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Hair Secret: 6 Hacks for Overnight Volume
The number one struggle for fine hair ladies, like myself, is lifeless locks. You don't understand how difficult it is to keep bangs from falling flat on the forehead and keeping limp strands looking alive. I have dealt with so many hair problems in the past that eventually motivated me to study hair. If you struggle with the same problem, I'm here to help. Morning is always the busiest day for me, so I like doing my beauty prep in the evening. Below is how I create volume with minimal effort! 1. Reverse Washing Your Hair I shared it on this post about a year ago and it's still part of my hair washing routine. A quick recap: Condition first before you shampoo. I don't do this all the time. I like switching the process around. Tip: I also only air dry my hair to avoid static and get a natural root lift. 2. Use a Volumizer Conditioner Back in 2014, I discovered a simple way to give my hair a natural lift. Don't get me wrong, I love hair products but there are days I want the weightless feel. Here's a DIY Homemade volumizer I learned from FreePeople. In short, all you need are two things: epsom salt and conditioner. Mix 1:1 ratio, after cleansing your hair apply this mixture. Leave it on for 20 minutes and rinse. 3. Blow-Dry Your Hair Upside Down Ladies, this makes a huge difference and here is why. Flipping your hair upside down will automatically lift your scalp. Here's a quick tip to get beautiful blowout. Dry it 90% while tousling your hair, then use a round brush to finish styling. Note: If you have bangs, dry your hair upright first. Otherwise, you'll get an unwanted mullet, especially if you have fine, curly hair. Not kidding. 4. Boost Your Roots Use a root lifting product right after you shower to boost your hair. Please make sure to use it on damp hair because it won't work on dry hair. Tip: I normally prep it at night and the next day I will gently tousle my hair to give it an extra lift. 5. Sleep in a Bun Effortless. Depending our your desired result, all you need to do is play around with the quantity and position of the bun. Basic rule: 1. The higher the ballerina bun, the more volume you have near the front. Make sure it's not too tight or it will backfire. 2. For thick hair, use 2-3 buns. 6. Sleep in a crown Sorry, it's not as easy as the princess crown you imagined. Make a bandana headband and tightly wrap your hair around it to create a low bun just like above. Note: Love your scalp. Please don't pull your hair too hard. There you have it. My cheatsheet to voluminous hair! Have you tried any of these tricks? Do you have any tricks you live by? Please share them!