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Korean Skin Care Routine: Step 1 - Cleansing Tissues
Hello, Everyone!! As many of you know, I created a card earlier today stating I was going to be explaining my skin care routine. I will make a card each day with a different step, (because there are many), explaining the step, the products used, and where you can purchase the products, (typically though). If you are already tagged I will continue to tag you as these cards are created. If you want to be tagged for future cards please just leave a comment requesting it. Though if you are currently tagged and wish to be removed from the tag list, please let me know. Feel free to ask me questions about anything but my answers will mostly be experience/opinion based, I AM NOT A DERMATOLOGIST :P Now let's get started!! Also just an FYI, my skin type is very very sensitive that leans more toward the dry side. The first step in my face wash routine are facial tissues. Now I don't stick to exclusive Korean products in my routine, but 90% of my routine is imported from Korea. I use the facial tissues every night (to remove any makeup/dirt from the day) and also every morning to remove any dust that falls on my face while I'm sleeping or to remove a sleeping mask if I have used one. This way when I'm moving onto the next steps of my routine I'm actually washing my skin rather than creating a mud on my face and only clogging my pores. Using facial tissues is very easy and self explanatory but some tips for you: 1. Don't put a lot of pressure on your face and RUB your face. You want to be gentle 2. Going in counter clockwise circles or stroke upward. This will help to put some bounce back in your skin. 3. when using the tissues on/around your eyes be sure you have your eyes closed, getting anything in your eyes hurts super bad The first type of cleansing tissues I want to talk about are the Innisfree Olive Real Cleansing Tissue. I currently use these and love them completely. My 언니 @MichalJamerson was the one who introduced these to me and I really love them. The only bad side to them is that they are more on the expensive side for me. You get 30 tissues in a pack and they cost 7.99 on Amazon. With as often as I use cleansing tissues, I feel like I'm spending a bit much. Regardless of price these facial tissues really do get the job done right. They are soft and gentle on the skin, smell wonderful, remove all makeup (waterproof or not) and dirt without leaving a burning feeling or an oily mess, and leave my skin feeling hydrated and bright. Since they are a bit on the pricey side for me, I use these on those days when I'm in a hurry and just don't have the time to do a full face wash routine. If you are interested in purchasing this product click here The other type of facial tissues I have tried are the Kareway Epielle Cucumber Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes. These were some of the first ones I decided to try when I started this process and they worked just fine. The only bad thing was, is that they felt cheap. It took many tissues in order to feel as if most of my makeup had been removed. My skin also felt dry after using these, but that could be because I was using 3 different tissues just to remove my makeup and scrubbing the crap out of my face. I never bought these again because they were exactly what I paid for, cheap. Don't get me wrong, they worked great for a quick morning face wipe, but I didn't see as many benefits from these as I did other facial tissues I have used so far. If you are still interested in reading more about these or wanting to purchase them click here Because I had run out of my usual facial tissues I ran to my local grocery store and purchased these facial tissues. I'm sure these work great for some people, but for me they make my skin HURT. My skin stung, burned and broke out like no other after only using these a couple of times. Note: This was the first time I had used an American Company's facial tissue since I started my Korean skin care adventure. I honestly wouldn't suggest using these but hey if you want to try them out, I'm sure you can find them at your local pharmacy or grocery store. The current facial tissues I use often in combination with the first one mention are the Jeju Sparkling Cleansing Tissues. Nature Republic makes amazing stuff, just sayin'. These lovely babies make my skin feel soft and hydrated and have NO issues removing waterproof makeup. My skin feel light and healthy after using these. They also smell really good :) All in all, I love these facial tissues. If you are interested in trying them yourself click hurr Otherwise, another great type of facial tissue you can use are the NATURE REPUBLIC Natural Fermentation Aloe Cleansing Tissues. The aloe in these facial tissues really provide great hydration to my skin but I wasn't in love with them as I was other Nature Republic facial tissues I use. I tend to wear a lot of waterproof makeup and these took a bit more scrubbing on my face to remove it than I liked. If interested in giving these a try click As basic as this step is in the full spectrum of facial cleansing it is also vital. (At least to me it is). Hopefully this was useful to you. As I said earlier I'm only able to give my opinions and experiences when using these products. Feel free to ask questions, but remember I'm not an expert :) Next time on Skin Care Reviews: Cleansing Oils!!! Tagging the people! @AdreannaLyn @russelroche47 @BetseyBleau @FalseLove @shelby101 @SimplyAwkward @RebeccaLondon @cue2pal @MichalJamerson @unnieARMkeY @MariRubi @JackieG1617 @IsoldaPazo @QueenLee @Elioritz13 @LemonLassie @angiey0222 @DulceOjeda @AmariAlexander