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TOP 15: "2016 K-DRAMA KISSES!"
If you're k-drama fan than you may also be looking for the best kiss scenes you can find. In order to find good kisses, you need good chemistry between the main couple. I chose my Top 15 favorite 2016 K-drama kiss scenes. Only choosing one kiss scene from a drama. ENJOY! 15. "Forget Me Kiss" - Legend of the Blue Sea This was a simple underwater kiss but the surroundings are so beautiful! 14. "Ending Kiss" - The K2 This drama for me was lacking in some departments including the chemistry. There was some chemistry but I wanted more. The last kiss in the drama was my favorite though because Anna does whatever she wants and Je-ha lets her do it. It's cute! 13. "Proposal Kiss" - Beautiful Gong Shim This drama is just as sweet as "Shopping King Louie" and "Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo". The main couple is so stinking sweet like candy, I'm surprised it didn't give me diabetes. This was such a sweet kiss. 12. "The Cursed Kiss" - Goblin I love everything about this kiss! First off I love this couple and this drama so much right now, it's my obsession. I love the aesthetics around them with them snow. I like that the roles are switched here with the girl surprising the guy with a kiss instead. He looked so stunned and it's so cute. Then as she kisses him, the snow starts to fly up to the sky. It's so pretty and then the ost "Stay With Me" plays and makes the scene so much more enjoyable! 11. "Happy Now? Kiss" - Uncontrollably Fond This drama was slow paced but I won't deny that the kisses were bad but the opposite they were pretty good! Woo-bin is a smooth kisser and this was a cute one! 10. "Beach Kiss" - Descendants of the Sun I know what you're wondering "Why is this kiss ranked so low?". Although I loved this drama and the main couple. I think that this one doesn't top the other ones above it. That's just my opinion. It's a beautiful kiss and the scenery is gorgeous but I just thought the others were cuter. 9. "Red Carpet Kiss" - Shopping King Louie This drama is so SWEET! I love Seo In-guk and everyone's reaction that's watching them is literally me watching this kiss every time. It's just so adorable. Louie made her feel like a princess and I just love how light and cute the kiss is. 8. "Snowy Confession Kiss" - Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo I can't explain how much I love this pairing! They are so adorable and I'm in love with this drama. This kiss is extremely cute. After Bok Joo finally tells him that she likes him and that they can date now, he gives her a quick peck. She gets surprised and thinks "I WANT TO TRY TOO" XD then she gives him two smooches. He then gives her a sweet kiss by pulling her in. Not only is this kiss so adorable but the atmosphere is just as beautiful! 7. "I Love You Kiss" - Scarlet Heart: Ryeo This was a sweet and simple kiss. She gives him a kiss first and then they have a slow yet beautiful kiss with a gorgeous setting around them. 6. "They're My Feelings Kiss" - Cinderella and Four Knights I love this couple so much and when they finally had their drunken first kiss I died but this kiss killed me even more. They are so cute. In my opinion I think Il-woo is one of the best kissers in drama land. He just brings passion. 5. "I Might Eat You Alive Kiss" - 1% Of Something This was a cute drama and the kisses were just as sweet! This was the best kiss I saw from this drama. It was natural, and overall just an adorable kiss. 4. "You're Crazy Kiss" - Romantic Doctor This drama gave us an amazing kiss that drew me in right away from episode 1! 3. "The Meat Is Burning Kiss" - Another Oh Hae Young Passion, steam and all around chemistry. Amazing kiss, the setting wasn't anything special but the kiss was and that's why it's #3. 2. "Jailhouse Kiss" - W Anyone that has watched "W" knows that these two had great chemistry on and off screen. This kiss really proved that statement. It was so perfectly timed and sweet. They don't even care about the setting and their surroundings. They just want to be with each other. 1. "We Must Be Crazy Kiss" - Jealousy Incarnate This kiss is the definition of it felt so wrong yet felt so right! I rooted for them since the beginning and this kiss didn't disappoint one bit. It was so passionate and the CHEMISTRY!!! I just love this pairing so much. That's why it's my #1 favorite kiss of 2016. This year had a lot of great kiss scenes and it was tough to pick the best but I did my best. What was your favorite 2016 k-drama kiss scene? Is it in my list? If you want you can make a card with your list and please tag me if you do make one! 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Idols With This Cute Genetic Condition!
I know, I know. You're probably freaking out because of the words 'Genetic Condition', but don't worry! It's non-life threatening, and is actually very cute! It's called 'congenital mirror movement', which is basically if you make a gesture with one hand, the other follows. Most of us had gone through this as babies and grew out of it, but others just don't for whatever reasons. Completely harmless, but completely cute! EXO's Xiumin MAMAMOO's Moon Byul BTS's Suga EXID's Solji Sechskies' Eun Ji Won Did anybody catch this before? Or is this new to you guys? Love you guys! ~Elayne Source(1) KpopINT Chairs: @bbyitskatie @Sailynn @KpopBeat KpopINT Fam: @elaynethtrumpet @LenaBlackRose @ParkHwaYoung @parktaemi @Stefany17 KpopINT Official Taglist~ A- @AaliyaNewbell @aliahwhbmida @AlisonYui @amberg171997 @AnaP @AngelaDarkness @ArhenBurris @AubriePope @axosrain @AyameTenchu B- @babymarkson @BrendaValdez @BluBear07 C- @CallMeMsDragon @CamrynCherry @ChristineO84 @CloverShadows @CrystalGuerra D- @DamarisCisneros @deilig @drummergirl691 E- @ekahjw @elainarenea @ESwee F- @faith92 @FannyWard G- @GDsGF H- @HaleyHerbig I- @imiebegay14 @IsoladaPazo @izabelpillado J- @JamiMilsap @Jasminep96 @jenjenkhreim @Jinnyrod3 K- @kanatm @KDSnKJH @Kieuseru L- @LizaNightshade @lcr4562 M- @maldonadosonia1 @MelissaGarza @mellyortiz @merryjayne13 @monikad @moonchild03 @mycreativename N- @NaBi7 @NathashaXavier @ninjamidori @NykeaKing O- @ortizwendy17 P- @Pickles440 Q- R- @RebeccaLondon @resavalencia @Roas420 S- @salo @Sammie9952 @SassyMaknae @SatinSkies @ScarletMermaid @SerenityThao @shellyfuentes70 @ShinoYuki @ShyrllBorden @StefaniTre @sukkyongwanser @Swhitta T- @TiffanyBibian U- @unnieARMkeY V- @VeronicaArtino W- X- @XionHeart @xxkarlah Y- Z- @Znae
K-Idols with tattoos pt. 1
So I know in South Korea tattoos are still somewhat taboo and a very sensitive subject but as a girl with tattoos this is a topic I'm very passionate about. As I stated I have 3 tattoos so obviously I'm all for them. I don't like how they have such a bad stigma because now a days they're a form of expression and they're art. They're a form of strength, encouragement, reminders and memorials. So I kinda wanted to do a card all about k-idols (the ones I could find anyway) who went against the grain and got tattoos despite the way they're viewed. #1 Winner's Mino Meaning: "then the LORD your God will restore your fortunes and have compassion on you and gather you again from all the nations where he scattered you." I don't know the meaning of the one on his back. #2 Topp Dogg's Jenissi. Meaning: Left arm says Stop And Play and his right arm says Let Me Hit That (xD oh Jenissi) #3 Jay Park Meaning: Music, family, crew and his morals. #4 Teen Top's CAP #5 BigBang's GD Meaning: Vita Dolce means beautiful and sweet life, Moderato is a musical term meaning moderate tempo in Italian. The one on his shoulder is from one of his songs the others are unknown. #6 JYJ's JaeJoong Meaning: upper back means "The pleasure of the mighty are the tears of the poor", "hope to the end" and "a song will outlive all sermons in the memory". #7 Block B's Zico Meaning: right side of chest "John the apostle" and a portrait of his mom when she was younger on the right side of his chest #8 BAP's Bang Yongguk Meaning: left shoulder "Do what you like and luv what you do" forearm "make art not war" #9 BigBang's Taeyang Meaning: His faith, Jesus' death and resurrection across his back and a cross along his side. #10 FTISLAND's Lee Hongki Meaning: back of arms freedom, forearms skeletons and keys on shoulder. #11 Beast's Junhyung Meaning: "seize the day, put no trust in tomorrow" right forearm, "if I die tomorrow I would never regret" upper left arm and "born again still your son" right chest #12 Block B's Taeil Meaning: "777" symbols good fortune, 2 dice, MVP and LUCKY #13 BTOB's Changsub Meaning: "So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God." (Isaiah 41:10) "Do not be defeated from yourself" #14 BTOB's Ilhoon Meaning: "No one can be like God" #15 WINNER's Tae Hyun Meaning: tattoo on his right arm is the name of the artist, bat, a banana and STAY GOLD. #16 BTOB's Lim Hyunsik #17 Brown Eyed Girls Miryo #18 SISTAR's Hyorin #19 BoA