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BTS or Kpop Tag List
I know I did a card like this a while ago. However, I'm seeing people asking me to tag them to future cards. I feel bad since I'm very forgetful and I'm a creature of habit. I forget who asked, what card they asked on, and I tens to use the same tag this. IF YOU WANT ME TO TAG YOU TO MY KPOP CARDS OR ANYTHING DEALING WITH KPOP PLEASE COMMENT BELOW. Usually, I make cards about BTS since I am a supporter of the BTS Community. If you haven't you should check us out. We are called the Bulletproof Crew. @BulletproofV is our leader in battle. @MadAndrea @thePinkPrincess @thePinkPrincess @CreeTheOtaku @SugaOnTop and @Vkookie47 are my homies in crime. We all make up the team. However, I do make cards dealing with anything with Kpop or Korean culture. I make cards about beauty, fashion, history, fan fiction (I'm a supporter here too @thePinkPrincess is the moderator), other Kpop stars (Big Bang, Jay Park, Taemin, EXO, etc) Currently I am the Social Media Event Organizer and Planner of the awesome crew for KpopINT radio. This is an online radio from good ol' America! We will provide Kpop music. We will provide you with updates about the events going on in the Kpop world. We are still in the process of making our brand. Here is a link to a card I made with more information. This is the KpopINT Crew Head chairs: @bbyitskatie @MichelleIbarra The rest of the fam: @xoxrlwoxo @LenaBlackRose @daniimals @ILikeHisFace13 @tayunnie @parktaemi @amobigbang @Sailynn @reyestiny93 @Elaynethtrumpet @JohnEvans @ParkHwaYoung @Stefany17 This is my current tag list. Please comment if you want to be added. If you want to be taken off my tag list PLEASE MESSAGE ME. PLEASE DO NOT COMMENT THAT YOU WANT TO BE UNTAGGED. Tagging mis amigos @MadAndrea @VIPforever123 @fallchild @Vkookie47 @PassTheSuga @stevieq @Helixx @ashleyemmert @BulletproofV @shantalcamara @stevieq @IsoldaPazo @thePinkPrincess @Baekyeol27 @B1A4BTS5ever @AmbieB @Rhia @kpopandkimchi @KpopGaby @PrettieeEmm @KaceyDodge @glostick @VixenViVi @bbyitskatie @MsLoyalHeart @Mercii @staceyholley @ChelseaAustin @SaiT @Emealia @sarahdarwish @herreravanessa9 @AlloBaber @LaynicornLay @RihannaTiaMay @KatieRussell @SugalessJams @ILikeHisFace123 @heidichiesa @katiems @DesireeChucklez @jaebug @moonchild03 @terenailyn @xsandos17 @SarahVanDorn @11erinmims @glo86 @Tigerlily84 @byeolbit @ChelseaJay @KellyOConnor @StephanieDuong @KDramaKPop1015 @fallchild @solodaywithB1A4 @MorleeCorielus @JaxomB @ARMYStarlight @luna1171 @AgentLeo @Roxt1903 @amandamuska @GDsGF @sherrysahar @kpopdeluxegirl @CheyenneJesse @MyaIsNotSexy @DeniseiaGardner @abiersack666 @Taehyungkey @BtsIsLife @Bitterlimelight @KpopQueenaBee @Rhia @Kieuseru @VIPFreak2NE1 @yewookyu @Kyokeo @RainaC3 @reyestiny93 @terenailyn @LilySilver @heidichiesa @KeziahWright @Dabaesaplayer @ShimJooKyung @SamanthaRae19 @DawanaMason @destiny1419 @AlloBaber @JasmineWilliams @VeronicaArtino @Exoexo @bangtanella @taetaebaozi @torchix @JohnEvans @DestinaByrd @NalaniCerteza @BlueBear07 @CreeTheOtaku @Marilovexoxo @chinabarrier16 @MalihaAhmed @B1A4BTS5ever @AmbieB @Rhia @VIPFreak2NE1 @stevieq @IsoldaPazo @shisuschrist @SarahVanDorn @viviano6 @bambamisbae @Maddie27 @CarleB @JaxomB @jessicacheung97 @Ercurrent @BulletproofV @PandaSoapy @ashleyemmert @Vay754 @IsoldaPazo @shantalcamara @LaurenStrayhorn @EliseB @Meeshell @MirandaStephens @Helixx @Ercurrent @ninjamidori @krin @JaclynGuajardo @SarahVanDorn @flxvour @Sinon1488 @SarahHm11 @Elena166 @HayleyYates @daniimals @ScarletMermaid @BAbrajan1 @SugaMint @Destiny98 @ravenrave95 @Airess95 @JayRaider @mbg3t