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IsoldaPazo's Collection
Korean Summer Skincare Essentials
Even though its mid-August, summer here in Seoul is nowhere near over. We'll probably be hot and sweaty until the end of September * cries * So, I wanted to share some of my tips for using Korean beauty products to survive the weather :) What I mention: 1. SUNBLOCK Here in Korea there are a lot of different kinds of sunblock including a more watery 'essence' that you apply after your toner in the morning. It seeps into your skin and really helps protect you! 2. Aloe Vera I used this all the time as a kid who would get sunburned a lot haha In Korea you can buy it by the tub-full and drinkable aloe is also really popular! 3. Face Masks in the Fridge! We all know Korean face masks do amazing things for your skin, but for extra summer relief, through them in your fridge for a mini ice facial! The mask will be super cold and will feel soooo good! 4. Gel Eye Masks If you don't like putting product on your face, you should try gel masks that are just pickets of gel that you can either heat up or freeze and put on your face. My eye patches are really great when I have a head ache or I'm just too hot. 5. Clay Masks For Oil I don't really have oily skin, but in the summer even I get that unwelcomed shine. Clay masks really help get rid of that extra oil and calm down your pores. I have a volcanic clay mask that is amazing! 6. Foot Masks Normally when we think of skincare we think of only our faces, but your feet need love too! Especially durning summer when you're probably in sandals more - foot masks really help you out. Some are insane and totally make all your skin peel off, but some are tame and just moisturize your feet. You choose ;) 7. Face Mists Face mists are my life savers on a hot day. Just spray a little (my favorite is a sea water kind) on your face, your neck, your arms, and voila! You're suddenly cooled down, moisturized, and feeling like you can survive the day :) For more on my opinions and what products I used: What's your favorite summer skincare tip?
언녕 친구! 🤧
안녕하세요 친구 Hello my fellow Vinglers. After much consideration and thought and weighing out the pros and cons.... I've decided that it is best for me to take a mini hiatus for various reasons, reasons that I wish to still keep to myself but such is lifeu. No, I'm not leaving my kpop world and I may pop up here and there but the best decision is to take a mini break...2 or 3 weeks. Not like yall really care but to those that have me on your taglist yassss keep me on since I'll be back I mean I can't just completely abandon my trees KNK, KARD, BTS AND BTOB and others like that but i do need this time off. To my unofficial mod supporter, thank you lovelies. Be strong these coming weeks lol but seriously keep me posted. I'll definitely be taking my time off as a vacation so that will be a positive mindset for me. I'm off with my lovely oppa ^lol BTW: TAGGING EVERYONE BECAUSE I'LL BE BACK TO SPAMMING YALL. 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