7 Anime Shorts Worth Watching!
I've been itching to watch something new lately, but since I'm the process of moving (yikes) I haven't had time to get going on a new series, so I thought I'd watch a new short or two!! Here's a few I have my eyes on watching or have already watched XD! These are all either one episode long or they're under 10 minutes each episode, so you can watch them quickly ^-^ 1. Dareka no Manazashi Description: "The stage is set at near future. Okamura Aya, also known as "Aachan", started to live by herself as she started a new job after graduation. Her mother needed to go overseas to work as a doctor, so now only her father and a cat, Mii-san, live in a Proud apartment. Since Aachan moved out, her father has been trying to reach out to her but somehow there is an awkward gap between the two. And the cat Mii-san, which Aachan has kept since she was a child, is getting old... One night, Aachan came back from a tiring day and threw herself on the bed. She closed her eyes and remembered the happy days she spent with her parents and when Mii-san came to comfort her when she got lonely after her mother left.... And then the phone rang..." 2. There She Is!!! (note: this ones actually a Korean, not a Japanese, animation!) Description: "The plot revolves around Doki, a female rabbit, meeting, falling in love with, and chasing Nabi, a male cat, in a world where love between the two species is socially unacceptable. The theme of the short is that all love can be accepted and has a chance. Nabi attempts to cure Doki's infatuation for him, but after seeing the extent of her love, he gives in and finds something he can appreciate in her." 3. Comical Psychosomatic Medicine Description: "The psychologist Ryou and his cheerful nurse Asuna explain many aspects of mental illness to the reader. They cover topics such as the validity, prevalence, and origins of mental disorders, in addition to addressing specific disorders. The information is imparted in a cheerful and comic manner, with various jokes, puns, and pop culture references." 4. Senyuu Description: "Once upon a time, the demon lord Rchimedes spread terror throughout the world, until he was eventually sealed away by the legendary hero Creasion. Since then, a thousand years have passed peacefully. However, a mysterious hole has opened up between the demon and human spheres, and countless demons have surged into the human realm once more. Coming to the conclusion that Rchimedes would soon return to wreak havoc, a human king summons the possible descendants of the legendary hero—all 75 of them. Unfortunately, after so long, it was too difficult to pinpoint his true descendants. Among the lionhearted prospects is the amateur adventurer Alba Frühling. His skills may not be top-notch, but he is accompanied by the talented soldier Ross, who helps the young hero whenever he is in a pinch...or at least, he is supposed to. Though undoubtedly a skilled warrior, Ross is actually both sarcastic and sadistic, and hence revels in Alba's suffering. Senyuu. is a comedic adventure following the unlikely duo as they struggle in their endeavor to defeat the demon lord, meeting various eccentrics along the way." 5. Please tell me! GALKO-chan Description: "Meet Galko. Tall, buxom and fashionable. She's popular, and is viewed as a bit of a party girl. Although she can be sharp-tongued, she's a good person. One of her close friends is Otako, who is Galko's polar opposite. Small and frumpy, Otako likes to sit in the back of the classroom, but is somehow very close to Galko. To complete the trio is Ojou, an airhead from a rich family. Oshiete! Galko-chan is a short anime about the daily lives and humorous discussions the girls have about various topics and myths regarding girls' bodies." 6. ~Traveling Daru~ Description: "Daru, a cherished handmade stuffed toy, gets lost and separated from its owner one day when at the airport. Determined to find her again, Daru sets out on a journey around the world in search of her. As time passes, the girl begins to forget about Daru. Will Daru be able to find and see his beloved owner again?" 7. Mudai Description: "The struggles of an artist attempting to balance self-expression and the need for recognition." Any other anime short or short anime recommendations?
Guess What Day It Is... (Well for Me 😂)
IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!! I just really want to take the time and Thank all of my Followers (and my non but still like my stuff xD) for all of your love not just for the cards I make but for loving Anime! And to my Followers I would love to be given the opportunity to call you guys My Fairies❤ (For my Fairy Tail Followers) and for my All types of Anime followers I would love to be given the opportunity to let me call you guys My Otakus❤ (#Mine xD) I would really love that as Birthday Present from you guys xD (I mean If you you guys want me to hehe TuT) (For those wondering those are all of my collections picture covers xD) I really love you guys and thought why not tell you guys on My Birthday xD Again Thank You Guys for your support and hope you guys never stop because it just motivates me to do more not just for my love of Anime but yours as well❤ Tagging Nakama! (So Sorry If I miss you but I still love you too❤) @BlackoutZJ @alexcattura @watermage @Tylor619 @hikaymm @OtakuDemon @BellofRay @SimplyAwkward @Saori99 @Boinx @TaehyungV @thunder1254 @ElaineMcgarden @Yorginsnarff @Sharia @ZakariahForbes @AkiraItuha @AlexisUlloa @AdamDean @Itlulia @DeVondreCallum @Gabby991 @kouvarisb @lexysan @Gracielou0717 @neevp @tayhar18920 @IzamarPalomo @Stefanighoul1w @neoncrysis @Alletaire @assasingod @KarinaRaygoza @mistymaity @ZacharyStewart @PRroxx05 @LittleAika @mayarich03 @LCordz @NessaB @micahirene @Franz115 @arnelli @Lisanna10 @KageTsuki040910 @NeckoNecko @mauriciorobles @NicoNicoNii @hermoineNH1 @CrazyOtaku3 @kell13 @KrisTheFreak @NeoNinjaRaiden @NathanielMoanan @jonathan11 @tvmar @SarahSutcliff @Chokomoca @NatsuMasamune @JesusSanchez94 @mcbubbles @swegmaster @NicoleFireRose @CherryBlossom1 @Ng98 @AlishiaDavis @Dulcenea5000 @Dulcenea5000 @JayKumor @DianaTurcotte @norseman @midnightskieslo @AtisutoMeru @KarinaRaygoza @Bestfluteever @KatelynKasel @ZakariahForbes @Gracielou0717 @SkyRed63 @AichaBangoura @AmeliaMorgan @wakleyjj @Bestfluteever @JesusSanchez94 @SareBear @outsider2025 @norseman @LCordz @arnelli @BobbieStinson @JustinMarvell @TheRedWolf35