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Sugar Rush| Suga (19+)
If you do not like sexual topics you do not have to read this. (19+) =Taehyung =Jhope =Jin =Jimin =Jungkook =RapMonster I popped the cake batter in the oven and got ready for when my fiancee gets back from his music video set. It was their last day for filming and I wanted to congratulate him by baking him a cake. I am also planning on doing something special for him. He said the filming will be off around 5 so I have enough time to prepare for his gift. After the cake was done I had about 20 minutes before he got home. I got changed into my special lingerie set that I had prepared for him. I am gonna tease him later on when he gets home. "Welcome home honey!!" I jumped on him. "Hey, the filming went really well, they said." "That's good, how are you feeling now?" "Just a bit tired." "Hold on..." I stopped him and ran to grab the cake. "Congratulations Yoongi." I held the cake to him. "Thanks (y/n) I can't wait to eat it." We both sat down at the table together. I cut two small peices and gave one to me and one to him. I took a small bite and winced. "This tastes really bland, I think it needs some more sugar, don't you?" "Yeah, me too." He smirked. "Hey, can you give me some Suga?" I looked at him with lust filled eyes. "Yeah, follow me, i'll lead you to the sweet Suga." He grabbed my hand and we ended up in our bedroom. He threw me on the bed leaving the door open. He kissed me roughly while trying to take my shirt off, but he was having a little trouble. I helped him take my shirt off along with my pants. He was surprised at what was under my clothes. It was black lacey and thin. It revealed most of my skin, covering my important parts. "Fuck babygirl, you know this is my favorite." "That's why I wore it." "So you planned this?" "Yup." He kissed me softly and touched the thin fabric of my lingerie. Yoongi always loved to tease me and have me squirming underneath him while he pleased me. He was an alpha whenever it came to romantic intercourse or just playing around. "Now baby, you know that if you want something you gotta ask." "Can I have some of your sweet sugar?" I asked seductively while licking my bottom lip. "Go ahead baby, have a sugar rush." He stood up and sat at the edge of the bed, waiting for me to please him. I unbuckled his pants and pulled them down to his knees. I grabbed the waistband of his black boxers and pulled them down as well. His package stood tall in front of my eyes. "(y/n), I want you to make me cum." He moaned as I stroked his length. I continued to pump his shaft as I kept hearing him moan. I then put my mouth around his package enclosing my mouth around him. His quiet breathing grew faster as I licked his sensitive areas and his tip. His moaning escalated as I hummed from the back of my throat, sending small vibrations all over him. I felt his warm liquid seep slowly into my mouth, I let go of him and let him drip all over my tongue. I continued to pump him as his stream kept flowing. His load was always more than enough for me when he came to his peak. His liquid oozed all over his shaft covering my hand as well. I let go and licked my hands that had his cum on it. "Why do you have to be so sexy?" He asked dominating me and pinning me to the bed. "I can't wait to fuck you so hard baby." He whispered, which made grow moist down there. "Why do you have to wait, just do it now." I smirked while stroking his cheek. "I gotta please you first." He kissed my neck, and sucked on it. "Babe, your gonna leave a bruise." I breathed out. "I know. I want everyone to know your my babygirl." "I think everyone knows already..." I pointed to the ring on my finger, remembering when he proposed to me. "They better after this." He bit softly creating marks all over my neck and chest. He didn't stop the love bites until he reached my lower region. He kissed the fabric covering my heat then started to pull it off, leaving the stockings on. "Fuck baby." He licked his lips staring at my glistening folds. He kissed my clit, and I already wanted to clamp my legs shut. I looked at him and we made eye contact, before he started to lick me. We were still staring at each other until I bent my head back from the pleasure. My breathing grew louder and moans overtook me. My fingernails dug into the matress gripping and pulling at the sheets. His tongue moved faster twirling and flicking at my sensitive parts. He used his fingers to spread the lips and dig his tongue deeper into me. My hands moved to his head pressing his face on my heat, while grinding my hips upward. I wasn't able to control my actions anymore as his tongue was working miracles on my body. "Fuck Yoongi." I yelled out. He moved his tongue more, wanting my swears to get louder. I know that whenever I swear it turns him on. My mouth only opened now from when I swear or moan, and that made Yoongi hard and ready for me. I pulled him up and kissed his lips, tasting myself. But really I was planning on dominating him, he likes it sometimes when I dominate him and take control, but other times he would get angry and punish me. I was willing to take the risk of getting punished just to get him underneath me. "You want it now baby?" I nodded and flipped our positions so I was now on top of him. "I want it so bad Yoongi." I lined myself on him and pushed him inside of me. "Your gonna get punished later on baby." He breathed out then groaned in pleasure. I stopped to let myself adjust.His hands went to my hips waiting for me to start moving. When I felt comfortable I started to move my move my hips in a circular motion.His nail dug into my hips, leaving red marks. I started to moan, trying to tease him. I was moaning louder then usualy to get him to punish me already. But he let me ride him, until I got tired. My movements got slower and sloppier, so it was now Yoongi's turn to punish me. He flipped me over and got up to get something. He came back with the usual items, handcuffs a blindfold and a flog. I shivered remembering the last time he used these items. He crawled on top of me and cuffed my wrists. "You better remember who's in control here babygirl." He ran the strips of the flog against my stomach. He whipped my inner thigh, and I moaned at the quick pain. "I know you like this babygirl." I felt myself getting wetter as he said 'babygirl'. "You turn me on when you call me babygirl." I said wanting to touch him, but the handcuffs stopped me from doing so. The strips of leather reached my lady part, he whipped it and I found the pleasure in the pain. "Turn around baby." I obeyed and flipped over so I was on my stomach. The second I settled down he smacked my ass with the flog. I could tell by the morning my body would be covered in bruises and red marks, maybe some scars. He whipped one ass cheek with the flog then the other. He finally crawled on top of my body put on the blindfold, then inserted his length without warning. He pushed into me, giving me no time to adjust to his girth. I moaned as his pace was fast to start with, he only got faster. He smacked my ass with every moan and curse that left my mouth. "Fuck babygirl, keep going." My toes curled and my moans only got louder. My body squirmed at the pleasure that was rising in the pit of my stomach. He pulled me up into a doggy style position while thrusting into me at a fast pace. He pulled my hair as he smacked my ass several times. His low groans got louder and and his pace slowed down. We were both reaching our climax. "Cum all over me baby." I obeyed and let my juices flow. I felt relieved as I let go of everything I was holding back. My moans turned him on, bringing him closer to his edge. Not long after Yoongi let his seed spill in me, filling the empty harder to reach places. He pulled out and rest next to my tired body. I was still breathing heavily as I turned to face him. "You were a good girl tonight, maybe I'll give you something tomorrow to reward you?" "I'll be good for you Yoongi." "You better babygirl." This was my last entry for my BTS smut series, if you have any requests i'll gladly take them. 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My song to you|Suga oneshot
Please ignore that the top of Yoongi's head was cut off... BTW there is smut later on, I will put a warning in. Anyways this is a fluff oneshot starring the one and only Min Yoongi!!! I made this for his birthday and also for some of you Min Yoongi stans... me. Let us get on with the story. I called up Namjoon after my boyfriends present came in. He answered immediately. "What's up (y/n)?" He asked from the call out of nowhere. "I need some help from the you guys." "Yeah sure what's up?" "I got a pretty big present for Yoongi I need some help bringing it over to his studio. Can you and the boys help me?" "Yeah, when do you need it over here by?" "I was gonna have some of you guys help me bring it up while some people try to get Yoongi away and distract him, maybe around his lunch time?" "Sure I'll get the group and bring them over." "Ok I'll see you later." I hung up and huffed a breath. I ate cereal while waiting for them to arrive. I heard a car pull up my driveway, so I head out and saw a black van in my driveway. I got outside as they all were still getting out. "What the?! That is huge." Namjoon said patting on the box. "Be careful this was expensive, and it was hard to find." I grabbed his hand. "Sorry." "Okay, everyone come in." I motioned everyone to come inside and sit on the couches. "I don't know when Yoongi's free time is so we are going to come up with a plan." I sat down while leaning over the table. As if I was the quaterback telling the team what to do. "I will have Jhope, Taehyung, and Jin, you guys will distract Yoongi while the rest of us will bring his present up." "What do we do with Yoongi though?" Jin asked. "... Just bring him out to lunch or something." Jungkook said. "Let's get going." I got up and we headed to the van. "Please be really careful with it when you pick it up." "What is it (y/n)?" "It's a brown wood piano." "Wow! Aren't those like really hard to find." "Yeah, that's why I am telling you to be careful." The four boys started to pick up the piano that was still in the cardboard box. "I swear Namjoon, if you break it your explaining that to Yoongi, and the new piano is coming out of your bank account." "Do you want help or not?!" He yelled in frustration. "Sorry sorry." The boys carefully placed the box in the trunk of the van. "Oh thank god it fits, I was worried about that." I closed the trunk door before hopping in the van along with the 6 boys. "That was way heavier than I thought." Groaned the maknae. "Thanks everyone." I pinched my ear in embarrassment. >>>Timeskip>>> "Finaly we are done." I groaned with a sweaty forehead. "I think Yoongi-hyung will really like this." "Thanks Jungkook." "Oh Jimin, do you know where Namjoon is?" "He went to take a shower." "Oh, can you ask Jin and the rest to hold Yoongi off a bit longer I have to go back home and get changed." "Yeah I'll do that I'll see you later (y/n)." "Okay, bye guys." I waved to Jungkook and Jimin before walking out. I took a taxi home and took a quick shower and picked out a cute outfit. I did my hair and makeup quick and texted Jimin that i'm heading over. >>>Timeskip again>>> "Yoongi!!!" I ran up to him and hugged him tightly, I wrapped my arms around his neck. "Woah, calm down." He chuckled. "Happy Birthday My Min Yoongi, I love you so much." I kissed his puffed out cheek. "Thanks, but can you let go now, it's kind of hurting." "No, not today my love Min Yoongi!!" "Oh fine..." Seconds later his arms went to my hips and stayed there for a while.We heard coughing and we looked over my shoulder, still in each others embrace. "We have presents for you." Everyone shouted at once. I faced Yoongi again. "I have a present for you but I'll give it to you later tonight babe." I tried teasing him, getting his hopes up. He smirked and pecked my lips. He had no idea, I looked away trying to stop myself from laughing out loud. I covered my mouth and quickly ran into the bathroom, bursting into a quick laughter. I calmed myself down for a minute and walked out, it seemed they were all waiting for me. "Why is your face red?" Hoseok asked. "Is it?" I tried questioning him. "Kinda." I huffed and just ignored his comment. I sat down next to Yoongi and put my head on his shoulder resting. Namjoon handed his present to Yoongi first. He opened the little bag and took out disks. "That better not be porn Namjoon." "Those are for your mixtapes and songs you edit." He ignored me. "Thanks Namjoon. (y/n)..." "What?" "Tell me, why would I need porn if I have you?" I was speechless and my face grew many shades of pink. "I d-don't k-know. F-for when your on a t-tour or s-something." I looked down. "I'd watch one that we make, baby." He said in a teasing voice. "What the?! We don't even have one." "We'll make one tonight, for my birthday." "WTF!!" Yoongi was never like this, where was the sweet and shy Yoongi? "Where did you hide my Min Yoongi, you imposter." I stood up and pointed at him. He looked at me confused. "Ugh... What?" Everybody around me was fidgeting and looking at me confused. "Ignore what I said." I grabbed a present from someone's hand and gave it to Yoongi. "Next gift is from Jin." I yelled out as the atmosphere was still a bit awkward. He opened it and a new pair of headphones were in the box. After Yoongi opened all of the presents from everyone it was time for me to give him his present. I covered his eyes while leading him in his studio. I sat him down on the stool and took my hands away from his face. He opened his eyes and his mouth went wide. "(y/n) is this really for me?" "Yes, of course. Why else would it be here?" "(y/n)..." He said softly. He stood up and hugged me tight. "Thank you so much (y/n) this must've cost a lot." "It wasn't that much." I chuckled nervously. "How much was it?" "If I tell you, don't feel guilty. It was around 830,000 won (about $720)." I winced ready for him to scold me. "Why?" "Because I love you, and no matter how cheesy this sounds, I don't care how much I have to spend to make the one I love happy." "You know I would've been perfectly fine just cuddling with you the whole day." "But I wouldn't, I would feel guilty." "But now I feel guilty." He looked down at the piano. "I told you not too." "How can I make it up to you?" "Fine... play me a song." I said knowing how stubborn he could be. He nodded and grabbed a peice of paper. He sat back down, ready to play on his new piano. He started to play the piano it was a song I was not familiar with. (please pay attention to the english lyrics) "Yoongi... that was beautiful." I gave him a small clap. "(y/n). This song is meant for you, I haven't published it yet but I will soon." "What's the title?" I asked. "First love." When he said that I felt butterflies in my stomach. "So... am I your first love?" I blushed while looking down. "... Yeah, but sometime soon I really want to bring this relationship to the next level." "What do you mean?" My heart thumped loudly. "I mean I want to get married and start a small family, just us. Together." "Yoongi..." I felt my eyes water up. "Can you give me your second birthday present now?" He asked with dark eyes. I blushed remembering the teasing he did when we were giving out presents. A/N: I wasn't sure if I should add smut or not, but here it'll be quick though (19+) mature content ahead. "Yes." I looked up at him, waiting for him to dominate me. He grabbed my wrist and pulled me on top of him. He brought me into a rough kiss, he went straight to the tongues, he didn't bother to waste any more time. His hands gripped the bottom of my shirt and lifted it off my head he threw it away somewhere. As the kiss was getting steamier he let go and he got me off. "Just hang on." He left the room and came back with a tripod and a camera attatched to it. The thought of him recording us doing it turned me on. A blink from the camera went off and he walked over to me again. "So you were serious?" I sat on his lap again and whispered in his ear. "When am I not serious babe?" I smirked. "When you call me babe it really turns me on." I started to grind my pelvis on him. His breath got heavier. "Stop teasing me babe." I obeyed and stood up he slipped my panties off from under my mini skirt. I grabbed the top of my skirt about to pull it off. "Keep it on." I kneeled down infront of him, my face infront of his bulge. I unbuttoned his pants and pulled them off along with his boxers. I held his hard on and licked the tip enclosing my whole mouth around him not long after. I kept twirling my tongue around his stiff shaft, hearing his lustful moans spill out. His hands went to my hair and pulled softly before keeping my head in place. I felt myself start to gag so I released him and took time to breathe before deep throating him again. My soft hums brought him over the edge moaning in total ecstasy. I released him and sat back on his thighs. His length poked my inner thigh wanting to be inside me. I kissed Yoongi roughly as I guided his length to my entrance. His tip pried my tight walls, but slipped easily with the coating of saliva I left. "Fuck Yoongi!!" I screamed out. "I love it when you swear baby." He moaned out. My hips started to move on their own rolling in circles, reaching deeper places. His length was around my tight and warm walls, grazing and rubbing sensitive spots all over. Everytime it would touch my soft spot my walls would clench tightly around his shaft, leaving him panting and moaning. My moaning grew louder as I started to move my hips upwards faster. "Shit, fuck Yoongi." More profanities left my mouth as I felt myself closer to my euphoria. Yoongi knew I cursed more than usualy when I was reaching my climax. "Baby, fuck, keep going." He moaned out with his head back. I held onto his shoulders for support as I kept riding him. "Y-yoongi, fuck." I moaned louder than ever as I felt my walls clenching around his dick. We both moaned as we reached our highest peak. I felt his seed fill my empty spaces as he thrusted upwards one last time. I rested my pelvis on him with his dick still in me. "Are you on the still on the pill?" "Yeah, I was planning for this as well. But not that." I pointed to the camera and smirked. I stood up suddenly feeling empty and cold. I walked over and pressed the off button on the camera. I sat back on his lap and kissed him. "Happy Birthday my Lovely Min Yoongi." I pecked him, and we ended up cuddling for the rest of the night. 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BellBoy| Rapmonster (19+)
(19+) If you do not like sexual topics you do not have to read this =Taehyung =Jhope =Jin =Jimin =Jungkook "Hello Ms. Yoon. How was your vacation?" The boy behind the desk asked. I walked up to him. "Hello Jaekwon, It was good. How are you?" I asked him, my arms leaning on the desk. "I'm doing fine today. We have some news." "Oh really, what's up?" "We have a new BellBoy for your penthouse elevator." "Oh really, Thank you for telling me." "He will be over in a minute." The phone rung, he held up his finger and answered the phone. I just stood there looking around waiting for the new face to pop up. I saw a handsome man walk around the corner with a confused face. I walked up to him, "Hello sir, do you need help today, i'd be happy to help." "No i'm fine i'm just waiting for someone." "Oh ok, I hope to see you around. Enjoy your stay." I bowed and walked back to the desk waiting for his call to be over. His call ended and I waited for him to introduce me. "Oh there he is." He walked over to someone and I followed him. "Here he is." I looked up at the face. I bowed. "Hello, i'm (y/n) (l/n)." He bowed respectfully. "Hello, it's nice to meet you Ms. (y/n), My name is Kim Namjoon." It was the same guy as before. "Since Ms. (y/n) has just comeback from a vacation she has a few suitcases to bring up." Jaekwon said. "Of course, I'll bring them up for you." "Oh yes, she is also on the very top penthouse." "Ok." I walked outside with Namjoon and grabbed the suitcases bringing them to the elevator. "You don't need to help me, it's my job to do this." "It's fine, it wouldn't feel fair to have you do all the work, while I just stand here." "Just don't lower my paycheck." We both shared a laugh. The elevator doors closed, I waited for the elevator to move. "Oh yeah." I grabbed the key card from my purse and slid it pressing the Penthouse button. "What is that?" He asked. "It's a card to get in the penthouse, you can't get in without a keycard." The bell dinged indicating we were at the floor. The doors opened revealing the open hallway with a grand staircase. I grabbed my luggage and brought it outside the elevator into the hallway. "Namjoon?" "Need help with anything else?" "Yeah can you just help me bringing these to my bedroom, then thats it." "Sure." "How long have you been working here, I was gone for about 3 weeks." "Just a day ago." "Really. Well, just take it easy." "I will." We reached my bedroom that was pristine. "You can just put them there." I pointed to the corner. "I'll put you there." His voice went deep and his look became darker. He grabbed my wrist and pinned me to the wall. My face was up against the wall as his front was against my back. His lips grazed my neck, and his hands roamed my back. They reached my butt and groped it, smacking it after. A small moan brushed between my lips. "You like that baby?" His voice was teasing me. "mmm." I hummed, getting lost in his touch. His finger then moved to my front and brushed my clothed nipples lightly. The ticklish sensation only lasted for a second then arised again as he touched it again. His hand moved under my shirt and pinched my hard nipple. I bit my lip as he continued to touch me in dirty places. His long warm fingers grazed many sensitive parts of my body, he knew many of my weaknesses. He nibbled a small part of my neck, licking it afterwards. My whole body shivered as he blew on it, that part getting cool. His hands underneath my shirt irritated me, my shirt was getting in the way. "I think this would be easier if my shirt was off." "Not yet baby. I'll have you begging for me later." Before I could whine he grabbed my wrists and put me on the bed. His knees locking my legs and his hands were free. His hands landed on my shirt and said, "Fuck it." He pulled my shirt off of me and threw it across the room landing on my vanity. His hands landed on the clasp and undid it, my breasts finally having time to breathe. I heaved a sigh of relief, another layer off. His hands reached my breasts and cupped them. He licked my jaw and moved down, licking the empty space between them, skipping the sensitive part. His tongue moved south reaching my belly button leaving a thin trail of saliva. His tongue licked back up teasing me purposely not touching my breasts. "Namjoon..." I whined, getting tired of his teasing. "Yes baby?" "Please..." "Please what baby?" He continued to lick my body. "Please stop teasing me." "I'll do that if you... call me daddy." A smirk formed on his face. "Please... Daddy stop teasing me." "Oh fuck baby." His face went near mine and he kissed me. He went straight to tongues, he didn't bother the childs play. My hand roamed his back and my nails dug into it as his teeth encaptured my nipple, biting it softly. A soft moan left my lips as a groan of satisfaction left his. He lifted up his head and bit my bottom lip, sucking lightly. I pressed on his chest with my hands, and he got up sitting back. I took the chance to jump on him and flip our positions. "It's time for me to pleasure you daddy." "Oh babe." I slowly played with the fun parts of his pants, teasing him. I undid the button, pulling down the zipper slowly. I felt that the pants were keeping his package in place, I took a strong grip before pulling the pants off his legs. They slipped off quite easily, they were loose pants. I gripped the waistband of the boxers and pulled the item of clothing off him, his package sprung free. "Your a big one, will it fit?" "I'm pretty sure it will." He smirked. "Getting cocky now are we." Our position flipped once again. He used his tongue and left a trail down my tummy down to my lower sensitive area. I felt myself getting wetter as I saw him go lower. His tongue touched the fabric seperating, his tongue and my heat. His fingers started to stroke my clothed sensative part. "Why the need to wear fancy underwear?" "What do you mean, I wear lace underwear everyday." "I'll remember that." My breath became unstable as he continued to stroke me there. "You like this?" "Not as much without the clothes." I laughed. "I told you, I'll make you beg for what you want." "Please daddy, take my clothes off." I groaned yearning for more pleasure. "One more time." "Please take off my clothes daddy." I made a pouty face. It didn't take him long to rip my under garnment off. "Oh fuck baby. Your so wet for me." His face lowered on to my heat, blowing onto it. I slight moan escaped my lips. His tongue touched a sensative spot which made me twitch under him. His tongue moved in small circular motions, only making me wetter and more aroused. His tongue touched my clit, licking it slowly, making it all the more pleasurable. It felt so good, I forgot to breathe altogether. "Fuck Namjoon!!" I yelled without thinking. He slapped my ass cheeks. "What's my name?" "Daddy." "What's my name?" He slapped my ass again. "Fuck Daddy!!" His tongue kept going, as he smacked my ass. "That's it baby." His tongue finally dipped in me slowly, retreating, then repeating the process. "oooh, Fuck." My hands brushed through his hair, softly pulling. His tongue touched every sensitive part, bringing me absolute pleasure. His tongue lightly brushed my g spot but he pulled away. He stood up and towered over my weak body, our breath was the only thing heard. His bulging length poked my thigh, making my heat wetter. But he got up and grabbed something from the floor. He brought it to my wrists and tied them together, but then he tied it to the head board. His bare but well build chest was in front of me as he tied me up. I don't know why I dodn't protest at all, but I still wanted to try, willing to experience new things. His hands pumped his length a few times before rubbing my clit with the tip. My breath quickened and my moans grew louder, want his cock in me already. My legs stiffened as his cock touched my entrance, not going in yet. He was teasing my waiting for me to beg for him to fuck me. His tip pressed on the entrance not going in, then rubbing my folds. He looked at me with lust filled eyes. "Fuck me daddy!" I begged and he immediately obeyed. His tip pushed into my entrance slowly. His tip passed my g spot, grazing it softly then dipping even deeper in me. My walls clenched around his length first, but loosened a bit as I adjusted. I moaned as soon as I felt his his move back, but he slammed back in me making me moan even louder. "How is it baby?" He groaned after moving back in, going deeper. "Fuck daddy! Go harder." I said breathless. I wanted to wrap my arms around him, but the cloth stopped me from doing so. My body felt worn out already, but I knew that he wouldn't stop there. His thrusts only grew rougher and harder creating a feeling i've never felt before. "Oh fuck, right there, yess!" His length kept hitting the same spot bringing me over the edge. I wrapped my free legs around his waist, so he could go deeper. "Fuck babygirl. Your so tight." I felt my walls get tighter around him, I was getting close. "I'm gonna cum daddy..." I said feeling the pleasure pool up. I was about to release but he pulled out at the worst time. A frown formed on my face and I glared at him. "You gotta beg baby. Now turn around." He pumped his shaft as he waited for me to turn over. I flipped myself so I was now on my stomach and he pulled me up so my ass was now up for show. Before I knew it, he eased himself in from behind me. His tip poked my walls from this angle making me moan. "Fuck, fuck , fuck, ahhh." His finger was added to the equation which drove me crazy. His finger made circles around my clit, I bent my head backwards but his other hand grabbed my hair, as he bumped faster in me. This man was driving me crazy, with all the new features added to the feeling. I felt myself getting closer to my climax. "Please let me cum daddy." I said continuing to moan. "Alright baby, cum all over my cock." His thrusts got slower as I felt myself starting my climax all over again. My walls tightened and the pleasure started, my moaning was uncontrollable as he thrusted into me as I was in the middle of my climax. He slowed down as my climax was ending, he was about to cum as well. He pulled out and sat in front of me, his legs between my arms. "Suck me baby." I obeyed and kissed his tip before taking him whole. He moaned as I continued to bob my head on his cock. Without warning he came in my mouth, spilling his seed. I released his cock leaving him moaning and swallowed all his seed. "What a good baby." He patted my head and walked over to his clothes. "When's your next vacation?" He asked slipping his pants on. "March 7th." "I'll be sure to prepare for an even better welcome back gift." He put his shirt on and left me, still tied up. This is my first entry for the house of Exctessy. I hope you enjoyed. 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Memories| Yugyeom oneshot
This is a oneshot story just for fun. I hope you enjoy. It is now valentines day and I really want to do something sweet for my boyfriend, Yugyeom. I love Yugyeom more than anything in the world. I am also glad the fans support our relationship. But at first they didn't approve, but it took some time getting adjusted too. I've felt ever since the fans been supporting us, nothing will ever be in our way. But some fans are way to possessive and bash me online. But whatever they say, they can't change our feelings for each other. A thought popped in my mind, before forgetting it I wrote it on a sticky note and slapped it on the wall. 'Recall wonderful memories' "Great idea (y/n), I'll do that and then give him his surprise last." I picked up the present knowing he'll like it. I giggled to myself and put the box down, then going to sleep. Waking up followed by a yawn I picked up my phone and saw a text from Yugyeom. Yugyeom♡- I love you Jagiya~ I smiled at the text and replied back -I love you more~ After sending it I picked out my outfit for today. I chose a white crop top with a pink skirt and a jean jacket. I smiled and placed my clothes aside grabbing my towel for a shower. After washing up I put on a face mask while organizing my makeup desk. I took the face mask off after 10 minutes and, dried my face before putting on my makeup. I got a call and walked over to my phone, Yugyeom♡. I answered and put it on speaker phone, before continuing my makeup. "Jagiya~" He said sweetly. "Your free today right?" I asked. "Yeah, I look forward to today (y/n)" "Oh yeah, Happy valentines day Gyeommie, I love you~" "Awww, your so sweet." He said before hanging up. I smiled at how cute he could be sometimes. I arrived at the park about 10 minutes early. We chose to meet up at the closest park and then our adventure would begin. I saw my boyfriend about 10 feet to my right, we both made eye contact and I almost cried. "Do you know how much I missed you!" I said running up to him and hugging him. "Why don't you show me how much you missed me." "I will later." I said and lead him somewhere special. I was planning on bringing us to places we created the most precious memories. We both walked hand in hand to the place we first met. I led him to the JYP building, because at the time I was a makeup artist for MissA. But I had to get moved to a boy group, which was Got7. "I remember the time we first met. You got switched because our group did not have a lot of makeup artists. After about a year of knowing you, I fell for you." <<<Flashback<<< "I really like you dongsaeng (y/n)." (dongsaeng- younger girl or boy) "But were not allowed to date, I signed a contract not to." "Rules are made to be broken." He said while grabbing my hand. I was about to pull my hand away, but I saw the passion in his eyes. "Fine, but if we get caught, we're through." I said, but he pulled me into a hug not long after. "I won't let that happen." >>>Flashback over>>> At that point I didn't have feelings for him, so it was awkward every time we would see each other. "I really felt my heart lighten up when you confessed your feelings for me, the first time. Your eyes drew me in, and I just couldn't look away or refuse. But as time went on I grew feelings for you." I led him to the next stop. We arrived at the place we had our first date. "I remember this place." His smile only grew from then on. <<<Flashback<<< "Let's go on a date (y/n)." Yugyeom said while looking down. His ears were slightly pink, and he was shy, I could tell. "Of course, how does Friday at 8 sound?" "Good!" He said in English with a thumbs up. "I'll pick you up and bring you somewhere special." "I can't wait." I waved walking away giving a thumbs up. It was my first date with Yugyeom, I decided to wear something cute but make it look like I wasn't trying too hard. I did my hair and makeup making sure I looked decent. I put on my white shorts and flowy pink pastel shirt. I grabbed my purse and walked outside waiting for Yugyeom. I saw him and his fluffy hair in the distance, I smiled and waved to him. "You picked a perfect time, barely anyone is out." "Yeah it's nice with nobody to worry about." I breathed in the fresh air. "C'mon let's go before it closes." He grabbed my hand and looked back at me, making sure it was okay. I nodded following him to wherever we were going. I trusted Yugyeom and wasn't worried at all, he wouldn't do anything without asking me. He was very cautious and worrisome about me which is why I trusted him so much. I looked up at the big dome in front of us. "What is this?" "A planetarium dome, to see all the beautiful stars at night." We both walked inside and he bought tickets for the show. After the show he brought me somewhere else, it only got more deserted. "Don't worry it'll be fine." He said. It was like he could read my mind, it was kind of creepy at times. But for some reason I was attracted to this goofball. I was so deep in thought that I didn't realize he stopped. "Too busy thinking about me?" He asked in a flirty voice. "I can't hide from you." I sighed looking at my surroundings. "Han river!" I started to run around then Yugyeom started to chase me. I came to a halt when all of a sudden I heard a loud bang. I looked up and saw fireworks going off, Yugyeom came running into me, his arms wrapping around my shoulders. "It's beautiful." He gasped, I looked over and there were sparkles in his eyes. "Yeah." We ended up spending another 20 minutes watching the fireworks cuddling up to each other. >>>Flashback over>>> "You should remember." I punched his arm. We both stared at the water, remembering how beautiful that night was. "How could I not, it was our first date after all." He smiled bringing me in a side hug. I relaxed into his arms already growing sleepy. But I stood up beating my sleepiness, "Let's go!" I pulled him up and he jumped excited. "You'll like the next spot." "I'll like it anyway, as long as i'm with you." "You're to squishy." I grabbed his cheeks and wiggled them kissing them afterwards. "owww that hurt," He complained holding his cheeks. "You'll be fine you big baby." I laughed looking at the sky my hands playfully behind my back. I danced around the almost deserted sidewalk. "I don't know if you consider this one as a good memory or a bad one, I call it... drumroll please... the 50/50!" I jumped up spreading my arms out wide spinning. He stepped up close to me and held my hand we interlocked our finger without even thinking. "You're so cute!" He kissed the top of my head then ruffled my hair. We arrived at the open stadium/park. "Remember here?" I smiled peaking at his face. "This is where I confessed my love to you, infront of all my fans and IGOT7." <<<Flashback<<< The group was holding an open album signing for their 'Fly' comeback. Since I was Yugyeom's personal stylist I had to stay in a considerable distance if there were any mishaps or something like that. At this point nobody knew about our relationship considering the fans. The boys knew and Park JinYoung himself allowed us to date. I looked over at Yugyeom and a fan was having a conversation with him. "Yugyeom-oppa! Do you love me?" "Of course, I love all IGOT7s." He grabbed the microphone and spoke. "All of you know I love you, right?" I heard the whole crowd scream different phrases. "Such as 'saranghae Yugyeom-oppa!'" I laughed at all their screams. IGOT7s could be cute sometimes, but some could be terrifying, escpecially when in the airport. "But I have an anouncement to tell everyone." He looked back at me I smiled nervously, knowing what he was going to do. "I love you all, but I like this one particular girl. I love her more than anything, please understand." Everyone asked the same question 'who?' "She'd rather not have her name announced but I do want all of you guys to accept her." He walked up to me grabbed my hand and held it up. "This is the woman I love, I hope everyone could please accept her." I looked around seeing all of the heartbroken faces on the girls. If I figured out an idol I was in love with was dating I would have the exact face as them. "Do you want to talk?" He whispered but I could still hear him over the yelling fans. I nodded and he handed me the microphone. I coughed before speaking. "Hi everybody." I bet I sounded like a fool right now. His hand rubbed my back soothing me, my breathing calmed down. "I can't do this." I handed him the microphone and ran backstage. I saw that people were glaring at me and some were giving me sympathetic looks, and some were even crying. >>>Flashback over>>> I was snapped out of my thoughts remembering another moment. It was after the fans started to support us, when there were rarely any haters. "Remember that fan meeting when JYP let me sit with you, I was so nervous." "Yeah, I was surprised that even a few people asked for your autograph." "Me too, but I'm glad that people like us together it gives me hope, it gives us hope." After exploring and recalling a bunch of important memories together he went to my house, I was ready to give him my present. I ran up to my room and grabbed the mini box, I opened it making sure everything was intact. I ran downstairs into the living room seeing him in the same spot. "Yugyeom, I got a present for you." I handed the small box to him smiling. He opened it and gasped. He grabbed the necklace, I took mine off putting the peices together. "He who holds the key can unlock my heart." "The key part is for you." I smiled feeling tears well up in my eyes. "What's wrong babe?" He rubbed my back. "It's nothing." I smiled, putting the necklace on him. I leaned over his shoulder putting the peices together. I smiled at the sight, wondering if I'll ever find a man as wonderful as the one in my arms. How was this Valentines day oneshot everybody? This is my first time doing a real fluff, in my series I would add short fluff scenes, but it doesn't compare to a whole story dedicated to it. I hope this makes you feel a little less lonely. Unlike me, single forever. I'm sorry if it made you even more lonely though. 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