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CrystalSwag's Collection
Otaku my chicken-butt. -_- A mainstream lover who thinks they're an otaku made this and now people are going to start reposting this. Great. Mainstream is not otaku. You needa go more far than that. Why do people in Vingle Anime only talk about Fairy Tail, Bleach, Naruto, etc. etc?I've said this twice now •~• There's better animes out there. Read the manga too!! There's also games about em.. ;~; just WHY MAISTREAM Rabbits are Flying Mint Bunnies? It's Usagi!! Edit: You aren't supposed to usually be PROUD about being otaku. Ye know what, some people can't even say it correctly. I'm being rude here, and I know that. My point is, don't live on top of the rock; live under it. That there is when I'll give you thumbs up. Also, ask yourself, do I really stay home 24/7? Do I really stay in my dark room with a bright screen? If you're willing to correct me, then listen. Based on my sister, Taku means home. The O is there to make it more ... familiar.. Which only concludes to otaku being a word to describe any geeks that stay home most of their time. You can't just say, "Ohh we all love anime so who cares :^/ We're all otaku." Anime isn't the only thing that makes you otaku either. The types I were describing were the ones who watch anime, read manga, play video games, online things, etc. If you're a geek about a certain anime and you can remember every single detail on it. Then sure, you're 'that' otaku. For example, if someone knows every hand motion (in order and what it does), characters, read the manga, etc etc in 'Naruto', then you're a definite otaku of 'Naruto'.