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10 of the Best Tech Innovations of 2015
2015 is coming to a close people, and this year was actually pretty incredible for tech and science. Some of these new innovations "shocked" and changed the world as we know it. Here are some of the things I picked as the coolest. 1. Drones Ok, hear me out. There is definitely a lot of hesitation to using this device. But deploying bombs and using spy camera isn't the only use for these little flying buddies. Think film and fast transportation. The development of drones in the film industry has really changed the types of shots that even smaller filmmakers can create. And what about transporting good to your home-- some companies (including Amazon) are developing new droids to send to packages right to your door. 2. Electric Surf Board This is more fun than it is helpful to the world, but it's pretty cool to know you don't need an ocean (or waves) to try surfing. This self-propelled board is helping surfers practices on lakes and rivers. I'd like one of these next year for christmas please. 3. 3D Printer Ok, it was invented before 2015, but after this year was a total expansion of this device. Even a specific 3D printer was programed to create medication/pills. It create anything synthetic or prothetic, so as long as a mock is created, it can be shared and recreated somewhere else. This means a LOT in the medical world. 4. Liquid Biopsy This to me is NUTS. Imagine, you go in for your annual check-in with your doctor, they take a simple blood test, and they are able to detect early signs of cancer. FROM A BLOOD SAMPLE. That's pretty dang awesome. 5. Alternative Energy Want to power your whole home with solar power? It's easier this year because of new Tesla technology. Want to power your home by riding a bike? Yep, that was invented too. Electric cards are even more widespread, and this year we really are working even more to make things eco-friendly. 6. Changing sneakers These new sneakers are pretty incredible. Made with e-paper you can personalize them to look however you want them to, with whatever design you put on your app. They are pretty expensive right now, but maybe next year this technology will be on more than just shoes... Think changing shirts or dresses!! 7. Flying Cars Ok, I wrote about these before so it's something I really love. Who wouldn't want to just hop in their car and fly to work? Me please! Well now you can with the new developments from several companies. They have a lot of really cool designs too, so I'm ready to become a pilot please. 8. Solar Powered Plane The Solar Impulse 2 made history this year, becoming the first airplane ride run completely on solar power for 4 days, 21 hours, and 52 minutes. Wondering how it works during night? Well it charges during the sun-time, but also can steal some sun power at night. Pretty incredible for travel and alternative energy. 9. IBM WATSON It's a crazy supercomputer that has voice recognizing capabilities, advanced language, speech and vision abilities. It won Jeopardy already, so that's pretty incredible. Another thing that's awesome about it? You can use it. No serious, anyone can use it. 10. Robots Yes, again this isn't new to 2015. But robots can do more because of this years' innovation than ever. For example Buddy the Robot is perfect for your home, and pretty inexpensive. He can see, hear, and speak through an 8-inch tablet that serves as its face and brain. He is at your home-service! Techies...thoughts? @konaskorner @DaivonUnderwood @gaeljames92 @Zekiya @Krazypoet @AzamSharif @NerukaWong @shantalcamara @RachelParker@Cereal03 @RobertMarsh @loftonc16 @thefeels @missophiestik @ButterflyBlu @Krazypoet @quietone @Luci546 @smnthcarter773 @DroPuenteAG93 @ChriSingularis @Emescia @nikkinjg @TessStevens Did I miss a cool tech innovation from this year? What is your favorite innovation this year?