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Q1: How do I meet someone?!
Today is the first day of the Question Challenge!! ICYMI: I'm challenging everyone to answer a relationship question every day until the end of February. The person who answers the most questions gets to become the --- ~Love Advice Guru ~ Since this is the first question, let's start from the beginning of relationships! Dating!! Here's the situation (adapted from a real-life situation). This is all the information you are given:) ------> I'm a 20 year old girl and I've never had a bf or even been kissed. I'm pretty intelligent, getting all As and Bs in college. I am busy a lot with sports and school, but I still go to social events, and I've been to a few parties. I'm not picky when it comes to guys, but it just seems they aren't interested. Am I putting myself out there enough? What else can I do to get a bf? Your challenge, come up with the best advice for this person!! Please feel free to use your own personal tips and tricks, or expand on each others ideas! @marshalledgar @momattheword @MaighdlinS @MannyPadron @Bobs @ThePervySage @jordanhamilton @jamesyoungs @altiar620al @2Distracted @atmi @BrendanFred @RashadRobertson @SeoInHan @TomasOlivares @JimTurpen @luna1171 @EliseB @ShinigamiSan @JamiMilsap @VeronicaArtino @1FallenAngel @carmaa10 @amobigbang @RaquelArredondo @BluBear07 @StetsonCampbell @Heartofgold35 @MajahnNelson @MichelleHolly @VanessaSimmons @arnelli @VKookie47 @AshelyJewell @scorptress @AprilGuillemard @RafaelRese18 @humairaa