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Make up, Skin Care, etc.
how i lost weight
Here are some tips on how to loose weight tip #1 don't go grocery shopping when hungry tendency is that you'll grab everything your eyes could see tip #2 green tea green tea helps in loosing those extra weight especially on your belly area and it also has antioxidants for your body tip #3 hydrate drink at least 8-10glasses of water per day. i make sure to drink at least a glass before breakfast for faster metabolism tip #4 don't eat before sleeping metabolism slows down when we're asleep thats why they say 'eat like a king for breakfast, commoner during lunch and a pauper at dinner' or something like that. kk ^^ tip #5 exercise engage in physical activities to help you loose weight. it's healthy for your body and it can release hormones to make you feel happy ~ tip #6 support group having someone to be with you and motivate you throughout this purpose would be a lot of help! tip #7 no junkfoods it's unhealthy and it gives you that bloatedness feeling. tip #8 replacement instead of eating a greasy burger, you can always have some vegetable/fruit salad of your choice tip #9 limit calories monitor your calorie intake by looking at nutrition labels and if you're buying something like a whole piece of chicken or a piece of fruit, you can always ask google or siri ;) tip #10 happy day! i make sure to have at least one day per week where i can enjoy any food i want. it relieves all my cravings for the rest of the week and it serves as my reward for eating right ^^ and i would just like to say that loosing weight should begin with ourselves. we should not do it to please others but rather, to become healthy and for our own well being. also, loosing a lot of weight instantly is dangerous. 2-3lbs of weight loss is ideal and safe. any other tips on how to loose weight?~ *credits to @yoonayoonic for the pics ^^