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{Feel Good Fridays} Music in Anime! (OST)
Hello nakamas! VoidX here, and today, it seems like it's my turn for the daily anime theme with Feel Good Friday! :D So, tired? Have worked hard during the week? Dying to watch some anime? XD Well then, my friend, my nakama, time to fire up the pleasure-region of the brain (Named Nucleus accumbens XD) and it's time to feel good! :D Todays theme is... Music! Specifically, the OSTs An anime without music in the background playing is no different from our real lives where we constantly have other noises and stuff such as the wind blowing, cars driving, people...talking...XD. And so on. And to be completely honest...it's boring. Our lives are boring and are no way near the fantastical experiences that anime can bring along. Music has the power to enhance and empower a scene, a scene cannot be defined as something without music in the background in anime. And bla bla bla, so on and so forth, read more over here (an extensive "Why anime?" info-article on musical OSTs) and bla bla bla...XD I listen to alot of music, I'm a huge lover of music and have gone so far to call myself an audiophile as well. But what music I listen mostly to is really OSTs/OPs/EDs from anime! So, which songs do you remember most fondly of and made you feel good? And I'll be adding 3 songs from each anime from YouTube onto this post, so put on those headphones and enjoy the music! XD Our first two chosen anime-sources will be composed by the legend Hiroyuki Sawano himself :) Guilty Crown Although the story and characters can be debatable as to how good they were played in the anime, there's no argument about Guilty Crown's technical achievements. They pulled of breath-taking animation and style that more or less has become an unoffical standard for the industry, but it made a huge impact at the musical department. With Sawano at the helm, the masterpiece "Release My Soul" is a song I can listen over and over again... We also have "βios", an OST that stood out in the scene of usage and completely felt right and did its job correctly: enhancing the scene "Euterpe" is the very first song you listen to as Inori runs for her life with the Guilty Crown genome and it's a song composed of somber tones with a mix of technological "glitches" - Release My Soul (1st Video) - βios (2nd Video) - Euterpe (3rd Video) Time for bombastical and adrenaline-inducing music from... Attack on Titan Iconic isn't enough to describe the lasting effect Sawano's music had onto us here. Epic isn't enough to describe the such immersive force that each OST brought with that either induced heavy goose-bumps, cry of fear or fist-clenching adrenaline-rushes!!! You feel the fear of the Colossal Titan grip onto your very soul with "Xl-Tt", another way of saying Colossal (Xl) Titan (Tt) XD You feel humanity's hope and salvation as you see the trainees fly through the forests at neck-breaking speeds with "The Reluctant Heroes" playing bombastically in the background. And you feel the sorrow and your heart bursting with tears as you witness fallen comrades and heroes who sacrificed themselves for the cause of Humanity through the music of "Call Your Name" (a true Hiroyuki Sawano Masterpiece)... - Xl-Tt (1st Video) - The Reluctant Heroes (2nd Video) - Call Your Name (3rd Video) Next one, even playing a few notes will make me (and maybe you) cry... Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso (Your Lie in April) A show about music should have good OSTs as a natural consequence, right? Well, as I said in my "review", it went above and beyond. We can start off by introducing the very very first song you'll ever hear from the first episode that started from the first second, being "Kimi wa Wasurerareru no". It's slow and humble, yet light and clarity-filled tones always manage to bring my heart on its knees as it perfectly captures the essence of the story that is about to unfold. Next of, "Again" is a free-spirited and calm-inducing song that is filled with inspiration and you sit there, allowing it to take form inside your head and purpose. It's like formless light, you can play and feel happy around it as you can slow down and calm down and simply enjoy the music. In the anime, this song is used to enlighten our characters (specifically Kousei), will it enlighten you? Lastly, we'll end with the last song you hear in the last episode right before the credits roll, named Kirameki [Kousei & Kaori version]. Beautiful is not enough. Heart-breaking is not enough. Inspiring is not enough... Give this one a listen, and let your definition of true beauty become challenged :) - Kimi wa Wasurerareru no (1st Video) - Again (2nd Video) - Kirameki [Kousei & Kaori version] (3rd Video) Next, let's take a very popular anime Sword Art Online If we want music where we want to feel good, look no further than SAO! As SAO is featured inside a game and many OSTs are tailored and made with that in mind and some came forward and became something a bit more special. We have "A Tiny Love", having calm and peaceful guitar playing to symbolise Kirito and Asuna's growing love for each other. We have "Reconciliation", making its tribute in ALO and brought with us a beautiful piece of music with a cello and piano playing together in harmony as duet to each other. And lastly, and perhaps the best one, we have "A Tender Feeling", a song completely symbolising Kirito and Asuna's love for each other with a wonderful piano and enhancing violins in the background while playing in such a beautiful and wonderful manner, their kiss in episode 25 combined with the last notes and tones of this OST created an iconic and everlasting scene from one of the most famous and popular anime of our generation. - A Tiny Love (1st Video) - Reconciliation (2nd Video) - A Tender Feeling (3rd Video) Let's take a show I honestly can't get enough of! XD Shokugeki no Souma Epic is the name of the game here, and Shokugeki takes what you would normally hear in a pure fighting-game and puts them into the crazy world of food!!! Let's start with "Food Battle Start!", a musical score that sounds like the greatest battle is about to take place inside our ears and it's use of bombastical instruments and high-paced violins makes you feel like you're on a battle-field of honour and glory!!! "The Texture of a Decisive Battle" gives forth a musical piece to give you two things: Epicness and inspiration! Let the music help your creativity, whether that be creating new and innovative new recipes, helping you with a report you're working on at school or enhance your imagination to the fullest, this song's got ya covered! "The Secret Ingredient called Victory" is such an inspiring and song full of glory, you feel like you're going to cry tears of joy because of the potential it shows what we humans are capable of. In the show, this song is used to reveal a final card that completely not only shocks us, but the judges and even the other contenders in the anime!!! - Food Battle Start! (1st Video) - The Texture of a Decisive Battle (2nd Video) - The Secret Ingredient called Victory (3rd Video) Let's finally end this with... No Game No Life NGNL's music is a bit...special. The music was composed by hiring a composer who originally made music for *games*! So, it's no wonder why an anime centered and revolves around game should have game-themed music as well! Take the iconic music being played when the are literally "Falling in Disboard"! Inspired by the music made for the early Sonic-games, this show perfectly encapsules the essence of gaming as a whole, showing you that gaming is there for fun and that our heroes are there for the same reason. It's inspirational as hell and it's beats are one of the most unique in anime! Let's take an inspiring and goose-bump inducing song, with "All of You is All of Me", symbolising the accomplishments, the genius intellect and the bond that Sora and Shiro share between them, both as brother and sister, one half of each other to create a whole and partners and comrades on the gaming-field! What made this song above special is its usage along with the crowning-scene of Imanity's new King and Queen, where Sora breaks out one of the most epic speeches of all time in the history of anime!!! So, throughout this post, most music have been on the higher-paced side inducing such adrenaline or boosting your brain to the max. Let's calm down with the beautiful song "TETO", a song used exclusively for the God of Disboard with the same name "Teto" - Falling on Disboard (1st Video) - All of You is All of Me (2nd Video) - TETO (3rd Video) Feel inspired? Feel engaged? Feel thrilled? Post your favourite OST from anime and share the music, pleasure and immersion that the world and Vingle is ready to see and share! :D You don't need to specifically say which song you remembered most fondly of. Just saying the anime for which your music came from is more than enough! But, if you do want to go all the way like I did (in which case, I'll give you a freaking gold star XD), I have a Card down below giving you tips and tricks :D And remember guys, an OST is not the Opening (OP) or the Ending (ED) XD It's what's in-between ;) And make sure to tag me, @VoidX :) Follow this collection and the other collections of the week for more! :D - Manga Mondays - Tell me about it Tuesdays - Waifu Wednesdays - Throwback Thurdays - Feel Good Fridays - Seiyuu Saturdays - Super Sundays So, time to give you a crash-course on how to add videos and give you a few tricks of my own on this particular subject So, let's say that you want to add an OST from "Shokugeki no Souma". Go to YouTube and hit the search-bar with "shokugeki no souma" and add "ost". This helps you in two ways: - You don't need to specifically search for that specific song or OST you're looking for. You'll get them ALL. And it'll help you out if you don't remember that song's name :) - And most OSTs for anime are already collected in playlists or even the "Mix" feature that YouTube has Simply find the song, and if you're on a playlist you can search through them and once you've find it, copy the entire link onto the Vingle thingy and add the video. Simple as pie. Tell us what you feel for that OST you've chosen and no need to be super-analytical like I did ;) Tagging the Mod-orchestra! Bring the instruments guys, I'll be playing the cello! XD @InVinsybll (Director of the Orchestra) @Danse @TylerDurso @tbell2 @hikaymm Oh, and some friends as well, why not? Want to be tagged for future posts? 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