BTS New Daughter 7
Holding your hand, Taehyung swung you two's arm back and fourth with a small smile on his face while Hoseok simply held your's loosely. They had gotten used to waking up early in the morning and taking turns to send you to school. There's no more complains from them, maybe they'll look grumpy sometimes but they wouldn't say a word. They actually found themselves enjoying the process of sending you to school. The hand holding and little morning conversations passing between you guys was heart-warming to them. "Awww, we're here." Taehyung said. You nodded with a smile still on your face. "We'll see each other very soon Taetae! and Hobi too!" Hoseok picked you up and you proceeded to poke his dimples again. He clicked his tongue before giving you the 'again' look. You giggled and hugged him tightly before moving over to hug Taehyung too. "Ok, there we go." he put you down and watched you walked into the school. "See you later princess!" Hoseok chuckled, "The princess and the bodyguard game is getting out if hand Taehyung." "No it's not." Taehyung huffed, rollin his eyes a little. Before they could turn to leave, a teacher caught them. "Um...excuse me?" They turned around. For a second, their eyes were cold and it held no emotion. It had became a habit, to look people with cold eyes, but they changed since you came along. Taehyung and Hoseok bowed politely at the teacher, "Yes?" She was stunned for s second but recomposed herself. "Yes, hi tomorrow, the government is going to send people here to check the school and some parents will be coming over. "The student will selling flags instead of learning tomorrow. We kind of need help with the help with the flag bags right now so i was thinking if you guys can help?" she asked. Seeing their raised eyebrow, she added. "Oh, those bags are pretty hard to snap open. And we need help on decorations too." They shared a glance. Both of them had one thing in mind: it's none of their business, why should we help. However, for your sake, they decided to say yes and call m in the others for help too. "Sure, do you mind if we call our friends too?" Hoseok asked. The teacher's eyes sparkled before she nodded. "Of course! I mean, we have a lot of room here so, the more the merrier!" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Being distributed to different works, they all hid their small feel of annoyance as the mothers chat along beside them. It wasn't the best feeling hearing how great the other's were. Jungkook was, you can say, the most uncomfortable one as he was the only one in the crowd of ladies, tearing open the flag bags. The mothers couldn't help but look at him and giggle though. Even though he had a bad reputation in the district, he looked like a harmless shy boy right now. "So, how did you meet Meena?" one asked curiously. Jungkook looked up and shrugged a little. "Hyung brought her over one day and she insisted on staying with us. Her father seemed to be forcing her to marry someone she doesn't know, at this age! That's fu-i mean, that's horrible." Jungkook exclaimed. Some gasoed, some giggles when they noticed Jungkook's change of word choice. Jungkook couldn't help but think if he'd done something wrong. Telling rich people about rich families' private things weren't the greatest idea, he had learnt. "Are you guys like, shielding her?" Jungkook nodded, "You can say that." "Keep doing it. Her father is a total money-lover, he might as well sell his wife to someone else for money. Don't let the poor girl go through things like that Jungkook-ssi." one said, pointing a finger at him. Jungkook looked up and meet eyes with the . The mothers were a bit startled by the determination in his eyes. Don't worry, i-we won't let that happen." They slowly smiled, a little flattered by Jungkook. "Oi, oi, oi, this one's going to be a heartthrob!" "Anyway, what's you guy's relationship like, if i may ask?" Jungkook blinked at the question. "What's our relationship like? Uh i-" "Ay Jungkookie!" Jimin came in the room, outting a hand on Jungkook's shoulder. The purple haired boy looked at his saviour, "Hyung, What's Meena and our relationship like?" That caught him off guard. Jimin's brows furrowed in confusion, not sure how to answer. "Yah, why dis you ask that?" he laughed, slapping Jungkook's shoulder hardly the mothers visibly winced at the sight, Jungkook didn't even show a hint of hurt though. "Anyway, we're buying food later, anything you want?" he asked "You and the others will go home with Meena first." "Eh, what does she like?" Jungkook asked "She likes (favorite food) , why?" "We'll get that then" Jungkook said, "Oh and remember to buy some (favorite drinks) tol, she really like that and we're running out of those." "Got it." Listening to their small conversation, the mothers could already make out the relationship between you and them. They wouldn't remember what you like if they don't care. When Jungkook turned back to them, still struggling to get them an answer, they laughed. "We don't need an answer Jungkook-ssi. We saw it already." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Bye bye!" you waved at Jimin and the others who went to buy food together before walking back to Jin and Namjoon's  side. "I want piggy-back!" you said holding out your hand. Namjoon pushed Jin's shoulder. "You got broad shoulders, you do it." With a small sigh, Jin crouched down and you jumped onto his back. Jungkook walked over to get your school bag, pulling it away from you. You laughed making them smile. Jungkook touched his lips, realizing how easy his smile came and this weird feeling of happiness whenever you- "Jungkookie why are you standing there!" -call him by his nickname. He snapped out of his thoughts before catching up with you guys. You had your arms around Jin's neck and one hand in Namjoon's You liked the feeling of that, holding someone's hand. You felt safe. Turning your head, you gave Jungkook another silly grin of yours. 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