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5 Date Tips In 10 Minutes
Loving these Viber stickers! I snagged these from online and thought it was appropriate since this card is about turning the first 10 minutes of your date into something AWESOME! When I say awesome, I am not talking about cool places to go or visit on your date. I am talking about how you are interacting with the person who is next to you. In a recent card, I shared about the cues you can learn in the first 12 minutes that will help shape the direction of your date (and perhaps the next date after), which you can read here. I discovered a cool resource for dating by Bobbi Palmer, which you can see here. While it's geared toward women in there 40s, you can't dismiss the importance of these timeless truths that will help you on your next date. 1. Go in with the “I hope I like him” attitude. Don't make it about you, in the "I hope he likes me" sense. Take a step back and think to yourself, Is this someone that I genuinely like? Does he appeal to you? 2. Think of it as practice. Instead of hanging all your hopes on this date, go into it as an opportunity to hone your own interpersonal skills. It's a chance to work on your problem areas--be more communicative, smile more, etc. This isn't about being perfect, it's about perfecting you more and more. 3. Dump your agenda. Whatever preconceived notions you had about him, your outing, or the date (from beginning to end), be open to the idea that things don't always go according to plan. Learn to go with the flow and don't allow yourself to be miserable, just because it didn't match up with your expectations. 4. Ask the right questions. Asking questions isn't a harbinger of doom. You're supposed to inquire about the other person in order to get to know them. Also, the types of questions you ask will reveal a lot about you and the person who answers them. Instead of asking, What do you do for a living, ask, What is the most peculiar thing about your job and then let me guess what you do for a living! 5. Look at them. This isn't a glance and it's not a stare. It's really, truly looking at the other person and communicating--almost by magic--your thoughts. Eyes are the windows to our souls, so when you look at them, they should be able to pick up on whether you're into them or not. @nicolejb @momattheword @MaighdlinS @MannyPadron @Bobs @ThePervySage @jordanhamilton @jamesyoungs @altiar620al @2Distracted @atmi @BrendanFred @RashadRobertson @SeoInHan @TomasOlivares @JimTurpen @EliseB @ShinigamiSan @JamiMilsap @VeronicaArtino @1FallenAngel @carmaa10 @amobigbang @RaquelArredondo @BluBear07 @StetsonCampbell @Heartofgold35 @MajahnNelson @MichelleHolly @VanessaSimmons @arnelli @VKookie47 @AshelyJewell @scorptress @AprilGuillemard @RafaelRese18 @humairaa @KiburiMac @KeziahWright @butterflyblu @TessStevens
Why Being Single Makes You Hot
Being single in our world is usually seen as really sad. If you are single you are lonely or weird or just you know (cough) independent. But really it's super hot and interesting! No really, it's the time we start looking at the single people for hot tips. ;) And here's how singles are hotter then couples. You are in Control of Your Time It's Friday night so most singles are hanging out at home or going out. What's so hot about that?... they get to decide what they want to do. They don't have to be at their bf's cousin's Bar Mitzvah. And a person in control of their time and whatever they are doing is super hot. The Thrill of the Chase Ever see a nice sparkle in someone's eye when passing by them? Well, that sparkle means someone interested in you. They got that sexy hey-how-you-doing look, that comes from being single. You can Take However Long You Want to Get Ready You don't have to leave right on time, because you don't have anyone waiting on you! So take your time with your hair, you want it to look on-point anyway. It makes you happy to spend time for yourself. You are Spending all of Your Time Making a Better "You" And working on being confident in your own skin. This is really important because being "hot" isn't just being able to pull off a dress, it's being totally confident in your everyday life. So shoutout to all my single friends out there. You are the hot ones ;) @fikaocs @TessStevens @AnimeLove300 @isssc1100 @TomasOlivares @crimsonsasuke @DavidPatrick16 @MaggieHolm @danidee @SeoInHan @humairaa