Koop Fan-Fiction
Koop Fan-Fiction
Chasing Shadows (EXO FanFic)
*Title Subject to Change* A high school girl, Leila, had her life flipped upside down after she realized she could see things that others couldn't. ♡ Chapter I I ran into class but tripped at the door and fell flat on my face, everyone started laughing. I glanced up to see my teacher standing infront of me, "Leila that's the third time this week, one more tardy and I'm going to have to tell the dean." I quickly got up, "I'm sorry Mr. Matthews, This will be the last time." He sighed and pushed his glasses up, "Fine, take your seat." I made my way to the back of the classroom, right next to the window, just the way I like it. I sat down and sat my bag down next to me, I took a deep breath out, Its's impossible to arrive on time... I surveyed the classroom, some students pointing at me and quietly laughing, some asleep, and some deep in notes. I rested my chin in my hand and looked outside, I saw a boy with a school uniform on, staring at me from the other side, I blinked and he was gone. Ok, I'm not going crazy, am I? "Leila," a voice coming from right beside me said. My heart stopped and I looked to my right, it was my teacher. "I see your day dreaming again," He said. Can't I just have one good day? "Your notes aren't out, I'm not surprised you're failing my class," He said looking at me with cold eyes. Ouch. Everyone oohed and laughed once more, "I'm sorry, I thought I saw something." "This better not happen again, get your notes out and pay attention," He said as he turned around and made his way back to the front. I took my notes out of my bag and placed them on the desk. I then felt something light hit my head and land on my notepad, it was a paper wad. Already knowing I was going to regret it, I opened it anyways; Why don't you just drop out and follow in your mom's footsteps? I crumbled it back up and tried to hold my tears back. My mother has been the reason I've been late for the past two weeks. My mother used to be the best mother in the world until she met Trevor. My mom then fell into the void of alcoholism and drugs. She didn't take it too well when she found out he was cheating on her with a tramp called Kandi. She then fell into depression and has been trying to hurt herself while I'm away at school. She locks herself away in the bedroom and that places the responsibility on me. I have two jobs to help pay for bills, sometimes she'll ask me for money. This one time she asked for money for groceries and I gave her some. A couple hours later she came back with an empty beer bottle in hand a guy named Andrew. I don't have to tell you the rest... I shakily opened my notepad to a fresh page, I then took a deep breath. I was about to pick up my pen when I heard a loud bang coming from the right side of the classroom. I turned and saw a boy with his legs up on the desk. He was wearing a light grey school uniform, who wears school uniforms anymore? I then noticed it was the same guy I thought I saw outside, my eyes grew wide. I stared at him, I'm going crazy, it could just be one of my classmates that I never noticed before... why is the teacher letting him keep his feet on the desk? I then noticed that he noticed I was staring and he looked genuinely surprised. He put his feet down and started walking towards me, I held my breath, what is happening? He then stopped infront of me and leaned forward, only inches away from my face, "Boop," he then tapped my nose. Did he just boop my nose? I looked at him, he had ears that kind of fanned out from the sides, which was adorable don't get me wrong. He had brown hair and and deep brown eyes. "You know it's rude to stare," he smiled and stuck his hands in his pockets. "I-I'm sorry.." I replied quietly, he then  chuckled. "and now you're talking? Leia, one strike after another." I turned to look at the teacher, "I'm sorry but it's just that..." I turned to look at the student again but he wasn't there, what the actual hell, "It's just what?" I ran my hand through my hair, "Nothing." The teacher then walked to his desk, "I'm sorry but I'm going to have to send you to the office." I frowned, it's like I live there now. I put my things back into my bag and swung it over my shoulder.  I began walking to the front when all of a sudden I fell forward, a girl laughed, "Did you have a fun trip?" I could hear the teacher trying surpress his laughter, "Holley, that enough." I got up and brushed myself off and grabbed the pass. I quickly made my way out into the hallway and headed towards the office. I blinked several times to hold back the tears, you should be used to this by now. I looked at the ground and shook my head, I then hit something stiff. I looked up to see three guys with surprised expressions, "Sorry, I wasn't  watching where I was going." One of the guys who had dark circles under his eyes, who was pretty tall and skinny, goals, said, "You can see us?" I nodded, "Um, yes...." Why wouldn't I?  "I'm sorry but I have somewhere to be," I moved passed them, accidentally brushing against the one with dark circles. He grabbed me by the arm and looked me straight in the eyes, my heart started beating quickly. One of the other guys pulled his hand off, "Leave her alone Tao." I fixed my shirt and then glared at the one named Tao. I then headed towards the officed, confused and tired. A/N: Decided to do something a little different, please do not steal cover picture, I edited most of it. But comment if you guys want more? I don't know Hi. :3