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Sensual Reviews (19+) One shot
Its been a couple weeks since I did smut and omg dived into the deep end here lol. I'm hoping this does you in lol. Scrolling through online since I was bored I randomly clicked a picture except instead I accidently clicked on an ad. Cursing I tried to make it go away but before I could my boyfriend sat next to me on the couch with popcorn in his hands. "Ready for the movie-what are you looking at?" His voice pitched halfway through that sentenced as he looked at the screen. "I don't know stupid sex ad showed up" I narrowed my eyes " Have you been using my computer recently?" I asked. He stared at me, such a straight look on his handsome face. "Yes" he said "Namjoon!" I called out but ended up laughing "that's why I have ads for sex toys my gosh" I said. "Well we could always add a few more to the bedroom" he winked making me chuckle. Switching he handed me the popcorn and took the computer from me. "What about The movie?" I asked. "Horror night come on I'm looking forward to 30 days of night" I said. "Hmm not right now. Look they have double ended dildo's" namjoon clicked on the picture and I leaned closer into him to see. "Its blue" I commented. "Ha, you favorite color" Namjoon chuckled. "We should get it" he said. "What? One end in me the other in you?" I said randomly then pictured that in my head making me have to start breathing after stopping. "I'm thinking how much you can take" he said. "Look at what some of these people wrote, this one the girl took all of it in and loved it" he said then read the comment out loud. I scanned the page and saw a comment that was probably someone's fantasy. "Okay that's the way I kinda see it being used. Here, that guy had his wife and girlfriend us it together while he watched" I summed up. "One of my fantasies" Namjoon mumbled. "If I buy it will my fantasy come true?" He gave me doe like eyes. "Maybe so, for a 5th anniversary maybeee" I said. "Yes! 2 years! ... Wait" he narrowed his eyes. "I'm gonna need that in writing" he said making me laugh. "Hey click on fifty shades of gray. I'm curious" I went back to the screen. The page displayed an arsenal of blindfolds, nipple clamps and teasers, vibrators and flogs. "I'm seeing a few things you have in the bedroom already" Namjoon said. "One can never have too many nipple rings" I said. "Or cock rings that one has a vibrator" I pointed out. "I'm not wearing one of those things again" Namjoon growled making me laugh. "It wasn't so bad, you got to cum at the very end" I smiled sweetly after him and he snorted "I would have cum multiple times before that" he said clicking on something else. "Butt plugs?" I questioned. "I'm a curious boy" Namjoon gave me a look. "Oh for yourself okay I'm okay with that" I laughed as his finger click on one of them, it was blue. "no, for you" he stopped and stared at me. "Oh no not for me" I shook my head. "Come on babe, new experience" he said egging me on. "Nope I drew the line when you got the flog" I said. "Which I'm itching to use right " he said, "Oh boy" I said. the more reviews we went through the more horny I was getting. There was so many reviews on the butt plugs, some from guys some from girls and it was sounding more and more pleasurable. My clit was twitching by the time we switched to look at vibrators, there weren't as many good sexual exploits with them, just descriptive of the toy. Namjoon stood up all of a sudden. "What about the movie?" I asked seeing he was making eyes as the bedroom. "It'll be there when we are done" he said pulling me up off the couch and pressing my body right up against his. "But this won't be" he said rotating his hips so I could feel him. His bulge was rubbing right up against my clit making me wet "Fuck the movie" I said wrapping my legs around his waist, he adjusted me so that I was secure and he could walk to the next room. Setting me on the bed he turned to open to top draw. With him distracted I slid out of my pajama bottoms and took my top off leaving me in just me wet undies. He turned back around with a few things in his hands. "Oh you have a beautiful body" Namjoon groaned "I just want to mark this skin of yours up" he Said dropping down to his knees. "Just don't hurt me to much" I said as he set the things next to me, his hands coming up to cup my breasts pinching my nipples which had me twitching and responding to his talented hands. "Dying to taste" his breath against my chest and when his mouth closed on one tight nipple my eyes closed and my head fell back slightly pushing my breasts into his mouth my other one I felt something cold slid against my skin and opened my eyes a crack to see him placing a clip on the puckered nipple. The feeling if the metal clip sent shivers through my body. His mouth left my nipple with a pop and in a split second there was a squeeze on it as he placed the other nipple clamp on. "So sexy" he mumbled against my skin. My arms went around his shoulders and Namjoon leaned up to kiss me. He came away from the kiss on a gasp as I undid his belt. He stood up moving away from me and took his shirt off. "Lay back babe. We're going to have some fun with that body of yours" he said making me flop on my back, but then propped up on my elbows. " only my body? What about yours" I said making him chuckle. "There's a few things here to use on you too" I said pulling out the other pair of nipple clips, these were a bit larger than the one I wore. "You want me to wear those?" He asked stepping forward until he brushed against my legs. "Come here big boy" I said looping my feet behind his knees so he fell on me. At the last second he shifted and glided against me instead of falling right on top. The action sent the clamps moving and the chain tugged a little sending sparks down my body, chasing that I moved on top of him brushing my nipples over his chest, he grabbed the chain that connected the two clips and he pulled making me moan. While he watched me I slid fingers over his chest loving the feel of his broad muscular chest. "Do it" Namjoon groaned making me smile against his skin. I placed the nipple clamps on his and watched in awe as he grew accustomed to them. "I need to be in you" he groaned. "Easy now" I said sliding down his body I took his cock out of his pants and stroked him, his velvety skin. I sucked on his cock and listened to him panting and groaning when I heard that telltale call I stopped gripping his cock to stop him, bringing him to the edge then back down, I did this several times before he came against my tongue. "Baby you're going to get it now" Namjoon said switching our positions. His fingers went to my clot feeling that I was already soaked. "Where's the jack rabbit?" He asked making me chuckle. "Right here" I handed it to him since it was closer to my hand then his. He turned it on and was about to put it to my clit. "Wait!" I sat up, the chain on me getting tugged. "Let me take something out" I said removing the undies I still had on and pulled the string of metallic beads. Namjoon’s eyes darkened even more. "Naughty girl" he growled. "So what are you going to do to this naughty girl?" I cocker an eyebrow. "Maybe I'll just use the flog instead" he said. "Later!" I said but as he finished getting undressed he grabbed it and lightly used it on me making me yelp in surprise "Fuck the planning, just fuck me Joonie" I groaned not caring that I wanted that vibration on my clit first. I had a craving to be filled "On all four" Namjoon said. Flipping over I got on my hands and knees with my as in the air. I felt him pull my knees back and then his cock was wedged against my back I felt something soft graze my back and then harder, Namjoon as using the flog and rubbing his cock between my legs, teasing my body. When he finally had me begging for release he slammed in from behind and rammed into my clit over and over. He came hard and when he did my release came just as swift as I reached back and pulled on the chain of his nipple clamps. A strangled noise came out of him as he shifted and fell on the bed next to me. I laid down and spooned into him, pressing my ass into his crotch. His arms went around me to hold me closer. He Nuzzled my neck as I felt his cock rubbing between my cheeks. "No go there babe stop" I said "You got horny reading about it, your curious" he whispered huskily next to my ear. The more he spoke of naughty things people said about anal as he ground against my asshole. I bridged and pushed back allowing him to enter, he took quick advantage and rammed all the way in taking my breath away. I was panting and digging my nails into his arm. "So tight so fucking tight baby and soft. You feel so fucking good" he groaned as he did his best to stay still so my body got accustomed, when my fingers eased up he started to move, the friction was amazing. My hand went to my clit but he was putting something there instead, the vibration was a shock and had my clit spasming and Namjoon ramming into my ass. My orgasm lasted from the time he put the vibration on all the way until he pulled out and came against my back. "How was it babe?" Namjoon asked "So much pleasurable than I imagined" I answered. "So that means I can do it any time now?" He questioned like a kid who got a new toy. It made me chuckle. "Yea, sure" I sighed. "Just not right now" I added. After several minutes of laying down I sat upright making Namjoon look at me lazily. "I still wanna watch that movie" I said as he laughed. Pulling off the clamps that were forgotten I started getting dressed but Namjoon stopped me. "One last thing babe" Namjoon grinned. "While we watch, I want you feeling good" he said. "Oo I'll wear the balls if you wear the ring"  I said making him chuckle "Let's see  how much you can take" he said. 4 the answer was 4. We both sat through the movie feeling hot and bothered by the end we were back in the bedroom starting the night all over again. TAG LIST!!!!! 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Mark FF: Call of Grace (19+)
So like I said I'm reediting my fallen angel series. Next Up Markie Pooh. Hope you enjoy Enjoy reading. Mark's POV I once was a guardian angel entrusted with charges to guide and protect them through their days. I did an excellent job of being a guardian until one day she happened. I don't remember what she looks like, but what from Yugi has told me I fell because I admired her grace. I saved her one day and revealed my true nature to her. Then I started to spend more time with her and neglecting my other charges. That was when I made the decision to fall from heaven to be with her. To feel her grace and love. I wasn't the first to fall I actually was the third. I didn’t realize that by giving up my charges I would not remember what they look like. What I do remember are personalities and mannerisms of each of my past charges. I also get a tingling sensation up my wings when I meet a charge that was once mine. My feather ruffles and bells ring in my mind. When I fell I landed in California first. Then I saw an audition for a major entertainment company. I auditioned for it in hopes to use my looks, musical skills, and athletic ability to become famous and meet more people in hopes of finding the girl full of grace. By chance but if I learned anything nothing is by chance, God still loves us and has a plan for us; I ended up at the same company as my brothers Jaebum and Junior. Soon we were also joined one after another by our other brothers, Jackson, Youngjae, Bambam, Yugyeom. Yugyeom is now human. He gave his very essence to save a girl he fell in love with her on earth. He fell not because of a girl but because he missed us his brothers. Now with him being human and finding love it gives us all the hope God will reveal the ones we fell out of heaven for and he has a greater plan for us. Months passed and my smiles grew wider with every fan meet because I met more of my charges. My feathers would ruffle with an intense sensation. But sadly I did not feel her here. I ask Yugi each time if she is the one because he remembers what each of our charges look like. He smiles sadly every time. Then one day I was out walking Coco when my feathers ruffled and electricity ran through my body as a girl pass singing a beautiful song that I'm sure I heard before it. It was in English. Her mannerisms remind me of the girl I loved. The way she moves is so elegant and graceful like a ballerina. At that thought my feathers get more intense. I just remembered she was a dancer that I saved once before. As I was lost in thought I dropped Coco's leash and she ran up to the girl. I ran calling out for Coco. The girl gracefully bent down and picker her up. "Is she your dog? She's so cute." The girl's smile was like the sun lighting up everything on the inside of me. I return the smile. "Yes she is my dog. She's not as cute as you." I just can not believe I said that. A blush rises to my cheeks and hers as well. "Ah-ah Th-thank you for the compliment," she stutters. "I'm Mark and you are?" "I'm (y/n). Are you sure we never met before? You seem vaguely familiar?" "I was thinking the same way. Well can we exchange numbers. I really would like to continue this conversation but I need to head back with Coco or my brothers will worry." She hands me a phone. "I would like that. I usually don't give my number but everything inside me screams I know you from somewhere and that I am safe with you." I smile at her. We part ways. I get back to the dorm and wait to interrogate Yugyeom. When I explained what the girl looked liked and how I felt his smile brightens. "I think she may be the one. I won't know for sure until I meet her," he says to me. Over the course of the next couple of months I exchanged numerous texts with her. I also helped with volunteering at the hospital with her putting on musicals for sick children. She danced quite well. She said she once was in a fatal car accident but was saved by an angel she vaguely remembers. She stated he would sit with her in the hospital singing and dancing for her. I smiled. She stated that after that she went through major physical therapy to walk again and was surprised she could dance again as well. Ballet became a lifeline and more so when she started mixing music and singing to it. It was then she decided she wanted to give back to patients especially children at the hospital a sense of peace, hope and happiness like she felt by the angel boy she vaguely remembers. That night I went home and dreamt of her but it was a memory. God came, "Yes my child she is the one you've been searching for. You can not reveal who you are to her yet. One day the time will come when you will be needed to protect her and act as her guardian Angel once more. When that happens she will remember who you are. At that moment you will become a human and walk in my grace once more still doing the work you love and the path I set you upon with her work to. Bringing joy, happiness, and hopes to others. I love you Son." I woke with tears in my eyes. It has been so long since I heard his voice. Your POV Mark and I have been dating for weeks. I feel as I have loved him for a long time. So familiar in the back of my memories. He is walking with me in the rain on our way to perform for some children at an orphanage. I start dancing in the rain and let go of his hand. Enjoying the light drizzle. I look at him and smile. I start twirling when I slip and fall back into oncoming traffic. I never seen someone move so fast, gracefully, and elegantly like Mark except that Angel. He wraps his arms around me and protects me as a car crashes right into us. I am in his arms looking at his face. I reach up and touch his face. "Why didn't you tell me you were my Angel?" He smiles down at me and presses a kiss to my lips and then collapses on top of me. People call an ambulance. I take his phone and call Jackson in his phone. "Hello, are you Mark's brother. He was in an accident and taken to the hospital. Please meet us there." I hung up without an answer. I am outside the surgery doors. 6 good looking boys come up to me. I am crying silently. Someone rubs my back. "I'm Jackson the one you call. What happened can you tell us. All we know is he is not an Angel anymore." "He moved so fast and wrapped me up in his arms. He saved me from being run over once more. I know he use to be my guardian Angel. He didn't even think twice about using his body to stop that car." "That explains why there are feathers all in your hair. He used his wings and they became severed and crushed protecting both your bodies. He would do anything to protect the one he loves." Jackson explains. Just then a doctor comes out. "For Mark Tuan?" We all look at him. "He had severe damage to his liver and needed surgery, a rib punctured it. He was very lucky. He will be transferred shortly to a room." About 20 minutes later I am in his room holding his hand. "Silly Angel, it's my turn to protect and take care of you." I place a kiss on his forehead. His eyes flutter open, and he smiles sheepishly at me. He pulls me down to lay next to him. "Sorry our performance got delayed," he jokes and grimaces in pain from laughing. "Hush we can reschedule once you are better." We go back to sleep. He was in the hospital for a week. Then released to go home. Over the next few weeks I sang and dance for him in his room. "You are always so graceful like a gazelle (y/n)." "I learned from you. So next week will be our orphanage performance of Romeo and Juliet. Are you up for it?" He nods his head. "I will follow you anywhere and bring joy and hope to those that need it my Juliet." A week passes and we put on a great performance. All the kids are smiling and clapping. I look over at Mark. He leans in and captures my lips in a kiss. "Let's go home and plan and dance together some more." He winks suggestively. "Anything for you, my Angel. Do you think we can adopt a child like this one day?" "How about we adopt 3." I smile wide at him. He takes my hand and leads the way home. "I'll remember that promise." Mark's POV I get her home and lead her to her room. I press her against the door. I kiss her forehead, nose and then capture her lips. My fingers tangle in her hair. I tease her lips playfully with little nips. Then capture her lips again, and move my tongue slowly across the seam of her lips coaxing her to open up for me. When she does I slowly start mingling our tongues and move the one hand from her hip to her ass and squeeze. I trail my other hand down her back to her tight ass and squeeze the other cheek. Then I grip her hips and release her lips. I move my hands to the hem of her shirt and tug it up and over her head. I throw it on the ground. I walk over to the bed carrying her and toss her on the bed. My hand trails up to her bra. Her nipples rock hard. She looks down at me biting her lip. My dick gets even harder. I graze my thumbs across her bra and then bring my palms up to cup them through her bra. She moans and leans into me. Her shorts have a wet spot that I feel against my member. I groan. My hands go behind to the back of her bra and unclasp it. I bite my lips as I move it down off her arms. She blushes. "Y/N, you are so beautiful." I wrap my arm around her waist and flip our positions. I look down at her and bite my lip. I descend and capture her lips with mine. I slowly trail kisses down her jawline. To her neck taking little nips here and there, down to her chest. I capture one nipple in my mouth, and the other I use my finger and thumb and pinch. As I swirl my tongue round one and pinch the other. Then kiss from one breast to the other. And take her other nipple in my mouth and suck and lick it. Her little moans and her hand in my hair pressing her boob further in my mouth. The sounds of pleasure coming from her mouth giving me more confidence and exciting me more. I move from her breast and kiss my way down her stomach to her shorts. I use my hand to go inside her shorts and panties. I cup her womanhood. Feeling her heat and how very wet she is for me. "Oh good, sweetheart, you are so wet for me. I can't wait to taste you." I slide her shorts off. She wearing white lace panties. Seeing her just in her panties is truly the most beautiful sight to behold. Her disheveled hair, swollen lips, and lust filled eyes staring at me has me in a trance. I take my teeth and slide her panties down her legs. I alternate little kisses and nips up her legs to her core. Then I lick her center, her core. I start slowly and then use my hand to rub her nub. Her hands go to my hair as I lick and bite. As I start to lick faster her legs wrap around the back of my head trapping me. As her hips ride my face. I feel her tensing up. With one last lick I thrust my tongue inside as she screams my name. She unwraps her legs from my head. Her breathing starting to slowly return to normal. I lean down and capture her mouth. I feel her feet go to my boxers pushing them down. I stop our kiss and help take my boxers off. She stares at my manhood, and licks her lips. She kneels up on the bed and stares at me and pushes me backwards. She trails kisses down my face to my chest. Slowly nipping and kissing a trail straight down to my manhood. When her lips wrap around me I have to think of something so I don't blow right there. She takes me slowly inch by inch until I hit the back of her throat. She hums and the vibrations from her mouth adds an intense pleasure. She comes back up slowly and then goes back down. Increasing her speed a little at a time. Her teeth grazing my member adding a little bit of more pleasure. My hands go to her hair and holds her there for a moment, and then I release her. As I feel I'm about to come I tell her to stop. She looks up at me and I grab a condom from the nightstand. I sheath my member as I sit up and push her on to her back. I enter her in one smooth motion. Slowly thrusting at first. Then when I hit her spot and she screams. I angle my hips better and speed up. Her hips meeting mine. Her feet digging in my back as I lean down and capture her mouth. Her nails meet my back. Scratching down as I hit her spot over and over again. Again her voice filled with so much grace and her movements so graceful. I lean down and whisper in her ear. "You are even graceful being wanton. Every fiber of my being belongs to you. Hold it gracefully like you do yourself. I'll help you complete your work and keep doing God's will." "You have always been Graceful Mark, and full of love that it's not hard for me to give myself to you. Let's keep dancing together in life and doing God's will." 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I Want You Pt 4 (Mark Story)(+19)
Alright so now we're getting somewhere.... Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 And here are warnings....but there isn't smut in this one...but a build up to the next chapter....So a warning just so you get prepared. A week went by before the next time I saw Mark. My friend knew how to get me out of the house. Whenever I was busy doing something else she would say Mark was there. I wanted to spend more time with him but I couldn't blow off my other friends or family. I constantly told her to give Mark my number but she never did. One day she called and said they were going to snap chat me until I got over to them. That didn't happen. And when I called them to let them know I was on my way there was no answer. The next morning I got a call from her. "Hey what happened last night I called you." I said "Oh we went to Mark's and we're hanging out over there." "Oh, well I called around 8." "Yeah we went over right before 8." "Oh well. I just went home after I called you and watched tv." "I'm sorry. Did you ever get the pictures on snapchat?"She asked "No." "Maybe it was the wrong number." she said "Eh it's ok...hey I gotta go I'll talk to you later." I quickly hung up. I was starting at think something was going on between the two. Maybe they were becoming a thing and I was wasting my time and energy on it all. I put my headphones in and blasted my music as I went out to run. After a half hour I finally stopped. I had gotten my mind somewhat in the right place. When I got to my door I saw Bambam there. "Bambam?" "Hey (y/n)" he smiled. "What are you doing here?" "I just wanted to see you." "Yeah what about Hana? Or Mark?" "Well Hana and I....Well we see each other often and Mark he doesn't care." "You fucked your friends girl...and you..." he pulled me close to him quickly and his lips hovered over mine. "Let's talk about this inside." he looked into my eyes. I was conflicted. After he let go of me I quickly opened my door and let him in. "I don't get why you did it." I said as I shut my door. "Simple I was upset about things with you and went to talk about it then Hana said she would be better than you and then we just did it. I was going to tell Mark right away but she said she wanted to be the one to tell him." "But you are his friend...that has to mean something." "I know I messed up but we still are...I won't go for a girl he likes again." "Well that's good." "Can I ask you for advice since your a girl?" "Sure." For the next few minutes we talked about his situation and then he must have known something was wrong with me. "What are you worried about?" he asked "Maria and Mark." "Ha Trust me that isn't a thing." he laughed "'d you know..." "I know how Mark is and him hanging with girls always had the ones he was interested in worried." "Really?" "Yeah don't worry if he likes'll know soon enough." he said and hugged me and left. This was very helpful for me. I couldn't thank Bambam enough for being so sweet. Being friends was good for us. I hopped in the shower then got dressed and fixed my makeup. It was Saturday and I was going to go out and party. I called Maria real quick to see if she wanted to go with me. She quickly agreed and I headed over to her place. As I waited for her to get finished there was a knock on the door. I opened it to see Mark. "Hey" he smiled and walked in. "Hey." "You look nice tonight where are you going?" "We are going out to drink....wanna join?" I asked without thinking. "Can I?" he asked looking me in the eyes. "Can you what?" Maria asked as she walked out of her room. "Can I go with you gals tonight?" "Oh of course. You can be a bodyguard for creepy guys." she laughed "OK give me a few minutes and I'll be ready." he said and left. After 10 minutes he was back and looked amazing. We headed out. Once we got to the club one of the guys Maria was messing around with showed up. "Who's this guy?" The guy asked Maria. "He's Mark." Maria said confused. "What he's your new boyfriend? Is this who you were breaking up with me for?" he started to yell and Mark was going to jump in but I spoke up before anything could happen. "No Mark is My boyfriend. She must have broke up with you for a different reason." I said standing in front of Mark. "Maria can we talk?" he asked "Um?" she turned to me. "Go ahead, but we'll be don't leave the bar." I said and she nodded then walked to a different corner where it was quieter. "So I'm Your boyfriend huh?" he smirked "I'm sorry I just said that so neither of you got hurt." "What do you mean?" "That's the guy she keeps breaking up with but he somehow convinces her to come back every time. I swear he's abusive." I glanced over to them and saw him pointing angrily towards us. "Hey." Mark said and I glanced back at him. "Let's dance." I said pulling him onto the floor. K.A.R.D oh nana came on and we started dancing to the beat. Now I only knew a bit of the dance but it was amazing when Mark did the guys part. When the song ended I didn't even think about it and just pressed my lips to his. We were there kissing for what felt like forever. We pulled apart to breath and I glanced past him to check on Maria and She was on her way back over to us. "She's coming back over here." I said looking down at his lips. His hand was still on my back holding me close to him. "Ok." he said and let go just in time for Maria to get to us. "Can we go?" she asked clearly she was upset. "What happened?" I asked as we started leaving. I was a little upset. We had only been there for a little under an hour. "He seriously doesn't get what a break up means. He thinks he still has control over me." She stopped in front of Mark's Car. He quickly unlocked the door and she got in the back. I sat in the front. When I turned to talk to her more she had fallen asleep. "How much did she drink?" I asked looking at mark. "I'm not sure I was watching you." "Why?" " look hot and I didn't want any guys hitting on you . once you said I was your boyfriend I was glad." "But you're not my boyfriend." "I know. Not right now at least" he placed his hand on my thigh. "Who said I want to date you?" I asked looking at him. "Well, then you don't have to I won't force you." unlike my dirty dream of Bambam Mark's hand stand in the one spot he set it at. Even doing that made my body react to him. I leaned closer to him. "I like that very much. I don't want to be forced to love someone....but I can tell you what I feel isn't forced." "What?" he looked over at me as we stopped at the red light. "I like you too." I smiled "Good." he gripped my thigh. Which gave the butterflies in my stomach something to react to. "Let's get her home and then we can't discuss this some more." I said glancing to the back. Maria had a smile on her face. That faker was definitely not asleep. The ride back to her apartment was quiet. "Bye Mark." Maria said when she opened her door and pulled me in with her. "Bye." he said as the door shut. "Dude." I said "Oh chill he's my neighbor you can just go over there later." She laughed "I...can't just go and knock...what if he's asleep?" " text him." she said handing me her phone. I quickly put his number in my phone. Me: Hey it's (y/n) Mark: Hey Me:Hey I finally got your number...although you should have given it to me :) Mark: Yeah I should have lol. Are you still talking with her? Me: Yup although I'm going to a home in a minute. Mark: OK "So?" "Oh he's still up." We talked a bit more then she was ready for bed. I walked out of her apartment and said bye. I was getting tired so I figured I'd go home and rest. Now that I had marks Number it wasn't going to be hard to spend time with him. I smiled as I walked past his door. But as I walked by his door it flew open and he pulled me into his apartment. OK what did you think????? You ready for the next chapter??? I am so ready for it...and of course Bambam makes another appearance. 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I Want You Pt 3 (Got7 Story)(+19)
Alrighty I tried to post this and Vingle would not let me so here it is finally Chapter things are going to change....And warning....I'm sorry in advance....Please don't hate me.... Part 1 Part 2 I felt a little bad after the date. I mean I had that fantasy about him but during the date he wasn't anything like my imagination made him out to be. *FLASHBACK* "Hey thanks for tonight it was fun." I said about to get out of the car. "Can we go on another date then?" He asked "I'm sorry but I only see you as a friend. You are really sweet and some girl would be lucky to have you." "Sweet doesn't work with you?" He asked making me stutter. "No it does....but I can't drag you around while I have feelings for someone else." "Who?" "Don't worry about it. I can't have him and I was told by someone that it's mean to use you to get over a guy I can't have." "Well then...Friends?" "Friends." I said and patted his arm. "Sleep well." "Goodnight Bambam." I said and got out of the car. *END OF FLASHBACK * He took it well but I still felt bad. He hadn't talked to me at all after it. And it's been a few days. I went over to Maria's house to hangout and when I got there she had a lot to tell me. "Dude did you hear what Bambam did." "No what?" "Last week after your date with him, he went to Hana's house. Since they are friends. And you know what happened there?" She asked "No what?" "They fucked! Mark said he went over to her house because he was worried about her. She hadn't called him or come over like she was supposed to so he went over and saw Bambam's car there." "Well how do you know they fucked?" "Because he eventually got ahold of Hana and she lied about seeing Bambam that night, but then Mark broke up with her." "What!?" "Yeah he was pissed she lied to him. Bambam is still hanging around him though." "Are those two together then?" I asked wondering if it was a fling or serious. "I'm not sure." "Geez I'm glad I friendzoned him." I laughed. Was he really being a whore and just wanted to get laid? I wanted more than that. " never told me who you liked." Maria nudged me. "Oh I feel like I can tell you without feeling shitty. I like Mark." "I knew it!" She said excitedly "You did?" "Oh come on I'm not blind. you can get with him since he's available." Maria said and started flicking through her phone. "What are you doing?" I asked She clicked something and then put her phone to her ear. The phone rang a few times before there was an answer. "Hey what are you doing? Dang I was going to tell you to come over. Yeah. Well maybe tomorrow? Ok bye." She hung up. "What was that?" "Mark, he's out with a friend now so maybe later you can see him." She smiled. "No....It'll be weird now if he knows I like him." "Don't worry well ease you into this one." Over the next few hours we talked and drank. Then as I was getting tired there was a knock at the door and she ran to it. "Mark!" She squealed and hugged him. "I'm surprised you're drunk already." He laughed walking into the room. "We've been drinking for awhile. " I smiled at him. "Without me? That's mean." He laughed and grabbed a drink then sat next to me. "Hey I called you earlier." "I know...I needed to get some things off my chest." "I know. But hey now you can find a better girl." Maria made some weird facial expression that made both Mark and I bust up laughing. "I'm hungry let's make food." Maria said all of a sudden and started looking for something to make. "I'll make it. You might burn the place down." Mark laughed "True." She said and then he went to work on making us dinner. I watched him as we all talked about different things. Then he had pulled out his phone and took a picture of himself. "Can you snapchat yourself?" he asked "Yeah! I do it all the time." I laughed. "How?" He asked and I moved over to him. "Ok so take your picture." "Ok here." He quickly took a picture. "Now let's scroll down till we find your name or me. In my phone it says my name then me in parentheses. " I was holding his hand and phone in my hand as I scrolled through his contacts. "Oh here." He said and clicked the button. "Thanks" "No problem." I backed away from him and went to sit back on the couch. "You should exchange numbers." Maria said and then I became flustered. "Why?" I asked trying to play it cool. "Because." Maria said with a wink and then we ignored the whole idea. But Mark sat next to me while Maria ate her food. His leg pushed up against mine and I wanted to pounce on him. Now I didn't have to hold back but I didn't want to be a slut. He kept bumping his leg against mine and I finally looked at him to see him staring at me. "What?" I asked "Am I bothering you?" He smirked "Maybe." He leaned forward "You're very pretty when you blush." and of course with that I blushed. I could feel his breath on my face and tried to steady my breathing. "Thanks." He had to of moved closer. I don't remember his lips being that close to me but I so badly wanted to kiss his. It felt like we were moving closer to each other and were about it kiss. "What's going on here." Maria said causing us both to move away from each other. "Nothing." We both said and laughed "Sure looked like nothing...Mark don't take advantage of my friend who's drunk." Maria said and sat between us. 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