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If I Created a K-Drama... Challenge
I was challenged by both @KDSnKJH and @JamiMilsap to create my own drama (whether I star in it myself or assign different parts to different actors). 1. Choose a Genre: Romantic Comedy I'm aiming for a post-high school drama. It opens with the female lead being set-up on an awkward blind date. She only agreed to go on this blind date in the first place because her best friend promised to buy her concert tickets to her favorite idol-group. Her best friend made her go on this blind date because he wanted her to work on holding conversations with strangers and to build up her confidence. While trying to escape the date, she literally crashes into the leader of her favorite idol-group (but it doesn't entirely go the way she imagined it would go). 2. Female Lead: Kim Ji-won She is a socially-awkward but hard-working woman who just graduated high school. She's also a closet fangirl and suffers from depression because of the problems she suffered through within her family and the bullying in school. Music was her way of easing the pain and she grew attached to a certain idol-group. Through the drama, she learns how to defend and love herself. 3. Male Lead: Nam Joo-Hyuk Leader of the idol group that the female lead adores. He's been in the entertainment business since he was a child and therefore, no longer trusts anyone. He thinks everyone wants to befriend him because of who he is and how much money he makes. His mother was a legendary singer who died when he was 13 and his father is a businessman. He only has a select number of friends he can confide in until he meets the female lead. 4. Second Male Lead: Kim Ji-Soo He has been friends with the female lead since before the incident happened. The incident that made the female lead put up a wall to protect herself. The only one able to get through her wall has been him. He scared away the bullies when they were younger (getting in a few fights himself). It pains him to see how much she has suffered and he tries to make her smile and laugh as much as possible when she is around him. He also knows how much of a fangirl she can be and he teases her about it constantly. Along with the female lead, he befriends the male lead and a slight bromance forms (although he still deeply cares for his best friend). 5. DRAMA'S NAME: Melody [mel-uh-dee]: 1. musical sounds in agreeable succession or arrangement. This was the hardest to come up with. I would want music to have a huge part in this drama with OST songs from Every Single Day and the Black Skirts. This was so hard to make! Tagging the K-Drama family: @biancadanica98 @itsbrenduhh @Maxxie12 @KpopQueenBee @Marblue143 @tinaechie @Kamiamon@SamanthaRamdath @jenxchan @mikaylabledsoe @KpopGaby @BulletproofV @KpopMom @krin @kpopandkimchi @KatMeja @KaitlynHewitt @seouls @jojojordy2324 @RaquelArredondo @stevieq@bryyyaanna @KpopMilira @VixenViVi @IMNII @thePinkPrincess @luna1171 @merryjayne13 @EmilioTrevino @SivegechHeang @Priscilla @ShinoYuki @btsgotshinee @VeronicaArtino @SaraHanna @BluBear07 @JackieMurrayCab @GenesisZiporrah @LizzyRubyCiss @BrendaPham @Taijiotter @Gladness @ErCurrent @KDSnKHJ @PrettieeEmm @maysaarah @shelbyperez10 @Nikolmaii