Hate Running? Try This No-Run Cardio Workout!
Running is no fun. But how can you feel the burn while avoiding this dreaded cardio activity? Good news! POPSUGAR Fitness posted a great workout for people who hate running. This will get your heart rate up and leave you sweating – but without the endless monotony of running! Do each of the 10 exercises below for 1 min. each. Rest 2-3 minutes between each 10 min. set. Repeat as desired. 1. Side Shuffle with High Knee Hold "Take small, quick steps to the side. Try to get in as many steps as possible in the width of your mat. When you reach the edge of your mat, pause, bringing your inside knee up to waist level. This small pause works your abs and challenges your balance." 2. Ali Shuffle "Keeping your weight on the balls of your feet, scissor your legs front and back. This is quick footwork, and it should be light and fast. Pump your arms to keep the speed of the feet up in tempo." 3. 180 Jump Squat "Start in a deep squat, touching the floor with your left hand. Jump, turning 180 degrees to the left, landing softly in a deep squat with your right fingertips on the floor. Reverse directions, jumping to the right, to return to your starting position." 4. Alternating Knee Hug "Stand tall and alternate pulling one knee at a time to your chest, and hold the hug for a few seconds before switching legs. This is an active stretch for your low back." 5. Alternating Lunge Jump "Bounce on the balls of your feet, jumping into a lunge with your left knee forward. Jump your feet together and switch sides, bringing the right knee forward. Stay light on your feet throughout this exercise." 6. Invisible Jump Rope "Pretend you're holding a jump rope, and skip the invisible rope. Try different types of footwork throughout the minute. Jump on two feet or alternate hops." 7. Arm Circle "Draw large, slow circles with your arms, reaching high and back to start. Reverse directions after 30 seconds." 8. Jab and Bounce "Bouncing on the balls of your feet, jab to the right and then jab to the left, allowing your feet to swivel as you punch. This is shadow boxing, so throw in some uppercuts if you feel like it." 9. Bunny Hop "In a plank position, jump your feet to the left, bringing your knees toward your left elbow. Jump your feet back to plank, and then jump your knees toward your right elbow." 10. Kick Crunch "Exhale to engage the abs as you kick your right leg up, bringing your left hand to your right toes, doing a small crunch. Repeat on the other side." Exercise descriptions and photos belong to POPSUGAR fitness! They are not mine. Just wanted to reproduce them here to make it easy to clip :) Happy working out, everybody! Get active today!!!