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I'm Obsessed With Macross DeltaΔ
Is anybody else watching this show?? I'm not caught up yet, but I fell for the show in just one episode and have been listening to the music nonstop since then!!! If you're not familiar with the Macross Universe.... That's okay! I mean, knowing about it helps, but this is a standalone show that of course has "universal" aspects that can be enhanced by understanding the rest, but considering the complexity of the franchise, I recommend just checking out Delta to see if you'd like the style of the show! Anyways, on to Delta! The show follows Freyja (the girl with the orange and yellow hair above) and Hayate (the boy with her) as they cross paths & then go on to join alongside a group called "Walkure." This is Walkure! They're basically a pop group! They use their music, their songs, and fight alongside some awesome pilots to defend the world from a mysterious disease called "Var." There is an enemy lurking behind the "Var" that I won't reveal, but you'll find out soon enough if you start walking. Music is....Life! Music is everything in this show! It's how they carry their message, how they protect people, and music can do many things (both good and bad) in the world. These are just two of the songs from the show (I didn't want to risk putting any spoiler clips in). The girls performing are the real voices behind the characters in the show! If you like... If you enjoyed earlier Macross shows, or shows like AKB0048 that are a combination of music protecting the universe & cute girls fighting, you'll like this! You might actually like it more because there are also many diverse and male characters in this show, too, which many other "idol fighting music" shows leave out and just focus on cute girls. Here, we get both! I love Freyja so much! Her passion & her energy is contagious, even if she's not always at 100%. That will make sense once you watch :D I am actually thinking about cosplaying her or one of the other Walkure girls soon, but I'm not sure if I will be able to pull of Freyja's look or not! So, anybody watching? Or willing to give it a try? It started in Spring 2016 season, and will wrap up at the end of this season!! (the fanart of Freyja above is by this artist!!)