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Chapter 2: Fall for you...!!?
If you want to be tag (or be untagged) in this series, let me know in the comment. Don't forget to click the LIKE button and comment your thoughts if you like the story. Gomawoooo chingus!!! Happy reading!! - - - @tiffany1922 @EmmaJolie @LemonLassie @MichelleIbarra @DesireeChucklez @tinathellama @NicoleFireRose @UnnieCakesAli @MaritessSison @Jinnyrod3 Of all the people I had to bloody fall on my face right under his damn nose as if the earlier episode wasn't embarrassing enough I swore. Ridiculous as it seems, I had planned to lie there & play dead for as long as it takes for Kris to walk away but my plan went kaput when Suho rushed to my aid. Sue are you OK? He asked pulling me up. All I could do was nod & smile weakly at him. Thank God...he said relieved. It was only after some few seconds he realized Kris was also standing there... Oh! this my cousin Sue. She's here for the summer, isn't that awesome! Suho grinned as he turn towards Kris. 'Sue, meet my buddy Kris! Also, my band mate. I put on my best smile & extended my hand. Nice to meet you Kris while giving him you-better-not-mention-our-little-rendezvous-look. 'Pleasure to meet you Sue, didn't know Suho had a hot sister' Kris winked as he shook my hand. 'Dudeeeee!' Suho grunted. 'Just messing buddy, chill' Kris laugh raising both hands in a mock surrender. 'Careful sis, don't let this bad boy break your heart. He seems to be doing it one too many lately' Kris shrugged smirking 'Can you blame me?' I rolled my eyes, Cocky & a narcissist, just great!!. Ha! I laughed sarcastically 'Sorry to break your bubble Mr.I'm-Sexy-&-I-Know-It....' Before I could complete my sentence Kris interrupts 'Oh so you think I'm sexy eh?!' Suho stood there looking at us curious, probably wondering what the heck was going... 'Hmmn have you guys met before?' NO!! We both answer simultaneously. 'OK OK...but I got to say, you two seems to be hitting off really well for someone who just met' Suho laughed. 'Anyways, shall we get on with our breakfast?' I reserved my thoughts & followed Suho with Kris tailing behind me. Surprisingly, the breakfast went well without further embarrassment. I got to learn more of Suho's band. I had no idea, EXO was divided into 2 units & Kris was in EXO-M while Suho was in EXO-K. 'Sorry couz, I just know you're in a band and that's pretty much it' I said sheepishly. 'No worries sis, I know you hardly listen or follow K-Pop music, Suho said smiling. I really felt bad then for been such a lousy sister. Seeing my torn expression, Suho cheered me up saying I could meet & get to know the boys while I'm here. 'In fact, they will be coming here for dinner tomorrow so it's perfect timing'. Sounds great I chimed trying to sound pumped and enthusiastic about it. 'Btw did I tell ya, Kris is fluent in English too but that doesn't mean you two can have secret talks behind my back K ' Suho humored I laughed 'Don't worry little bro I'll have more fun things to do with my time then engage in some silly chit-chats with him. No offense Kris' I smiled smugly at him. 'None taken princess & just so you know I certainly don't plan on having silly chit-chat with you, trust me' Kris replied smirking. I shudder as I saw that gleaming challenge in his eyes. Why do I have a bad feeling to that... *OK, don't panic girl. Nothing to worry. What can he possibly do anyways I told myself* Once we were done with breakfast, I went up to my room to get ready before heading out for shopping with my aunt. As I was pulling out my clothes from the closet, I saw Kris walking towards Suho room. I run & grab him, pulled him inside my room & shut the door. 'Why, miss me already!!' Kris said as he leaned on the door, hands in the pocket looking at me with an amused expression . Oh please get over yourself! You really think you're such a catch aren't you? I hissed. Well, that's the popular opinion Kris replied smirking. Omg! I rolled my eyes, Look here mister!... The name is Kris... Will you stop interrupting me...!!! Look KRIS! Don't get any ideas. I just wanted to clear something up. No mentions of the morning incident ever to anyone, is that clear? I gave him my best don't-mess-with-me stare. 'Hmmmn.....will see about that' Kris shrugged. 'WHAT! What do you mean you'll see? There's nothing to see here. That never happened & that's it' I replied hotly. Hmm mm OK...I will but on one condition! What now....?? I asked panicking a little inside. 'Don't fall for me!!' Say what!! I started to laugh...You're kidding me right? Some assumptions you have on yourself big guy... Why do you think I'll fall for you in the first place? You're not even my type!! I threw the words at his face. I'm not your type? Really, are you sure?' Kris lean down & look right into my eyes. YES! I shouted not backing down. Well, this is going to be a fun. You know what, I changed my mind, I'm gonna make you fall for me before the summer ends Kris said leaning back up. Oh yeah!...try me. Falling for you will the last thing I'll ever do I hissed. Challenged accepted princess. See you around love he winked & walked out of the room. I am NOT YOUR LOVE!! I shouted as I slammed the door after him. 'That arrogant son of a.....aaaaaaahhhh what does he think of himself!!!' I fumed as I screamed in frustration alone. This was definitely not the plan for my vacation. 2 weeks of that annoying smirk face was gonna be the dead of me. Well, at least its better then brooding over break up with Nathan I console myself.... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks for reading my story. I hope you enjoyed this chapter. Next will be Kris POV. Update soon if I'm not too lazy ha ha Cheerios!! Again, thanks for reading. P.S. Don't forget to LIKE & comment your thoughts if you liked the story. xoxo