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I'VE FINALLY DONE IT GUYS. A WHOLE LIST OF MY SERIES!!!!!!!!!!! By the way, thank you SO MUCH for 500+ followers on this collection, Korean with K-Pop! I really appreciate it! I hope it grows even more so that everyone can learn Korean easily!! Again, thank you so much for your support!!!! Keep scrollin' until you see the series you wanted to see! If you see something that you haven't seen yet, make sure to click on it (ctrl+click if you don't want this page to go away!) This list will be UPDATED as I keep posting cards that add onto the series! I'm also going to put the views, so later on we can see how many MORE people got the opportunity to learn Korean :D Alphabet Series Introduction (CurrySoop's Speech) (6.1K): https://www.vingle.net/posts/1183934-Introduction-It-s-Hard-Learning-Korean Introduction 2 (Keyboard Intro) (62.7K): https://www.vingle.net/posts/1183962-The-Korean-Alphabet-Introduction ㅂ (2.5K): https://www.vingle.net/posts/1184078-Korean-Alphabet-Series-%25E3%2585%2582 ㅈ (3.1K): https://www.vingle.net/posts/1185589-Korean-Alphabet-Series-%25E3%2585%2588 ㄷ (3K): https://www.vingle.net/posts/1188453-Korean-Alphabet-Series-%25E3%2584%25B7 ㄱ(2.9K): https://www.vingle.net/posts/1192837-Korean-Alphabet-Series-%25E3%2584%25B1 ㅅ(3K): https://www.vingle.net/posts/1195313-Korean-Alphabet-Series-%25E3%2585%2585 ㅛ (4.5K): https://www.vingle.net/posts/1197908-Korean-Alphabet-Series-%25E3%2585%259B ㅕ(3.5K): https://www.vingle.net/posts/1199125-Korean-Alphabet-Series-%25E3%2585%2595 ㅑ(3.9K): https://www.vingle.net/posts/1218978-Korean-Alphabet-Series-%25E3%2585%2591 ㅐ(2K): https://www.vingle.net/posts/1218993-Korean-Alphabet-Series-%25E3%2585%2590 ㅔ(2.3K): https://www.vingle.net/posts/1219000-Korean-Alphabet-Series-%25E3%2585%2594 ㅁ (4.2K): https://www.vingle.net/posts/1260798-Korean-Alphabet-Series-%25E3%2585%2581 ㄴ(2.9K): https://www.vingle.net/posts/1260900-Korean-Alphabet-Series-%25E3%2584%25B4 ㅇ(2.2K): https://www.vingle.net/posts/1261054-Korean-Alphabet-Series-%25E3%2585%2587 ㄹ (2.1K): https://www.vingle.net/posts/1266697-Korean-Alphabet-Series-%25E3%2584%25B9 ㅎ(3.8K): https://www.vingle.net/posts/1266755-Korean-Alphabet-Series-%25E3%2585%258E ㅗ(4.3K): https://www.vingle.net/posts/1293811-Korean-Alphabet-Series-%25E3%2585%2597 ㅓ(4.4K): https://www.vingle.net/posts/1293814-Korean-Alphabet-Series-%25E3%2585%2593 ㅏ(3.1K): https://www.vingle.net/posts/1293818-Korean-Alphabet-Series-%25E3%2585%258F ㅣ(2.7K): https://www.vingle.net/posts/1293821-Korean-Alphabet-Series-%25E3%2585%25A3 ㅋ(3.7K): https://www.vingle.net/posts/1293822-Korean-Alphabet-Series-%25E3%2585%258B ㅌ(4K): https://www.vingle.net/posts/1293825-Korean-Alphabet-Series-%25E3%2585%258C ㅊ(3.3K): https://www.vingle.net/posts/1293827-Korean-Alphabet-Series-%25E3%2585%258A ㅍ(2.8K): https://www.vingle.net/posts/1293829-Korean-Alphabet-Series-%25E3%2585%258D-3-from-the-end ㅠ(4.1K): https://www.vingle.net/posts/1293830-Korean-Alphabet-Series-%25E3%2585%25A0 ㅜ(11.9K): https://www.vingle.net/posts/1293836-Korean-Alphabet-Series-%25E3%2585%259C-Last-card-in-the-series ㅡ(2.9K): https://www.vingle.net/posts/1293840-Korean-Alphabet-Series-%25E3%2585%25A1 Phrases Series Introduction (2K): https://www.vingle.net/posts/1185654-K-Pop-Phrases-Introduction 따라해 [ddarahae] (1.9K): https://www.vingle.net/posts/1185992-%25EB%2594%25B0%25EB%259D%25BC%25ED%2595%25B4-A-cool-phrase-to-lead-your-group-SNSD-4Minute-SHINee 너는 너 나는 나 [noneun no naneun na] (49.8K): https://www.vingle.net/posts/1188140-%25EB%2584%2588%25EB%258A%2594-%25EB%2584%2588-%25EB%2582%2598%25EB%258A%2594-%25EB%2582%2598-No-no-no-na-no-na-Hyuna-Roll-Deep 쿵쿵쿵쿵 [keung keung keung keung] (2.4K): https://www.vingle.net/posts/1195450-%25EC%25BF%25B5%25EC%25BF%25B5%25EC%25BF%25B5%25EC%25BF%25B5-Koo-Koo-Koo-Sistar-Shake-It Hunanana;sdfjkeaw;dkjf Girl [EXID: Hot Pink] (2.3K): https://www.vingle.net/posts/1219343-Hunanana-sdfjkeaw-dkjf-Girl-EXID-Hot-Pink ㅂeeee With Me? [Letters with Context] (2.5K): https://www.vingle.net/posts/1272142-%25E3%2585%2582eeee-with-me Do you like ㅈokes? (Me? If they're K-Pop Related) [Letters With Context] (5K): https://www.vingle.net/posts/1273576-Do-you-like-%25E3%2585%2588okes-Me-If-they-re-K-Pop-Related Daehyun's Feet Problems (3.2K): https://www.vingle.net/posts/1347533-K-Pop-Phrase-of-the-Day-Feet-problems-with-Daehyun-KPS-1 G-Dragon and Lovesickness (4.3K): https://www.vingle.net/posts/1355099-K-Pop-Phrase-of-the-Day-Lovesick-with-G-Dragon-for-Advanced-Learners 머리부터 발끝까지 (meoributeo-bakkeutkaji) with MINO: https://www.vingle.net/posts/1768032-Meoributeo-bakkeutkkaji-%25EB%25A8%25B8%25EB%25A6%25AC%25EB%25B6%2580%25ED%2584%25B0-%25EB%25B0%259C%25EB%2581%259D%25EA%25B9%258C%25EC%25A7%2580-Sound-Familiar-K-Pop-Phrase-Series How to Learn Korean with SONGS! Step 1 (5.1K): https://www.vingle.net/posts/1319070-A-New-Way-to-Learn-Korean Step 2 (4.1K): https://www.vingle.net/posts/1330506-Step-2-to-Learning-Korean-with-songs Step 3 (5.4K): https://www.vingle.net/posts/1330838-Step-3-to-Learning-Korean-with-songs Step 4 (3.6K): https://www.vingle.net/posts/1334646-Step-4-to-Learning-Korean-With-songs SWK (Snapchat Series) #1: V from BTS (5.7K): https://www.vingle.net/posts/1340255-Korean-with-V-SWK-1-for-Advanced-Learners #2: Various (3.8K): https://www.vingle.net/posts/1344936-Learn-Korean-with-K-Stars-SWK-2-for-Intermediate-to-Advanced-Learners K-Pop Idol Names Series #1: N (3.8K): https://www.vingle.net/posts/1357354-Get-Chained-Up-With-N-for-Korean-Learning-Beginners #2: Hyuna (11.4K): https://www.vingle.net/posts/1396613-Get-Hate-the-good-way-with-Hyuna-for-Korean-Learning-Beginners Congratulations on getting all the way down here!!!!! If you have any requests, please COMMENT so I know what to do next!! Please leave comments if you saw this, I'm feeling a lil lonely here...
Contract Ch.10
Who: Reader x Kim Junmyeon What: College AU/ Angst and Smut.... everything I guess Chapter 10 Story: Break ups are hard so how do you chose to get over yours.... enter into a contract to be another man's pretend fiance for six months to impress his parents.....This outta be good. Y/N's POV Your eyes squeezed shut trying to keep yourself together. "Y/N!" You heard your name called and echo through the room. Your eyes snapped open and saw Junmyeon coming to grab you. He wrapped his arms around you, you looked at him confused then at the one that was originally holding a gun to Junmyeon. Another man was holding a gun up to him and you looked behind you to see the one that was holding you on the ground, his blood was staining the floor. He was shot in his shoulder. Another man had come over to him to check him for any weapons. "The police are on their way sir." one said to Junmyeon. Were these the guys watching you? "Thank you Yixing." Junmyeon said. "We lost them for a moment, please excuse our delay. Are you alright Ms.Y/N?" the other one asked. You nodded, "T-Thank you." you said. "This is Yifan and the other one is Yixing. They work with my father, they're very good men." Junmyeon explained. You nodded but turned around and hugged him. It took a second before his arms wrapped around you. "I'm sorry he did this. You'll never be safe if you're with me." you said. "You really think he's going to get away with attempted murder? That little recording on his guard's phone should be enough evidence." Junmyeon said. "He's in China. What are they going to do with him in China? Even if he was arrested he'll keep sending people, he will never stop Junmyeon." "There's a way to stop a man like that." Yixing said. Yixing looked at Yifan and he nodded. You looked at them strangely, "You have to get Jackson's father to cut him off." Yixing said. Yifan was taking pictures of the bodies of Jackson's men, that must've been what they were nodding about. You looked at Yixing confused, "How?" you asked. "Men like Jackson get whatever they want because of their connections. Money gets him people that'll follow his orders no matter how foolish they are. Attempted murder against Mr.Kim's son is unacceptable. Mr.Kim will undoubtedly retaliate and your fiance's father has many connections to destroy Mr.Wang and his company." "So you're saying we issue a warning?" Junmyeon asked. "No, a threat a very real one." Yixing said. "Mr.Wang is not going to want to lose his company all for the sake of his son's irrational actions. If we present enough evidence to show that we can ruin his image and we can get your father to issue a threat that if Jackson doesn't leave you and Ms.Y/N alone he'll take serious legal action against him then Mr.Wang will get him to stop." Yifan said. "You can guarantee that?" Junmyeon said. "If there's anything I've learned, Mr.Wang cares about the business he's set up. Despite having taught Jackson all he knows in the business, being threatened that his company will come under fire would be enough for him to cut off Jackson. I just don't know if that really means he'd leave me alone." You said. "It's worth a shot especially if you want to protect your baby." Yixing said. "How do you-" "When we protect someone Ms.Y/N we're thorough." Yifan said. That didn't really answer your question, you still had no idea how they found out but it didn't matter. The plan was worth a shot. The police showed up and arrested the two men working for Jackson. They took down your statements when you started to complain of pain in your side and right under your ribs. "Are you alright?" Junmyeon asked. The pain increased in a weird way and shot through your side. You tried to lie and said, "I'm fi-" Suddenly things went black..... When you came to, you were in a hospital bed. Junmyeon was sitting next to your bed, his head was down and hands were clasped. You looked to the side and saw Yixing and Yifan standing by the door. "What happened?" you asked as you sat up. "Your up." Junmyeon said happy. He came over and brushed your hair away. "You fainted at your beach house. We brought you to the hospital. The doctors are just finishing up some tests they said they'd be back with the results. Are you still in pain?" he asked. You shook your head, "No I'm fine now." you said. "That's good." Junmyeon said. He smiled at you and you smiled back. His hand slid up to your stomach. Your hand laid on top of his feeling his warmth through the blanket. He leaned down to kiss you softly, his tongue slipping through your lips and to bring you in a bit deeper. His hand slid to your back to support you a bit when you leaned up. You pulled back a little, "Junmyeon there's two other men in the room." you whispered. "As long as you saying my name I don't care." he smiled. You laughed at him and turned your head. His lips fell to your neck. The door to the room started to open up and Junmyeon pulled back slightly to look up. The doctor came in and she smiled at him hovering over you. Junmyeon chuckled and stood up straight, his hand stayed on your back as you sat up. "Well Ms.Y/N it seems you have a bit of high blood pressure." the doctor said. "That sounds about right." you said. It was more of a sarcastic remark than anything. Although, it was something you could see as very possible. "It's not very serious now but further along in your pregnancy it can be." she said. "So the baby is okay?" Junmyeon asked "Yes, my suggestion is less stress. Also talk with your regular doctor about a diet you should follow to get your pressure down. Make sure you get some rest okay, high blood pressure can cause serious problems later on in pregnancy. If you notice changes in your vision or that pain comes back go see the doctor immediately. For now, you're free to go if you'd like." "Okay thank you." You said. "We'll give you a moment." Yifan said. Both Yifan and Yixing walked out of the door leaving you and Junmyeon alone. He handed you your clothes, "Figures you'd be stressed from everything going on. Sorry I should've made this easier for you." "It's not your fault Junmyeon. It's hard to defeat the devil. Everyone knows that." you said. "Do you want me to take care of the rest on my own?" he asked. "No I'll do it with you. It won't end if you go alone. He'll just think you're lying. He'll just do worse." "Well you need to be careful especially since she said things can get worse later on down the road. I want you to stay close to me and take it easy okay." "Okay." you said. He pulled you into his arms after you finished putting your shit on. He kissed your forehead. You started to realize it was the next morning by the way the sun was rising. You still had to pack his things up before you all left. All those things seemed less important when you could feel Junmyeon's hand wrap around your waist. His other hand came up to the back of your head so that he could kiss your forehead. His warm body giving you life the way you never felt it before. Your hands reached his shirt and tugged on it with fist fulls of the fabric. You would think you'd be out of tears by now. Never had you cried tears of happiness though. Junmyeon was the first person in your life you could completely trust. He was the first person in your life you truly loved. He was everything to you, this baby would be everything to you. So you broke your ties with your parents and even if that hurt you, losing either your child or Junmyeon would hurt more. Your thoughts of running away had disappeared, you didn't want to leave him anymore. Just thinking about being away from him gave you a suffocating feeling. "Why is my baby girl crying?" he whispered lifting your chin with a bent finger. "I'm happy." you said through a cracked voice. "I love you Y/N." he smiled at you. He sat down on the chair to face your stomach and pulled up your shirt slightly. "I love you both. I'll take care of you both. No one is ever going to hurt you. I'll keep you safe with ever breath I have in me. I promise." He peppered kisses on your stomach which made you giggle. He stood up and took your hand, "Come on." he said walking to the door. Jackson's POV When Jackson had issued his threat, he was drunk and didn't mean it. Not really anyway, he just wanted to scare her. It seemed like fear was the only way to get a response out of her but she was resisting more and more. The way she raised her voice to him pissed him off. He ended up throwing his phone into the lamp while calling her a stupid bitch. "You really just have no idea how to talk to a woman do you?" his mother said. "Not true I know how to talk to you mommy." he said turning to her. Two weeks had already passed since he threatened her and this was probably the first time since those two weeks that his mother actually talked to him. When he told her what he said, she was so disappointed in him that she left. Anytime she came to his father's office she'd pass right by him. She never approved of how he talked to Y/N and how he treated her since she found out what he was doing. She probably thought them getting married would change him a bit and it did but unfortunately for the worse. He was more possessive, violent, angry. He was more demanding, his ability to fool the people around him wore a bit thin when Y/N became the subject of conversation. His mother had come into his office to give him the news that his father was canceling the deal because Y/N was pregnant and again he called her a stupid bitch which prompted his mother to make that comment. She didn't want to hear him call her mommy though, at this point she was annoyed and it probably had more to do with just him. When he got into his father's office, his father was sitting at his desk stressed out and beyond upset. "The girl got pregnant with another man. How could she do that? I thought you were winning her back?" his father snapped at him. "I was trying to. Her fiance obviously didn't like that idea." Jackson said. " I think this had more to do with how your son tried to get the girl back. Go ahead Jackson tell your father how you tried winning your fiance's heart back." his mother coaxed. His father had no idea of the massive torture he put Y/N through. He was confused why she ran from him in the first place and he was annoyed that Y/N was engaged to another man as well. His father taught him how to ruthlessly take over something he never taught him what it meant to take care of a woman. Many times he heard his mother say that she regretted that they had never spent enough time on teaching him those values as well. He didn't know why his mother hid his actions towards Y/N all this time. Perhaps it was never the right time to tell him or maybe she thought he would change. Perhaps she didn't want to disturb him with what his son was doing in his love life and was trying to deal with it on her own, either way, now she wasn't going to hold back and he could see it. "She just doesn't want me dad." Jackson said looking away. He could hear his mother's sigh and she turned to his father, "So what do we do now?" she asked "Well now the contract is voided those two getting married is useless. Her father says that he has another way to merge the companies though so we'll meet up with him later." "Wait what do you mean the contract is voided? Just because she's pregnant?" "It's in the contract. The company has to be owned by family. Both companies would shift to your first child but if you or her has an illegitimate child that is not of you and her the contract gets voided and the deal is no more. That was the reason we pushed you two together so much. We wanted the possibility of either one of you having a child with an outside party to minimize." "Why would you put that in there? If we were married the child would be family anyway." Jackson said. "But that child is not blood. Which means when her son or daughter grows up she'll be given control over our company because she's family by marriage but that child can choose to allow outsiders into the company as well. Meaning Mr.Kim could get some say in the company." His mother explained. "I thought that only applied to blood relation?" Jackson asked. His mother shook her head, "Family is family." she said. She looked to his father, her hand was on his shoulder. Jackson looked at them confused, "I was adopted into the Wang family. When my older brother died the company went to me. By blood relation the Wang family doesn't actually own this company any more but I was adopted and they considered me family. Still as much as I would've accepted her child as a grandson I didn't want the risk of our family no longer having complete control over the company. The Wang name must continue to exist." His father said. He didn't know his father was adopted, his grandparents had always treated them like real family but there was no blood relation at all. Still the company was left to him and his father kept up the company to the Wang family standards. His mother's sympathetic look on her face made him feel bad for his dad. Jackson walked out of the room in silence and headed back to his office. He was still pissed at her for getting pregnant but he wanted her. The deal was over though the contract separated them. She wasn't his fiance anymore. That pissed him off because she was supposed to be his and Junmyeon had gotten her pregnant. He through the small Jade tiger he had on his desk. If the baby was gone she'd still belong to him. His men sent him a text, a picture of Junmyeon having her bent over the chair having sex. At that point he was seeing red. The past two weeks they had kept an eye on her and she was on the beach at gyeongpo fucking him. She would cry if Jackson touched her like that yet she let Junmyeon get her pregnant. She was going to pay all of a sudden his drunken threat had become something very real. He called his men, "Kill him. I want him dead I want her here. Bring her to me, make her watch him die! That way she'll know not to fucking cross me again." he growled in the phone. "Boss are you sure?" "Yes I am fucking sure. Do whatever you have to. In fact I'll send you exactly what I want you to do to her." he said. He hung up the phone and sent them their instructions. He sent a voice message for her to hear him. To make it seem like she had a choice which would make it easier for him to get her to go to his men. Once they had her they could kill him and then get her on the plane to China. Before they brought her to him they'd torture her just enough to make sure she wouldn't be having his baby. She was going to be his whether she liked it or not... Y/N's POV You and Junmyeon had come back home to Busan after packing up your things and shipping them back to your apartment. You met up with Mr.Kim's lawyers a few days later to review what was going to be presented to Mr.Wang and your parents at your meeting. Of course this required you to reveal that you were originally bound by a contract to another man. Mr and Mrs.Kim favored you enough that they wanted to help especially learning about the baby. Junmyeon let them know that you two weren't getting married yet. Despite being parents soon, it was apparent the both of you two still didn't want to get married. It's not that you weren't in love but you two had been fake dating for such a short time marriage was an entirely different step. Mrs.Kim was fine with that as long as Junmyeon was happy and she still had high hopes of you two getting married. You were ready for this battle to end though. You were tired of fighting Jackson and you were tired of putting Junmyeon in the middle of it. His attempt at killing him made you scared but what his text message described about what his men were to do to you pissed you off. Junmyeon looked disgusted and he'd gotten so upset he punched a hole in the wall of his father's office. He must've known about the clause in the contract about you having children or he was just trying to make sure you suffered and never had a connection to Junmyeon again. Mr.Kim said, "Junmyeon you have to stay calm." "That's easier said than done dad. This bastard told his men to torture her until she lost our baby. He's a sick monster I wish I could have him killed." Junmyeon shook his head furious. You grabbed onto Junmyeon quickly when he said that, "Don't say things like that." you said. "Y/N." he said softly. He placed his hand on the side of your face. His thumb rubbing your cheek bone. He kissed you, his hungry kiss made it hard for you to breathe. He was claiming you even without Jackson around. "Jackson is evil we know this but you can't let yourself think like that. I'm okay, the baby is okay. We're all okay just please Junnie calm down. We'll end this the right way." you pleaded with him. "Be careful calling me that name baby girl you know it's hard to control myself when I hear you say that." he whispered. "If it'll keep you calm I'll call you that all day." you said. "You promise?" he smirked. "Are you calm now?" you asked. "Say my name one more time." he whispered in your ear. He held you closer in a hug bending down enough that your chin rested on his shoulder. You spoke in his ear, "Calm down Junnie." you spoke lightly. "Alright baby girl. I'm calm." He sighed into your ear. He stood up straight and you saw Mr. Kim and Mrs.Kim smiling at you two. "You two are cute together. It looks like she knows how to keep you under control Junmyeon." his father said with a smile. You blushed slightly, Junmyeon's hand held yours and he said, "She drives me crazy and keeps me sane. I didn't know that was possible." "When you love someone that much it is." his mother said. "You two should go back to the hotel get some rest. Get her off her feet she's pregnant after all. We'll see you tomorrow at the airport. Junmyeon remember to behave." Mr.Kim said. Junmyeon nodded. His father turned to his men again, "Yixing, Yifan do me a favor. Keep an eye one them incase Jackson tries anything else. I want them safe." "Yes sir." they both said. They walked in front of you two and escorted you out the door. You and Junmyeon stayed hand and hand as you walked down the halls of his father's building. "It's been a while since I've been in Seoul." you said. "I'll have to bring you back sometime. Besides I'm sure my mother wants to take you out to dinner just the two of you. She loves you." Junmyeon said. "I'm glad." "Y/N I know your parents are not the best people in the world and I know Jackson is even worse but I want you to know that you have me and my parents to support you. We all adore you." "Junmyeon you'll make me cry stop it." you said smiling. "Well when we get back to the hotel room I hope to make you scream." he said loud enough for Yifan and Yixing to hear. You shouted, "Junmyeon!" in embarrassment. He only laughed. You could hear Yixing say, "Oh my." "Lucky guy." you heard Yifan mumble. "Aish!" you sighed. Tomorrow everything would end and you would finally be free. Sorry for the late update guys. I have two more chapters the next one ends the story the one after that is the epilogue. I may just go ahead and finish it up before I go back to Rappers Intent. I do have another story though and I have to get it out cause it's just stuck in my head. 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Learning Moods in Korean
A little something I made to help me remember moods in Korean :D (I'M NOT AN ARTIST PLEASE DON'T JUDGE XD) 오늘은 기분이 어때요? (oneuleun kibuni eoddaeyo?) How do you feel today? 행복하다 (haengbokhada) happy 피곤하다 (pigonhada) tired 화가나다 (hwaganada) angry 슬프다 (seulpeuda) sad 부끄럽다 (bukkeureobda) embarrassed, shy 부럽다 (bureobda) envious 장난스럽다 (jangnanseureobda) mischievous 배고프다 (baegopeuda) hungry 섭섭하다 (seobseobhada) disappointed 아프다 (apeuda) sick, hurt 놀라다 (neollada) surprised 미치다 (michida) crazy I know my drawings aren't the best but hey, it's a cute way to remember your moods in Korean:) ♡ @tinafalcon22 @AmberRelynn @SugaMint @luna1171 @Mikim000 @orchiofriend549 @KoreanDramaMaMa @UnnieCakesAli @Viresse @FalseLove @EXOAsf @MorleeCorielus @yaya12 @BridgetJara @VIPFreak2NE1 @aliendestina @twistedPuppy @GreciaFlores @LenaBlackRose @MrsChanyeol @twistedexo @ninjamidori @MarrickeJ33 @LinnyOk @LemonLassie @SindyHernandez @KeziahWright @VIPforever123 @Kieuseru @Kiyofugi @MariaMontoya1 @Cassierchiqua @ParkHwaYoung @gyanilet16 @SaraHanna @JinsPrincess @ILikeHisFace123 @daljiyong @seulbyul @Izzy987 @viviano6 @SugalessJams @elainarenea @resavalencia @Defy24601 @JaxomB @andreaimnida @StefaniTre @HerosBells @JeniseRamos @LizHolder @tiffany1922 @MomoChamie @ChelseaGarcia @JadeOwens @shelby101 @EmmaJolie @screamoparadise @SophieNguyen @AaliyahNewbell @Saeda1320 @DalyRomero @HayleyYates @koinii @KaylinJones @selfishmachines @Matokokepa @KendraReeve @ashrose33 @ot12exodus02 @SeventeenBias @PEREZFRIDA12 @SarahVanDorn @MariaDls @juunnee @JamiMilsap @chisom756 @ShortyGarcia @KathyCrew @RandomName @purplehairedluv @Anna5221 @TaehyungsCutie @CrystalGuerra @KristinaCaron @HopeAndSunshine @Ambie @CheniseLewis @SerenaArthurs @juliavip @Mightmuffin @megannmatthews @kpopandkimchi