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Big Bang Scavenger Hunt Entry 2/10/16
Well these are my results for this scavenger hunt. I sadly missed the last one thanks to all the school work piled on top of me >.> I still have a ton of homework that I have to finish, and I should be sleeping, but the deadline for this is tomorrow....Sooooo I had to finish this one at the last minute!!! cx Well I hope you all enjoy this card!!!! It was still a pretty fun scavenger hunt, even though I'm tired as hell. 1. Video of the saddest BIGBANG song (in your opinion). I actually had a hard time deciding between songs because Big Bang usually sings a lot of songs that are pretty sad. I chose this song as the saddest one, in my opinion, because the meaning behind the lyrics is actually pretty sad. They explain how hard it is to stay sober (and not just sober with alcohol), and it really gets to me because it's true! Every time I listen to this song I just want to jam out and cry at the same time. Also, to me the song kind of sounds like they're pleading, crying for help, but no one is coming to save them. I don't know, it just makes me sad, especially since I feel like I can relate to the song, and that's why it's my favorite song by Big Bang. 2. Daesung fan art. Damn these people are talented artists!!!! I hope to do a fan art of Daesung one of these days, but it would be more cartoony rather than realistic. 3. Picture, video or gif of your OTP/Who do you ship? G-Dragon and Pillow Top of course!!!! They're just such a cute couple!! And it's just one of my favorite ships. I just find it super adorable and funny! And the first time I ever saw this picture back when we had to find a picture of the two of them from another scavenger hunt, I automatically shipped them c: 4. Picture or video of G-Dragon with his kitty Mari. I didn't know he had a kitty!!!! And such a cute little kitty!!!! I wanted to post the video of GD and Mari but Instagram wouldn't let me so I just had to take a screen shot :l Still cute though :D 5. Video of either a BB member imitating another idol, or of another idol imitating a member of BB. Oh my god!!!! Such a cute and funny imitation of them!!!! I couldn't stop smiling the whole time I watched this cx 6. Picture or gif of TOP wearing contacts. I actually dig TOP with contacts. I really like it when he wears contacts, even when they're incredibly weird. I feel like they truly express how strange TOP is. 7. Picture, video or gif of a member of BIGBANG wearing something on their head other than what would traditionally be considered a hat. I think the cute panda helmet thing counts as a non-traditional hat, but just to be safe I included TOP with a lobster thing on his head (I hope that counts O.o) I love Seungri's little rage attack when TOP hits him XD 8. Picture, video or gif of Taeyang cooking. I wouldn't mind Taeyang cooking for me every now and then, especially if he dances while cooking, like in this gif :3 9. Picture or video of the BIGBANG dorm. Such an old video!!!! It doesn't show much of the dorm, but it does a little bit so I hope this counts. G-Dragon is so adorable in this video!!!! Especially how he worried about not having rice, so cute! cx And they're all so young in this video!!!! O.O 10. Doctor Who references in BIGBANG videos. I'm not really good at catching Doctor Who references since I haven't seen that many episodes, but I remember seeing an angel in Bae Bae and it reminded me of the Weeping Angels from Doctor Who, even though it doesn't look entirely like a Weeping Angel. But it looks like a reference to Doctor Who to me :l 11. Video or gif or Seungri saying more about his members then he should. I know that Seungri gives away the members' secrets all the time, but I just couldn't remember any of the videos I watched where he did that (I need sleep....). Thankfully I found this video where he talks about them being drunk, so I hope it counts :l At least it's funny cx 12/ Pic/Vid/GIF of BigBang with MonstaX at MAMA awards. That's adorable that Monsta X stayed for the entire thing and got to meet Big Bang!!!! I am not in love with Monsta X as of so far, but I do love two of their songs and I want to check out their other songs soon to decide if I like them or not. But they're adorable, not going to lie. Okay, I'm finally done... This took longer than I had hoped it would. Some of them I had a hard time finding, but it probably was even harder since I need to sleep.... Well now that I'm done I can finally...zzz....Huh? Oh um I didn't zone ou-....zzzzzz... Huh? Oh I'm sorry! I did it again! Well umm before I actually fall asleep, I hope that you guys enjoyed this and have a fantastic day and continue loving Big Bang!!!! See y-...zzzzzzz. "And remember, we're all crooked inside. Some of us are just better at hiding it than others." 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