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Are We Making Our Idols Up?
So more and more I am seeing people reading imagines and other scenarios and saying "oh yeah I can totally see XYZ doing this." And that makes me think: Is it fair for us to project our ideas of their personalities on them?! When we don't know them personally?! I have NOTHING against fanfic, imagines, and scenarios but I think the main thing to remember is that at the end of that day, that is ALL fiction. For example, I recently saw a post a BTS imagine on tumblr that talked about Suga getting really violent when he's angry (probably because of the Run music video?) and there were SO many reblogs saying "omg Suga is dead on" or "I can totally see Suga doing that" But like.... why? Has Suga ever showed that side of himself? Is it fair that we, as people who have never met him, see him as a person who is quick to anger and violence? Has a short temper? Could be abusive? We start to create these personalities and senses of humor for people we've never met and for the most part it doesn't hurt anyone, but it can always be taken too far. For example, the Rap Monster death threat thing. People make Rap Mon out to be something he isn't, this fake personality we created turns into an inside joke, that inside joke gets out of hand, and in the end we have someone 'jokingly' threaten to kill Rap Mon. See how its dangerous? I'm rambling but I guess I just wanted to make this card to bring up this issue and to see what you guys think about this. I love the imagination and just general awesome-ness that comes out of the fiction we create as fans (memes, imagines, etc) but I just want to remind everyone that it's fiction, we don't really know them, and joking is fine as long as its under control and harmless :) I'm not calling anyone out in the community - this is just something I was thinking about today after seeing that Tumblr post... Keep being Groovy, Vingle Family!