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Real life SAO! Virtual reality gaming coming true?!?
There's a new venture to make anime real! IBM Japan has taken up the challenge of realizing the VRMMO from Reki Kawahara's Sword Art Online light novels, hopefully without the thousands of deaths, in what they're calling Sword Art Online: The Beginning. A site has launched taking applications for 208 brave souls (able to comfortably wear a head set, have their bodies and walk without assistance) to alpha test SAO! Applicants selected by lottery will try out the experience at a Tokyo location March 18th and 20th. The venture looks to showcase the potential contribution of IBM Cognitive Computing (remember them from their Steins;Gate promotion?) to the future of gaming. Participants will be scanned into a 3D then interact with a virtual space using IBM Cloud Services and SoftLayer technologies. Kirito's Yoshitsugu Matsuoka, Asuna's Haruka Tomatsu and Yui's Kanae Itō legend their vocies to the project. Well are you guys interested??!?? I am but sadly I don't live in Japan, so I could not test it but maybe some of you could go if you get picked ...that is if your interested!! Are you willing to try this?? Would you buy the game?? This is completely real if your interested and could do it why not enter?? It'll be an experience of a life time! Finally it may become real!! Tagging those who may be interested to know/would like to enter to test: @Danse @KalyanMadoori @Thatperson512 @ReinShirai @VoidX @AimeBolanos @BlackoutZJ @dragonlover1852 @ShalltearBloodf @RosePark @hikaymm @Zetsumei1 @Kirik @SantaraJones @InVinsybll @arnelli @marionette2613 @willrogers @TylerCinamella @TravisSimpkins @xxreacti0nxx @xxreacti0nxx @DevilsSon @TravisSimpkins @PeteTehCat @halowoods1213 @halowoods1213 @ReaperSteel @SantaraJones @jasminetimple @begone @HeidiMyaMartine @MiyukiKawaii @ChelseaGarcia @CoraBost @xDaisyDaysx @SeoInHan @Iloveanime420 @CosmicCassidy @KageTsuki040910 @gabbycalzada @BluBear07 @aaronred888 @sarahpjane @DereckTorres @DustinEmerzian @DustinEmerzian @JosieRodriguez @KennyMcCormick @stillertokyo @KaelynPrim @ZoilaObregon @kysontaylor @SeoInHan @Yatosgirl @iixel @kurohane @Melodicballoon @lancednobiensky @CadoAngelus @RinLightKirito @LittleHorn @xroyalreisx @natsulover17 @Jasz @SeintoSeiya @LuffyNewman @DomenicNardella @Oxmodius @EmilianoMacias @SamanthaHolmonR @petname83 @mymi @culversyanne @AimmnAZ @Animerocks1253 @koforouzuchi @Anim3MangaL0rd @