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Beauty of the Shore - Chapter 7
Hannah furrowed her brows as she looked at their hands, both of them quickly pulling away from each other. She suddenly felt nauseous. When she looked at Kun’s face, she felt the sensation of being pulled underwater. Just before it felt like her head was submerged, her phone began to ring. The nausea and weird feeling disappeared after they broke eye contact. Fumbling, she pulled her phone out of her pocket and answered without looking at the number as Lilly started to babble about random things to the just as confused Kun. “Hello?” Hannah noticed she sounded like the breath got knocked out of her. “Hannah? Lianne and I talked about something, but we’d like to have yours and Lilly’s input on it. So can you two come back?” Astra’s voice sounded higher pitched due to excitement. “Uh, yeah. Yeah. We’ll head back right now.” “Okay, dear!” Astra squealed. Hannah shakily hung up the phone and put it back in her pocket just as Lilly asked Kun if he ate fish food to which he just laughed, confused. Hannah’s nausea started to slowly come back. “Lilly, your mommy, and Auntie Astra need us back home.” “Awww, but I wanna talk to Kun mooore” She whined. Hannah looked between the two and saw that they both wore matching looks of disappointment. Kun then looked at the little girl and held up a finger, signaling them to wait then dove under the water. Hannah caught a glimpse of his tail, sending chills down her spine. It looked familiar. But she couldn’t place where she’d seen it before. After about 2 minutes, Kun resurfaced with two pretty shells in hand. They were both scallops with the one he handed to Lilly being little and mostly white but a bright magenta at the base of the shell and the one he handed to Hannah being about half the size of her palm and covered in deep purple stripes. As soon as he set it in her hand, another shock went through her arm. Except this one wasn’t quite as bad as the first one and instead left tingles as if she had been laying on it. “I’ll see you again?” Kun asked, giving Hannah puppy dog eyes. “Well I live down the road, so I’m sure you will.” Hannah laughed. She stood up and as soon as she looked down at the water to Kun again, her fear of the water came rushing back. She was at least comforted in the fact that if she and/or Lilly landed in the water, Kun would save them. But that didn’t mean she wanted to go in the water again. Especially when the sun was setting. Once they got back to land, she looked over her shoulder to Kun who smiled widely and waved. Kun felt excitement bubbling in his stomach as he watched the two humans walk away and couldn’t figure out why. Something about Hannah just made his stomach do flips. He felt his smile light up his face as Hannah and Lilly walked up the beach and Hannah turned around one last time. He waved at her and saw a small smile on her face. When the two humans were gone, he looked down at his hands in wonder as they were still tingling. He started to feel the excitement turn sour as he remembered what Taeyong had told him. Chills went down his spine. He quickly shook it out of his head and instead started to swim back to his little hovel. When he got there he noticed 3 sharks circling the reef. Then he saw Taeyong’s red hair diving in and out of separate caves, clearly looking for something. Something else started to bubble up in Kun’s stomach. Something he’s never felt before. It was like his insides were being stirred and something was trying to come out. Quickly and quietly, he swam to the cave he was staying in and grabbed his bag before booking it out of there and swimming away from Taeyong. He may be faster than Kun, but if he wasn’t ever alerted to him, he should be fine. Hannah felt a huge rush of nausea hit her as soon as she and Lilly stepped through the door. She could hear Astra’s voice speaking excitedly in the living room. Lianne laughed at whatever she said, before replying something in another language. Hannah helped Lilly out of her coat and took her own off before walking into the living room. Astra and Lianne sat on the couch, Astra practically in Lianne’s lap. Lilly ran over and picked up her drawing and markers and sat down by the TV and started to tell Lianne about how they saw the mermaid again. Lianne just smiled and played along. Astra turned her head around to look at Hannah as she slowly walked in. “Are you feeling alright, dear?” All excitement disappeared from her voice. The protective mom was back. “I’m just tired. I had a nightmare last night and didn’t sleep very well. I’m fine, Mom.” Hannah waved her off as she sat down in the recliner then looked at the two women, “So what’s got you two excited?” Astra and Lianne shared a look and did that thing where they had a conversation with their eyes. After whatever their eyes said, they both turned to look at Hannah with huge smiles. “We’ve decided to get married,” Astra began, “However, we were thinking about going back to our homeland for the venue. I was worried about Lianne having to work, but we discussed it and-” “Breathe, darling.” Lianne interrupted as Astra’s voice got higher and higher pitched. Hannah laughed. Astra was only ever like this when Lianne was around. Normally, she was very stoic. Protective, as you know. But only ever talked as high pitched when she saw a spider or a snake. Astra took a deep breath and nodded. “About time you two get married! You’ve been dating forever.” “Mmm,” Lianne hummed, kissing Astra’s temple, “I quit my job and will be dropping Lillith off at her father’s and we will be back in a month. We both have many places we fond places off and the homeland is a… expansive place.” “We just wanted to know if you’d feel safe with me leaving for so long.” Astra reached out and touched Hannah’s knee. “I’ll be fine, Mom. Go. Find the perfect wedding place. If anything, will YOU be okay without me for that long?” Hannah chuckled. “I don’t wanna go back to Daddy’s!” Lilly screeched suddenly. Hannah winced as Lilly began to scream and cry. She rubbed her temple and waved to her mom as a goodnight and started to walk upstairs as Lianne tried to get Hannah to stop crying long enough to explain everything. “Heiran. No, no, no. That name won’t work for where we’re going. Hmm. I should ask mortals for a name.” “Darling. Are you sure about this? You want to take her from her family when she’s this young?” “I’m too terrified that he’ll do something drastic if I don’t. I know this is an evil thing to do, but if I’m saving this child, it’s the least I could do.” “I guess that makes sense… What are you going to do about her being a mermaid? The mortals will notice.” “I’ve begun a spell to attach me to her glamour. If it wears off I’ll know.” “A spell like that will-!” Kun was startled awake by a boat engine firing up at the dock above him. Honestly not the best place to sleep because if it wasn’t the boats it was the feeder fish nibbling on him as they searched for leftover bait from the humans. He rubbed his eyes and looked up at the surface of the water and saw bright sun rays streaming through. Today was a nice clear day, it would seem. Kun couldn’t hide his smile at the thought that he might be able to see Hannah today. Glancing at the boat, he bit his lip as his heart soared at the thought that that could be her and her friends. Slowly, he began to swim to the surface but stopped about 3 feet away from it. His eyebrows furrowed as he saw a short dark-skinned woman standing next to a very tall pale woman. Something about the short one made his skin crawl. It was the same feeling he got from Taeyong. Quickly, Kun dove back down to where he was sleeping and shook his head before looking up at the dock. He needed to figure out why she had that effect on him. He quietly swam to the surface under the dock and listened to what they were saying. “Darling. Why don’t you just tell her the truth?" Taglist: @WinKonVIP @Halsyeon @twistedPDnim @StefaniTre @awkwardjazzy @QueenyCrossGene @MelissaGarza @SweetDuella
Beauty of the Shore - Chapter 6
As soon as Hannah walked through the door, a ball of pure excitement slammed into her. Giggling, the little girl tightly hugged Hannah before letting go and running back to the spot on the floor where she was sprawled out, drawing. “I didn’t know you were in town Lilly!” Hannah laughed, setting her stuff down on the couch. Lilly nodded vigorously, picking up a marker that she dropped when she ran to Hannah and continued scribbling on the page. She was humming some old school song. “Hannah, is that you?” Astra called from the kitchen. “Who else would it be, Mom?” Hannah sighed. Walking into the kitchen, Hannah saw two women sitting at the table. They both had mugs in their hands and a plate of cookies between them. Hannah walked over to Astra and kissed her on the cheek before doing the same to the other woman. The two of them were quite the sight to see. Astra was only 5’3 and had bronzed skin with very short hair, one side of her head bald with intricate tattoos coming up from her back intertwined around her ear. The other woman, on the other hand, was 6’ and was pale as can be. Long dark black hair that was braided came down to her hips. Watercolor tattoos covered every part of her skin aside from her face. They both had the most gorgeous brown eyes Hannah had ever seen though. “Lianne, I didn’t know you’d be back from your trip so soon!” Hannah exclaimed, walking over to the cupboard to grab a glass. “Oh, I didn’t either! Technically, it wasn’t supposed to be. I left. I just missed my girls too much.” “Plus George threatened to have her visitation rights taken away for ‘putting her job before their children.’ Horseshit.” Astra grumbled, taking a sip out of her mug. “He has a point. I realized after he said that, I don’t spend enough time with the girls. I couldn’t believe how big Lillith had gotten until I picked her up. I guess video chatting really doesn’t show you all you’re missing out.” Lianne sighed, looking towards the living room. “Not to mention Lillith almost drowning the other day,” Astra added, standing up and walking to the cupboard next to Hannah. “Wait, seriously? What happened?” “Oh we were standing on the dock down at Vincent Beach talking to my aunt and uncle and the clumsy little shit falls into the water. Luckily this cute kid around your age saved her.” “He was a mermaid!” Lilly exclaimed, running in from the living room carrying her drawing and shoving it into Hannah’s chest. Astra chuckled quietly as she popped the cork off the wine bottle. As much as she loved wine, she didn’t have actual wine glasses. So she just used regular coffee mugs. Hannah lifted up the drawing from the little girl’s hands as Lianne put her on her lap. Honestly all Hannah could make out was the black hair and greenish tail. “Very nice, Lilly!” Hannah exclaimed, walking over to the fridge and pinning it there with a magnet alongside the many other oceanic drawings Lilly had given her. “A mermaid, eh?” “Mmhmm! Mama saw him too!” She whipped her head around, smacking Lianne in the face with her hair. “I should’ve gotten his number for you. He was a cutie.” Lianne winked and wiggled her eyebrows. “Right. Mom barely likes Aaron being around, I’m sure she’d love a mermaid around.” Hannah laughed. Kun felt Taeyong’s eyes glaring into him as they swam back to the shore. He couldn’t think of an excuse as to why he was out there with him so he just said that he wanted to human watch some more. Maybe he’d see Hannah. “So your clan moved there? Really? We’ve always heard that it was dangerous. Like some old gods haunt there or something.” Taeyong said, nonchalantly. “Yeah. I haven’t noticed anything strange. I mean my sister gets really strong visions but we all assumed it’s just because she’s a youngling. I’ve heard the humans are terrified of it because of what the old kings did to sink their ships.” Kun said, turning his head to look at the redhead who still was swimming behind him despite being so much faster. “Hmm.” Was all Taeyong responded with. Kun kept swimming until he could see the dock before stopping and turning to look back at Taeyong. “Are you sure you don’t want us to come, Hannah?” Lianne asked, putting Lilly’s coat on. “No, I’m fine. Seriously.” Hannah laughed, “Besides I should leave you two lovebirds alone without Lilly.” Astra and Lianne laughed as Hannah attempted to wink at them but instead blinked. Astra wrapped her arms around Lianne’s waist as soon as Hannah picked up Lilly and waved bye to them. She started walking down the street towards the beach as the sun started to set. “Ana didn’t want to come because Daddy was being mean about Mama. He says she’s a witch.” Lilly muttered, playing with Hannah’s keys. “Does he now? Well, that’s not very nice.” “Ana believes him. I do too, but I think she’s a good witch. Like the gum one.” Lilly huffed, making Hannah laugh. She always thought the Good Witch from The Wizard of Oz flew around in a gum bubble. “Well, your mommy and daddy breaking up has been hard on her. Plus she’s a teenager so she’s probably not liking your mommy right now. Now, let’s go play!” Hannah said, setting Lilly down as they got to the beach. Lilly grabbed Hannah’s hand and they both ran towards the waterline. Hannah’s heart rate started to jump. The shore was fairly flat and the water was calm so she didn’t have to worry about the water but she was still terrified. Lilly was in love with the water so she went with her anyway and even if she couldn’t swim, she would definitely put her life on the line to save the little girl. Lilly stopped short of the water and crouched down to start playing with the wet sand. Hannah made sure to keep an eye on her while also looking around. The sky was slowly turning a warm pink color as the wind lightly blew their hair around. The familiar smell of the ocean calmed Hannah’s nerves a little, but she was still terrified. Lilly loved to sit on the dock and watch the waves or fish so it was only a matter of time before she’d have to suck it up and get back on the dock. “Hannah, why are you so scared of the ocean?” Lilly asked, holding up a sand dollar to her. “Well, I can’t swim and if you get in the ocean when you can’t swim, then you’ll be taken out into the really deep water,” Hannah answered, grabbing the sand dollar and walking over to a little freshwater creek leading to the ocean to wash it off before putting it in her pocket. “I know that. But why can’t you swim? I learned when I was like 2.” “I was just always too scared to learn I guess. My mom doesn’t like water either so that could be another reason.” Hannah shrugged and turned her head to cough into her elbow. “Are you getting sick?” “Maybe. I fell in the water the other day and almost drowned. Someone was swimming and saved me though.” Hannah crouched down next to Lilly at the same time she gasped and whipped her head to look at her, hitting the back of her head off Hannah’s chin. “Was it the mermaid?!” Lilly exclaimed. “I don’t think so.” Hannah laughed, rubbing her chin. “Let’s go to the dock! Maybe we can see him!” Lilly immediately grabbed Hannah’s hand with her tiny sand-covered ones and began to run to the dock. Hannah’s breath hitched in her throat as Lilly led her to the end of the dock. The water was now a deep orange color as it reflected the sky. Just as they got to the end of the dock and sat down, Hannah noticed a bright red head bobbing in the water about 15 feet away from him. Next to him was the same man he saw before she got on the boat. It was the guy that saved her. It looked like they were arguing about something, but Hannah couldn’t hear them. Just then, the redhead whipped his head around to look at her and glowered at her before diving under the water. The wind started to whip a little harder, making Hannah cough again, this time delving into a coughing fit. As she tried to catch her breath, she felt Lilly start to bounce excitedly. “It’s him! It’s the mermaid!” Hannah turned back to the water to see the other man swimming towards them. She didn’t know why, but her heart began to calm at the sight of him. Her hands stopped shaking and her breathing returned to normal. “Are you okay?” He asked. “Oh, yeah. I’m good. I think I’m just starting to get sick from falling in. You’re the one that saved me, right?” He cocked his head to the side, adorably. Looking between Hannah and Lilly, he smiled. “I believe I saved you both.” Hannah looked down at Lilly who was smiling super wide. Hannah extended her hand out to him. “I never got to thank you. I’m Hannah by the way.” He stared curiously at Hannah’s hand before bringing his out of the water and started to grab hers. “I’m Kun.” As soon as their hands touched, they both felt a shock go through their bodies. Their eyes locked and Kun heard the young mermaid scream from his vision once again. Taglist: @WinKonVIP @Halsyeon @twistedPDnim @StefaniTre @awkwardjazzy @QueenyCrossGene @MelissaGarza @SweetDuella
Beauty of the Shore Chapter 5
Confusion filled Hannah’s gut. She couldn’t shake the feeling that she needed to talk to him. Like he had something to tell her. She was brought out of her thoughts by Aaron and Tori asking if she was coming as they walked towards the boat. As she went to step onto the boat, she saw a flash of red in her peripheral vision and looked over to see another boy around her age wading in the water, this one with bright red hair. He also was glaring at Hannah. She had never seen him before yet his stare held so much hatred. “Whoa, wonder what his problem is,” Hannah said to Aaron and Tori. Kun slapped himself as soon as he went back underwater, he could’ve gotten caught by her. Sure, that mother and her daughter didn’t think anything of his tail, but who knows if Hannah would be the same. He knew the way he went under, exposed his tail, but all he could think of was getting out of there as fast as he could. He sighed to himself and swam to the bottom of the ocean and laid there, staring at the boat he assumed Hannah was getting on. To his surprise, the flash of green and red swam above him. Taeyong swam to the surface and looked straight at the boat. Kun furrowed his brows and swam up to him, staying a little further away. He could see Taeyong was staring directly at Hannah as she climbed onto the boat before going back under the surface and making eye contact with Kun. The look of immense anger was quickly replaced with surprise and the same childish glee he had yesterday. “Oh, Kun! I didn’t see you there! What are you doing here? Just human gazing?” “Uh, yeah. What about you?” Kun asked him, glancing at the boat Hannah was on as it’s motor started and began to take off. “Same. I like to see what they’re doing when they’re at places like this. It’s really interesting to see them get around swimming in the ocean.” He smiled widely. Kun couldn’t shake the feeling that there was something about this man. Like this cheery attitude he had was a facade. “Alright, well I better get back to looking for my sister! Have fun watching the humans!” Taeyong chirped, swimming away from him and heading towards the open ocean as Hannah’s boat took off. Kun’s instincts told him to follow Taeyong and see what he was up to, that he wasn’t actually looking for the missing mermaid, like he said he was. Although, he did misjudge just how fast the redhead was. It worked out for the stealth portion of following, but no so much for keeping up with him. It was clear that Taeyong was very adept at speed. Eventually, Taeyong turned towards an island and swam towards that. Kun noticed Hannah’s boat was still in the open ocean and people began to jump off the side of it and went diving. Nervousness started to bubble in his stomach. He really didn’t want to get caught. Knowing full well he should just give up on chasing Taeyong, he continued to follow him until he turned into an underwater cove. Kun slowed down and instead focused on listening to what Taeyong was doing. He wracked his brain for an excuse if he got caught by him. “You wench! You said you had taken care of her! Why didn’t you tell me you left her alive?!” Kun was brought out of his thoughts by Taeyong screaming, “My clan is looking everywhere for her because one of the youngest had a vision she was still alive and with a merman of a different clan!” “Lower your voice boy. I may not have killed the rat, but I made sure to keep her away of your kind. Your youngling is making it up.” “See, that’s how I know you’re lying because there is a male from another clan hanging around here.” “I can assure you I know what I’m doing. I’m assuming by the anger you’re displaying that you’ve seen her. As a human.” “She may look human, but I don’t know if I trust your damned spells. That one you had me give my dreaded mother didn’t kill her either.” “Listen here, fish. I have never cared about your familial problems. I got an experiment out of this deal. Now leave before I turn you into sushi.” Kun’s eyebrows furrowed. That voice sounded familiar. “This isn’t over, human. I will make sure she dies. I won’t let her take my crown.” “Lay a finger on her and rest assured, your crown will never make it to you.” “Hannah, are you sure you’ll be okay by yourself?” Tori asked, fitting her flippers on. “Of course, just don’t break the camera. It was really expensive!” “Why do you think Aaron isn’t holding it?” “Hey! I heard that!” Aaron’s voice came through the radio. “That was the point!” Hannah laughed. Tori grabbed the camera off the table and made her way to the side of the boat before jumping into the water. Hannah looked at the tv and got her notebook out, ready to take notes. Luckily for her, she never had to set a toe in the water to study the wildlife in the ocean. She just had to send her two classmates that she’s friends with into the water with a camera. “Tori, that starfish, am I seeing it wrong or is it feeding on a salmon?” “Yes, ma’am. It looks like the salmon was injured by what I’m guessing is a sea lion. I wonder why it didn’t eat all of it.” Kun swam a little ways away to hide before Taeyong would see him at the beginning of the cove. “It probably got spooked by something.” Kun heard Aaron’s voice coming from nearby and his eyes widened. He was between a rock and a hard place now. He’ll either be spotted by a human or by a potentially homicidal merman. Looking around frantically, he tried to find another place he could hide. Aaron crested the rock formation a little ways away and got distracted by the coral residing on it. “Oh wow, Tor, come look at this!” “What is it?” “A massive brain coral!” Kun needed to move, now. “Let me see!” Hannah exclaimed into her radio. This was the downside to being terrified of the ocean. She absolutely loved everything to do with it, but at the same time, she about had an anxiety attack when her professor instructed them to go discover what flora and fauna lived in the nearby coral reef. She thought about just saying screw it and put on diving gear, but knew if she did she’d panic. “Hold your horses, woman. I still have to make my way over to him.” Tori laughed, pointing the camera at how far away Aaron was from her. As she swam closer to him, Hannah swore she could see the flash of a teal tail swim behind him. Leaning forward, she squinted her eyes as if that would let her see clearer on the monitor. “Aaron, what just swam next to you?” “What do you mean? Nothing.” “I just saw a teal tail behind you.” “A teal tail?” Aaron’s voice sounded super confused. Kun’s heart was beating out of his chest. He had to make a move to hide in a cave behind Aaron. It was way too small for them to fit in with all their gear, but he knew it was a risky move. “Are you sure you’re not seeing stuff, Hannah?” Aaron laughed. Suddenly a pair of hands appeared at the mouth of the cave. Kun tried his hardest to squeeze himself further back, but it was too narrow even for him. He just had to hope they wouldn’t see him. “Could it have been a parrot fish?” Tori asked. “No, it was way bigger than a parrot fish would be. I can’t think of what would be that big and that color.” Hannah said, frustrated. She so wanted to jump into the water and go investigate herself. “Stick the camera in this cave, Tori,” Aaron suggested. “No, I can already tell that’s too small for whatever I saw. Um, just look around. There has to be something.” “Uh actually, I think we should leave,” Tori said, sounding nervous. “Why?” “Apparently it’s lunchtime for the sharks and I may not be as much of a baby about the ocean as Hannah, but I don’t want to test my luck with sharks.” “Hey!” Hannah exclaimed. “Alright, we’re heading back.” Aaron laughed, his hands disappearing from the mouth of the cave. Kun could hear them talking as they got further away. Sighing in relief, he relaxed and noticed he had been pressing his body against a very annoyed looking octopus and immediately moved away from it. Not that it understood him, he silently apologized to it. Suddenly, the light streaming in from the mouth of the cave was blocked. This time by a bright head of hair. “Oh! What are you doing here?” Taeyong asked, looking at Kun with curious eyes, “Ah! Did you follow the humans’ boat and almost got caught?” Taeyong’s voice sounded like he knew exactly what happened. That Kun had followed him and not the humans. Kun needed to think up something, any excuse he could so that the redhead wouldn’t try to bait him into admitting that he followed him. “Where my clan is from there are no humans, especially diving ones.” “Oh, yeah that must’ve been your first time hiding from them. My clan lives pretty close to the land so humans snoop in our land all the time. Luckily they can’t ever fit in the entrances, neither can their equipment. But, man, did you get lucky. I saw you swim in here and the humans headed this way so I made the sharks come over here.” “Wait, you MADE them?” “Well yeah. I found some and brought them over.” “How?!” Kun was shocked. His clan had fish as pets, but they were all small fish. Even then, they could only train them to do small tasks like clearing out sand from hovels and things like that. “Ah, secret of my clan I’m afraid. Can’t reveal that to you.” Taeyong winked, holding out his hand to Kun. “Come on, let’s get out of here. I’m afraid I can’t tell them to not eat you and the octopus looks pretty pissed off you’re in its home.” Taglist: @WinKonVIP @Halsyeon @twistedPDnim @StefaniTre @awkwardjazzy @QueenyCrossGene @MelissaGarza @SweetDuella
The Journal Chapter 7
I furrowed my brows as I stared off into space. Felix was right. I couldn’t just jump straight into trying to find a murderer. Especially one that I don’t know the face of. I didn’t even know where to start. Neither did the boys as we all sat in silence, all of us in deep thought. Finally, when I couldn’t take the silence anymore, I turned on the TV. Flipping through the channels absentmindedly, I landed on the news. “Still no word on Doctor Kim Doyoung. He was reported missing after his receptionist was murdered last month. The police at first thought he was the prime suspect, however after more details were released to the public about the case, it’s clear that this is another Perfume Killer case. Reporter Jung Taekwoon is here with the story.” We all looked at each other quickly. “Yes. It appears that after being silent for almost a year, the killer decided to strike again. This time, on a male victim. It’s a known fact that this particular serial murderer prefers female victims between the ages of 35 and 52. Why he attacked the 26-year-old has police baffled.” “What the hell is going on?” I whispered, leaning closer to the TV. “The victim was found, if you remember, in one of the examination rooms of the doctor’s office, which has since been abandoned. What’s particularly surprising is that the body was only partially burned. All his other victims had been burnt to unrecognizable points. It seems that the killer was in a hurry or, as the public has theorized, a copy cat has begun its own spree. Police are still searching diligently for the missing doctor. If you have any information, please call the number you see on the screen.” “Hey, Jinkyung? Isn’t that your doctor?” “I..uh…” I walked over to try and find out my doctor’s name on any prescriptions or pill bottles, but nothing. I apparently really hated my doctor and scratched his name out everywhere. “Okay, so that’s a bust. Um..maybe we go back to the office?” “I mean..your mom was targeted by the dude and you want to potentially go to an office where a doctor was kidnapped and another man was killed by the same dude. Sounds completely sane to me.” Chan scoffed. “That’s true.” “Can’t we just look it up? How the hell did it not say his name anywhere?” Seungmin sneered. “Well I’m sorry, I wasn’t exactly thinking about what my doctor’s name was on the way to my brother’s grave! I obviously hated the guy, so I’m not surprised that I scratched his name off of everything. I mean look at the notes on my fridge.” “Guys? I looked up the address we went to.. that building is supposed to be abandoned. Like there’s no doctor through there. The building has been closed down for years.” Felix said, not looking up from his phone. My vision faded to black again. The guys’ voices slowly faded out and instead I was in a dark room. There was the sound of water dripping nearby. I also heard the faint sound of someone’s panicked breathing along with the quiet jingle of chains. I looked around, confused. I couldn’t see a single thing. With a giant boom, a metal door swung open and the panicked breathing grew louder and turned into whimpers. Light flowed into the room from the door and I could see a very skinny man with black hair and bruises covering his face in some sort of metal tub. Maybe a feeding trough? I looked closer at the man, trying to see who he was. Usually, their names pop straight into my mind, but nothing. The person who slammed open the door started walking towards him. With an evil chuckle, she taped over his mouth and turned on the faucet sitting above the trough before grabbing the chain on his feet and driving a nail through it, keeping them still while also pinning him down to the bottom. She smiled at him before kissing his forehead and walking out of the room. “Sleep well, dear.” She called, closing the door behind her. I quickly looked at him. I need to find out who he is so I can save him. Panic slowly started to fill my stomach as I looked around the room, trying to find something that tells me who or where he is. Instead, I just had to watch as he slowly drowned. His eyes slowly draining of life. Even though the visions yesterday were so brutal, this was so much more traumatizing to see. To actually watch someone slowly die. It got to too much and I lurched towards him and began to yank on his chains, lifting his head. I couldn’t actually touch him. He didn’t seem to be able to see me either. Was this another different version of my powers? “Jinkyung?” Felix’s voice brought me back into my apartment. I looked around, breathing raggedly. There was something wrong. Why am I seeing things so different now? What’s happening? My knees buckled and I stumbled, but Felix caught me. “What’s wrong? Did you have another vision?” Chan asked, putting a hand on my back. “Y-yeah..” I struggled to breathe. “Shh, just breathe,” Felix said, helping me to sit on the bed. “I don’t know his name or anything. I just watched him drown.” I started rambling. “Has that ever happened before?” Seungmin asked. “I don’t know.. I mean I didn’t write anything in the journal about it happening.” After I slowed my breathing back down, I recounted what I saw. Their faces all had matching looks of confusion. None of them could understand how I could have broken my powers. Especially considering according to the journal, they’ve been the same for so long. “Could the medicine had been helping you?” Seungmin asked, grabbing the pill bottle and looking at the brown tablets inside. “I don’t know.” “Why don’t we experiment? Take your usual medications tonight and let’s see if it works.” “Are you sure I should? I mean.. apparently my doctor’s office doesn’t exist.” “That’s true..” Chan offered, looking overwhelmed. “I have an idea. Let’s write down everything you remember and see if you can eventually remember who your doctor is. And then we can go from there.” Felix suggested, grabbing my journal and handing it to me. The other two nodded and I opened to an empty page before starting to scribble down memories. From the day before we went to Busan to today. I hesitated writing down the memory/dream I had last night but eventually did write it down with asterisks next to it saying that I wasn’t confident in whether or not it was real. “Okay, now if you remember anything, make sure to add to this. Even if it was one of those dreams again.” “Oh! Add that vision you had today too. Just in case you forget again.” “Good idea,” I said, letting out a breath before adding it to the bottom of the page. As I was finishing the last few words, my vision faded again and I was back in the darkroom that was once again quiet. The door was open again which let light flood in enough for me to see the woman kneeling over the tub, turning the faucet off and draining the tub before calmly giving the man CPR. He coughed the water out of his lungs and groggily looked around. “You didn’t really think I would kill you did you, love?” She giggled, untying his hands, but keeping his legs tied. “Shame on you. Surely, you know how much you mean to me.” “Why are you doing this to me Taeran?” He croaked. “Oh, silly, silly Doyoung. I’m not Taeran.” She cackled. The room faded and I was back in my apartment once again. As soon as I came back to my senses I felt my nose start bleeding. “Kim Doyoung. That’s his name.” I groaned. -- Taglist: @WinKonVIP @Halsyeon @twistedPDnim @StefaniTre @awkwardjazzy @QueenyCrossGene @MelissaGarza @SweetDuella