Maximize the Lifespan of Your Clothes
The summer before I enter college I actually worked at a French fashion boutique for three months. In a short of amount of time I went from having no knowledge of fashion to learning how to coordinate and care for garments. I am still not an expert on fashion but I can tell apart fabrics and how to properly care for them. Fabric might take too long to explain so I will briefly share tips on how to make your clothes last longer! 1. You don't have to wash it after every wear. Well, apart from you undergarments and socks you should wash only as needed. What I normally do after coming home from work or outside is air them out. I do this to all of my silk, wool, and denim. Cotton top varies because it absorb scent more easily. In that case, I would wash them. 2. Steam Clothes after airing them out. This is the secret why clothes in store always look so tidy. Every time we get new arrivals we sort them out in the inventory room and select a few for display. For those that will be display or sold, we steam them to get rid of wrinkles. Here's another pro tip, it also release weird odors from the clothes. FYI, the smell of fresh wool is horrible. So, don't waste your money for an iron and get a steamer instead. 3. Air dry when possible. The dryer is convenient but it also ages your clothes faster. Think about it, after running heat through the fabric for 1+ hour it would of course break down the fabric over time. So, it makes sense the clothes can fade and shrink after a couple of washes. If you're in a rush you can quickly tumble dry on low setting for 10 minutes to release any wrinkles and lay them flat on the floor to dry fully. Tip: Opt for a gentle detergent. 4. Sweater stone is your knits best friend. This was the most magical trick I learned while working. I remember when I used to pluck those fuzzy knits with my fingers because it makes my sweater looks old. This sweater stone is made for removing those fuzzy things. You just have to gently run them over your clothes and it catches all those annoying fuzz. 5. Nail polish your buttons. This actually works! Run clear polish over buttons and it will keep the threads from falling apart. 6. Store your clothes properly. Never hang a sweater because the shape will deform. Here's a quick guide: Hang: Dress shirts, jackets, dresses, and skirts Fold: Sweaters, pants and jeans.
5 Fashion Forward Films To Stream On Netflix This Weekend
It's officially the weekend. If you happen to be like myself and like to spend your weekends relaxing with your feet kicked up, this card is for you. If you spend your weekends partying [this card might be a better fit for you], but you're welcome to stay if you choose. While we all love the idea of Netflix and chill, I feel you would love it even better if you were watching the right films. If fashion happens to be your life, skip the comedies and the romantic flicks for the night and tune into something a little more on the stylish side. Thanks to Netflix, there are several films for those who have a keen eye for fashion and what better way to spend your weekend than curled up on the couch catching up with Iris Apfel and Bill Cunningham. Trust me, your Friday evening won't get any better than this. Fashion is life. If you agree, keep scrolling and check out the fashion films streaming on the 'flix' below. Film: Jeremy Scott: The People's Designer Synopsis: 'This documentary was released last year and just made it's way onto Netflix. It follows Moschino Creative Director Jeremy Scott as he prepares for his first few Moschino runway shows, and provides insight to how he went from a "farm-boy" to one of the most divisive figures in fashion today. It also provides interviews with both his critics and his many celebrity fans. What makes this documentary stand out from the others is that Jeremy Scott is an outsider in the fashion industry. He's not creating clothes for critics but for himself and his fans. This documentary is vital to any fan of his pop-culture inspired lines.' Film: Iris Synopsis: 'Iris Apfel has a long history in the design industry, having worked in textiles and on design restoration at the White House for nine presidents. This documentary shows an intimate look into this extraordinary woman's career and her extensive collection of accessories. Her unique variety of costume jewelry even starred in its own exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute in 2005. This documentary will make you fall in love with Iris, her sassy and sweet personality, and the fact that she seems completely indifferent, if not a little surprised by her fame.' Film: Dior And I Synopsis: 'If you've ever wondered what it's like for a new designer to take over as creative director of a storied design house, this documentary shows you in detail. In 2012, Raf Simons became the new creative director at Christian Dior after several seasons with Jil Sander, earning him a reputation as a minimalist. Frustrated by his new reputation, Simons took over a house known specifically for its femininity and romanticism. The film follows Simons and his team as they work to live up to the iconic standards at Christian Dior. It also shows the many people we don't normally hear from, including the textile makers and seamstresses, who hand-stitch the dresses and who are just as emotionally invested in the garments as the designer himself. This personal look at Dior is emotive, memorable, and should not be missed.' Film: Unzipped Synopsis: 'After a poorly received collection, this film follows young designer Isaac Mizrahi as he embarks on the creation of his Fall 1994 collection. Directed by Mizrahi's then-boyfriend, Douglas Keeve, the documentary gives viewers an incredibly intimate look at Mizrahi's artistic process, personal relationships, and the chaos behind the glamorous runway. Among the mayhem of the runway show are amazing glimpses of a young Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford, and Linda Evangelista in the height of the supermodel era. Unzipped is the classic, fun fashion documentary all lovers of style will adore.' Film: Bill Cunningham New York Synopsis: 'Depending on how immersed you are in the fashion industry, you may not recognize Bill Cunningham, but this unassuming man riding around New York on a bicycle taking photos has been called the "inventor of street style" and Anna Wintour herself has said, "We all get dressed for Bill." This documentary shows how the New York Times style photographer uses every frame of reference he can, not just runway shows, but also how average consumers choose to wear items, to predict trends. Although he is a huge influence in the fashion industry, he stays away from fame and money, saying, "If you don't take money, they can't tell you what to do." This documentary is really a tribute to a man with a deep love of fashion who refuses to sell out.' Would you spend your weekend indulging in any of these films seen above? @humairaa @waanderer @EasternShell @sophiamor @cindystran @TessStevens @marshalledgar @MyAffairWith @nicolejb @jazziejazz @Cle1 @stephosorio
Stylist, Monica Rose, Tells All
If you love the looks of Gigi, Kendal, and a smattering of other celebs who's looks are some of the most sought-after in media, then you need to meet the woman behind the paparazzi-shot fashion musts circulating: Monica Rose. The West Hollywood stylist to the stars recently sat down with Harper's Bazaar to talk about her aesthetic and what she aims for in styling her A-list clientele. Some key Take-Away Notes: Describe your style in 3 words. Effortless. Essential. Evolving. Who are your style icons? A mix between Bianca Jagger, Jane Birkin and Kate Moss. What's your wardrobe MVP? My black motorcycle jacket. Based on her personal style marks, it's easy to see why you don't need to be dressed in million-dollar wardrobes at every hour of the day. Rose went on to talk about how no matter how much she sees herself in a dress, for something really special, it just never happens. The self-proclaimed "tom-boy" prefers jumpsuits and pants. That should be good news for the gals on Vingle who love to look chic, but without all the frills of a dress. Click here to see my recent LOTD featuring a cotton/silk jumpsuit! What Not To Wear?! "Unflattering clothes! Know your body and dress for your body type. I think girls these days don't know how to dress for their bodies and want to wear certain trends that just don't work. If you're uncomfortable and worrying about what you are wearing it's probably not the best choice for you!" So even if you're a bit flummoxed about what you should wear, as long as you can abide by her warning about what not to wear, then you should be good to go! Thoughts?! @jordanhamilton @kaminisingh @alywoah @TessStevens @mikayla @ChelseaHeyes @QueenYuki @KyotieWolf @kristenadams @Donnas @stargaze @flymetothemoon @ImUrBestFriend @galinda @Bekka @RaquelArredondo @jazziejazz @rmayra1 @prgurl4u2envy @DemiP @alannasofia @petname83 @TinaDang @dimplequeen @tiffany1922 @atmi @ZoilaObregon @brinJSN @CelinaGonzalez @JessicaChaney @Animaniafreak @CrystalBlunt @AliciaJaneth @NaraA @TurtleyTurtles @sherrysahar @raenel @CandaceJordan @FlyingAway @LemonLassie @AprilNapier @peahyr @MyAffairWith @SarahRegulski @HappyLulie @GingerMJones @humairaa @yellowbug18 @reaper412