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{MM} Most Feelsy Anime Scenes! 😢 (Spoiler Alert)
@poojas I know you said one Feelsy scene but I couldn't pick just one I had to share at least 3 of my Top Feelsy scenes which all make me cry so much! My Top 3rd one is Ushio's Death scene from Clannad which makes me bawl everytime I watch it same with Nagisa's death because the Dango song plays for Nagisa's death which is even worse... Tomoya didn't want this to happen after loosing his weak wife after giving birth to Ushio, Ushio gets sick and dies. While Tomoya cries out begging Nagisa to save Ushio, this scene is so heartbreaking and depressing! 2nd Feelsy scene is Future Lucy's Death from Fairy Tail! This scene gave me so many feels and I couldn't handle it. First off Rogue goes after Lucy and the future Lucy jumps infront and gets shot instead. Then what really gets me crying is when Happy starts crying and when Future Lucy asks Lucy to see her guild mark because she doesn't have the mark anymore in the future and she says that she was happy to see everyone one last time. Future Lucy tells Lucy "Protect your future!" Then she does and Future Rogue tries to kill the Lucy in this time period again and Natsu stops him while crying and says "I'll protect Lucy's Future!" I love this scene! My #1 Feelsy anime scene is from Tokyo Ghoul Hides death! This scene is the ultimate saddest scene and death I've ever scene. Hide makes coffee like he's fine and all then he's bleeding to death, Kaneki catches him while crying, Hide looks up and Kaneki says to him "Let's go home, Hide". That kills me and everyone else who has watched that scene. Then he carries his dead body outside and all of sudden the season 1 opening starts to play and that's when it gets me. No the opening isnt just the original, they had to have acoustic to make us cry even more and make it more emotional. Once the song started that's when the tears really started to fall. Then Kaneki carries him and everyone just watches as he's carrying a dead body, no one attacks, a sheet is over Hide and someone realizes that it's Kaneki's best friend Hide, dead in his arms. The sheet comes off of him and then the song slows down with the piano near the end and Kaneki just keeps looking at Hide and that makes me cry more. And lastly Kaneki lays Hide down on the ground...