you okay? Oh my god, what do I do,” Jungkook rambled in his panic. A small smile broke Hoseok’s lips as he looked up at Jungkook. “Kookie, don’t worry about me I’ll be fine. You need to get out of here,” Hoseok choked as he spoke. Yoongi walked over to Hoseok and brushed Hoseok’s hair back from his forehead. “I’m sorry I didn’t get here sooner. I’m so sorry Hoseok,” Yoongi said, his voice weak. Hoseok’s smile was bright but the tears streaking his face said otherwise. “I love you guys. Now go,” then Hoseok went silent. Yoongi punched the ground in his frustration letting out a heart breaking scream. “Hyung where is Taehyung hyung? He was with you wasn’t he,” Jungkook asked. “We got separated.” Jungkook’s tears fell harder and hearing it only pained you. You laid your face in the dirt of the forest floor and cried your own tears. ‘Hoseok’s gone. Jimin’s gone. Eun is gone....’ Yoongi walked back over the limp body of the man and removed something from his neck. “Wh-what’s that hyung,” Jungkook asked as he watched Yoongi wipe it on his pants. “It’s a cooking knife of Jin’s. I managed to grab it before we were forced to leave.” “N-noona. Noona!” Jungkook yelled suddenly remembering you were trapped. Yoongi looked up shocked and noticed you laying on the ground crying. It had to have been at least midnight with how high the moon was now. The boys walked over and pulled the trap open allowing you to remove your leg. You screamed at the pain that went through your body. You looked over at Yoongi noticing his tear stained cheeks and beaten skin. ‘Yoongi...’ “Her ankle is broken. We’ll need to carry her. Jungkook can you do that? Are you well enough?” Yoongi asked his face filled with seriousness. Jungkook sniffled while he nodded. “Okay,” Yoongi continued, “I know the others are still in this forest and there are 3 other freaks in here too.” “Two actually,” You corrected. “Two?” “Hoseok killed one. We have a gun. It’s over there.” You pointed just ahead of you toward the gun. “Jungkook, grab the gun and keep ahold of it. I’ll keep the crossbow and knife.” Jungkook picked you up and threw you onto his back with ease but his lack of gentleness made you cry out in pain. “Sorry noona,” Jungkook apologized. “It’s okay Kookie. Do you want me to hold the gun?” Jungkook handed you the gun and all of you started off in another direction. At this point none of you knew where you were going or how to get out. The goal shifted from getting out of the forest to surviving through the night, to not get caught and to not let anyone else die. The sudden sound of foot steps made the three of you hide behind trees. Yoongi peaked around the corner to see if it were the hunters. “Namjoon, I need you to keep up. We need to find Jungkook,” Seokjin called behind him.”Hyung!” Yoongi yelled as he ran up to Seokjin. “Yoongi? Yoongi!” The two boys embraced each other while crying in eachother’s arms. “Oh, Yoongi. I was so scared I lost you. Is it just you, who else is with you?” “I have Jungkook and [Y/N].” “What happened to Taehyung?” “We got separated.” “And have you seen or heard from Hoseok or Jimin or Eun?” Jungkook carried you around the tree bringing you into the light of the moon and you met the gaze of Seokjin and Namjoon as they came into the light as well. Yoongi’s silence made Seokjin question him. “Hyung,” Jungkook chimed in, “They’re dead.” “What do you mean they’re dead?” Namjoon asked. “I’m sorry okay! I didn’t get there in time! I couldn’t save them! I’m sorry!” Yoongi cried loudly. His sobs breaking his knees and he crashed to the ground clutching his sides. Seokjin stood speechless a moment longer before he bent down to comfort Yoongi. Namjoon walked away for a moment from the group. Jungkook sat you down on the ground and walked over to Namjoon to try and comfort him. “Well look who we have here?” A strange voice heckled from afar. You pointed the gun ahead of you toward the voices. “Though it looks like you are missing at least a member or two. We found one for you though,” the other man called. Taehyung was thrown out in front of the two men toward the ground. Everyone was now turned and looking toward the men no longer grieving over the lost members. “Taehyung!” You screamed as you tried to move to him but your broken ankle and damaged shoulder prevented you from moving far. “[Y/N],” Taehyung whimpered. He shined a happy boxy smile at you before he closed his eyes and you watched as the tears streamed his cheeks. His entire form was nearly unrecognizable. His face was swollen from being beaten. “Taehyung!” You screamed again until your throat hurt. The crazed men laughed at your cries. “You love this boy little girl,” one of the guys asked. You didn’t answer him, you only pointed the gun at him, your eyes were blinded by tears. Yoongi now had the crossbow aimed at him as well. The man walked closer to Taehyung. “Don’t touch him!” You yelled, determined to fire the gun if he did touch Taehyung. He leaned down and pulled Taehyung’s hair lifting his face toward your direction. You pulled the trigger of your gun but nothing happened. You pulled it again and all that came from it was a click. Yoongi went to fire the crossbow but the man with the shotgun was standing close to him and had it pointed at him, “I wouldn’t do that boy.” The man holding up Taehyung’s head laughed. “Oh this is going to be fun, but I’m done with this game.” The man dropped Taehyung’s head and his expression was of serious anger. The man pulled his, pointed it toward Taehyung’s head. The sound of gunfire cut through the silent night like a blade. You screamed as you watched the life leave Taehyung completely. Your cries were hysterical and there was nothing you could do to stop them. The next moments happened so fast that you couldn’t comprehend what happened in full. Seokjin noticed the knife in Yoongi’s belt and pulled it from him. With a quick motion Seokjin stabbed the man with the shotgun once, then twice. Yoongi pointed the crossbow at the man Seokjin had just stabbed and fired, shooting a bolt to his head. The man who had shot Taehyung pointed the gun toward Seokjin and fired repeatedly until he was out of bullet. Namjoon had run over to the man near Taehyung’s body and tackled him to the ground, knocking the gun from his hand and began to beat him senseless. Seokjin fell to the ground holding his ribs. Jungkook ran over to Seokjin while Yoongi ran over to the last living hunter. He loaded another bolt into the crossbow then yelled, “Namjoon move!” With a quick shot from Yoongi, the last hunter’s life was ended. You had your hands covering your eyes as you tears fell uncontrollably. You could hear the cries of the boys with your own. The warmth of someone’s arms wrapped around you and you looked up at them. Seokjin’s pained face stared down at you as his tears fell. “I’m sorry. If the gun was working I could have saved Taehyung. I could-” “Shhhh.” You hid your face in his broad chest letting your tears fall freely and your sobs run wild. “He shot you. I could have,” you started again before your cries prevented you from speaking. “The bullet just grazed me. I’m okay,” Seokjin answered back while he smoothed your hair. After some time all of you managed to find your way back to camp and called for emergency services. Yoongi and Namjoon doctored everyone as best as they could with a first aid kit and moved everyone into a tent. Yoongi kept the crossbow close afraid that there might be other hunters still lurking around. All of you huddled together in the tent not speaking a word about the events that transpired. You laid down next to Seokjin and closed your eyes. ‘Please let this all be a dream,’ you thought before falling asleep next to him. If you ever want to be added to a tag list comment please! I don't take credit for pics, gifs and all that jazz B.O.B. Mates ヽ(〃・ω・)ノ @MichalJamerson @AaliyahNewbell @pharmgirlerin @IsoldaPazo @Junhwanbae92 @Sailynn @fruitypoptart @Kolai4 @kolai4 @KpopBeat Other Tags ヽ(〃・ω・)ノ @LemonLassie @SimplyAwkward @MariaMontoya1 @sugakookies95 @otakukpoper @Saeda1320 @Anna5221 @Mavis2478 @mrsax2018 @KeraDelatorre @Ivonvons @SugaKookieV @SindyHernandez @amberg171997 @DeeNice @YessicaCardenas @KenyaMendoza @AraceliJimenez @ESwee @xoxorittie @resavalencia @VeronicaArtino @PolarStarr
Taekook Oneshot💖
First of all Shoutout to my Thirsty Sqaud sister @IsoldaPazo for sending me some of favorite Taekook moment. Thanks so much for your help. I've never written a Taekook oneshot before so I thought I would try it out because they are like my 3rd favorite OTP. As usual let me know what yall think! It was way past midnight when Kim Taehyung opened the door to his little shared apartment. He is greeted by darkness when he steps inside and he can't help but feel a tinge of disappointment that his lover has probably already gone to bed without him. He sighs, taking off his shoes and placing them on the homemade shoe rack that Jungkook made when they first moved into their new place. After taking off his tie he heads down the hall to their shared bedroom. To his surprise he sees Jungkook sitting in the middle of their queen size bed ,eyes trained on the tv. "Kookie" he says a small smile forming on his lips. His lover eyes light up as soon as they land on him. "Tae!" Jungkook yells running into his husband's open arms. "Baby , you should already be in bed" Tae says softly while placing a kiss on his forehead causing the younger to giggle. "Silly pabo, you know I can never fell alseep without you next to me" Kookie says before leaning in to kiss the elder. Taehyung smiles into the kiss feeling ever grateful to have such a thoughtful and cheesy lover. Grateful to have such a beautiful husband to come home to every night waiting for him. No matter how long or hard the work day is ,his little Kookie will always be waiting for him with healing kisses and chessy words. 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Wings lyrics got me crying T-T
I don't know about others, but to every song I listen to I always look up the lyrics. I want to understand what BTS has worked hard to write. A song is always much more than just the music and the vocals, its about what they wanted to express. And considering how BTS has been touching some deep meanings. The lyrics really just speak to me on another level All I have to say is that I LOVE THEM SO MUCH OMG Tagging my ARMY fam <3 +Always tell me if you want to be added or removed @ninjamidori @Ihiranthom13 @MelissaGarza @DesireeChucklez @Maddie27 @PrettieEmm @MelinaHernandez @abby177 @PandaSoapy @DayzC @DawanaMason @Daniimals @jeonjungkook8 @AaliyahNewbell @IsoldaPazo @xoxorittie @LysetteMartinez @KittyKpop @motionlessmetal @herreravenessa9 @rosajlm2 @ChoHee1 @MaddieRudicil @michievip @kanatm @AlysaNguyen @Katmejia @Choijiah @GabyWilliams @jessicaacosta9 @Tamsinskye @TiffanyBibian @KpopQueenaBee @TracyLynnn @AlisonNichole @KpopandKdrama @emily1478 @Vay754 @alishap @CrystalGuerra @SarahVanDorn @xojuliettexox @michix5 @amandamuska @StephaniePoore @KatelynSummerso @aliciazitting88 @Joshuahoseok @BtsIsLife @Chrissy2009 @mycreativename @jungkookie18 @ArielaPicazo @IDK2018 @MalinaAhmed @BaroMaiden @imiebegay14 @Taisa @kcastaneda170 @ChrystalA @DestinaByrd @BriannaN @taeyumme @MarrickeJ33 @ShailaZaman @RainaC3 @Gaarita100 @CamrynCherry @BonnieDomo @JessicaSchnipke @Minsuggie @karinamiranda81 @MomoChamie @Ilikepancakes @YessicaCardenas @Bmelc @callmeguena @JessicaVang @LydiaYan @toitlepark @lunastormnoona @Jupiterchan @BreeMassey @Vixxstarlight1 @katcollins02 @Zhac16 @TaehyungV @93yogurt @Kat711 @DejaunaSiders @EmilyGardner @ezzygomez24 @MaraWhite @Defy24601 @MahelySandoval @TrishaLee727 @InnocentiaKishi @SophieNguyen @MorleeCorielus @ruthmilian89 @XergaB20 @TLeahEdwards @EstelaLopez @KDluvR1999 @KatieRussell @EvilGenius @AliciaJaneth @rochellelove12 @JessicaFigueroa @TesneemElAlami @kpopdeluxegirl @JuviaJongdae @Jeshaki @yehetmyohorat99 @nathalyalamo298 @jessicacheung97 @reseavalencia @Norma1004 @luyawn @CheyanneLindsey @sherrysahar @DanaAmoi @StarishaRichard @jazgaara33 @ButterflyBlu @karinajune1017 @lizbethV @JasmineWilliams @LilianaGD @deefran @agirlwholovesV @lashonda0917 @Kyokeo @KierstinAndrews @terenailyn @BAbrajan1 @Rebecca22 @GerciaFlores @KrystaDericek @megancurrent9 @roseeoh @musicundefined9 @MaryNtanga @sarahdarwish @MadAndrea @Konnor @externallyeli @LizaNightshade @SugaKookies @ArmyVIPKayla @elainarenea @hayoungforever @namjoonxme @TheEnlightment @AlyssaGelet818 @narutoandgeek @SkyBlast @BiasKpop @MariaMontoya1 @Dyrinda @TheBookWormNerd @mrsdarkmiracle @RileyWalls @ShequilleArmsby @Izzy987 @ESwee @LeANaAudinE @MaelstromVIP @Aripendragon @ThyaremyCreator @YessicaCardenas @QueenPandaBunny @yukigintokie @ahcloveskpop @BlackXShield @BecxyPeralta @JazminQuiroz @JayRaider