Q: How Do I Win Back My Ex?
One of my Vingler friends is having a hard time with winning back a certain someone in her life, so I reached out to some other Vinglers for advice on how to help someone that wants to win back their ex. I added some of my own points, and voila, friendly advice for you! Make sure it's REALLY what you want Going back to someone when you broke up is a big deal. It means opening up hearts again, and it's best to know that you are TOTALLY in. Otherwise you could open wounds later on. Make sure they haven't moved on They have a new gf and you are trying to get back with them? Not going to fly. Try asking them about their life now and see how things are going. It might not be a bad idea for you to find out more about your ex and what they've s been doing since they broke up. This might help you have a better understanding of where they are at. Try to be friends first Definitely start talking as friends first, then build and see if they both are interested in getting into a relationship. This will help mend those broken hearts and see if the chemistry is still there;) If all is a go - Communicate it clearly! Explain why it didn't work before and why you think it'll work now. If it was your mistake, make sure they know that too! It can be something as simple as: "hey, *insert name* I'm sorry I broke up with you. I got busy with so much stuff and it was making me stress. I didn't want you to worry nor stress you put as well. I miss you and I want to be with you. Will you take me back?" - advice from: @altiar620al Or even "Baby come back. Cuz all I need is you." - ;) advice from: @momattheword And there you go. It's that easy! But lastly, remember whatever happens you are still awesome and deserve someone who wants you:) Thanks to the advice team for helping me on this!! @DianaBell @altiar620al @momattheword @RafaelRese18 What else would you do to get back your ex? sharing with some peeps. what are your thoughts? @haley1999bolen @jazziejazz @Heartofgold35 @womanofyourdreams @Bobs @SydneyBowman @MelissaVickers @himynamesam