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Markie Pooh Mondays (19+)
since I didn't contribute much today I'm adding another smut fic for the IGOT7 Team “I think you would get along with Mark really well,” Jackson said, pushing you along. “Jackson,” you complained. “Do I have to do this?” Jackson wanted you to meet some of his friends, but you were really nervous and shy around new people, so he agreed to only make you meet them one at a time. You had heard a lot about Mark from Jackson, which only made the situation more intimidating. From the way Jackson talked about him, you would’ve guessed that Jackson had a major crush on Mark, but Jackson would’ve told you about something like that. Plus Jackson was always talking people up. Plus Jackson always said that Mark was like an angel, which terrified you. You definitely weren’t an angel, so you were worried Mark would judge you for not exactly being the most innocent person around. “Yes, you do have to this. Y/n, you promised me,” Jackson said. He continued pushing you forward. Jackson had decided it would be best for you guys to go out to eat for the first meeting. You finally got to the restaurant, and Jackson had to drag you inside. Mark was already at a table, and you ended up sitting on the opposite side of him, while Jackson sat next to you. “Hi, my name is y/n,” you said with a shy smile. Mark smiled back. “I’m Mark.” His voice was soft and quiet. “It’s okay. You guys can skip this step of your awkward stages. You both are really nice people who I adore,” Jackson said. “Jackson,” you whined. He was only making you feel more uncomfortable. Jackson sighed. “You two are impossible. I’m going to go to the bathroom, and by the time I get back, you two better be talking.” He left the table, leaving you and Mark sitting at the table awkwardly. You shook your head, glaring at Jackson as he left. “Jackson is so pushy.” Mark chuckled at this. “You have no idea. When he first met me, he kept talking to me, even though I didn’t really respond. He never gave up though.” “Yep, that sounds just like Jackson,” you said, smiling. “He’s so friendly with everyone, which is great, but he doesn’t realize some of us have a harder time with it.” “That’s why I make sure to hit Jackson with a ppyong hammer whenever I can,” Mark said, an evil smile creeping onto his lips. “Plus it’s just really funny.” “He definitely deserves it,” you laughed. Jackson came back at that moment. “Look at this. You guys are already friends! What were you talking about?” “Oh nothing that would concern you,” you said, trying to hide your smile. Mark chuckled at this. Jackson frowned. “Wait. Were you guys talking about me?” When you two laughed, Jackson continued, “What were you guys talking about?” You patted Jackson on the head. “Don’t worry. It was nothing too bad.” Jackson glared at you. “This is revenge, isn’t it? I’m just trying to help you two become friends, and this is how you treat me.” Jackson shook his head. The rest of dinner went better than you had hoped. After finding a common topic of Jackson, you and Mark opened up a little. He laughed at all of your jokes, and you heard his crazy high pitched laughter. After dinner, you and Mark exchanged phone numbers with the encouragement from Jackson. You started texting Mark, and you found out that you two had more in common with each other than just Jackson. You, Jackson, and Mark quickly became close friends and started hanging out a lot. Inevitably you started getting a crush on Mark. Not only was he ridiculously beautiful, but he also laughed at all of your jokes, even the dirty ones. You tried to stop your feelings for him, since he was Jackson’s friend, but nothing worked. One day, you gave up and decided to text Mark, asking him if he wanted to come over. You sent the message and held your breath as you waited for an answer. You had messaged Mark before, but this time was different. You planned on confessing your feelings for him. When Mark responded with a “sure,” you got really excited and started to clean your place. He had seen it messy before, but suddenly you felt self-conscious. When you heard a knock on the door, you scurried over and answered it. You quickly fixed you hair and then let Mark inside. “Is Jackson here?” Mark asked as he kicked off his shoes. You frowned, wondering if Mark had only come over because he thought Jackson was going to be hanging out too. “Actually, I was thinking just the two of us could hang out tonight. We never really do that.” You bit your lip, feeling uncomfortable. “I hope you don’t mind.” “Not at all,” Mark said. “I think it’ll be fun actually. Did you have something you wanted to do?” “You.” You covered your mouth quickly, when you realized that you had said that out loud. You started laughing trying to play it off as a joke. “Haha, oh my goodness. The look on your face was priceless.” You leaned against the counter and took a deep breath, trying not to panic. “You weren’t even looking at me,” Mark said, taking a step towards you. “How would you know what my face looked like?” You gulped and looked around for a way to make up for your mistake. “I saw it in the reflection on the refrigerator.” You laughed, trying to make you feel less awkward. Mark took another step towards you, so he was standing only inches away from you. “Oh, that’s a shame. I thought you actually wanted to do me for a moment there.” He reached out and twirled a piece of your long, curly hair in his fingers. You looked up at Mark, and he was staring at you with his hungry eyes. “What would you do if I did want to do you?” you asked, your voice barely above a whisper. Mark took another step closer, and now his body was pressed against yours. He leaned his face closer to yours and stopped inches away from your mouth. “Well, for one, I’d start by stroking up your body until my hands were in your hair.” Mark’s voice was deep and low, which was completely opposite from his laugh. “Then I’d pull your face towards mine until there was only a sliver of air between our lips.” Mark wasn’t moving, but his voice and the idea of him touching you was enough to drive you crazy. “Then I would tell you that I’ve been thinking about this for too long, but I didn’t think you felt the same, so I held back from taking you in my arms and kissing you.” “And what if I told you that I wanted you right here, right now?” you asked, barely able to breathe from Mark’s proximity. Mark leaned forward and brushed his lips against your ear. “Then I would take you right here, right now. I would take off your clothes and then mine, and give you my whole body. Nothing would stop me from ravishing you in every way possible.” “Uh-huh,” you said as your eyes fluttered shut. You imagined Mark doing everything to you that he had said. You couldn’t believe this was the same Mark you had met at the restaurant with Jackson. Mark pulled away from you, making you open your eyes. “Too bad you were just joking around,” Mark said, smirking. “We’ll just have to find something else to do, like a board game or something.” He started walking away from you. You grabbed his arm and pulled him close to you. “Don’t be a fool, and just kiss me already.” Mark didn’t hesitate to fulfill your demand. He wrapped his arm around your waist and pulled you tightly against his body. His other hand combed through your hair as his lips smashed against yours. Your hands went to the bottom of his shirt and pulled it over his head. You admired his torso for a minute, surprised to see how toned his abs were, especially for how skinny he was. Mark reached over and pulled your shirt off before pressing his lips against yours again. His fingers ran over your bare back, tickling your skin. You jumped up and wrapped your legs around Mark’s torso. He put his hands under your butt to support you, and then he headed to the bedroom. Your fingers tugged at his hair as you stuck your tongue in his mouth. He opened your bedroom door and laid you on the bed. He wiggled out of his jeans and climbed on top of you. He put his hands on either side of your head and pressed his crotch against yours. He kissed your lips once, and then he started moving down your jawline and then your neck. His hands slid underneath your back, and you arched to give him easier access as he unhooked your bra. Once he was successful, he tossed it to the side, revealing your chest to the cool air. His hand moved to your breast as his lips found your neck again. He began massaging your chest, making you moan. His fingers played with your nipple, making it erect, and then he switched his hands, so he could play with your other breast. He sucked on your collar bone, before moving his lip to your chest. He gave your breast sloppy kisses, and the cool air against the wet spots made you shiver. When Mark took your nipple in his mouth, you moaned again, driving him crazy. He started grinding his hips against yours. You grabbed Mark’s shoulders and dug your fingernails into his skin, unable to control yourself. Mark then sat up and slowly pulled off your pants and underwear before removing his boxers. He pulled you up so that you were sitting on his lap. Mark kissed your lips, and you wrapped your legs around Mark’s waist. You grinded your hips against his, feeling his member rub against your sensitive spot. After a few moments, you reached down and guided Mark towards your entrance. You let him fill you up, and you rested your head against his neck, taking a moment to adjust to his size. He put his hand under your chin and made you look into his eyes. “Are you okay?” he asked. You nodded. “I’m more than okay.” You wrapped your arms around Mark’s neck and started kissing him. You slowly started moving your hips back and forth, and Mark slid his hands down to your hips. He rubbed his thumbs in little circles, massaging your skin, and then he began moving your hips back and forth, increasing the speed. You threw your head back and relished the feeling of the heat building inside of you. Mark took the opportunity to attach his lips against your neck. Your walls clenched, telling both you and Mark that you were getting close. Mark started thrusting up into you, and the friction became overwhelming. You clenched even more, and then you released, and your body filled with pleasure. Your throbbing walls sent Mark over the edge too. He grunted and with one last thrust, he hit his high. You both collapsed onto the bed, feeling completely exhausted. When you had invited Mark over to your place, you definitely hadn’t expected something like that to happen. You had only planned on confessing to Mark, but you weren’t complaining with the results. Mark interlaced his fingers with yours and pulled you into his body. He kissed your neck and muttered into your ear, “I can’t believe we just did this.” “Me neither.” You pulled Mark’s hands against your torso and traced the veins in his hands. “Jackson is going to go crazy when we tell him,” you laughed. Mark laughed back. “He will never let it go and take all the credit for introducing us.” You turned so that you were facing Mark. “To be fair, I’m glad he did introduce us, even if it was awkward at first.” “Me too.” Mark leaned forward and gave you a long, gentle kiss. 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