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Running Towards You (An EXO Fanfic)
Soooo.... I have offically given up on giving you guys specific days that I will post the story LOL. Therefore, the following chapters will be put out a few days out from one another, so it will be a nice surprise for you guys when you see it! My thunder squad convinced me to put this up today as they couldn't wait any here it is (you have them to thank lol)! I hope you guys enjoy it! XD (Credit to owners of pictures!) Missed the other chapters? I got you~ Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 -DISCLAIMER - This beginning part is someone else, NOT Y/N. But who is it exactly??? ;)- Chapter 4 The starting horn rings. Man, I can’t believe that we all got separated. I just hope that our team’s representative doesn’t get their name tag torn off, I thought to myself. Wait, who is that? I crouched down under the bushes that I was near. I peeked over as to not reveal myself to see Baekhyun wandering around. This is my chance, I thought. I can take him out so that the playing field is even since his team has 6 members. I will just follow him until I see an opening. After he was a safe distance away, I started to tail him, making sure that I was a safe enough distance away, but not too far away to the point where I couldn’t see him. As I stalked him for about 3 minutes, I saw him go near the front entrance of the park. Ok I will wait here to until I see hi- Wait, is that Y/N? I started to go closer. That is Y/N! What is he doing over there? I moved to a spot closer to him to see what was happening clearly. From what I could see, he had taken something from her, a hand phone maybe? She was trying to reach up and grab it. I could barely make out what they were saying. “So is there someone you like? Who is it? Should I look in your phone?” I heard Baekhyun say. Why is he making fun of her? I glanced over to see him still holding the phone away from her to see that she was desperately trying to get it back. Just what is on that phone? “Yah! You do it and you are DEAD you hear?!” I heard her state. “GIVE IT BACK!” And as I saw her jump, everything happened so fast. As they landed on the ground I stood there in shock. How could he do this to me? He knows that I am interested in her. I – I should just go. I will come back for you Baekhyun and I will enjoy ripping your nametag off. I proceeded to run the other direction, trying to erase what just happened from my mind. I opened my eyes to see myself on top of him and that’s when I noticed it, the weird feeling that I felt in this moment, that my lips were touching his. We both immediately jumped up, both of us pushing off of one another. We both turned away from one another, extremely embarrassed. “U-u-u-u-um, let’s just forget that th-" “I HAVE A GIRLFRIEND!” Baekhyun screamed. I was startled, not expecting him to say something loudly. “Her name is Ashley, and I really like her, I didn’t mean to fall on top of you, I am sorry for messing with you, I did not mean for that to happen, please forgive me, I am sorry, here is your phone back, ok I got to go back to the game, OK BYE!” he quickly stated, as he proceeded to run away from the situation. Completely confused, I stood there with my mouth gaping open trying to process what happened. Well, that must have been the weirdest and most awkward conversation/moment I have ever had with a person. At least he has a girlfriend though. This makes the whole situation a lot easier. Wait. What if he tells his girlfriend and she comes after me? CRAP! I got to change my name so she can’t find me. I started pacing quickly back and forth. WAIT. Did someone see us?! I looked around the parking lot and around the front entrance paranoid. Luckily, no cameras or people seemed to be around. I sighed in relief. That is the last thing I need right now, to be in a scandal. I sat back down in my chair, mentally exhausted. I looked at my phone again to see that the screen was cracked. Aish! He is going to PAY for breaking my phone! Man and this was new too! Just as I was freaking out, I heard an announcement ring on the overcome. Ding, Dong, Dang. Baekhyun OUT. Baekhyun, OUT. HAHA serves you right, sucker! Wait, I shouldn’t be so mean. I decided to lay back in the chair and turn back on my phone, determined to forget about what had just happened. I open up my phone to see that the post that he saw was one about a live stage performance of their song Love Me Right. Thank heavens, he didn’t dig any deeper into my phone. It could have gotten bad for me. I hope my oppa is doing ok in the game. Oppa, hwaiting! I mentally stated, cheering on my bias. For the next hour and a half, the game continued. The names kept being called out. Ji Suk Jin OUT. HaHa OUT. Xiumin OUT. Kai, OUT. Gary, OUT. The game seemed like it would last forever. I decided to get up and take a walk around the park, trying to take a breather. Determined, to stay out of the game’s way, I decided to go and sit on the Merry-Go-Round ride that was on. I climbed onto one of the horses, and just let my mind wander. Around and around I went, breathing in the cool air as the ride moved at a slow and steady pace. I looked up to see the bright and full moon and I just took it all in. I must have been on the ride for about 10 minutes before I realized that I started to get a little light-headed. I decided that it was time to get off when I saw someone approach the ride. “Having fun are you? Mind if I join you?” I turned around to see Suho, tired and sweaty from the game. “Th-that’s ok, I was just about to-” “Ah, come on! Just one ride? I don’t want to ride it alone!” He begged. I busted out laughing. He looked at me confused. “I am sorry, but you did not seem like the type to beg for something and I just thought that it was really funny,” I stated, still laughing under my breath. Understanding the situation, he started to smile and he carefully hopped on the ride and stood next to my horse, holding on to the rail. “What, leaders can’t beg? I will have you know that I beg on a daily basis. Mainly to have one of the other members buy dinner for once, because they all think I am made out of money,” He retorted. I was shocked to hear him open up so easily about it. "Wait, you aren’t made out of money? And here I thought that I could get you to pay my bills and college debt. Dang it,” I replied, smiling like a fool. He started laughing as well. “Fine, I guess I can ride with you but it will cost you a penny. I don’t ride next to someone on a horse for free” I said, holding out my hand, trying not to break my straight face. He stared at my hand, contemplating his options. He then looked up at me with a smirk on his face. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a penny, like he had been ready for this moment. He placed the penny in my hand and then with his hand over mine, he closed the tips of my fingers to the palm of my hand. “There you go madam, one penny for a ride with the lady,” He said while bowing, as if we were back in a much simpler time. “Why, thank you kind sir, I shall keep this penny and cherish it for as long as I live,” I said in a very high-pitched lady-like voice. “Why, lookie here, there seems to be a horse open right next to me. I think it shall be mighty fine if you sit upon that horse and ride beside me,” I stated, motioning to the horse that was moving opposite to mine. “Upon? What kind of word was that?” He said, slowly moving to get to the horse next to me. I couldn’t help it anymore and I started laughing like crazy. He climbed up on the horse carefully as to not slip off the horse and then he started to laugh as well. We just sat there laughing, for what seemed like hours, just enjoying the night. He is definitely different than I thought he would be. I thought that he would be more uptight, no uptight isn’t the word. More, ah, what is it? As I was having a conversation in my mind, I looked over to see him staring at me, smiling. “What, is there something on my face?” I questioned, confused as to why he was looking at me like that. He didn’t answer and just continued to look at me. I could feel my face heating up. Knowing that I was probably red as a tomato, I turned away. What the heck is he doing? This is so embarrassing! Ok, calm down. Maybe he is interested in me? Nah, that can’t be it. I mean I am just a potato. A man wouldn’t like a potato. “Y/N,” he stated. I turned around to see him with a weird look on his face. “I just wanted to tell you tha-” Ding, Dong, Dang. Sehun, OUT. Sehun, OUT. Startled, I looked over to see Suho, starting to climb down from the horse. “He was on your team right?” I asked, concerned. “Yeah and he had the clue! Ok, well I have to go back to the game. I had a fun time with you, Y/N. You better keep that penny!” He stated, running away from the Merry-Go-Round. Well, that moment ended fast. It was nice while it lasted. I actually got to talk to one of them! And I didn’t make a fool out of myself, I think. Wait, what did he want to say to me? Oh well, it probably wasn’t anything important. I sighed, curious as to what he was about to tell me. I could feel myself starting to get dizzy from being on the ride for too long. I think that it is about time to get off. I climbed down from the horse carefully and I jumped off the ride. I had decided to go back to the entrance of the park when I heard an announcement over the speakers again. The treasure has been obtained! Startled, I quickly ran over to the final area to see that Lay was holding up the treasure from the game. I noticed that D.O and Kim Jong Kook were also standing there with Lay, all of them celebrating. The rest of the teams, including the ones that were ousted, also showed up to the final destination, congratulating them on their win. After the final message, the director yelled cut and the game was over! Everyone started thanking one another and dispersed. I looked down at the clock to see that the time was 12:00 am. This is the latest we have filmed. It is going to be a long drive back as well. I don’t know if I will make it back safely. Maybe Choon-Hee, Jess and I can stay at a hotel overnight? It might be safer that way. I started to walk towards Choon-Hee and Jess to ask them when someone got into my path, stopping me in my tracks. I looked up to see D.O. Startled, I quickly bowed. I got back up to see him staring at me. “Hey, D.O. Sorry that your team didn’t win,” I said without stuttering a word. Yes, I am getting my confidence up! “Hey, Y/N. I just wanted to say thank you again and I hope I can work with you again soon,” he shyly stated. I smiled at him brightly. “Me too! I wasn’t able to talk to you much but I want to thank you again for earlier today for helping me with the water cooler. I can seem tough at times but I did really need help. Thank you again,” I said, bowing. “N-no problem,” He said, smiling. He looked as if he was about to say something else when we heard someone talk loudly. “Everyone, gather around!” We both turned to see Jae-Hwa, calling and waving everyone over. D.O and I both looked at each other, confused. We walked over to Jae-Hwa. After everyone else had come to the circle, he started to talk. “Considering that this shoot took longer than usual, I decided that it might be a good idea if we all stayed the night at a hotel nearby. You do not have to stay but considering most of us are probably tired, it might not be safe to drive. I want you guys to talk it over and tell me what you think,” he stated looking at all of us. We all then broke up to discuss this. Well this works out pretty well. I won’t have to drive back home. I looked around to see the crew talking with Jae-Hwa and the Running Man members talking with one another. I also saw that the EXO members were talking with their manager, noticing that the members were nodding their heads up and down. I saw the manager head over to Jae-Hwa. Wait. Will the EXO members stay too?! As if reading my mind, Jae-Hwa started back up after he finished the conversation. “Most of the Running Man crew and members have already agreed to this. The manager of EXO also thinks that this is a good idea. Therefore, we will all leave in here in 10 minutes so make sure to grab everything,” he concluded. OH. MY. GOD. I think someone is messing with me today. What is all of this. Is this a hidden camera or something? I saw Choon-Hee and Jess run over to me with the most excited looks on their faces. “Yay! I can be in the same hotel as my Xiudaddy! I can maybe even sneak into his room and jump on him! I bet he would take me right into his arms,” Choon-hee exclaims, closing her eyes and holding herself as if she was imagining it already. “What if I can get closer to Chen? I may be able to talk to him more!” Jess stated excitedly, also dreaming about the situation. I started laughing, more in a state of panic than at their daydreaming. What am I going to do? WOOOO! Party at a hotel!! What will happen? Who was the mysterious EXO member at the beginning? What did Suho want to say to Y/N? And who are the two main leads of the story? I hope you guys enjoyed this chapter as I was excited to share it with you! Look forward to the next one! Also, if you would like to be added to this taglist for this series, let me know as I would love to add you! 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