The Love Quiz Collection
The Love Quiz Collection
Are You Planning on Changing Your Name For Marriage?
Well THINK AGAIN. One man walks us through what it's really like to change your last name when you get married and now I'm thinking twice about it! My mom actually hyphenated her last name to keep her maiden name and now she'd love to just go by my dad's last name (really short, really common, really easy) but she doesn't want to go through the hassle all over again. Some cultures don't do the whole name-change thing and I think they've got it right ;) This is Matthew. He got married a few months ago. He went through the process to change his last name starting with going to the DMV aaaand Social Security in person. Afterwards he had to call every company that sends him a bill (electric, cable, etc) AND get all his debit/credit cards changed to the correct name to match his new license. If you travel during this process (which can take quite a while) you need to have two forms of ID on you in case people don't accept your old or new one. He also had to carry around a copy of his marriage license in case he needed to use a credit card or access an account that hadn’t been updated! You have to pay $$$$$$$!!! $27 fee at the DMV, $16 for a new passport photo, then $110 for the passport. All in all, the new name cost Matthew $153. Now that the ordeal is over (and his coworkers are sloooowly remembering his new name) he's actually really happy with his decision. "It’s been stressful and complicated, yes, but I definitely don’t regret the decision to change my name. I do, however, wish I’d been a little more informed before my wedding day, but you know what they say: Hindsight is always 20/20!" Are you planning on changing your last name or have you already? Or, do you expect your partner too or will you be okay with two separate last names?
Community Quiz: What Movie Bromance Are You and Your BFF?
My friends and I always think that we should have our own TV show, but maybe we're already starring in a movie! Find out which movie bromance is TOTALLY you and your BFF! Here's how: 1. Answer all 5 questions 2. Scroll down for your results! Did you answer all 5 questions? Okay check your results! Toy Story: You and your BFF argue pretty much all the time, but its all out of love. You're very different people but that's what makes the magic happen. You get each other into trouble, push each other out of your comfort zones, and best of all you always have each others' back. Harry Potter: You two always seem to be in some kind of trouble, but it isnt always your fault. You tend to be the one dragging your friend into the ridiculous situations, but they are always ready for anything. You guys are a magical team! Some Like It Hot: You and your BFF are masters of disaster. The two of you get into so much mischief that its just part of being friends. If one of you needs help, the other is always there no matter what - even if it means faking their identity and running from the mob. You'd do it ;) Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure: Every day is an adventure for you two. You can turn something so boring and silly into the most ridiculously fun thing all because of your crazy friend chemistry. You two are excellent to each other, and there is pretty much nothing you guys can't do. 21 Jump Street: You two truly complete each other. While most people think that you two have lost your minds, you both know that you're the...well, you agree with them that you've lost your minds ;) You two are meant to be partners for life! You'll take a bullet for each other - literally!
Community Quiz: What DIY Gift Should You Make For You Friend/Partner?
My friends and I aren't big on spending money on anything that isn't food and travel, so we always get creative with our gifts to each other. My friend's graduation is coming up and I've been thinking of what I can make her so I wanted to make a quiz to help out some other people in my position. Also, check out @cindystran's card about simple DIY gifts here!!!! Here's how: 1. Answer all 5 questions 2. Add up your points 3. Scroll down to see your results! Add up your points before scrolling to the results! Ready now? You and your loved ones keep your memories in photographs and videos. You love to document your adventures together. The perfect gift for this kind of relationship is a photobook. It could be polaroids glued to a sketch book, or a really nice printed one from online. Here are a few resources for great photobook tutorials! You and your partner are visual people, but you want something more unique and timeless than the hundreds of photos you take. Now, I'm no artist - but that's half the fun! Grab some colored pencils, paint, or maybe even make a sculpture out of clay! Its all about making it fun and it is something they can cherish for a long time. Remember that ridiculous cookie recipe you guys tried? What about the snack you two always shared during lunch period in high school. Make a cookbook of those recipes so that you can keep all your funny food memories in one place. This is also a great gift for family members :) You and your partner love to share feelings with music. Whether its to cheer them up, make them dance, or express your love for them - you two connect so well with mix tapes. If you can't burn a CD or make a tape, try making a playlist and putting it on an SD card for them so they can still feel the surprise of new files without it being sort of a lame email :) Does anyone else have good DIY friend/S.O gift ideas?! Tagging those who participated in the last quiz! @Alcides13 @KeziahWright @RafaelRese18 @NasiaWright @JacobWilson @RainaC3 @JimTurpen @LexTrilly @ShakirBishop @Ercurrent @BT2581 @deefran @EasternShell @atmi @ZoilaObregon @1FallenAngel @PeachBoba @MajahnNelson @seouls @Badtz @cindystran @JamiMilsap @MaggieHolm @Arellano1052 @arnelli @AtisutoMeru @carmaa10 @AnnieGoodman @zwdodds @KellyOConnor