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Tokyo Ghoul season 3 Delayed again😓
Fall 2017??? Many have been waiting for Tokyo Ghoul season 3 (known as Re:) for a while now since the release of the second season in winter 2015. Since then we have speculated that it would have a 3rd season in 2016.....unfortunately it was delayed again to preview the 3rd season , it was delayed to winter 2017 (winter anime seasons are ranged January-until they end depending on if it's another season or new anime , also the amount of episodes ) now it had been delayed again!!! The delay has caused it to be on a TBA (to be announced) but speculation believes it to come out in fall 2017 . (September -December) So why has it been delayed many times??? Well after the take off of season 2 in winter 2015 the plan was to go straight to a season 3 in winter 2016. In that time frame production of Re: (season 3) was questioned because the first seasons strayed from the manga. There were some missed things that made a major difference so for a while there was a debate to completely restart Tokyo Ghoul from the beginning. This is what caused the first delay. This is why along with some production problems and the debate, Re: did not premiere in 2016 and was delayed Re: to winter 2017. Now there was a new delay a while back that brought it to TBA. There is currently a Tokyo Ghoul Live action movie in production which is rumored to cause this delay. Something to keep you entertained until RE:?? While we wait in anticipation for Re: there's a craving for more Tokyo Ghoul while waiting! Not to worry there is some things to keep you busy until RE:! OVA??? There is an ova called Tokyo Ghoul "Jack" ! "Jack " is a spin off of the series but there is Ghouls 😉 and some of the characters we already know! Manga?? Tokyo ghoul has plenty of manga to keep you entertained!! It's actually a way of knowing how season 1 & 2 skipped some things and you get to go past the anime and continue Tokyo Ghoul!! Live action film?!? Sure it's not out yet but it will be put very soon!! If you want to watch the trailer for the film it's the video next to picture 1 of this section! Have not watched Tokyo Ghoul Yet?? WATCH IT!! This anime is one of the best I've ever watched! It has an amazing story and an amazing ost!!! Thanks for reading!! I love to hear what you guys think!! Do you think we'll get Re: in 2017??