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Korea Shopping Guide for Affordable Clothes!
Everywhere you go in Korea you will most likely find a place to shop for clothes and accessories. The number one misconception is they are dirt cheap but it depends where you shop. Most boutique in the department store are quite expensive. Most tops ranges from 50,000-60,000 won and if it's on sale it will be around the 30,000-40,000 won. Unless you shop at fast fashion chain like Mango, Zara, H&M, or F21, it will be hard to score on clothes under 20,000 won. By the way, 1,000 won is equivalent to $0.90 depending on exchange rate. I always imagine 1,000 won as $1 to make things easier. However, there are places where you could find good deals! It's hidden in the subway stations. 1. Gangnam Station You can get there with subway line 2 This underground shopping center is probably the most tidy one out there. It looks wider and more spacious than the other ones I've been to. Most clothes starts from 5,000 won and above. That's super cheap but the quality also speak for the price. You can't complain. On the brighter side, if you're someone who likes trying out different trends this is the cheapest option. 2. Express Terminal Station You can get there with subway line 3, 7, or 9 Warning. This one is EXTREMELY crowded because it is the transfer station for people to travel in and out of town. Most of the clothing and accessory shop here carry the same types of items as the Gangnam shops. However, this place is a lot bigger and they also sell household items like bedding sheets, rugs, and decorative pieces. There's a Shinsegae department store above this shop and another underground shopping center which house brands like Uniqlo. In short, you can spend the whole day here. 3. Ehwa Shopping Street Get on line 2 and get off at Ehwa Station. The shopping street is located near Ehwa Women University and there are lots of cute clothes, shoes and bags for a great price. As usual, most of the shopping places will carry similar pieces because that's the trend in Korea. This place is probably more suitable for young adults. 4. Myeongdong Street Shop Biggest and craziest shopping destination. This place is the center of Korea's popular brands. You can get a lot of deals in cosmetics if you purchase in bulk. There are lots of tourist here and the crowd is insane especially during the weekends. So, beware. 5. Dongdaemun Shopping Street This is like the wholesale center for the retail shops in Korea. If you want to purchase in bulk you have to show your retail license. Otherwise, you will have to pay retail price which isn't too bad. You can just have to bargain. Note: You can spend the entire day and and never finish looking. There is the fashion market, Dongdaemun design plaza, and Dongdaemun Fittin plaza. The fashion market opens till late but all the other ones close by 11pm. Other Things: - If you don't speak Korean @reyestiny93 shared some useful Korean shopping phraes in this card. - @TessStevens shared her personal experience on purchasing clothes in Korea. - If you're tired of shopping you can stop by a cafe and chill. @kpopandkimchi has a great card on ordering drinks in a Korean. - Confused about the subway? @kpopandkimchi also have a useful guide to help you get around in Seoul. This is pretty much all the places I can think of to buy affordable clothes in Korea! What was your shopping experience in Korea?
Uses of Oils: Mastering the Art of Oils
Que tal peeps! Mi amiga @MelissaGarza asked how would one use oils on my card that I made about the benefits of oil. Click here to check that card out. I thought if she has this question than many others might especially if they are new to the art of using oils for skincare. I did not cover all the ways to use all oils known to man but I found so material that gives ideas on how to use the popular oils. In a nutshell I use oils in scrubs, oil cleaning, cooking, in my hair, healing scars, dental health, on my skin, and the lost goes on. I'm an oil FREAK! Hope this helps! Besos and Blessings up! Coconut Oil This oil is very popular in the beauty world. Besides cooking with this oil it has many health benefits and can used many different ways. This videos shares 10 ways in which you can use this product. Personally I use this for my oil pulling caps. This helps whiten teeth and leave you with fresh breath. Believe me when I say you will not wake up with morning funk breath if you use this for your oil pulling method. If you want more information on this method let me know. I like to make whipped coconut butter for my mom in the summer to moisturize her skin. You can also use this for your hair too. Olive Oil This video contains 10 ways on how to use this oil to help your overall health. I cook with this oil and use it as a base for many of my homemade deep hair conditioners and facial scrubs. More information on how to use Olive Oil Argan Oil Besides Olive oil Argan oil was one of the first oils I was loca about. My hair loves this oil and I love using it as a light moisturizer for my face. This videos gives you 10 ways on how to use this super beauty oil. Rosehip Oil Ah I love this oil too lol. I began using this oil last winter. I had some skin discoloration and wanted to naturally deal with that. This helped even my skin tone and because it a fatty oil I use this at night time. This video shares 10 ways to use this oil. Natural Sunscreen This recipe can be used for those who are allergic to sunscreen or just want to use an all natural product. However, keep in mind I don't burn easily, so I would say test this before solely using this. This is another way to use oils together. I do not know if I shared this before but this video does an awesome job of sharing how to use different oils for different things. If you don't watch any of these video all the way on this card I STRONGLY SUGGEST YOU WATCH THIS ONE ALL THE WAY. What Oil is Best for Your Skin Type This video covers what is best for your skin type. You want your skin to be the best it can be so some oils you may want to use less of or stay away from. For example many people rave about Castor oil. I can't use it, because it dries the heck out of my skin. However, it works wonders for my bestie. We have drastically different skin types. 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