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Foreign Flower (A BigBang Novel)
Hello! Welcome to the beginning of a beautiful world; where the beauty comes from the five sexy kings of BigBang! New to my fanfics? Click here to binge on my BigBang mini novelas in the meantime! Missed the Preview? Click here! Starting from the beginning? Here's the next chapter --> Chapter 2! Please enjoy! *bows* Chapter 1 The sun danced vibrantly through the bedroom window early morning. Up and running, you curled your hair and pinned it to one side so it wouldn't fall out of place this time. You wrapped your neck in your lucky red scarf you've had for the longest of time and left your apartment with headphones in and a small bag by your side to hold all your necessities. Upon arriving to YG, you spotted a large crowd around the entrance with cameras, screaming excitingly as if the end of the world was dawning. The closer you approached, the more you realized that it was a group of fan girls cheering and snapping pictures. You squeezed your way through the crowd then flashed your identification to the body guards so they could let you into the building, ignoring whoever they were cheering on. Unlike the day you came to meet the CEO and set up your office, there were more individuals running around or waiting in the lobby. You smile and bow at the receptionist from the day before then make your way into the conference room. You're not the first one there, but you certainly aren't the last. CEO Yang Hyun-suk welcomes you and asks you to sit beside him. With a respectful bow, you follow his orders and keep your eyes low, shoving your iPod into your bag. The conference room quickly fills up and you begin to feel several eyes focus in your direction. You cross your legs under the table and pull out a note pad and a pen, carefully composing yourself into a more professional persona with a poker facade. The meeting launches into motion after ten minutes of awkward silence. The room is so packed that there are plenty of individuals standing in the back and along the walls. It's almost as if every employee is in a single room, and you're getting treated like royalty by sitting next to the CEO. The executive director begins to speak and everyone gets quiet. You click your pen and begin taking notes just to catch yourself up with the events that the company was currently involved with and will be doing in the near future. Again, there are eyes locked on you rather than the CEO; you distract yourself momentarily by pushing your glasses back into place. <<I know I don't look like I belong here but can you guys cut me some slack? We've all been the new guy at some point in our lives.>> You sass up mentally. “And lastly, I would like to introduce the newest member of our YG family,” Director Yang retrieves you back from your thoughts. With a single glance from him, you stand up obediently. “Annyeonghaseyo, please take care of me,” you bow generously and smile when you straighten up. A warm feeling washes over you when you realize that your Korean sounded incredible to your own ears. Everyone bowed back respectfully but you still managed to hear whispers about you in the background, diminishing the tiny ounce of happiness that had started to settle in your heart. “Thank you. Go ahead and take your seat again,” CEO Yang spoke again. “As a new member, please be kind to her. She will be in charge of translating documents from other languages into Korean and will act as an ambassador for us when necessary in order to get our business expanded. She will also be our go to person when it comes to English learning for anyone. Especially trainees, managers, and artists. Managers, please bring around your artist to my office later today to formally acquaint her.” Everyone bowed and began to leave. You rose to your feet and collected your notepad, taking as much time as need in order to avoid crowded hallways. “Wow, look at that foreigner. Do you think she's all high and mighty because she came from the States?” “I don't know, but her Korean is perfect. I didn't know the schools over there taught that well.” “I bet she doesn't understand everything and only got the job because she's from the States.” “Let's avoid that foreigner, who knows how she may be. Could lead to trouble.” You breathe slowly then make your way towards your office. With a headphone in your ear, you were able to dismiss the rude comments and keep your mind on the set of tasks you had to prepare for. Stepping into your office and shutting the door, you slide down the door and sit on the floor. “Aishh, what did you get yourself into now?” You curse for a few moments then force yourself up and plug in your iPod into your desktop and allow soft music to fill the room. “No, don't do this, you wanted this job, and you came all this way and fought like hell. You can do this, girl.” You run your fingers through your pinned curls then get up and open the blinds to let some sunshine into the room and adjust your glasses. Without skipping a beat, you plunge yourself into work while humming slowly to yourself. A woman knocks on the door and enters, bringing you a pile paperwork and offering tea. You accept both things and smile kindly to the woman before she steps out. Time continues and you're towards the end of the pile of paper work when you hear another knock on the door. Papa YG comes in with all four 2NE1 girls and their managers. You stand up and bow, welcoming them in. “Sir, you could have called me into your office and saved you the trouble of coming all the way here,” you say politely. “It's no trouble at all, after all, I know you're working hard. I want everyone to get acquainted with you and know where you'll be working,” He responds. He introduces the girls and their managers, but being a Kpop fan, you recognize their beautiful faces in a heartbeat and bow. They were kind and sweet, just as you pictured them. Throughout the day, the continuation of interruptions progresses with the your boss bringing in multiple artists. Psy and his manager made you laugh, Se7en left you blushing with his natural charisma. The guys from WINNER were all shy at first but quickly tore down the wall and allowed you to see their playful behavior up close, while the iKON members did not hold back when they all shook your hand and showered you with encouraging words. By the end of the day, you were working with a dorky smile, completely convinced that you had landed the best job in the world because you met many great artists in such a short amount of time. You take out the bobby pins from your hair then tie up the loose curls in a sloppy bun after finishing the last document. You gather your things and tie your scarf around your neck but once again, there is a knock on the door. You pause for a moment then sigh and grant permission for entry. There are loud voices being hushed by a single voice and plenty of giggling being emitted from behind your boss. You stand there, composed into a professional statue again and smile. “I can see that you are preparing to leave, so I will make this quick,” Papa YG laughed. “Let me introduce you, Big Bang.” Three of the five members stand before you and bow, along with their managers. You bow back and introduce yourself. “This isn't all of them, two are missing due to other duties but I will make sure they stop by and introduce themselves,” he said with a disappointing sound in his voice. “Don't get mad, boss. You know Ji-Yong and TOP hyung are working really hard right now,” Dae-Sung smiled. “That gives them no excuse to skip out on welcoming our new family member,” the executive director replied harshly. “Please excuse the other two hyungs, they really are working hard right now,” Seung-Ri bowed. “I'm sure they would be here if it were possible,” Tae-Yang bowed as well. You smile and bow, “No worries, I understand the pressure that you are all feeling so it is okay. Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedules to come see me.” At that moment, the one of the managers grabs the CEO's attention and they stepped outside, you bow and smile once more at the three members of BigBang that stayed behind. “Wow, you're really pretty,” Tae-Yang interjects out of the blue. You blush brightly and bow your head, “Um, thank you,” you mutter out while fixing your glasses into place as an excuse to cover your face with your hand. Dae-Sung smacks Tae-Yang on the arm. “What was that?” Dae-Sung asked. “She's going to think we're perverts and playboys,” Seung-Ri adds on with a sly smile and a wink in your direction. “I was just saying the obvious, I'm sorry!” Tae-Yang but his hands up in defense, his cheeks tinting in color. “Please excuse what he said, he's just hungry and can't think straight,” Seung-Ri bows quickly. “So you're saying I'm not pretty?” You tilt your head to the side and pretend to look hurt. “No no no! That's not what I meant!” Seung-Ri waves his hands. “Aishh! You're going to hurt her feelings!” Dae-Sung smacks Seung-Ri on the arm. “Way to go, I thought pandas were suppose to make you smile but you're going to do the reverse if you keep it up,” Tae-Yang rubbed salt to Seung-Ri's wound. You watch the three of them argue and try to resolve the issue as you fight back the necessity to laugh much as possible, to the point where tears start spilling from your eyes on their own. “See! You made her cry!” Dae-Sung looked at Seung-Ri with a worried expression. “Meee? Tae-Yang is the one with perverted intentions!” Seung-Ri argued eagerly. “It was just a compliment!” Tae-Yang tried to defend himself. “Please don't cry, noona,” Dae-Sung cooed, stepping closer to you with his arms held out as if preparing to hug you. With those words, you lose it and you hug your stomach, laughing harder than you ever had before in your life. These guys were just as playful and dorky as they were on the computer screen back home. They were kind and funny and even more handsome in person than on some promotional poster. They all looked at you confused while you struggled to catch a sense of professionalism back in your body. If it wasn't for the formal meeting, or the job you had, you would have fangirled so hard when seeing them walk in. “I'm sorry, but you guys are just really funny. I was only kidding about my comment, couldn't help but break some of the tension,” you bow once more. “Thank you for the compliment, and thank you for trying to defend me as much as possible.” “Wow, you're so relaxed. How are you this confident and comfortable? It really is weird meeting people from the States. I thought you would be cocky and uptight.” Dae-Sung commented. “Maybe it's just me, but then again, I've met people like that, so please don't get the wrong impression. I just know how to compose myself in various situations,” you replied shyly. “You really are pretty,” Seung-Ri whispered. All of you looked at him with quizzed expressions. You giggle at the simultaneous reaction and thank him before the other two got a chance to attack the poor guy. “You guys are sweet. Trust me, I'm not the snobby type of individual. Please see me as a friend,” you smile generously. Papa YG walks back in with a woman behind him who bows quietly then collects the papers from your desk. “You've done a great job today, please go home and rest,” he smiled then exited the office, oblivious to the situation that had taken place. “Oh you're on your way out, we're sorry, we'll let you be,” Seung-Ri smiled. “It's alright, I'm just going to go grab dinner and go home,” you smiled back. At that moment, Dae-Sung's stomach growled loudly. This time, everyone looked at him with a weird look. “Sorry, I forgot to eat lunch today because I was in a hurry and my stomach just reminded me it was empty,” Dae-Sung laughed. Tae-Yang wrapped his arm around Dae-Sung and laughed with him, “Yeah, me too.” “You guys are more than welcomed to join me for dinner, it'll be my treat,” you smirk while grabbing your bag, thinking it was too far-fetched for them to actually accompany you. “You're too kind, but if you insist, then thank you,” Seung-Ri smiled again. <<Oh shit...>> You think as you locked the office behind you and followed the trio to the elevator. <<Dae-Sung, Seung-Ri, and Tae-Yang. Holy crap I just met three of the five greatest influences in my life! They're prefect, they're wonderful, they're talking to me! Hell, they're going to dinner with me!>> You fangirled deep inside. Inside, the guys continued to laugh and converse with you about being in Seoul, they shared jokes and teased each other in such a comfortable matter around your presence that it seemed as if you've known them forever. <<Maybe it's because I'm a VIP and I've seen them like this through the computer screen,>> your thoughts lingered to the only logical reason why you didn't feel so out of place with the three. As the elevator reached the main floor, you were too caught up with Dae-Sung's jokes that you accidentally bumped into another person. “I'm sorry,” you bowed respectfully. “It's okay, please be careful,” a deep voice replied. You looked up from your glasses and froze. “TOP hyung! Where are you going?” Dae-Sung asked with laughter in his voice. “We have practice in a few minutes, did you guys forget?” Another voice responded. “Aigoo, that's right!” Tae-Yang threw his head back in frustration. “We were just about to go out to dinner with Noona,” Seung-Ri ruffled his hair. “Noona?” TOP and you both look at the frustrated Panda. It was the first time you actually caught him calling you by the honorific. “Aishh, that's right you're younger than me huh? Sorry,” Seung-Ri smiled shyly in your direction. TOP looked at you while you shook your head and smiled. “Well we have practice so it's going to have to be another time,” the other voice responded. You turned around and felt your inner fangirl faint then jump up and scream. It was Ji-Yong in the flesh. He looked back at you for a second then flickered his eyes back at the three other members who were complaining about being hungry. You turned your attention back to the three guys and smiled at their behavior. “It's alright, you guys had other priorities, don't let me hold you back from them,” you adjust your glasses to hide your growing smile, caused by being in a space with all five members of Big Bang. “Beautiful and polite,” Tae-Yang laughed. “Ah, let me introduce you guys! TOP hyung, GD hyung, this is the girl our CEO had been talking about for the past couple of weeks; she's really cool and smart. We noticed that she went through a big pile of papers, and even impressed the boss! Oh and she's funny too! She's also our new English tutor so it'll be even more fun!” Dae-Sung praised with laughter coating his voice. Embarrassed by how much Dae-Sung had extolled, you bowed and introduced yourself, “please take care of me.” “Dae-Sung you idiot, don't make her uncomfortable!” Tae-Yang smacked Dae-Sung. Both Ji-Yong, and TOP, bowed back and introduced themselves. It was obvious that they were quite shy around you so kept your head low and smiled. “C'mon, we have practice to go to,” Ji-Yong said quietly. While Tae-Yang and Dae-Sung argued playfully, the five of them crammed into the elevator. “Let's have dinner another time!” Seung-Ri waved. “For sure this time!” Tae-Yang smiled and also waved. “Enjoy your meal for me!” Dae-Sung jumped enthusiastically. Ji-yong stared at the three members waving goodbye while TOP smiled to himself and closed the elevator doors. You laughed and waved goodbye back as the doors closed then left the building with another dorky smiled smothered all over your face. “Girl, you just met the band that started this dream, how do you feel?” you speak to yourself. “I feel great, absolutely great!” With music blaring through your headphones, you walked back home and enjoyed the rest of the night listening to BigBang's albums and singing along with them. Whoo! That concludes the first chapter! :D What did you think? Hyped up to work for Papa YG and a potential date with BigBang? :D :3 <3 Please stay tuned for the next chapter! 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