How to enhance your gaming experience on Android?
Android gaming is very satisfying kind of portable gaming. But, it is definitely not as satisfying on low-budget or entry-level or outdated devices. With games ranging from intensed high graphics to low graphics, from space consuming (1GB - 2.5GB) to not so space consuming (10MB-30MB). But, some of those games need very high standard hardware and software. But, what if you're still running Android 4.0 Ice cream sandwich, what if you're still using phone with a 1.2Ghz dual or quad core processor, what you're still on outdated Nvidia Tegra 3 processor or similar. So, why not upgrade your Android device into a better one without even spending a 'Kaley Cuoco' (Penny, pun intended). So, get ready. Because, we're going on a ride to make your Android device better, better for gaming and overall performance. 1. Root your android device - This is actually very easy to-do thing if you follow the steps properly on a rooting guide. Just search on Google - "How to root _______" your device name and model number. For example, you're using Galaxy Note 2. There are two main variants of the phone. So, if you want to find out which model number it has. Just go to Settings<About device<Model no. There, you got it. You'll find every information about rooting here - After rooting, it's important to install custom recovery. Cwd recovery or TWRP are two of the best recoveries out there. Go through XDA forums, you'll find various guides to install them. Custom recoveries are very important in order to backup or restore your device and flashing modifications to your device. Also, rooting your device will void it's warranty. 2. Install Mods (Modifications) - Blend Boosted - boosts your gpu rendering, improves audio output, improves battery and reduces lags of your device. Works with almost all the devices, but it's always better to make sure if it works with yours. XDA Link - Crossbreeder Mod - helps you boost overall phone experience, reduces all kinds of lags from your phones. And works with most devices. It's also helps you boost your tethering connection, blocks ads and skyware which is definitely a bonus. XDA Link - Nitro X - mod boosts your battery, automatically cleans your system with every boot, improves RAM management, optimises overall performance of your device. Best for those who love to multi-task. XDA Link - Project Fluid - is basically a gaming tweak for your device for lagless gaming experience and better battery life. This mod mainly focuses on gaming needs of yours and improves your device in the same way. XDA Link - Note - Do not flash all the mods with each other as it may lead your device to malfunction. 3. If you don't want to root your device - and don't want to void your warranty. You can still improve your gaming without rooting but not to same extent as rooting can improve it. Here is how can you do that :- 1. Delete those applications which you don't use. 2. If you can't delete them, disable them from Application Manager in Settings. 3. Free up the space from your internal storage with Clean Master by Cheetah Mobile. Playstore Link - 4. Download and install CM Game Booster to enhance your gaming. This app boosts your ram management while gaming and improves your experience by almost 30% as per developers. Playstore Link - 5. Move your all games and apps to external memory if you're able to to that. At least, those apps which supports to be stored on external storage. That's it for now. Follow the collection, for more good cards coming soon.
How to be a Droid Gamer ?
The term "Droid Gamer" means a living organism who loves to play games on Android with all comfort. For example - Me. There are many who claim to be. But, how to be true one.? It's given as follows - THE KIND OF DEVICE YOU'LL NEED ? 1. A device with at least 5.5 inch screen preferably 1080p Full HD screen or better (Less than 720p display is not recommended). Such as Xperia Z5 premium, Huawei Acend Mate 8, Galaxy Note 5, Nexus 6P, etc. I personally use a Xperia Z Ultra with 6.4 inch Full HD screen. 2. CPU AND GPU - Less than 1.5 Ghz speed of CPU is no good for gaming here. A four cores CPU (quadcore) should be good enough to play any game on Android platform. Popular processors like Snapdragon 820 are the ones which are currently giving top-of-the-line performance. 3. Battery - Atleast 3000mAh battery is needed if you really don't like playing games while you're charging your device. 4. Internal Storage - Minimum 16GB storage is suggested. The ones with external SD card support are better. Note - You can also get a Tablet like Z3 tablet compact or nexus 9 but they're aren't as portable as the smartphone we got here. So, probably no gaming if you don't have enough space on the go. YOU NEED A GAMEPAD- (Yeah like the ones we have on Playstation and xbox). Gamepads like MOGA PRO, Sony Dualshock 3, Sony Dualshock 4, Amkette Evo Gamepad PRO or even Xbox gamepad can be used on Android(root required). I personally use Sony Dualshock 3, because it supports my Xperia and I love the way it sits in my hand. Use PPSSPP if you're a PSP gaming fan - This is the best PSP emulator on Android. There's also a gold version with no ads. You just have to Put PSP game's isos file in folder and browse through the PPSSPP app to play the game. The best thing is you can save game it anytime you want. Games that have gamepad support - Some of them are GTA Vice city, GTA San Andreas, Riptide GP2, Dead Trigger, Shadow gun Deadzone and titles go on. Headphones that let you play without disturbance - Some of the good ones are - Sennheiser RS 175 RF Wireless Headphone System, Sony MDR-1A, Sennheiser Momentum 2.0, Beats Studio Wireless Series and many more which you can find on Internet easily. Wait.. That's it? No, you can still get powerbank to charge you're phone while you're gaming. Or a dock for your phone. Or Bluetooth Speakers if you like things little louder. All these things only going to make your gaming experience even better. SO.. NOW IT'S TIME FOR YOU TO BE A DROID GAMER!