BTS' Experiment No. 13612
BTS' Experiment No. 13612
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A/N - This part is just going to be a bunch of random information and it's mostly just a run-down of the "companion" character in each member's branch (story line). These are just characters that have appeared in previous chapters and what they're like. Also I've re-edited previous chapters to make more sense for future chapters and corrected some obvious mistakes. If you see another error I didn't see please comment. Jungkook: Yi DaeChul – receptionist, often jealous and can seem unapproachable, known by most for being kind Taehyung: Kim HeiShik (Shik) – very serious but can be very wild at times and is very caring Jimin: Lee KiYon (Kiki) – supervisor, very nice but somewhat unapproachable and sometimes unsociable Namjoon: Chi KyungJa – a lead part in the choreography division and seems tired a lot Hoseok: Yoo SooHei – coordinator, stern and playful but is almost always business Yoongi: Choi SoHwe – uptight and wants everything to be exactly as planned Jin: Ryuk InJa – a very big fan of BTS and can get distracted from them from time to time but is a very hard worker when needed Y/N – was interning at a science lab as a social scientist before the experiment. She is physically and mentally strong and can handle pressure quite well. A/N - This part probably wasn't needed. Also sorry about not updating... Tag List @Beckah1327 @Saraortiz2002 @Gurlmeli13 @Tinathellama @Dchapple45 @Ercurrent @TracyLynnn @LemonLassie @Orihemay @Vipgirl5 @MsLoyalHeart @KatiePrihodiko @SerenityThao @Ninjamidori @KarolinaTrevino @PatriciaS @ReynadeKpop @Loftonc16 @SuperJuniorelf @Yongsongmi @AL0AL @HeichousRegalia @SugaMint @JadeOwens @Jinnyrod3 @Kiyofugi @ParkHwaYoung @narutobandgeek @nanaresendiz @SindyHernandez @HopeAndSunshine @JeonJungkook8 @faith92 @StephanieAyalah @EmmaJolie @AngelaDarkness @KristinaCaron @Ivonvons @BetseyBleau @Sydthesloth @SarahVanDorn @HopeLia
BTS' Experiment -C11- Jin
Y/N's pov >Morning< *beep**beep**beep**beep* An alarm clock went off across the room and soon enough, the beeping stopped. I heard a few grunts and Jin's bed made a few sounds then his feet hit the floor. His footsteps came closer to me and stopped right beside me. Jin shook my shoulder until I finally got up. Without saying much, all of us did our morning routines then left for Big Hit. "Jeon Jungkook, Kim Taehyung, Park Jimin, Kim Namjoon, Jung Hoseok, Min Yoongi, Kim Seokjin, y/l/n y/f/n." A man in a suit was standing by the door as we entered. We all nodded when our names were said. "This is them." A group of about five other people came out from their hiding places and surrounded us. "Come." There were three behind us and one on either side of our group with the man who was at the door leading us. As we passed by the staff, they all looked at us with concern on their faces but looked away quickly.  "Sit." A woman with a suit said who was sitting at the head of the table said. We did as we were told and the other five men stood against the wall. "Congratulations to Kim Seokjin and y/l/n y/f/n for their success yesterday. We understand that you were probably worried yesterday as to whether you could attack those people yesterday. If they weren't facility men and you hit them, you would be in trouble yourself. Here's the solution to that problem that will be in effect until the end of the experiment." She pointed her finger to the man who was by the door. He took a golf ball sized disk out of his breast pocket and handed it to her. "Allow me to explain. Any facility man on a work related job will wear one of these. It is required by us that it is worn on either the front of a hat, the cuff of a sleeve or coat, or the chest area." She handed it to Namjoon who was sitting closest to her. He turned it in his hands a few times then passed it down. When it finally reached me I took a close look at the image on it. It was a gray patch with a black border and against that was "F.A.C.I.L.I.T.Y. For the Better of the Future" in blue letters. In the center was a gold key with a black end and a string attached to the end circling the key. I passed the patch onto Jin. He stared at it for a few seconds then passed it on. "One more thing." She pointed to one of the men against the wall. He pulled a paper out of his pocket and handed it to her which was then handed to Namjoon. "This is the complete list of all the things that the facility men will be doing during the time of the experiment." A few of the things on the list weren't so bad but a few of them were...interesting. "That's really all I wanted to say. There probably won't be any more face-to-face meetings like this unless there is an emergency." She got up and left the room with each of the men following her. I got up when the door closed and started towards the door. The others noticed and rushed up out of their seats. I walked out of the door and headed for my office and hoped to run into InJa to ask her about work. I talked with the boys until they had to get off the elevator to practice. I stood silently until I reached my floor. I was walking towards my office when someone literally ran into me. "Oh! Y/N! You're okay! Kinda..." InJa helped me off the floor and walked with me to my office. "Tell me EVERYTHING that happened. Is that a blood stain on your cheek? Y'know your skin can get stained if something is left on you face for a long time." I didn't even realize that I didn't completely clean myself up after yesterday's fight. "Before any of that, here's your new assignment!" She grabbed a folder that must have been placed there earlier. "I was going to give it to you when your returned from lunch but by the time you came back for the party, I was already out of here!" I took the folder from her and opened it up. 'Take editing course from a staff member and edit the file on the flash drive.' A little Gudetama flash drive was under another paper. 'Three other newbies will also be editing the file. The best one will go to the professionals for final touches then submitted. The newbie who's edit is submitted will be allowed to attend the photoshoot at the end of the month/beginning of next month. Please submit the finished file to your mentor. Copy 1 of 3.' "Who's my mentor?" I asked InJa as I put the papers back into the folder. "Oh yea, I am!" She smiled and handed me another folder. "You can ask me anything, work or not. Your work is also submitted to me unless told otherwise or you are put to work under someone else." The folder she gave me had just one paper in it. "That came from BTS' choreographer." 'We need someone that can REALLY help Jin with his dancing. I think someone like you could be the motivation he needs. Please come to the dance practice room by 12 noon.' "I guess I report this to their choreographer." I showed InJa the note and she nodded her head. "I'll get to the other assignment tomorrow." I walked out of my office to their practice room. I somehow got lost getting to their practice room since you just have to walk past the main room and down a hall. I had to walk around aimlessly until I heard a shriek that definitely came from Hoseok a bit down the hall. I ran to the door and tried to open the door. Someone was sitting against the door which prevented me from being able to open it. "Someone get y/n! She's a scientist, right? She would know what to do!" "She's not a medic scientist, she's a social scientist!" "Whatever, just get her!" The door opened and Jimin and Hoseok crashed into me. "What do you all need me for?" I asked as I helped Jimin up. "It's Jin! His arm just started to bleed while we were practicing! We wrapped it up but then he complained about his head hurting. A few minutes later he was holding his head and collapsed! You might not be a medic but I'm sure you know better than any of us what to do right now!" Jimin said panicked. Hi, well, I'm back... um... I didn't know that this part didn't get uploaded didn't. I've been taking time lately to re-edit the story on wattpad, so if you want to read the *correct* version read it on wattpad and future chapters might make a bit more sense. It doesn't have any major plot changes but it had a lot of corrections. Wattpad: I haven't been on wattpad for a while or made cards so I don't really know some stuff. Yay. I don't know if you guys are still interested but please tell me if you'd like to be added or removed from the list. 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BTS' Experiment -C11- Yoongi
BTS' Experiment Collection Y/N's pov >Morning< "GET UP!!!" Yet again, the members had to yell at us to wake up. This time, Yoongi and I got up with no argument. We did normal morning things and our routines. When everyone was ready, we set out for the Big Hit building. "Boys, and you..." SoHwe held her clipboard close to her body as she approached us as we entered. "All of you are needed at a meeting right now." She looked at her clipboard and made a disgusted face. "You all are already so far behind on your schedules because of yesterday." "At least they are all right." Jin said calmly "They're a little beat up, but they're okay." "Whatever, you need to get to your meeting." Then she turned and strutted away with her heels clicking with every step. Jin sighed when she was out of earshot. "She isn't someone you should mess with." Yoongi put a hand on my shoulder and looked back at Hoseok. "She's all business, no fun. She's really strict about our schedules and makes us follow them as accurately as possible." He let go of my shoulder and walked to the elevators. The rest of us followed him to the elevator. When we got off of the elevator, someone with a staff clip stopped us. He pulled us to the side and smiled. "Y/N! Boys!" He bowed enthusiastically. "I understand that you all need to get to a very important meeting, but could you all meet me in my office as soon as the meeting is over?" We all nodded our heads. "Great, thank you so much!" He then turned and ran down the hall taking a left at the end of the hallway. "That was Gyu HwaeGo. He's a promoter. He helps with our promotions and gets people to get us to do commercials and such." Jimin said sounding a bit deflated. "He's always a bit hyper but he seems like he's running on caffeine all the time." "His wife had a baby last month." Namjoon said. "It's their third child." He didn't hesitate a second longer and walked into the meeting room. "You're late." A muscular man stood looking out the window. "Sit down, we only have ten minutes now to get all the information to you all." We sat down hurriedly and watched to man pull a few things from his coat pocket. Two were crumpled up papers and another one looked between the size of a tennis ball and golf ball. "The papers are lists of the facility men's objectives that they are assigned to complete in the six months." The golf ball-sized item was a gray patch with a black border. There were blue letters against the border that said, "F.A.C.I.L.I.T.Y. For the Better of the Future." In the center was a gold key with a black end and the string attached to the key circled the key. "I guess I have to congratulate you for yesterday." He let out a heavy sigh like this entire meeting was just a waste of his time. "Congratulations to Min Yoongi and y/l/n y/f/n for defeating and escaping the facility's forces." He didn't even say my name right, but oh well. "That patch is to be worn on the front of the hat, chest, or shirt cuff of any facility person on business. This is used because of the confusion yesterday. That is all I have time for." He buttoned his coat and walked out mumbling to himself in what I believed was French. "HyaeGo needs us in his office now." We all got us from our seats and left the meeting room. Taehyung led the way to his office which was a very long way from the meeting room. As we entered, I almost tripped on something on the floor. After getting myself composed again, I looked at what almost tripped me. It turns out it was a few things- boxes of various papers, a wire to something on his desk, and a trash bag full of empty cup noodles. "Oh my! I am SO sorry about the mess. Just stand here where you can see the computer." We did as he said and looked at each other in confusion. "As you know, we have finished filming a few commercials in the past month. Your popularity is now rising and more and more companies are asking for you all. I understand that your big comeback is scheduled for about two months, but..." He pulled up ten photos of company brand logos. Some I recognized from the U.S. and others that were primarily Korean. "Between now and the end of the year, we are going to agree to promotions with four of these companies. These are the top ten we have decided on." "You all always decide what companies we're going to do commercials for, so why are you asking us this time?" Jimin asked. "Technically, I'm not asking you boys but I wanted you all to understand what you all will be doing in the next few months. Y/N, she is technically your semi-personal assistant, but her opinion is very valuable to us. We have agreed that after three months, she should be trustworthy enough where her opinions are almost as powerful as PD-nim's since she should have a pretty good idea of what it best for you boys." "So, why are we here?" One of the boys asked. "So you all know what companies you will be promoting because y/n is going to choose. Please don't try to influence her decision. Y/N, please choose four." I looked at the screen and tried to determine which company would show them off the most. "I guess...that one, that one, that chicken one, and uh...that one" I pointed to each one and got nods of approval each time I picked one. "Does this mean we're going to get to eat on set for the shoot for the chicken one?" Taehyung asked. "Who knows." HyaeGo turned in his chair and started clicking things on his screen. "Oh, you all can go. Do me a favor please. Take that bag of trash out to the dumpster. Thanks, I'll buy you guys a lunchbox after the photoshoot." "Y/N, could you take it out? We need to go practice." Namjoon said. Then they left the office without my response. I guess they really are busy. I sighed and picked up the trash bag that had a few bugs on it, some were dead. I carried it out of the office and hobbled towards the elevators. "Excuse me..." I said to a woman passing by. "I was asked to take this out, could you tell me where the dumpster is?" She smiled and told me where to go. "Thank you so much!" I followed her directions and found myself in the back hall of the first floor. I didn't know there was anything on the first floor other than the front desk and a bunch of places for security guards. I threw the bag into the trash dumpster and closed the lid. I left the trash room and there were a few guards walking around very quickly. "Y/N! Where is miss y/n?!" They called out. "I'm right here!" I called out. The closest security guard rushed up to me and grabbed my shoulders then started to direct me to the elevators. "Y/N found. Sending to floor six." He said into his radio. "Floor six." Without me saying anything, I was pushed into the elevator hastily and the guard pushed the "6" button. When the elevator stopped and the doors opened, there were guards lined up perfectly leading to the practice room. "Excuse me, what's going on?" I asked one of the men. I didn't expect a response but the guard answered. "Yoongi was asking for you. Well, he was gasping your name then passed out in the practice room. He's been saying your name every-so-often." "Why didn't you call a paramedic?" "We-" I didn't hear the rest because I ran up to the door. M'kay, after the next part there will be two informational cards; one is a Q&A card and information about the story as of now in the story, the other being a character card about y/n and the other characters apart from BTS. For the Q&A, I'm gonna need some questions that you all have. I'm sure there are a few things that you're curious about, so I'll answer them. Next, I don't know when those two cards will be since I will be at 3 different camps throughout July and I get 5 free days. (I basically only have this week to memorize my music before band camp) Those two cards will probably be up in August. Feedback and questions are welcome. Suggestions are also great. This card is already long enough. M'kay bye~ Want to be tagged? Just tell me in the comments below! Tag List @Beckah1327 @Saraortiz2002 @Gurlmeli13 @Tinathellama @Dchapple45 @Ercurrent @TracyLynnn @LemonLassie @Orihemay @Vipgirl5 @MsLoyalHeart @KatiePrihodiko @SerenityThao @Ninjamidori @KarolinaTrevino @PatriciaS @ReynadeKpop @Loftonc16 @SuperJuniorelf @Yongsongmi @AL0AL @HeichousRegalia @SugaMint @JadeOwens @Jinnyrod3 @Kiyofugi @ParkHwaYoung @narutobandgeek @nanaresendiz @SindyHernandez @HopeAndSunshine @JeonJungkook8 @faith92 @StephanieAyalah @EmmaJolie @AngelaDarkness @KristinaCaron @Ivonvons @BetseyBleau @Sydthesloth @SarahVanDorn @HopeLia
BTS' Experiment -C11- Hoseok
BTS' Experiment Collection Y/N's pov I woke up startled in Hosoek's arms as he carried me to the table to eat breakfast. In his defense, he didn't want to interrupt my sleep. I didn't want want to argue with him, so I just sat silently while I ate. After that, I got cleaned myself up and got dressed quickly. The boys were ready by the time I came out of my room and we left for the Big Hit building. "Y/N! Where did you go?! I was worried sick! I went to look for you in your office to look at something and you weren't there! I thought you were still at lunch but then the six boys came back shortly without you and Hoseok!" SooHei gripped my shoulders as soon as I walked in while panting. "I'll get those details later but right now all of you have a meeting to go to. It isn't supposed to take long so go now." He let go of my shoulders then walked over to someone and began talking to them. Jin led us to a meeting room and looked concerned. "Please, come in and take a seat." An unfamiliar voice said from inside the meeting room. Jin opened the door and walked in. A man with a fine suit sat near the head of the table while a woman in an officer uniform from the facility stood behind him. "Sit, please." We did as we were told and waited for him to say more. "We are messengers from the facility." He nodded to the woman behind him. "First, congratulations on your performance yesterday. Jung Hoseok and y/l/n y/f/n. We apologize for the damage we left on you yesterday." She took a few things out of a binder she was holding, most of it was paper. "We understand you were worried during their capture. We know that fighting an unknown person would leave a bad rep for you boys, so we have simplified it to make sure you know if it is a facility person or not." A patch was handed down to us. The patch was a light gray, the same color as the facility's dull walls. There was a black border going around the circular shape with blue letters against the border. The letters read, "F.A.C.I.L.I.T.Y for the Better of the Future." The key with a black end that was circled in a string seemed familiar in a strange way. "This is what you can expect from the facility." Papers were passed to us that had about 30 sentences in a list on it. "Yesterday's situation was possibly the most extreme, so please do not feel too terribly threatened." The man looked at me in a curious way but looked away suddenly. "Thank you for your time, we must leave now." He and the woman walked out of the room without saying anything else. "Meeting's over!" SooHei opened the door to the meeting room and poked his head in. "Y/N, I'm going to help you with your first few assignments so boys, if you need any help go to that girl. I'll be in my office for a while." He left the meeting room and left us in the meeting room. "Hoseok, will you be able to practice today?" Jimin asked. Hoseok nodded and walked out of the meeting room. The rest of us followed him to the practice room. "Y/N, please come this way." SooHei intercepted me in the hallway beside the practice room. "You have to have some type of training for you job so I'll be training you. Come with me." The boys glanced at me then disappeared into the practice room. "We don't have time to waste. We're going to try to get months of training into a few hours at best." He led me to his office and sat me down facing his computer monitor. He showed me editing skills and how to operate the soundboards in the recording rooms. Most of it was teaching me about the boys and their styles. Most of the time I was confused on how to do most of it but I eventually understood it after a few hours. SooHei later sent me to Hoseok's office to help him with the songs as my first assignment. I made my way to Hoseok's office and Taehyung was sitting outside of his office. He looked anxious and saw me looking at him. "Why are you out here?" He looked up and smiled like he didn't look anxious just seconds ago. "I'm waiting for Hoseok to finish." He looked back down at his hands and his smile faded. "I thought you all were practicing." "He needed a break so he decided to work on some of the music for a while. He told us to get him in an hour and a half if he didn't remember to come back after an hour. It's been over an hour so I'm just waiting for him to finish whatever he's working on. He's probably really into it right now, so I'm not going to bother him." I nodded and turned to knock on the door. "Hey, he doesn't like people going in there while he's working." "It's my job to make sure he's doing what he needs to." I knocked on the door and waited for him to say something. I figured he didn't hear me since I didn't knock very hard so I knocked again. I waited for a few seconds and he didn't respond. Maybe he had his headphones on and couldn't hear me, so I pushed the door open without hesitating. I poked my head inside and stood staring at what I saw. "Y/N?" Taehyung got up from his spot and came up behind me and looked inside. "What wro-" I let out a scream as I ran inside. Oh geeze, it's been a while since I updated this. Well, I was going to upload this a few days ago but then a storm hit and I got really scared. I'll try to get the Q&A card up next week(???) and the character profile card. It's just to even it to 50 parts cause OCD. Something else, today is my sister's birthday!! She doesn't have Vingle and she doesn't like anything I like so I can't give her memes. Anyways, Happy 17th birthday Sis! If you have any questions about the story, ask me so it can be answered. Suggestions for future parts are needed/welcomed. Want to be tagged? Just tell me in the comments below! 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