These Rick & Morty Cosplays Are Rad!
So convention season is upon us, as it's been for quite some time, but with LA's Anime Expo currently in full effect, I've been seeing tons of awesome cosplay pictures taken by friends who were lucky enough to get their hands on some passes this year. I was stoked to find that - even though Rick & Morty has been on hiatus for just about forever - people are still cosplaying as different R&M characters when they go to cons! Here are some pics I was able to find of R&M cosplay at conventions that have happened so far this year. Which ones are your favorite? Unity and Beta-Seven from 'Auto Erotic Assimilation' Poopy Butthole, Rick, and just about the creepiest Mr. Meeseeks I've ever seen Rick and Morty Snowball and Rick - Look at the size of that flask! A gender-swapped Rick - Rita? Renee? Even more Meeseeks wildin' out Another gender-swapped Rick, this time with Morty AND a Meeseeks box So, fellow members of the Interdimensional Council of Fans, who do you think did it best? @odayja @TurtleyTurtles @YarabiStein @ClaireRedfield @blackvelveteen @SethScarlett @addri @shamwowpow @SarahRoot @AGale @Jason41 @TylerOrtega @quietone @Ziran @Ng98 @clobbersaurus @ButterflyBlu @LilianaZeferino @JhayBee @CenaSenpai @Stoneyy @balloonz3 @RocioNaranjo @gayalchemy @SeanMcintosh @JonathantheAwes @verolovesanime @yaakattackk @BlueStar2222 @VanessaStamps @RogerMcghee @DerrickAldana @AndrewHondras @AleciaReedy @Shilolobun @mackenzieorr186 @BlackoutZJ @GrowingArt @SoneForever @11cody @Esarosa @RinOkumura53 @CurtezWillaby @MajahnNelson @babygirldiva @shikamaru @isssc1100 @ZeeStorm @kbecker @najalong1998 @Meeshell @Beckm82 @PiggSnaps @OtakuChick20 @JoshMcMeans @HappyLulie @JJthealphamale @TiffanyWallace @Ash2424701 @GeorgeMaltez894 @fallendendenjr @xEureka @DavidPap @KittyRobinson @mekiebi @TiffanyPerez @deadmen0205 @ESwee @rik40 @JaileneSumba @fallendendenjr @AARON2 @JonelleBlanc @randysqwishy23 @YumiMiyazaki @hhead232 @Brandonnlee @GinTenma @NicheTake @sammsosa @Bobs @kawaiiporpoise @RpgSlayer @ZephyrBlaze @BPEPPS
Who Would Make The Best Rick & Morty?
Attention, Interdimensional Council of Fans! I just found this hilarious fan edit made by Matt Bryan, another Rick & Morty fan of the interweb, and it definitely had me thinking: If you could cast a live-action Rick & Morty TV show or movie, who would your picks be? Here's mine: My Rick would definitely be Bill Nye the Science Guy - but with alcohol and an epic burping-on-command ability. My Morty would be Tom Holland, Spiderman from 'Civil War' because his Peter Parker had punch-in-the-face-ability. Sound off with your choices! Comment below! And, as always, peace among worlds! @odayja @TurtleyTurtles @YarabiStein @ClaireRedfield @blackvelveteen @SethScarlett @addri @shamwowpow @SarahRoot @AGale @Jason41 @TylerOrtega @quietone @Ziran @Ng98 @clobbersaurus @ButterflyBlu @LilianaZeferino @JhayBee @CenaSenpai @Stoneyy @balloonz3 @RocioNaranjo @gayalchemy @SeanMcintosh @JonathantheAwes @verolovesanime @yaakattackk @BlueStar2222 @VanessaStamps @RogerMcghee @DerrickAldana @AndrewHondras @AleciaReedy @Shilolobun @mackenzieorr186 @BlackoutZJ @GrowingArt @SoneForever @11cody @Esarosa @RinOkumura53 @CurtezWillaby @MajahnNelson @babygirldiva @shikamaru @isssc1100 @ZeeStorm @kbecker @najalong1998 @Meeshell @Beckm82 @PiggSnaps @OtakuChick20 @JoshMcMeans @HappyLulie @JJthealphamale @TiffanyWallace @Ash2424701 @GeorgeMaltez894 @fallendendenjr @xEureka @DavidPap @KittyRobinson @mekiebi @TiffanyPerez @deadmen0205 @ESwee @rik40 @JaileneSumba @fallendendenjr @AARON2 @JonelleBlanc @randysqwishy23 @YumiMiyazaki @hhead232 @Brandonnlee @GinTenma @NicheTake @sammsosa @Bobs @kawaiiporpoise @RpgSlayer @ZephyrBlaze @BPEPPS
[R&M] Have You Seen The Rick & Morty Pop Vinyls?!
A few months ago, I made a card about the possibility that Pop! Vinyl would be releasing their very own 'Rick & Morty'-themed vinyl figures for their Pop! Animation collection. And guess what? They're finally HERE. Here is Pop! Animation #113 MORTY with his own pair of megaseeds. (Who knows where those will end up? Show of hands?) And here is Pop! Animation #112 RICK, complete with labcoat, flask, and just a touch of vomit. True Rick Sanchez form. Currently, the vinyls are available for pre-order for $10 each on Entertainment Earth's official website - but will be released into retail stores nationwide this July. Who else is ridiculously excited? And which R&M characters should be made into Pop! Vinyls next? CALLING THE INTERDIMENSIONAL COUNCIL OF FANS: @odayja @TurtleyTurtles @YarabiStein @ClaireRedfield @blackvelveteen @SethScarlett @addri @shamwowpow @SarahRoot @AGale @InVinsybll @Jason41 @TylerOrtega @quietone @Ziran @Ng98 @clobbersaurus @ButterflyBlu @LilianaZeferino @JhayBee @CenaSenpai @Stoneyy @balloonz3 @RocioNaranjo @gayalchemy @SeanMcintosh @JonathantheAwes @verolovesanime @yaakattackk @BlueStar2222 @VanessaStamps @RogerMcghee @DerrickAldana @AndrewHondras @AleciaReedy @Shilolobun @mackenzieorr186 @BlackoutZJ @GrowingArt @SoneForever @11cody @Esarosa @RinOkumura53 @CurtezWillaby @MajahnNelson @babygirldiva @shikamaru @isssc1100 @ZeeStorm @kbecker @najalong1998 @Meeshell @Beckm82 @PiggSnaps @OtakuChick20 @JoshMcMeans @HappyLulie @JJthealphamale @TiffanyWallace @Ash2424701 @GeorgeMaltez894 @fallendendenjr @xEureka @DavidPap @KittyRobinson @mekiebi @TiffanyPerez @deadmen0205 @ESwee @rik40 @JaileneSumba @fallendendenjr @AARON2 @JonelleBlanc @randysqwishy23 @YumiMiyazaki @hhead232 @Brandonnlee @GinTenma @NicheTake @sammsosa @Bobs
[Rick & Morty] Here's Some Exciting News!
Hello, Interdimensional Council of Fans! It's been a while since we've had an official fan club post, so I am making one to announce some pretty epic news: Show creator Dan Harmon has confirmed that Season 3 WILL premiere in 2016! That's right!!!!! Screw you, 2017!!!!! It's 2016's time to shine!!!!! (Okay, so we have to wait until the way end of the year. But shoot, this sure beats having to wait until April 2017, right?) Not only that, but we get 14 EPISODES instead of the usual 10!!! To celebrate this amazing news, I shall finish this card off with "Feels Good" by Tony! Toni! Toné! - how Rick would prefer we celebrate. Happy Purge! Shout-outs to the Interdimensional Council. Peace among worlds. @odayja @TurtleyTurtles @YarabiStein @ClaireRedfield @blackvelveteen @SethScarlett @addri @shamwowpow @SarahRoot @AGale @InVinsybll @InPlainSight @Jason41 @TylerOrtega @quietone @Ziran @Ng98 @clobbersaurus @ButterflyBlu @LilianaZeferino @JhayBee @CenaSenpai @Stoneyy @balloonz3 @RocioNaranjo @gayalchemy @SeanMcintosh @JonathantheAwes @verolovesanime @yaakattackk @BlueStar2222 @VanessaStamps @RogerMcghee @DerrickAldana @AndrewHondras @AleciaReedy @Shilolobun @mackenzieorr186 @BlackoutZJ @GrowingArt @SoneForever @11cody @Esarosa @RinOkumura53 @CurtezWillaby @MajahnNelson @babygirldiva @shikamaru @isssc1100 @ZeeStorm @kbecker @najalong1998 @Meeshell @Beckm82 @PiggSnaps @OtakuChick20 @JoshMcMeans @HappyLulie @JJthealphamale @TiffanyWallace @Ash2424701 @GeorgeMaltez894 @fallendendenjr @xEureka @DavidPap @KittyRobinson @mekiebi @TiffanyPerez @deadmen0205 @ESwee @rik40 @JaileneSumba @fallendendenjr @AARON2 @JonelleBlanc @randysqwishy23 @YumiMiyazaki @hhead232 @Brandonnlee @GinTenma @NicheTake @sammsosa @Bobs