Saturday's randomness
Saturday's randomness
RANDOM STUFF ok guys, so I'm bored and I really don't know what to post so I'm a take some random photos in my gallery and just talk about them. kind of like story time. READY!!!!!!!!! let's go
ok so #1 this is what i can see happening if me and my boyfriend have a baby. example, ACTING : boy: hey babe if we have a baby are you going to love pichu (baby) more than me. girl : no baby I'm going to love you both equally. boy: why. girl : wym why. boy: I mean like, why can't u just give me all ur love. girl: Carlos (boyfriend ) , I have to love my child as well I can't just love you only. boy: ik that but like can u give me. 80% of ur love and give him 20%. girl: -_- no. boy: ok give me 90% and give him. 10% or give me 100% and he gets 0%. girl: I'm a love you both the same. boy: fine then me and pichu r going to have to fight for ur love. that's why I can see this happening. Alright so me and my boyfriend met on this RPG called soul guardians. He was the silent type being a loner everytime I saw him. He was by himself ,so one day I decided to go talk to him and be his friend but he didn't like me very much and he kept trying to push me away. I didn't care if he liked me or not I just didn't want him to be a lonel, and little by little we started to become really good friends. one day my friend left me leadership of the guild and something happen to my phone that I wasn't able to get on the game. when I got back 30 members turned into 3 so I disbanded the guild. I told shorty (boyfriend but at the time just really good friends) what happened and he asked me if wanted to join his guild and I said sure why not , so I go to meet his boss (guild leader) and his boss looked so cool and powerful his name was shroom062189 he's still cool and powerful. anyway he said to me "so jenie u wanna join the guild" I said "yes" next I know he sends me a request to join and says " ok u can join, this guild doesn't have that many rules like other guilds do and the ones we have, not a really big deal plus we don't like to kik ppl out unless it's a valid reason" so I accept it and before I met the boss shorty asked me " are u sure u want to join there a little crazy I don't want you to change ur mind about it when u see them" I said "I'm sure I'll be fine I'm a little crazy to if u haven't noticed" " Oh I have noticed that the problem" "Hehe then I should fit right in" when I accept the request all I see is everyone saying welcome to the guild there was a lot of them. some were fighting with each other , others were trying to talk to me they all were doing there own thing I really was surprised cuz like i didn't think that they would be that crazy. there was this guy named xguy he was one of the vice presidents(there were like 3 or 4 vp) he told shroom, "hey shroom we should have a thing for when ppl new come something like this" he said to me " welcome to the world of sages" (sages is the guild name) that made me laugh. I was thanking everyone and I told them "I think I'm a like it here" everyone was saying "ya" or "u will" my boss even said "I hope you do". few days went by and I was still shy I wasn't use to the craziness so I always hide behind shorty and ask him questions. one time he told me "ya I know there all stupid" "ya but I really like them" "your right jenie I do as well" AND THAT'S THE STORY ON HOW I HIDDEN FROM STUPID PEOPLE BUT I CAN'T REALLY SAY MUCH BECAUSE I BECAME ON OF THE STUPID PEOPLE IN MY GUILD ANYWAY IT FEELS LIKE A FAMILY TO ME I WILL ALWAYS BE IN SAGES . ok so ya I'm done sorry if they were really long I just got into it to much anyway. so I hope you guys liked my story's they both were true if u want more of these I'll see if I can do more but the next I'll try to make it short or I'll just make a short and long story collection ok bye. (sorry for the mistakes)