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Cold as a rock, Sweet as sugar Part 3
Comment if you want to be tagged to part 4!!!!!!! MY TAGS: @DianaRocha @MrsBangYongguk @UnnieCakesAli @ninjamidori @JohnEvans @thePinkPrincess @SugalessJams @justcallmekyki @tinafalcon22 @tinathellama @tiffany1922 @SusiBosshammer @VIPFreak2NE1 @Kpossible4250 @QueenLele @OlivaZenger @MichelleMonroe @kekers96 @BrendaPham @VeronicaArtino @shellyfuentes70 @FrancescaV95BTS @AmberFranco @SamariaAllen @funfunbunbun @jellybeanlov3 @MauriciaVilla @ShellyVargas @jazgaara33 @JessicaSchnipke @JessicaEvaristo @GossamoKewen95 @AndyPena @staceyholley @TracyLynnn @chinabarrier16 @SindyHernandez @mellyortiz @Eliortiz13 @PatriciaS @LilySilver @93yogurt @MisakiNguyen @loftnoc16 @yeseniaF @reyestiny93 @VKookie97 @MissT615 @yaya12 @DestinyXiong @KassieXiong @MonkeyLee08 @BrookeLane05 @KeziahWright @Helixx @merryjane13 @PrettieeEmm @LaurenDimalanta @jessicacheung97 @megancurrent9 @Valerie816 @BelencitaGarcia @vaish28 You look down at your phone, wondering if you should respond to Hoshi. You decide to just text him, see what he wants. You reply, "What about?". Hoshi responds in like 2 seconds saying, "Can we meet up today later at the park? I want to tell you something..." You sended him an thumbs up emoji. You walk over to your closet to find what you would wear. You decided to wear a white collared shirt with a pair of flower patterened shorts, white shoes, a bow and pretty looking socks. You walk over to the mirror to make sure your hair looked nice enough to impress Hoshi, Or if you happen to walk into Suga. You walk over to the park, the day where you met Hoshi. You see Hoshi sitting on a bench that was near the swings. He looks up at you to see you walking towards him, his face lit up and runs over to you and hugs you tightly as you both walk like 5 steps back because of his forcing hug towards you. He pulls you back to see your smiling face, "Hey, (Y/N), I missed you so much!!! How have you been?" You smile as you tell him, "I have been great, How about you, Hoshi?" He smiles as he looks into your eyes saying," I have been alright, Life is exciting yet boring."After he said that you both walk around the park, carrying on a casual comversation. During the walk, Hoshi does the classic move when he yawns he stretches his arm around you to bring you in closer to his warming body. You felt yourself blush up with embarassment. He asks you a personal question, "So..... How has your love life been for the last 5 years?" You stopped walking as soon as he asked you. Your body turns towards him and you tell him the truth, "Honestly, I have been lonely but the other day......I...I...I met this guy and he is the most sweetest guy I have ever met and I feel like we have a strong connection because we both like the arts, He can rap while I can dance....How about yours, Oppa?" Hoshi looks at you as he says, "I have been lonely, No girlfriend but I did have affairs and crushes on a few girls but none of them were you...." Your eyes widened as you look at him. You felt butterflies in your stomach like you just froze as he walks towards you to give you a short kiss. You except it but felt guilty as you pull away to breathe. You see Hoshi smiling as he says, "I haved missed you, (Y/N), For longs of periods of time and I know your love life has been exciting for you but mine hasn't and I can't help it.... I miss you and I want you to think about us, our relationship and our future together." He kisses your cheek and smiles at you as he walks away winking at you. You were just standing there, thinking about your relationship with Hoshi and your relationship with Yoongi. You thought to yourself, Maybe I should go and hang with Yoongi for a bit, to get things off my mind. You hit him up asking, "Hey Oppa, I was wondering if you would like to hang like in about 5 minutes?" You get paranoid because....You didn't want to mess things up with him. About a minute has passed and no response.You get anxious, your palms are sweaty, knees are heavy, head is dizzy, Your basically dying on the inside. But luckily, He responded by saying, "I'd love too, just come over to my house and we can just chill..." You sended him a thumbs up emoji as you blush with excitement. You start speed walking over to Yoongi's house. You get there in about 10 minutes. You walk up to his porch, knock on the door, wait until... BOOM!!!!! The door flys open widely and you see Yoongi trying to speak but words won't come out of his mouth. You immediately walk into the home and see beer bottles on the floor, clothes everywhere, food splatted onto the wall, The house was a complete mess. You realize that Yoongi was getting more clumsy than usual. You pick him up with your arms wrapped around his drunken torso. "Heyyyyyyy...... What happened *hiccups* to the *hiccups* partyyy?" You walk him into his room, lay him down onto the soft, lumpy surface. "Oppa, just rest here and I'll clean up the house for you..." As soon as you finished your sentence, Yoongi was dead asleep, dreaming away his problems. You get up and start tiding up the place. After about a whole 2 hours, The house looked beautiful and brand new. You go check on Yoongi, Who was looking up at you, "Aisshhh, What happened?" He asked you as he rubs his hand against his forehead. "You were drunk and I had you rest as I helped clean up your house.." "Ahhh, You didn't have too...I could've done it myself, Afterall, I caused the mess and it's my responsibility." You blush as he rests his hand above yours, gripping onto it with all of his strength. You turn to his direction saying, "No matter what you tell me Oppa, I'm still gonna do it whether you like it or not." He'll remember you said that. Yoongi turns towards you and compliments you, "You look beautiful today, I wish I didn't drink until tomorrow so that we can just have a normal friendship like other people...But I feel safe and......comfortable around you, like I knew if you haven't texted me first, I would have just walked over to your house or something.... Sorry if I'm not making sense I'm still a bit tipsy off of beer." You smile at him and kiss his cheek before saying, "It's alright. We do have a normal friendship, Friends are there for you no matter what, they'll always cherish every moment with you whenever they can, and if they don't like you, then you deserve a better friend." You turn to see Suga looking at you, "You're very wise, I like that in a girl." You blush and put your hand over your cheeks. All of the sudden, Your head was turned by Suga's rough hand. "Do you mine if I kiss you? Or do you want me to brush my teeth first?" You giggle as you hand him a mint, he puts it into his mouth as you put yours into his mouth. He leans in for a kiss and when your lips touched, you felt sparks in the air, like the 4th of the July. As the kiss gets more intense, the more you fell for Yoongi. Although his breath tasted like beer, you didn't like it, For once in 5 years, You were in the stage of falling in love again. When he pulls away to breathe he holds onto your hand, "Hey, even though we haven't known each other for that long, I feel like we are already connected." You smile at him as you reply to him saying, "I do too, Oppa..." :) I won't let you ruin my bias list Suga!!!!!! You too Hoshi!!!!!!
BTS Imagines: In A Relationship With Namjoon-Part 1
How it would feel to be in a relationship with the leader of BTS <3 Nickname For You: My Angel Raps About You All The Time Likes To Make You Laugh Loves Holding You You're His Favorite Person To Talk To Blames Your Beauty When He's Clumsy Around You Story Time In Part Two ^.^ It'll be up tomorrow so please be patient. Trust me it'll be worth the wait!! @CrystalGuerra @Orihemay @LizaNightshade @BrendaPham @BridgetJara @merryjayne13 @BAbrajan1 @TracyLynn @agirlwholovesV @JasminSofia @NydiaEdwards @ravenrave15 @Helixx @ZionPerezFowler @SusiBosshammer @HalimaOsman @SierraBecerra @BrookeLane05 @BreeMassey @KrystalDaricek @LizHolder @RinaBea @staceyholley @DxstinyNicolx @summerblack2 @BTS282236 @swarrier16 @Jessicalista @LizHolder @mjenifferjm9 @ladygdragon @Princess2328 @AlexisRiver @QueenLele @Xiuyeolhyun @sarahdarwish @NydiaEdwards @VeronicaArtino @TesneemElAlami @tayunnie @LaynicornLay @JasminMartinez @anyaheart @AmberRelynn @christianliu @CreeTheOtaku @GDvsGF @KellyOConnor @KaitlynEspinoza @AshleyAndino @KeylaMoreno @JessicaEvaristo @Lizzeh @megancurrent9 @KhouYang @dancer1248MN @ZionPerezFlower @PizzaPanda19 @BrandyBell16 @KaitlynHewitt @VKookie7 @Starbell808 @AlisonYui @DestineeLiu @SehunsQueen @EmilySavage @KpopQueenaBee @herravanessa9 @andreaimnida @JaxomB @Exoexo @JessicaFigueroa @ClaireT @FannyWard @mcblue9864 @Yongsongmi @sphelpswiley @baileykayleen @OliviaZenger @Roxy1903 @stevieq @MarinaKarina @SarahVanDorn @applecake452 @DekaraMiller @MsLoyalHeart @Tigerlily84 @marisamusic @MarciMartinez @DeyaniraEstrada @LenaBlackRose @11erinmims @LizaNightshade @LunaCordero @caterrell11 @CloverShadows @luna1171 @CCHI0692 @PrerrieeEmm @Katherina2078 @Byeoli @Allyson3333 @elizabeth1234 @JohnEvans @KaeliShearer @AmberRelynn @YeseniaF @terenailyn @Emealia @jjrockstar @panouvang123 @VictoriaRose217 @DawanaMason @EmillyPeacock @IGot7Forever @MischiefK1ng @themrshongki @SHINeeIngGirl @nnatelieg @AnnnaArai @Alexoxoxxxo @sutcheks3 @kirene1999 @MiaPorras @LiliRamos @ZinZin123 @MalihaAhmed @KaikaiKpop @ParkKyungSoon @Exolover5Irishl @BlueMoon201 @ExoandVixxtrash @MariaDls @DanaAmoi @KendraReeve @HuonTreeRoo @KatiePrihodiko @kerikaihun @JasmineWilliams @kyky97 @MelinaHernandez @DulceOjeda @Moose1998 @russelroche47 @Bridgetjara @DestinaByrd @btsgotshinee @otakukpopgirl @raenel @NydiaEdwards @clstap1 @externallyeli @bangtanella @UnnieCakesAlli @DesireeChucklez @Baekyeol27 @maddiedo @QueenLele @jazbasquez22 @michie6436 @terenailyn @Eliortiz13 @YessicaCardenas @SehunsQueen @KennaStarz @SofiaFifi @VeronicaOrtiz @MahilaAhmed @VKookie47 @GreciaFlores @AshleyAndino @KaylinJones @ot12exodus02 @MelissaGarza @Elaynethetrumpet @lashonda0917 @DanaMichelle @orchiofriend549 @Taylor1Wright @MomoChamie @jojojordy2324 @Eliortiz13 @exobts947 @torchix @Defy24601 @CamrynCherry @Ercurrent @BaekYeolBaby @deilig @Stefany17 @priscy513 @bbyitskatie @TingTingShi @Kpopfangirl15 @screamoparadise @SuperJuniorelf @sung1rl199674 @exol92chanyeol @BrookeLane05 @BreeMassey @Gaarita100 @GreciaFlores @Xiuyeolhyun @Minnieluvs @ESwee @AraceliJimenez @PatriciaS @BiancaMason @JayRider @NiahriTaylor @CarlaAcosta @lennykpop @chinabarrier16 @DinaEXO @maddiedo @addri @elizabeth1234 @tinafalcon22 @DOislifeEXOL @chinabarrier16 @JeniseRamos @zzzdonk @BrookeStam @DinaEXO @sarcasticme101 @ChelseaGarcia @KarlyThePanda66 @Sammyjuicoooo @BrandyBell16 @IsoldaPazo @BulletproofV @SugaOnTop @MadAndrea @VKookie47 @CreeTheOtaku @amobigbang @CSVIP @BaroMauden @MariaNoWay @opaldreamer @tinathellama @AnneyongAnnie @LizabethOrtega @Dreamer1004 @lore16 @JadeOwens @anniechang1545 @summerblack2 @IDK2018 @saraortiz2002 @BulletproofV @ChelstiEdwards @amoon13eg @AhiramRobledo @MandyNoona @ILikeHisFace123 @shelbiisonfire
EXO Imagines: 7 Minutes In Heaven Masterlist
Loved the series? Now all of the stories are a click away ^.^ Kai CLICK ME!!!! Sehun CLICK ME!!!! Chanyeol CLICK ME!!! D.O CLICK ME!!! Chen CLICK ME!!! Xiumin CLICK ME!!! Lay CLICK ME!!! Tao CLICK ME!!! Baekhyun CLICK ME!!! Luhan CLICK ME!!! Suho CLICK ME!! Kris CLICK ME!! A special thanks to all my readers ^.^ You guys are awesome!!! @SierraBecerra @BrookeLane05 @BreeMassey @KrystalDaricek @LizHolder @RinaBea @staceyholley @DxstinyNicolx @summerblack2 @BTS282236 @swarrier16 @Jessicalista @LizHolder @mjenifferjm9 @ladygdragon @Princess2328 @AlexisRiver @QueenLele @Xiuyeolhyun @sarahdarwish @NydiaEdwards @VeronicaArtino @TesneemElAlami @tayunnie @LaynicornLay @JasminMartinez @anyaheart @AmberRelynn @christianliu @CreeTheOtaku @GDvsGF @KellyOConnor @KaitlynEspinoza @AshleyAndino @KeylaMoreno @JessicaEvaristo @Lizzeh @megancurrent9 @KhouYang @dancer1248MN @ZionPerezFlower @PizzaPanda19 @BrandyBell16 @KaitlynHewitt @VKookie7 @Starbell808 @AlisonYui @DestineeLiu @SehunsQueen @EmilySavage @KpopQueenaBee @herravanessa9 @andreaimnida @JaxomB @Exoexo @JessicaFigueroa @ClaireT @FannyWard @mcblue9864 @Yongsongmi @sphelpswiley @baileykayleen @OliviaZenger @Roxy1903 @stevieq @MarinaKarina @SarahVanDorn @applecake452 @DekaraMiller @MsLoyalHeart @Tigerlily84 @marisamusic @MarciMartinez @DeyaniraEstrada @LenaBlackRose @11erinmims @LizaNightshade @LunaCordero @caterrell11 @CloverShadows @luna1171 @CCHI0692 @PrerrieeEmm @Katherina2078 @Byeoli @Allyson3333 @elizabeth1234 @JohnEvans @KaeliShearer @AmberRelynn @YeseniaF @terenailyn @Emealia @jjrockstar @panouvang123 @VictoriaRose217 @DawanaMason @EmillyPeacock @IGot7Forever @MischiefK1ng @themrshongki @SHINeeIngGirl @nnatelieg @AnnnaArai @Alexoxoxxxo @sutcheks3 @kirene1999 @MiaPorras @LiliRamos @ZinZin123 @MalihaAhmed @KaikaiKpop @ParkKyungSoon @Exolover5Irishl @BlueMoon201 @ExoandVixxtrash @MariaDls @DanaAmoi @KendraReeve @HuonTreeRoo @KatiePrihodiko @kerikaihun @JasmineWilliams @kyky97 @MelinaHernandez @DulceOjeda @Moose1998 @russelroche47 @Bridgetjara @DestinaByrd @btsgotshinee @otakukpopgirl @raenel @NydiaEdwards @clstap1 @externallyeli @bangtanella @UnnieCakesAlli @DesireeChucklez @Baekyeol27 @maddiedo @QueenLele @jazbasquez22 @michie6436 @terenailyn @Eliortiz13 @YessicaCardenas @SehunsQueen @KennaStarz @SofiaFifi @VeronicaOrtiz @MahilaAhmed @VKookie47 @GreciaFlores @AshleyAndino @KaylinJones @ot12exodus02 @MelissaGarza @Elaynethetrumpet @lashonda0917 @DanaMichelle @orchiofriend549 @Taylor1Wright @MomoChamie @jojojordy2324 @Eliortiz13 @exobts947 @torchix @Defy24601 @CamrynCherry @Ercurrent @BaekYeolBaby @deilig @Stefany17 @priscy513 @bbyitskatie @TingTingShi @Kpopfangirl15 @screamoparadise @SuperJuniorelf @sung1rl199674 @exol92chanyeol @BrookeLane05 @BreeMassey @Gaarita100 @GreciaFlores @Xiuyeolhyun @Minnieluvs @ESwee @AraceliJimenez @PatriciaS @BiancaMason @JayRider @NiahriTaylor @CarlaAcosta @lennykpop @chinabarrier16 @DinaEXO @maddiedo @addri @elizabeth1234 @tinafalcon22 @DOislifeEXOL @chinabarrier16 @JeniseRamos @zzzdonk @BrookeStam @DinaEXO @sarcasticme101 @ChelseaGarcia @KarlyThePanda66 @Sammyjuicoooo @BrandyBell16 @IsoldaPazo