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BTS Kinks (19+)
Seokjin: Light Bonding (Giving): Seokjin would love to see you tied to the bed. The image of you waiting for him in every way would make him so much more horny. He’d use the position to tease you properly. Making you whine and beg for him with slow kisses and even slower hands before he unrobed himself in front of you. Or maybe he’d find something to cover your eyes with to undress himself as he looks down at your hot and ready body with greedy eyes. Vocal Control (Giving): I’m talking like, you in front of him. Him siting real pretty on the sofa and then he starts telling you what to do. Real slowly and just enjoying every second that you obey him. He’d love the feeling of guiding you through his fantasies or even yours. Hair Pulling (Receiving): As domanaint as Seokjin is, he fucking loves getting his hair pulled. I think he’d love the feeling of being tangled with your smaller body, your arm around half of his shoulder and your other hand pulling his hair as he hugs your waist and thrusts into you. Not to mention the groans or moans you would get from doing so would drive you freaking crazy. I’d recommend pulling on his hair just as he gets ready to come. That would push his pleasure through the roof and if you’re lucky he’ll groan your name a lot louder. Yoongi: Dirty Talk (Giving and Receiving): Real dirty talk. I don’t mean that kitten shit. Min Yoongi will straight up have your panties disappearing before you even have time to take your shoes off at the door. He’d have you sit, straddling his lap as he whispers pure sin into your ear just so he can feel you rocking up on him as you whimper for more contact. But look, Yoongi would love to hear his girl talking dirty to him too. Especially over the phone. Those many lonely nights in the hotel room would have his body aching and all it would take for him to moan and groan your sweet sweet name is you telling him everything you want him to do to you. But be careful girl. You give him too many ideas and you won’t sleep for the first two nights that he comes back to you. (Do it. Girl. Do it, you deserve this. Fighting!) Oral Teasing (Giving and Receiving): Yoongi would know the power his tongue had over you. How sensitive you were to its touch, and he’d absolutely use it against you. Keeping you just shy of your orgasm until your muscles hurt from being so tense for the past sixteen minutes. Min Yoongi wouldn’t stop for much, not if he was in the zone. His hands would be doing circles on your thighs or on your tummy. But when you tease Yoongi, it’d go a bit differently. He wouldn’t take as much teasing as he’d give you. His hand would be in your hair, guiding you gently, he’d rock into you and if that didn’t do enough and then the sweet needy groans of your name would have your hips pushing up. If you went too far within the teasing his hand would flex and you’d end up gagging around him. He’d give you the look of “Now be a good girl.” If he didn’t use the words themselves. Reactions (Receiving): Literally any sound or face you made would feed right into Mr. Min Yoongis ego. He would do anything in his power to get every moan and scrunch of your eyebrows from you. Yoongi would be tired after sex so he would make sure you could fall asleep with him. Expect for him to wear you OUT, because he will. Hoseok: Bathing: Hoseok would love not just bathing with you but bathing you. Pulling your back against him in the rose tented water as he brings the body sponge up your chest and his lips come to your neck with a deep hum. Or you pushing back against him as he lathers your thighs and tummy in his body wash. Hoseok would also love to shampoo and condition your hair. Combining two of his favorite things, bathing with you and playing with your hair. Sleepy Sex: Imagine rolling over in the middle of the night to see Hoseok on his phone, the light maybe being to bright for you so you groan at it. Hoseok notices and quickly shuts it off with an apology. He brings his arms out so you can lay on him and then he kisses the top of your head. You look up at him and he smiles down at you before lowering himself even more and kissing your lips. But then he can’t stop and you don’t want him to. His kisses get harder as he climbs on top of you and your hands go up to his back…shit Or, you coming to jump on the bed and wake him up. Hoseok stretches and finds your eyes as a smile comes over his lips and he chuckles at the morning air. You turn to leave the room with your job done, but then his hand is on your wrist and he’s pulling you back into the bed. You yelp your surprise and he chuckles again as he places his lips over yours. shit fuck shit Studio Meet Ups: Anytime you made an excuse to come and visit him he’d love it. In the practice room or studio and he’d often come and visit you wherever you were spending your days or long sleepless nights. Hoseoks eyes would light up and the face that missed the stretch of a smile would finally feel it again as he sees you. He might be a bit sweaty but he wouldn’t think twice about running you into a hug and spinning you off of the ground and inhaling against your neck as he put you back down but not daring to let you go. The reality that you had come to visit him would land his lips on yours and of course you’d return the beautiful feeling. Namjoon: BDSM: I’m in no way saying that every time you want to get sexy with Namjoon he’s gonna tie you up and make you call him Master. I do think he would enjoy it, but you can’t forget that Namjoon is a bit a dork. A very sexy dork and that’s why we love him. Will he tease you with his fucking long fingers until you beg him to let you come? Yes. Would he like power plays? Of course. Would this be every time you guys had sex? No, and that’s okay because the dorky, silly, messy sex would be amazing! But still, every now and then expect him to tie you to bed and make you beg for more. Whining: The sound of his name behind your sweet little whine would have Namjoon groaning low. That’s it. That’s literally it. He could honestly, just get off on your little whines for him. Pinning: Look, Daddy’s arms are sinful and even the thought of him using them to pin you down could get the both of you off. Imagine his muscles, shiny from sweat flexing as he pins your hands or forearms above your head with a deep groan. The way you would look up at him all vulnerable and needy would make him feel so many things and he would show you. Jimin: Oral (Receiving): The reality that Jimin would have to hide his smile almost every time you got on your knees physically hurts me. Jimin would get so excited when it came to you sucking on him. He would enjoy it throughly, no matter where you were. He wouldn’t care as long as you let him come in your mouth. It would also the perfect way to treat him. Public Teasing (Giving and Receiving): Oh GOD! Jimins hand would never be off of your thigh, holding, rubbing, grabbing, pinching. But when he was sure no one could see, his hand would move. Up or down, anything to get you holding in your moans and he’d love it if you touched him too. If you wanted to rub his crotch or pat his ass as he walked by, he’d absolutely go with it. You might even get a cheeky grin from it. But Jimin wouldn’t try to get you off and if you ever got him too close to release he’d stop you. His goal is teasing. Just enough to have you whining before you even get home, nothing more. Wall Sex: Look. There are gonna be times when you get home and Jimin can’t keep his hands off you long enough and him just not caring to take you to bed. This leaves you pushed against the wall and greedy hands all over you. Fuck me. You would be walking around the house and see Jimin propped up against the wall with a sexy sleazy smirk on his face. “What?” You’ll ask when your curiosity finally gets the best of you. “Remember when I had you against this wall?” He’d say as he ran his fingers over the plaster. “You screamed my name so loud the neighbors were knocking on the wall. Remember, baby?” He’d ask as he comes closer to you and you’d roll your eyes through your embarrassment. Taehyung: Loud Sex: The sound of you screaming his name would have him struggling to hold back his orgasm but making him want fuck you even harder. Sex can be surreal at times so you moaning Taehyungs name would make him feel like it was even more real. Taehyung would groan loudly for you and your body would react to each of his fucking deep, low, sexy fucking groans. Foreplay: Taehyung is big on foreplay. Yes. Foreplay that would involve his lips on yours and his hands on your ass or massaging your open thighs. Taehyung would love for you to straddle him and let him hold you as you rocked onto him and when it was time to get to work and he wanted more control, he would lay you down or stand to take you against a wall. Public Sex: Whereas some of the other members might be shy about getting weird in public, Taehyung doesn’t have a problem with it. If he needed you before he went on stage to kill some nerves he wouldn’t mind asking you to follow him. Or at the movies if you got scared and he thought it was cute or if he was worried about being scared in front of you and used it as an excuse to touch you. JungKook: Oral (Giving and Receiving but More Receiving): Jungkook would love the feeling of your mouth and even more, your throat. He’d love anytime you would offer to get on your knees for him. The position wouldn’t be the most important thing to Jungkook as long as he has a good bit of control. Jungkook would be curious and wonder what you taste like but when he starts hearing your groans and he’s letting you push up onto his face/tongue as hard you can and as much as you want. That’s because he plans to do the same to you. You’ll probably gag around him offten but he’d the love the vibrations he got from it. Multiple Rounds: Jungkook is not the type to stop at one round. He’s the type to fall to other side of the bed and pant through a smile. Maybe you both giggle for a second before he brings you into his arms and as soon as he’s gotten his breath a bit, he’ll kiss you. Then he’ll kiss you again and then start kissing your neck and getting hard against your back. One things for sure. You’ll never have to worry about not being able to sleep with Jungkook. Dry Sex: I could see Jungkook really really enjoying dry sex. Just you riding him real hard over his jeans or leather pants as you both groan and whine and it gets harder and harder to breathe, but! Only as a type of foreplay. Jungkook is going to want to be inside of you when he comes. He’s going to want those moans he only gets from being inside of you. Winner Forever Squad: @johnevans @Vatcheeafandi99 @princessunicorn @junhwanbae92 @reyestiny93 @resavalencia . OKEY DOKEY YO SQUAD: @luna1171 @aaliyahnewbell @veronicaartino @twistedpuppy . Konie Crew: @xoxorittie @IsoldaPazo @twistedpuppy @junhwanbae92 @VatcheeAfandi99 @resavalencia . MY SQUAD: @staceyholley @ligaya @gabbylu13 @dallasyamane .. GOT7 TEAM @luna1171 @veronicaartino @aaliyahnewbell @mandubum @maricelvaromero @unniecakesali @twistedpuppy . 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Monsta X Kinks (19+)
HyunWoo: Sweet Play. Listen. Imagine Hyunwoo calling you princess and smiling at you while he stirs something in the kitchen or giving you a back hug while you’re working on something… Him just laying his head in your lap with a soft groan and looking up at you reading on your phone. You’re welcome. Those little Sweet interactions would make him so happy. In those moments he’d know you were his and he’d most likely want to let you know that as well. Dominance. Hyunwoo is one dominant motherfucker. He’d get off on using his delicious muscles to hold your hands above your head as he pushes into you. Or if you’re in the kitchen making something and then he just comes in and bear hugs you before pulling you back into the other room. You’d be all “Hyunwoo, I’m making something~” And he’d say. “Not anymore.” And then y'all are getting sexy and I live for this shit. Room Play. Hotel. Bathroom. Living room. Kitchen. Sofa. Bedroom. Hallway. Where do you want it, baby girl? Hyunwoo will fuck you within every square inch of the house, rest assured doll face. He’d love the idea of having you in every room. It may even become a little bit like a game for him and then it won’t just be the house. I could see Hyunwoo wanting to have you everywhere so that no matter where he was he had something to think about. You. Naked. Moaning. Onto his honey shoulders. Your nails. On his back. And arms. I’ll go to hell now, don’t worry I know the way. Hoseok: Teasing. Not even like traditional teasing! Okay. Hoseok would like those little hints way too much. Like when you’re real needy and want him to touch you but you don’t know how to say it. He’d fucking love those times where your all red and trying to tell him what you want him to do. “What was that, baby?” He’d ask with a smile as you got more and more frustrated. If you snapped and just pushed him down he’d chuckle darkly and say “Okay okay..” before flipping you and giving you just what you wanted. Orgasm Delay. Not necessarily denial. Just taking you to the limit of your orgasm before letting you go. Hoseok would use his lips his tongue his fingers, even toys. You know he is one adventurous man in the bed! He’d like the knowledge that he was able to get you there like that and the image of you shaking around and under him would do so much to him. You’d probably bite him out of frustration and he’d groan the sexiest groan you’d ever hear. Voyeurism. Yea. This one is for sure into this shit. If Hoseok had a tape of you. With your sounds, have faith that it is the most watched thing on his phone. Hoseok would love the memories of what you two had done together but if he could see it, and relive it he’d love that even more. It doesn’t have to be a sexy tape though, Hoseok would love for you to send him dirty texts or nudes. He’d have a folder on his phone filled with all the pics and vids of you called Wifey. Minhyuk: Possession. You belong to Minhyuk and he’d want everyone to know that, in any why possible. Be it through holding hands, little kisses, you siting in his lap or even jealousy sex. I could really see him overstimulating you until you were screaming at you were his and only his. He wouldn’t do it to torment you, Minhyuk would never want to hurt you. He just wants to know that you only think of him and no matter who else looks at you, your eyes are on him. Little Kisses. Little kisses would be Minhyuks shit! That little peck in front of the door that leaves you both exhaling just after. Or the short sweet ones before bed, even in the middle of the night when you roll over and he lazily presses his lips on yours before you adjust on the pillow. But just like every other little kiss. One just isn’t enough for him. Something would grow inside of him when you kissed him quickly it would always make him crave more, and if he couldn’t put you against the wall because he had to go to work or something he would think about that short kiss all day until he could get back to you. Minhyuks lips would say everything as he pressed them against yours and you’d feel every second that he had thought of you. Lip Biting. Bite your lip in front of Minhyuk. Do it. Do it and see what happens. I’ll tell you just so you can picture it. You’d be trying to put something together or play a game on your phone and your lip would curl before you pulled it in for a proper gnawing. When you look up, Minhyuk will be playing with his own lip and there will be something behind his eyes. Something tasty. He would not, could not, never will be able to keep his lips off of yours. I could see him saying things like “You know what that does to me, Y/N.” or “Are trying to tease me, baby?” ?!?!MY FEELS!?! He would say these things and not be able to help his impulse as he closed whatever distance was between you two. Jooheon: Daddy. This may come off a bit strange to some of you but as Daddy as Jooheon is, he’s not gonna want you to call him Daddy. Jooheon likes his name a lot and is gonna want that to come from your lips while he touches you. What Jooheon wants is that Daddy lifestyle. Calling you Kitten, punishing you, putting you down for bed, bathing you, reading you the new lyrics while you lay in his lap in a Babydoll and kitten ears. He’d get off on that shit so hard but Jooheon knows that Hyunwoo is Daddy and you don’t want him thinking about Hyunwoo when he’s with you. Watching You. Nothing weird. Just like, if you were getting ready for bed or maybe you just came out of the shower? If the door wasn’t all the way closed and Jooheon could peek in and watch you get dressed or undressed. He’d fucking love it! Or if you were fixing up a snack in the kitchen and he was just siting at the bar watching your figure sway to the music that he made. Looking at you in his arms while you breathe on his arm. Jooheon would like the moments where he could just watch you. You are his and he can look at you whenever he wants, that would get into his head. Jooheon would love to find different ways to show you how perfect you were for each other. Touch. Contact is very important for Jooheon. Even if it’s something little like when one of his members are talking to you and he slips his hand onto your waist while he asks what you’re talking about. Or rolling over in the middle of the night just to hold you again. It’s sweet but it’s also fucking hot. I mean think about Jooheon not being able to handle when he wasn’t touching you in some way and what that means when he comes back from tour. akfgafg Kihyun: Cold Play. Imagine Kihyun with an ice cube in his mouth or hand and he’s just running it over your body all slow and your shaking for so many reasons under him or most like over him because I can see him loving to trail your body with ice as you ride or grind on him. I could see Kihyun reaching into the freezer while his eyes watch you with hunger and then he has the ice and pulls you away from the counter to lay you back onto the island. The ice in between his teeth while he pulls your clothes off and there’s just nothing you want to do to stop him. Grinding. Kihyun would love to watch you grind on him. Especially if he’s sitting up. This position could really let his hands roam around your body and he’d love that so much. He’d hiss though his teeth as his hand slowly pushed up your stomach to your chest while you rocked yourself closer and closer to release. Surprises. Kihyun would love you surprising him with your sexuality. Like if you had a student kink and dressed up for the part or if you woke him up and immediately put him and yourself into another position. He’d love the constant thought of not knowing when you would surprise him with one of your kinks. So if you want to cuff him, do it baby. He’ll wake with a smile at the restraints and await your fantasy. HyungWon: Lips. Aside from Hyungwon being the freaking king of lips he’d really enjoy the feeling of your smaller ones pressed against his. I don’t mean like little pecks either. When you too are sexing each other it’ll be half sexy time and half make out session. Whenever he can press his lips on yours he will and you will love it! and don’t think that this kink of his means that your position play is limited. Not at all. He’s real tall and could twist just enough so that he can groan onto your lips. Holding. Hyungwon is the type of guy to put your hand in his pocket when you guys go on walks. He’s also the type to hold you while watching a movie and definitely while you guys talk about your days at night in bed. He does these things because he loves you and holding you will remind him that you are his and he is yours. That would be a huge turn on for Hyungwon. The fact that you are his and he can touch you and no one else can. Moans. Getting away from that sugar shit, Hyungwon will go cray for your sounds. Anything that tells him he’s doing a good job. He’ll smirk at your sounds as he repeats the motion that gifted it to him. He’d love to watch your face as you started getting louder. “You like this, Y/N?” he’ll ask, loving the fact that he already knew the answer. Hyungwon is not the type to backtrack within pleasure though. Through the entire thing the amount that you shake will only grow until you finally come. So if you feel like your body is going crazy as he stretches you out with his perfect digits, wait till he gets inside you. ChangKyun: Rough Sex. Changkyun would love to go hard and fast. His groans and grunts Jesus help me with this kids sounds would be getting louder and sharper and if you were loud. Changkyun would love the thought of making you scream. In every language you know, hit them all up. You screaming for him as he takes you at his favorite speed would be heaven to this Maknae. Thigh Riding. We probably already knew this, but I have to bring this one up. Changkyun would love just how vulnerable you looked when you ride his legs. Especially if he’s busying himself with a phone call or lyric sheets. Your soft moans that you push into his neck and shoulder would really give him a hard time but he’d love the power he had in this situation. Blow Jobs. The image of your hands on his shirt as you slowly go down onto your knees in front of him would have Changkyun groaning softly with need. He’d love the feeling of your mouth and your throat and even more than that, he’d live for the sounds of your little whines as he pulled your hair or thrusted into you. Don’t expect an apology either. He’d groan as you gaged around him with his hand in your hair and he’d softly pet your locks down as you started on him again. He wouldn’t want it to go too slowly but expect Changkyun to want to enjoy himself a bit. I also really see him using the images and memories of you sucking and petting him as a masturbatory favorite. When he’s in the hotel late at night and can’t sleep. That’s how he’ll think of you. Winner Forever Squad: @johnevans @Vatcheeafandi99 @princessunicorn @junhwanbae92 @reyestiny93 @resavalencia . OKEY DOKEY YO SQUAD: @luna1171 @aaliyahnewbell @veronicaartino @twistedpuppy . Konie Crew: @xoxorittie @IsoldaPazo @twistedpuppy @junhwanbae92 @VatcheeAfandi99 @resavalencia .. 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When you wake them up!!! GOT7 (19+)
JB: He’d usually be a heavy sleeper but as soon as ya tongue hit him he’d be WIDe awake, throwing the sheets off so he can watch you. Deep rumbly groans and hair pulling. That is all. JUNIOR: This angel would be sleeping so peacefully, you almost wouldn’t wanna wake him. When you decided to wake him up the nice way, you’d start to notice him tossing and turning a bit more. After his hard on popped out of your mouth and hit you in the eye one too many times, you whacked him on the stomach, makin his dumb ass sit straight up, almost flinging you off the bed. After taking a minute to clear things up, he’d shyly ask you to continue YOUNGJAE: Let me tell ya, noise. NOISE. He’d be makin a shit ton of noise before he even woke up so when his brain finally registered what was happening, his eyes would flutter open with an extra loud moan and he’d tangle his hand in your hair JACKSON: You wouldn’t realize that Jackson was actually already kinda awake so when you ducked under the cover and started grabbing at his boxers, you wouldn’t have caught the mad ass grin that spread across his face as he felt your hands wrap around him. He’d *inconspicuously* move to position himself better for you (’wow thats weird, he usually doesn’t move in his sleep much’). He’d want to surprise you a bit, so when he felt your hand grasp his hip, this bitch clamped down hard on your wrist, making you jump away from his lap with a yelp. Being the shit he is, he would just grin down at you ‘relax baby’ MARK: He would’ve been murmuring in his sleep (waking you up) when you decided to wake him up in your own little way. The murmuring would start to get louder and breathy moans would be echoing through the room. You’d get a little impatient after a while and *accidentally* tug him a little harder than usually, jolting him awake with a choked groan BAMBAM: He’d wake up with the biggest smile on his face when he felt you blowing him. He wouldn’t stop you, just enjoying the view, his stomach doing flips when you looked up and made eye contact, him making noises he didn’t know he could make YUGYEOM: This little boy would’ve been working so hard lately, you just wanted him to know how proud you were. You tugging down his boxers would’ve woken him and he’d let out something between a happy sigh and a laugh as he reached down to play with your hair ‘baby, you’re too amazing’ GOT7 TEAM @luna1171 @veronicaartino @aaliyahnewbell @mandubum @maricelvaromero @unniecakesali @twistedpuppy Winner Forever Squad: @johnevans @Vatcheeafandi99 @princessunicorn @junhwanbae92 @reyestiny93 @resavalencia . OKEY DOKEY YO SQUAD: @luna1171 @aaliyahnewbell @veronicaartino @twistedpuppy . Konie Crew: @xoxorittie @IsoldaPazo @twistedpuppy @junhwanbae92 @VatcheeAfandi99 @resavalencia . . LITMONBEKinK 💙 SQUAD: @JohnEvans (MinTaeKookfingermaster) @Vatcheeafandi99 (I.MFingersVatch) @Kpopqueenabee @IsoldaPazo (IdolIsSex) @vixxstarlight1 (karlalickstaetaesneck) @VKookie47 (VkookieNeckSucker) @HerosBells @StefaniTre (YongStefLipLicker) @reyestiny93 . KINKY FAM: @mandynoona @lexxcisco @vkookie47 @starbell808 @cristinreynolds @bubblekookie @veronicaartino @chace @luna1171 @eliseb @stefanfitre @vacheeafandi99 @crystalguerra @xroyalreisx @kiinlyr @emilypeacock @aliciazitting88 @mitchix5 @hopekookie @isoldapazo @xxxtina @msloyalheart @aimeeh @taliamay14 @sammie99522 @kellyoconnor @linnyok @bridgetjara @vay754 @kpopaddict415 @sorryimanna @greciaflores @resavalencia @agentleo @nikkitty @sarahdarwish @amberg171997 @rina143 @sugamint @isismayavelasco @mrsjeon @sassymaknae @sarahanna @vixxstarlight1 @redchord @lilbr0wneyes @deemonster100 @simplyawkward @ttwolf74 @ashestoashes @betseybleau @yaya12 @milcalopez963 @cosmiccassidy @nadineesquivel @susibosshammer @maritesssison @theenlightment @nadinerzz @brennatran @xoxorittie @merryjayne13 @kookieandjin @jaysbae13 @amberrelynn @jaxomb @erenyaeger1 @mayrayanez @elizalbeth @vixenvivi @xionheart @bigbangvip2243 @nikkitty @chandratorres @shellyfuentes70 @maricela17mrn @ashrose33 @kpossible4250 @kaelishearer @kyokeo @ARACELIJIMENEZ @rachelwoo2 @faithmorrison @karenguerra93 @vanro @exoasf @babydollbre @harmonico @tatianarose @alishalove0511 @matty0203 @matokokepa @elishafisher @nydiaedwards @tiffany1922 @laurenstrayhorn @danaamoi @jasminmartinez @crazymaknae14 @brandybell16 @jeniseramos @divanicola05 @remysrose @championshynia @genifereskue @lpoplover492 @cristinbarnes @sweetwhitetiger @jessicaevaristo @firstladyofaomg @blackfawn @melissagarza @vivi1353 @jadeowens @erinmccarey @kitty17 @elainarenea @madandrea @junhwansbae92 @zyxzj @frisky199123 @indieturd @alexisriver @wolflune
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So You Want to Be a Carat?
No, not carrot... *looks at DK* , Carat - like a diamond - like... slip into the diamond life. Get it? :D So let's start from the very very beginning! TheEnlightment, there's 13 members so why are they called Seventeen? Well kiddos... the real reason is there were 17 members in the past, before their debut... But Doyoon, Mingming, Dongjin and Samuel didn't make it or left. So now, the reason is 13 members plus 3 units plus one family = Seventeen. Cheesy? Yes. Adorable? Also yes. What is this about the 3 units, you ask? Let's do the introductions of the members! It's easier to remember their names in units anyway! Just a tip. So first we have: Vocal Unit Left to Right: Seungkwan, Joshua, Woozi, DK, and Jeonghan The vocal unit is in charge of... well, vocals! Most of Seventeen can sing pretty well, even the other units (with a few exceptions *giggles*) but the vocal line is known for those voices that blow you away. The high notes, the notes that last three years, the soft voices that make the song so emotional your mom asks you why you're sobbing into your ramyeon. That's these boys. Here are a few examples of their talents: Did I go a bit overboard? I just fall for their voices every time! Forgive me. So, each unit has a leader. Vocal unit's leader is: Woozi! Real Name: Lee Jihoon Birthday: November 22, 1996 He's tiny, but he's a man! Woozi is one of the more mature members of Seventeen, and one of the oldest! Another thing, Seventeen produces a lot of their own songs and it's mostly because of this guy. He's all about the music. Because of his personality and looks, you might think... "He reminds me of someone... but who?" Well maybe you're thinking of: Yes, it's striking. But please, don't forget that they're two different people and amazing in their own ways. :) Moving on to the next member! The 'mom' of the group: Jeonghan! Real Name: Yoon Jeonghan Birthday: October 4, 1995 He's not the mom cause of the hair! Actually his hair isn't that long anymore... I miss it. He's the mom because of this: He's pretty well known for having a pleasantly high voice, and being well... pretty. He's a spoiled princess, caring and overall amazing! Please love Jeonghannie as much as the rest of the members. Now, there's a member full of so much sass it seems almost impossible. Yes, it's: Seungkwan! Real Name : Boo Seungkwan Birthday: January 16, 1998 My boooo! He's my personal bias. Let me tell you why! He's adorable! He's a diva! He's strong. Seungkwan gets a lot of hate from Korean Carats because he's not as skinny and his personality is considered rude and annoying in their culture... but he's still confident and glowing! Please love this small Boo as much as he loves his mom. Now you might have heard... there's a horse in Seventeen. This is the truth! Here he is: It's DK! Or Dokyeom. Real Name: Lee Seokmin Birthday: February 18, 1997 There's a reason Jeonghan calls him his fool... He's a little unaware sometimes and he loves to fool around. Apart from being a horse, he's also a beagle! One of the best reasons to love DK in my opinion, is that he's the mood setter a lot of the time. He loves to laugh and smile, and it makes you happy to see him! Now, the last member of the vocal unit to introduce! He has a familiar name to some of us, doesn't he? Joshua! Real (Korean) Name: Hong Jisoo Birthday: December 30, 1995 He's from California, so yep - he's fluent in English! Another thing he's well known for... is his innocence and love for his religion. One of his nicknames is Jisoos. He's like a second mom, maybe an aunt? He's always telling the kiddos to behave. He's a kind soul, but he's also pretty sassy... Gosh this took forever, I just have so much to say about ma bois! That's just the vocal unit! I might have to make a part 2 ;; please bear with me. Next we have Hip Hop Unit! Left to right: Wonwoo, Vernon, S.Coups, and Mingyu The leader of the hip hop unit and all of Seventeen: S.Coups! Real Name: Choi Seungcheol Birthday: August 8, 1995 He's the dad of the group, the admirable leader, and Mr. Not Trying to Be Sexy but Just Is Sexy. Let me show you. S.Coups as father: SCoups as leader: And... the proof of the sexiness (buckle in ladies and gents): Somebody get me a lawyer, I'm suing him for emotional distress! ... on to the next member *eyes SCoups suspiciously* stay in your lane boi, stay in your lane Next we have, a true emo. The poor boy had his smile stolen somehow, it's: Wonwoo! Real Name: Jeon Wonwoo Birthday: July 17, 1996 TheEnlightment! He's SMILING in that photo! Yeah? To be honest, I've never agreed with "Emo Wonwoo" stans. Wonwoo is a total cutie, he's just a little slow with expressing emotion sometime. But he smiles ALL the time! Our Wonwoo just has intense eyes, so when he has a neutral face - he looks sad or angry. It's not his fault! I think it makes him look more manly and attractive, and it makes times he smiles that much more charming! Wonwoo is kind of a quiet guy, but he still loves to mess around as much as the rest of them. Ah now we have Mr. Pretty Boy and He Knows It: Mingyu! Real Name: Kim Mingyu Birthday: April 6, 1997 Mingyu likes to put on a show, and he also loves to laugh. He's often the center of attention. In case you didn't guess, he's one of the visuals of the group. Just look at that face, and he's super tall too! But don't worry, he's not arrogant. He's just confident. He's a sweetheart just like all the other boys. :) Finally in the hip hop unit, we have Meme King: Vernon! Real (Korean) Name: Choi Hansol Birthday: February 18, 1998 He's from New York, and his mom from Florida, so he is also fluent in English! Doesn't he also remind you of someone? TheEnlightment! He's so handsome, how could he possibly be a meme king!? Watch and learn, friends. Ah yes, Vernon memes. My fave snack. Really though, he's actually... kinda cool. He brings a new variety to the group, and his swag. Okay! Another unit down. Last one, and then we can get into the MV's and songs and maybe some ships? :3 Performance unit! ... this one is gonna be a doozy. Hold on to your hearts and underwear. The leader of this unit is none other than 10:10 member: Hoshi! Real Name: Kwon Soonyoung Birthday: June 15, 1996 Why is he called 10:10 member? Isn't that cute? Another iconic saying about our good ole Hoshi: Alright, alright. Let's get serious. This boy is really quite something, he's the choreographer of most of their amazing dances! Give him a hand! Hoshi (as well as all of the performance unit, ... all of Seventeen, let's be honest) is also known for being pretty sexy. Heol! That's a spicy meatball. Next we have, Meme Prince: Jun! Real (Chinese) Name: Wen Junhui Birthday: June 10, 1996 Obviously he's part of the amazing China line. He's beautiful. One of the visuals of the group. But yes, he is also a meme: Oh by the way, China line does martial arts. (: :) So who else is in China line? Well actually it's just two members. Jun and Mr. Looks Like a Cinnamon Roll but Will Actually Cut You: The8! Real (Chinese) Name: Xu Minghao Birthday: November 7, 1997 But TheEnlightment! He looks like a puppy! He has ramyeon for hair! How could he be dangerous? o _ o I'm warning you... What do you mean go boom boom? MINE EXPLODED! Oh, is that what you meant then? Cool. Hey, you know this guy can use nunchucks? He really did that. Here's some China line appreciation, cause I love this song so much. So, is it over? Can I take off my helmet and pads now? WHAT!? No. There's one more member, you silly geese. Who could forget Jeonghan's baby? Michael Jackson's biggest fan? It's: Dino! Real Name: Lee Chan Birthday: February 11, 1999 He's younger than me, he really is a baby. But don't underestimate. He can show his manliness too! This boy is kind of like Hoshi's son to me, they're both amazing dancers! Dino also helps with choreographies after all! He surely is a cutie! Alright, I wish I could introduce them more in depth but I don't really know what else to say without writing books! It's like treasures you find when you get into a group anyway, all for you to discover yourself hmm? But let me give you a 'little' help. You should definitely watch One Fine Day and Seventeen Project to really get to know these guys! You won't regret it, the shows are a lot of fun. I'll leave some links. One Fine Day ENG SUB Playlist Seventeen Project ENG SUB Playlist Now! FOR THE MUSIC! I'll put the debut and title tracks down below, and then a few of my fave songs from the albums. At the very end, I'll put a few performances that have been blowing my mind lately! Are you ready kids? The Debut: Title Tracks and Side Projects: Favorite Non-Title Tracks: Amazing Performances: Fun Fanmade Videos: English Time With Seventeen Playlist Shit Seventeen Says and Funny Moments Part 1 Shit Seventeen Says and Funny Moments Part 2 I suppose, for now... this is the most I can do for you. Be free, discover your love for Seventeen at your own pace now. Good luck~ Tagged Fam: @KenyaMendoza @CrookedShadow @awkwardjazzy