firs love
firs love
My First Love
New life Me and my family had just moved to south Korea. My dad have got a good business job here. He told us that we have to learn a new language, and got to a different school. I was kinda scared because I had never been to a different kinda of country. Well here my story about the first time I move to a different country and my first love. First day of school "Neicy wake up sweetie you have to get ready for school." My yelled. Ugh first day of School, I thought to myself. I jumped out of bed and looked myself in the mirror, I scream at the way I looked. how am I supposed to look good at school when I look like a bum. I'm only in the fifth grade and I look ugly. My mom can in, "Sweetie come on put your clothes on and comb your hair." I just looked at as if she was crazy. My hair need a miracle, to be comb. I went to my closet and pulled out my uniform for school. I wonder why girls have to were this kinda of uniforms. I have a red jacket with a blue tie, and a red and blue shirk. My shoes are black, and my hair still looked like a wild style. My older sister came in, "Come here let me comb it for you." She said. She comb my hair in to one braided ponytail. I went down stairs and saw my mom and my dad kissing as my dad was getting ready to leave. "Eww why do you have to do that in front of me." I said. My parents laugh. "Come on sweetie you don't want to be late on your first day of School do you." My dad said. I got in the car with my dad and put my headphones on. He drove until we got to my school. "Okay sweetie be a little girl today okay." He said to me. I got out of the car and started to walk in to the school when I bumped in to somebody. "Hey can you watch out at least!" I yelled at the person. "If you didn't have those headphones I you might not had have bumped into me." The guy said. I turned around and saw this cute boy looking at me. He brush his self off and walked in class. "You know you don't have to be rude." I said. He just kept walking, I heard the bell ring and ran to my class room. When I got there the teacher was waiting on me. "So you are Neicy huh?" She asked. I nod my head and walked in class. I was about to sit down but she made me stand in front of everybody. "Uhm why do I have to stand here?" I asked. she laugh, "I know you came from America, but here when you are new you introduce yourself." she said. "Well we do that in America just not standing here like this." I said. She laughs and made me stand there until I said my name. "Well hi my name is Neicy Gardner and I'm from America." I said. Every body just looked at me as I stood looking like a fool. "Well it's nice to meet you Neicy, Why don't you go sit next to NamJoon, and Jung Hoseok." she said pointing at the empty desk. I went to my desk and looked at the to guys. One was really cute and the other one had a weird smile. "Hi my name is Jung Hoseok, but everybody call me J-Hope." He said with a happy but weird smile. He was just staring at me. I started to feel kinda scared so I moved a away a little bit. "Please don't mind my goofy looking friend he always like that to new people, by the way I'm NamJoon." He said putting his hand out for me to shake it. "Okay class we have another new student please welcome him, and be friends, and show him around." she said. The boy came in and I looked up and saw its was the cute boy from early. He came and everybody started to gasp when they saw him. "Hello I'm name is Jackson Wang and I'm from Hong Kong." He said bowing, to everyone. "Wow Jackson Wang is at our school." Jung said. "Who is Jackson Wang." I said. "Who is Jackson Wang?" Jung said. "He is one of best and the youngest fencers ever." NamJoon said. "I heard that he is going to the youth Olympics." Jung said. I looked at him as he walked to the desk in front of me. He turned and looked at me. My heart started to race as he looked at me. months went by and me, NamJoon, and Jung Hoseok we all became best friends. Me and Jackson rarely talk to each other, we just look at each as we walk pass hallway Senior year and Graduation It's the end of senior and I haven't told NamJoon that's I like him. I been liking NamJoon since junior high. Me, NamJoon and Jung Hoseok have been best friends since fifth grade and I had started to feel feelings for him in eighth grade. I don't know how it happen but it did. I had put a note on his desk and ask him to met me behind the school, so we can talk. I was so scared of him not coming that I began to feel like a fool. "Why would you put a note in his desk?" I said to my self **sign** as I waited. While wait there he finally came, "Hey Neicy, why are you back here?" He asks me. "Uhm did you get my note?" I asked him. "No I didn't, and what note are you taking about?" He said. I was standing there with a confused face. I'm looking at NamJoon wondering how didn't he get my letter. "Hey NamJoon don't you sit by Park Min Hyuk?" I asked. "No that's Jackson desk, Why?" He said. My eyes open wide as he looked at me I couldn't believe I put that's love note on Jackson desk. I realize that Jackson is practicing for his have a match coming and went won't be back in the room until he is done. "Gotta go NamJoon okay talk to you later kk." I said. I ran as fast as I could to get to the class room. When I got there, I saw that nobody was around. I went to Jackson desk and pulled out of the note and tried to tear it up. "What are you doing at my desk?" Jackson said coming in the room. I turned around and looked at him. I looked down at the note in my hand and put it behind my back. "Aw...nothing.. just looking for some notes for our exam that it's." I said knowing that's he saw me put that note behind me. "Whats that in your hand?" He asked. "I told you nothing." I said. He walked over to me and pulled the note from behind me. He took it and opened it, he eyes began to widen as he read. ** I been in love with you since eighth grade and I just wanted you to know that, if you like me too come behind the school and I'll be waiting.** He read. He looked up at me with a surprised face. Before I let him say something I hurry took the note and ran. **Graduation Day** It's graduation day and I'm kinda of nervous. I haven't been able to look at Jackson after he saw the note. I felt like a fool leaving a note at his desk, then tired to take it back but get caught. It's been weird, every time I see him I would walk the other way. But I feel even worst because I didn't get to tell NamJoon how I felt and now he dating JinSyuk. She is the most beautiful girl in out class and school. I feel even down even though it's my graduation. I walk to the graduation and sat next to Jung, he looked at me and smiled with his weird smile. Jung always knows how to make me smile. **After Graduation** I went back to America and went to New York. I got accepted to there Performing&Arts program now I'm going to study hard and work on my future and hope that my life lends me happiness. **Seven Years Later** I was happy to be back in South Korea. I got a job in CJ ENT. I was happy when they called me and asked me did I wanted to direct one of there movies. I hurry and pack my stuff and flew here. I heard about Jackson and NamJoon they because some big stars here. I was kinda happy for them. When I left Korea I found out that NamJoon and JinSyuk was getting married and having a baby. I couldn't make to their wedding so I sent them a baby gift. I really didn't try to look in to Jackson life like that I just been working hard. Well went to my first day of the job and was happy. They was so nice and tried their best to make me feel at home. One of the co-workers wanted to take me out for drinks on my first day on the job. I was happy that's these people was this nice to me. They took me to a karaoke bar were we had so much fun drinking and singing. I really didn't drink all like that's. So while my co-workers was getting their singing on I went out side to get some fresh air. When I open the door, I bumped in to somebody as I walked out. "Oh I'm so sor..." I said. I realize I bumped into Jackson. "Its alright I just hope..." He said. He stop talking when he saw me. "Ne..Neicy Is that you?" He said. I nobbed my head. "Wow, when did you get back to South Korea?" He asked. "A couple months of go." I said. He smiled we he was looking at me. "Hey do you want to go and get some drinks?" He asked. just when I was about say something my friend from school came up to me. "OMG!! Neicy is that you?, It's me MinHyuk." She said. She hugged me, she looked over at Jackson and hugged him. "Come this is catch up time but first it's time to party." She said. We pulled up in front of a club, I looked at Jackson and shrugged his shoulders. We got out and went inside. The club was rocking, they was playing BigBang Bang Bang Bang. As we walked in, I was happy that she took us to a club because I felt like dancing. While me, Jackson, and MinHyuk was dancing and getting drunk. We was having contest you can drink the most Soju much possible. I was so drunk that I couldn't walk, Jackson helped me to a cab. He got in and we went to his house. after that I don't remember much. I woke up next to him in bed. I looked over and saw him I screamed, it's woke him up and he jumped out if bed. We looked at each other, I grab my clothes and began to leave. After we didn't see each other. **Six weeks Later** I haven't been feeling too good. I been throwing up, I haven't been eating well either. after that night me and Jackson rarely even talk. When I went to the office I say him standing there in the lobby. I walked up to him, "Hey Jackson what are you doing here?" I asked him. He turned towards me and smiled. "I'm here to meet the new director who is going to shooting our video." He said. I looked at him, he was still as handsome as he was in eighth grade. I shook my head and wonder why was I thinking like that. I wave bye to him and walked into the broad room. When I got there I saw my boss and some of some other people. I bowed to them to show my respect. "As we all know that Neicy is our newest director, she have a wonder mind and heart let's welcoming her." He said. "Well Neicy I won't to introduce you to the group. You're going to be directing the video shoot." He said. As these I guys was coming, I was looking at something to see what can be use. I wasn't paying attention when the introduced their self. "Hello, we are GOT7." They said. "This is our newest director Neicy Gardner." My boss said. I got up and lift my head, when I saw those boys I was shock to see that Jackson was in it. We looked into each other eyes, we was shock to know that we going to working together. But before I could say anything, I felt something coming out of my throat. I put my hands on my mouth and ran straight to the restroom. Jackson chase right after me. "Hey! are alright?" He asked. I came out of the restroom and looked at him. "Yea it's must have been something that didn't sit with my stomach." I said to him. "You should go to the hospital and make sure it's isn't food poisoning." He said. "Neicy go to the hospital with Jackson." My boss said. "Uhm Kai how did you hear use?" I asked. "Don't worry just go and Jackson make sure we knows what she have so don't leave her side okay?" he said looking at Jackson. So me and Jackson went to the hospital, the doctor took some blood and make me urinate in a cup thing. While waiting, I looked over at Jackson, "You know you don't have to be here." I said. He just looked at me and smile. Before he could answer my question the doctor came in. " well you don't have food poisoning but a virus is called pregnancy you get it when you don't if you don't use protection during sex or if you're married don't worry the virus only last about 9 months. Do not do that you get a new virus that's is called parent hood now that virus last about un." The doctor said laughing. "WHAT!! PREGNANT!!" Me and Jackson said at the same time. We looked at each other. **THIS IS WHY I MAN AND ALCOHOL DON'T MIX** I said to myself. WTF IS GOING ON After all the stuff with me having Jackson baby, he comes out of the blue and tell me he love me. I don't how we got here but we. I told Jackson that's I didn't feel that way I thought. But when he started to come around and help me out with the baby stuff. I started to see a different side to him. I started to see this loving side that took my heart. it didn't take long for his parents to find out. They told us that we had to be married before we have this child. So we agree about getting married and we did. We had a big wedding everybody that is anybody was there. I was kinda mad that I'm marry somebody that I don't love. But I knew that my child needed a father. **ONE YEAR LATER.** Have you ever had a first love. Have you ever been in love. Well I have, I am right not. I couldn't believe that Jackson turn out to be the man of my dreams and we have a beautiful son name Jason Wang. We decided to give him an American. But I couldn't be more happy that I am now. Not only do I have another loveable husband and a wonderful child. We also are expecting a first set if twins. I couldn't be more happy. **Well This is my story about my first love it's not your typical story about first love but it's mines hope you enjoy it.**