Fangirling much?
Fangirling much?
Equality for all members! πŸ™‡πŸ™πŸ‘Œ
So recently I been seeing that some members don't get enough love even on their own videos!! Like people will comment about other members when they aren't even part of that video! This is just not right! The following post is long and I saw it on Facebook and its nothing but the truth. The only thing this person got wrong is what Jr said unless he said that in a video I haven't seen. But thats not the point. Is it so hard for someone who calls themselves a fan of a certain group to cheer on very member?? Yes you can have a bias because heck I have one but I still support every other member and I certainly don't bring up my bias in a random video that he wasn't a part of! Let's stop having comments like this if they shouldn't be there! Just think about how the idol feels! Does it really take an Idol to point it out for fans to understand? They are taking time from their busy schedules to interact with us! Personally I don't call myself by a fandom name unless I love all the members. Because that fandom name is repersenting all of them not just your bias. And if your not willing to treat them all right then don't bother to say your part of the fandom because we don't want you! Seriously spread the love with all the members! They care about us and we should care about them too. We shouldny let these kinds of things happen! Let's leave off with JB spreading the love lol Sorry about the rant I need to let it out!