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Official Lovebug Challenge: Guidelines!
Hello my lovely Lovebugs!! <3 Thank you for all of your glorious suggestions – I'm just gonna take everything you guys said and put it here so everyone knows what to include in their Lovebug Challenge cards! :D Every question is optional, so if it doesn't apply to you or you don't feel like answering, that's totally fine :P The most important thing is that we all make some new friends, get to know each other better, and have FUN!! :D Okay so, things to include... 1.) Selfie! If you'd like, share a pic of your ~real~ face! :D As exciting as everyone's Vingle profile pics are, sometimes it's super fun to see who's hiding behind those usernames we know and love ^^ (but if you don't feel comfortable, that's totally fine!! I suggest you share a photo of your favorite movie, tv show, anime character or musician instead :D) 2.) Your Dream Crush That's right, your ultimate celebrity/fictional crush. Be it Harry Potter, your favorite K-pop star, even someone from your favorite book! This one will be interesting to see ;D @MissB82 had a great idea for this one – she's going to list/draw out all the things she likes about the person. So feel free to do the same! 3.) Current Status Single, mingling, in a relationship, looking for love, married, asexual... how would you describe YOUR current relationship life? :) 4.) Most Romantic Memory or Story What's the most romantic thing someone's ever done for you? And if nothing comes to mind, what romantic gesture would you WANT a future partner to do for you? This one can be holiday-related if you want, but it doesn't have to be. B) (And alternate #4 suggested by @deefran – best gift you've ever gotten for the holidays!! If you'd rather steer clear of the romantic story territory :p) 5.) What Do You Look For In A Partner? When you think about your perfect partner (that's the "catchall" term I like to use for boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, lover, whatever!), what's the most important quality (or qualities) you look for? And if there's anything else you want to share with your fellow Love & Relationship Vinglers, please feel free to include it! :D So, how to participate: ==> Write a card with your answers to the questions! ==> Make it extra pretty by including pictures :) ==> Include [Lovebug Challenge!] in the title ==> Tag your Vingle friends, or if you're not sure who to tag, I've listed all the Challengers below! ==> Enjoy the magic!!! :D The Challengers: @AlloBaber @VeronicaArtino @shannonl5 @NerukaWong @alywoah @barbiemoo1 @buddyesd @thePinkPrincess @ChriSingularis @jcl4rks0n @nicolejb @Arellano1052 @RaquelArredondo @AprilMorales @luna1171 @JPBenedetto @deefran @RogueLeigh @InPlainSight @MukulSharmaa @ButterflyBlu @myguardian @sarahpjane @MarkoKaRiambo @danidee @Gacrus @MissB82 @jordanhamilton @DeepakAswal Even if you haven't been tagged, you're still welcome to join in! I'd love to see this challenge go Vingle-wide XD so feel free to invite any friends you want. Have fun everybody, looking forward to getting to know all of you better!! <3
The Lovebug Challenge!
Hey Lovebugs! :D So I was thinking. It could be fun if we did some kind of challenge to get to know each other! Like maybe something where we share a selfie, and a few simple facts about ourselves?Things like personality traits we look for in a boyfriend/girlfriend, most romantic memory... stuff like that. What do you guys think? Would you guys be interested? And does anybody have better ideas for the types of things we could ask? Lol :D Anyway, I just thought it might be fun so yeah let me know what you think!!! :) @danidee @ButterflyBlu @TerrecaRiley @Arellano1052 @ChriSingularis @quietone @buddyesd @DeepakAswal @RaquelArredondo @alywoah @marshalledgar @NerukaWong @thePinkPrincess @Luci546 @InPlainSight @LAVONYORK @MarySEW @amobigbang @MelissaMae @AkashBhojraj @MichelleHolly @humairaa @cindystran @rodiziketan @shannonl5 @paulisadroid @Rukia530 @hikaymm @jordanhamilton @myguardian @mandaheartsong @Karthikkrazzy1 @JPBenedetto @BeannachtOraibh @MissB82 @DeadlyCyanide @RobertMarsh @VeronicaArtino @JuliaBrun @PurpleChick @lanejlzero @CookieMonster97 @CiciRoman @KRajGopalReddy @LizArnone @HaleyThompson @jcl4rks0n @JNae @RobynHope @uhmanduh87 @elliott115 @Theearliestbird @JayllaMarie @Nawaz @Kevin314 @GiGie @CiciRoman @Dynamo @Animefanatic18 @EllenNesbit @Dragon0fTime @MarkoKaRiambo @HachimitsuNoAji @mariabhuiyan @HCaulfield @laszobaby @keribvby @luna1171 @deefran @delnygro @LessThanThree @DawanaMason @mArshadKhan @IvyNicole @KaylaElsbree @BivianaaChavez @espe15 @MukulSharmaa @barbiemoo1 @DevilsNightmare @MarkoKaRiambo @Perpetua77 @AprilMorales @carolineharrell @TracyLynnn @goddessgirl @LaLa12 @Izzyssis @rootbeerbitch @sarahpjane @barnett091 @KarleyFrance And say hello to some new friends in Love & Relationship – welcome to our Lovebug party!! :) @restl3ss @Gacrus @2Distracted :)
♥ Your Love Q's, Answered! ♥
Howdy Lovebugs! (And welcome to new Love & Relationship community members! ^_^) @AlloBaber here with an exciting announcement! In addition to being officially in love (which you can read all about here... eheheh), I'm introducing a BRAND NEW feature to the Love & Relationship community! Get ready to have all your burning questions about love... ANSWERED! Some older Vinglers might remember this happening in L&R before... @ChristinaBryce used to do them, I remember, and I've done a few. And sometimes people have posted their own questions, which is always good too! But if you've ever had a question about relationships, flirting, friendship, dating, hookups, or anything remotely related to love, and maybe you didn't totally feel comfortable asking it publicly, then now's your chance. I've created a Google Form where you can submit any love question on your mind, totally anonymously! Want to know how to ask out the cutie in your chemistry class? Wondering whether it's time to break up? Need help planning the perfect date? Or, just need some advice? >>> Go submit your question using the anonymous, 24/7 form HERE!!! <<< Here's how it works! + Submit as many questions as you want. + I'll choose one question to answer each week, in the form of a card. + If you want to tagged in answer cards, let me know in the comments below! :) (It's a good idea if you ask a question, because then you'll be notified when I answer it!) I hope you guys will all submit lots of questions, so I have lots of material for weekly cards!! ^_^ I can't wait to hear about all the things that are on your mind, and do my best to answer. Love you, Lovebugs!!! <3 xoxo @danidee @ButterflyBlu @TerrecaRiley @Arellano1052 @ChriSingularis @quietone @buddyesd @DeepakAswal @RaquelArredondo @alywoah @marshalledgar @NerukaWong @thePinkPrincess @Luci546 @InPlainSight @LAVONYORK @MarySEW @amobigbang @MelissaMae @AkashBhojraj @MichelleHolly @humairaa @cindystran @rodiziketan @shannonl5 @paulisadroid @Rukia530 @hikaymm @jordanhamilton @myguardian @mandaheartsong @Karthikkrazzy1 @JPBenedetto @BeannachtOraibh @MissB82 @DeadlyCyanide @RobertMarsh @VeronicaArtino @JuliaBrun @PurpleChick @lanejlzero @CookieMonster97 @CiciRoman @KRajGopalReddy @LizArnone @HaleyThompson @jcl4rks0n @JNae @RobynHope @uhmanduh87 @elliott115 @Theearliestbird @JayllaMarie @Nawaz @Kevin314 @GiGie @CiciRoman @Dynamo @Animefanatic18 @EllenNesbit @Dragon0fTime @MarkoKaRiambo @HachimitsuNoAji @mariabhuiyan Tagging some new faces I've seen around Love & Relationship too – welcome, can't wait to get to know you all!!! :DDD @HCaulfield @laszobaby @keribvby @luna1171 @deefran @delnygro @LessThanThree @DawanaMason @mArshadKhan @IvyNicole @KaylaElsbree @BivianaaChavez @espe15 @MukulSharmaa @barbiemoo1 @DevilsNightmare @MarkoKaRiambo @Perpetua77 @AprilMorales @carolineharrell @TracyLynnn @goddessgirl @LaLa12 @Izzyssis @rootbeerbitch @sarahpjane @barnett091 @KarleyFrance