How Naruto Has Been an Influential Part of My Life.
I have learned so many important life lessons from anime and they have changed my life for the better! One of the most influential animes in my life is Naruto. I have learned so much through the shoes of all of the characters in Naruto. What I love about this anime is that there are so many characters and story arcs behind these characters that you can not not (sorry bout the double negative) fall in love/confide with them and relate to their experiences and emotions. Friends are greater than scum and if you put anything before friends you are worse than scum. I think that simple squad lesson from Kakashi gets to the hearts of many. Believe in friends and never betray them or leave them behind (they are ohana-- thanks Lilo cx ). Be yourself and dont EVER let anyone tell you different! Surround yourself with people you love and who support you and forget those who dont. Always believe and strive for your dreams!! Dont let anyone tell you, "You cant" or "Thats Stupid" because they arent you and dont let their negativity bring you down! Rise above that and fill your life with optimism and determination and results will show! (: Never giving up is another very big lesson I have learned from Naruto!! Yes life can throw you down but you gotta get back up and fight even tho some days that can be really tough. Naruto and really every character have taught audiences that you cant let your past and people's judgments of you define you and affect your way of life. Dont let them have that power! You do you! And There are people who see that and love you for it! Be different! We are all unique and are not made from a cookie cutter for a reason! I think even with an action packed anime like this one, I have learned to still be the bigger person, and that fighting and revenge isnt always the answer. So, this last meme made me laugh a lot and I had to end on a funny one. Lemme know what you think and if you agree (: Comment Below! What animes are most influential to you and what life lessons have you learned? Make a card with your answer and tag me! I would love to hear what you have learned and what you have to say! cx Borrowing {DD} Tagging: @biancadanica98 @BlackoutZJ @Bloodraven @BrettBrown @BrittanyFrazee @ButterflyBlu @Cager @CaitlinDavis @Calanator @ChibiEVE @chris98vamg @ChrisLuu @chrisramirez23 @ChristianRankmo @ChristinaOMalle @ChristopherKenn @Chronoshindo @chuyslim @ColeSevigny @ConnerThompson @CoreyPellegrin @CreeTheOtaku @CrimsonBlitz216 @Cytlaly @DaequanLewis @Danse @DariusLigon @deathsaia @DipDopOfTheDip @DustinPowe @Elecktra987 @electica @EmilianoMacias @EricS @FernandoGarza @franklovespuns @GalenUnleashed2 @gh0str3con1596 @GinnaL13 @GregSchulte @Haidurr @HaleyPerkins @HessenGalan @HiddenOne15 @IanHand @IanHoyer @IrvinHoyos @IsaiahWaterford @ItsMeKafar @jacobsnyder @jairoescobar54 @JaisonRagnaught @Jason41 @Javi201 @jeremimzy17 @JessaxD @jevonlowery @Jithu @JoelCarmonaRoja @JoelCruzJr21 @JonathanBellamy @JonathanBurnham @JonathanJones @JosiahDoyle @JosieAnime15 @JulieBurk @Kaidra @Kakashilover @KathyGarcia @Kaycemadison @KellerBertrand @KenonWilliams @Kiirahaha @Kirik @Kirooken @KittyCommittee @LaqondaHope @Lawzo @LetsGoAnime @littlechibi97 @littlemaryk @Lorena13 @Luffy051 @MaighdlinS @MajahnNelson @MariamaFeaster @Markimooluv @metaleuphoria @MetalMorgan @mirandaTate @MisfitMashup @MohammedSaheel @MoonRose @msfancysunshine @MusicLover4Ever @natsu2 @nberry1620 @RadChick10 @ravenator143 @SAGEOTAKU @samihudson @SamuelGutierrez @SantaraJones @SareBear @sasunaru @sbrisita @SeanMcintosh @SeaseaBlue @Sensui @Shaggystwin @Sharia @ShawnKukacka @Shippudenguy21, @Christ04 @TravisSimpkins @amedina0125 @TaylorKoby @ARMYStarlight @randysqwishy23 @TravisSimpkins @nberry1620 @iixel @lullabyneko @Fmoney @littlemaryk @JakeErter @pervysagex @AhalloweenGirl @KaylanMadoori @TrevorMoon @Hikaymm @reaper412 @tayhar18920 @ShinigamiSan @dragonlover1852 @InVinsybll @punksjunk @hikaymm @TylerDurso @MadAndrea @VoidX @RosePark @poojas @Volpix5150 @ZeltzinCorona