Songs of the Week ๐ŸŽต๐Ÿ’™
Songs of the Week ๐ŸŽต๐Ÿ’™
Songs of the Week #5!
Sorry for the late list! I hope you enjoy the songs. Here is my weekly playlist in random order for you all to enjoy! 1. Go Crazy by 2PM Go crazy! Exactly! I love this song. It makes you want to get up and dance. Since the beginning the build up gets you excited. And then it stays at a constant level until the highlight. I honestly have this playing whenever I want a good time. 2. Catch me by TVXQ I love this song and the high notes that are being hit are honestly amazing. I love this song from the beginning. The beat is a perfect mixture with the electronic sound. I love the music video too! 3. A-Cha by Super Junior While the song starts and stays around the same beat throughout, the vocals are the highlight of this song. All vocals play a crazy important part in this. 4. Mr. Taxi by Girls' Generation Constant rhythm through out the song, but nonetheless it is a great song. The highlight is clearly the best part. I like how it goes from calm to exciting back to calm. It is not all the time upbeat and likes to highlight the vocals. 5. Betrayed by Avenged Sevenfold This is completely different from KPop haha I love all sorts of music and growing up with two older sisters who love avenged sevenfold made my life a bit awesome. Honestly A7X puts a lot of emotion into their songs they don't always have to be extreme with guitar riffs. The emotion is expressed through the lyrics. Thank you for reading. Let me know if you want to be tagged in future ones or if you like some of my suggested songs!
Songs of the Week #4
I again am a day late because I have been very busy with school. Soon I will make sure to have a scheduled post date and time. Once again in no particular order! 1. Tarzan by Wonder Boyz I really hate that they are no longer together! I love this song. It gives the feeling of a paradise where you want to be. At least it is where I want to be. Honestly it is a very good song with great soft, yet powerful vocals. I have been hearing this song nonstop for the past week. 2. Ready Set Go by LC9 Another group that is sadly disbanded. While I love MaMa Beat, this song gave the impact of a great hit if it was a single. It perfectly mixes some electronic, some hip hop feel, and some great vocals. I always have this as one of my go to songs. 3. Rock your body by VIXX Talk about throwback! I love that this has the perfect break down. It sounds like a really bubbly song at first and then with the breakdown it gives the electronic sound. "You make me feel alive" totally describes the meaning of the song. 4. Come back home by 2NE1 "Come back home. Can you come back home?" The lyrics are what get me the most. Even though I focus on the English translation, it is really such deep lyrics. The struggle of love and relationships still with a really good music backing. I don't like how the music video has a calmer section. This song is meant to be upbeat! 5. Dance with me now! by E-girls Let's get some J-Pop in here! So I am not entirely sure how I started listening to them but I am happy I did. There are waaaaaay too many members. If you thought GG was a lot, think again! This group is 20 members. Anyway, I love this song. It is a nice upbeat song that gets you pumped with just the right amount of girl group spunk. This is my weekly list. If you want to be tagged in future posts let me know! Thank you to those that read it and listened to the songs. Let me know which ones you like or which ones you now know because of this!