bts comeback
bts comeback
It is officially November 16, 2015 here in the U.S. and us international KPoppers are going NUTZ. And all for the plain reason thaT BTS COMEBACK ISNT EVEN HERE YET! ARGHHHHHH ~This is Sara people!~ Anyway, -hold up, be right back, just locking myself in the freezer to cool down a lil' - as I was saying, the comeback is exactly 2 -not three, BUT NOT ONE EITHER!- weeks away. Seriously. Don't believe me, look at the picture above. I was actually counting the days on my calendar to see how many days were left for my birthday -FYI, 15, on December 1st- and then BOOM! I SEE FRIGGIN "NOVEMBER 30TH: BTS COMEBACK IS HERE!" AND AGGHHHH I LOST IT RIGHT THERE IN THE SPOT! I swear this comeback is like a time bomb, -also, speaking about bombs, I'm terribly sorry for you French Vinglers reading this. I'm sorry if you lost anyone important or something happened to you. We wish you lots of love from Texas, USA.- .... . . . . . . wanna know why?? . . . . . . BECAUSE WHEN THEY EXPLODE OR BREAK OR SOMETHING, IT IS CHAOS! THAT'S WHY! *For those who have not the slightest idea what I'm talking about, sit cho legs down on a chair and pay attention dear, cause I can't even right now and I don't even know if I'm making sense or not. Anyway, you all know BTSs song I Need U, right? OK, 2 months ago, BigHit released this mothaflippin cursed 12 minute long prologue thing that well, basically made all of us fangirls cry. Alas -ahhhhh fancy words ;) ;)- it killed some of us -*cough* @B1A4BTS5ever *cough*- and others resurrected us - looking at you @kpopandkimchi -and others just plain on broke inside. (HERE are some reviews I found, in case some I you don't really understand the prologue. @KpopGaby sorry, I had to add these here ) BUT FOR US IMPATIENT FANGIRLS -AKA ME- DO YOU REALIZE HOW HARD TIME IS EATING US? ARRGGGHHHH. It was supposed to come out October, that's all I'm saying. I mean, imagine what could happen! Hairstyles, makeup, scenery, tones, beats aLL OF THAT CAN CHANGE! And don't get me wrong, I love to see the new styles of our precious BTS idols, but, whaaaaaaaaaat? And since its going to be a I Need U pt. 2, i bet you 5 bucks its going to be more depressing than the actual prologue. I know I'm not the only one still hungry for BTS -and hey, surprisingly my hunger came back. I made a card about it :RIGHT HERE: -, I CANT BE! But I am E-X-T-R-E-M-L-Y inpatient person that somehow has a very high pain tolerance, so I didn't exactly die when I saw the prologue, but I wasn't smiling and wishing people rainbows either, I jUST CANT EVEN RIGHT NOW! WHY CANT NOVEMBER 30TH JUST COME IN ALREADY! ARGGHH I'm gonna die. That's it. I cANT EVEN THINK RIGHT NOW. Let me tell you people, not every comeback is like this. This is torture, biG TIME. Anything could happen in the video. ANYTHING! WHO KNOWS? MAYBE V AND JIN TURN OUT TO BE FLYING DRAGONS IN THE MIDDLE OF HEAVEN OR SOMETHING AND BOOM! EVERYONE IS EATING CORNDOGS THE NEXT MINUTE! *argghh, sorry I'm ranting, I jUST. CANT. EVEN.RIGHT NOW. UGH! YA FEEL ME PEOPLE!? AGGHHHH. AND THEN THESE GUYS -.-' I CANT FUNCTION PROPERLY ANYMORE. Is anyone else not ready, or is it just me? @kpopandkimchi , @B1A4BTS5ever , @thePinkPrincess , @Jimidiot ....... Am I the only one flipping here? Anyhow, thank you people for your patience towards me right now. I just. I can't even. I love you all lots lots lots. I wouldn't be the same without you guys for support. Follow MY COLLECTION for more updates if I survived or not, oh and also the GOT7 Project I'm working on. Once again, thanks everybody.... I'll try to coOL DOWN A LIL BUT ITS JUST SOO HARD TO CONTAIN THE FEELZ. UGGH. Have a goodnight/day everyone! FIGHTING!