Nakama Campfire!
Nakama Campfire!
{NC} Character I Would Like Most To See Genderbent
Alright I'm just moving right a long but even with the mindset of trying to shorten these down its still taking me awhile! I can't just do one image and a sentence there's something compelling me to still put some effort in these! I guess my love for anime! Lol. So the Day 10 prompt asks us what anime character we would most like to see genderbent! This is a really interesting question and I just wanna congratulate @InVinsybll for posing this question. It's a really open-minded question and one that I was surprised to find I have thought about before and I think we've all seen some really awesome fan art of our favorite characters and opposite genders. This prompt also gives a chance to feature art that isn't generally from official sources. Which is really neat and also just helps to break down gender stereotypes and normal perceptions of characters. I'm also just gonna feature one character, whom came to mind pretty much instantaneously when I read this prompt. I think I'm probably the only one whose done this character, which is a bonus I like being original! Alright my character I'd like to most see genderbent is also interesting because he's already super androgynous, and when I first saw him I thought "wow, she's so pretty" lol. Once I found out he was a he I didn't have an averse like, eww gross moment at all. It actually made me realize that guys can be pretty and I can admit that without it defining my sexuality. Pretty is pretty. When you see a flower you find pretty, do you sit there and worry if it's male or female? Of course not. Also, he's a demon, and used to be a vampire so I mean gender is hardly applicable to such a creature anyway. My choice, Asuruamaru, the powerful possession- demon Shuu makes a contract with infused with his cursed gear. He's also known as Asura Tepes, so I'm assuming when he was related to Krul(yall know shes special to me if you saw my first Waifu Wednesday) when he was a vampire before becoming a demon. Not sure though they didn't go into that in season 1. The first four images are just how he looks, yeah pretty right lol? And I think the last two are supposed to be him genderbent. I'm glad I found some! The last I one i think is actually his looks mixed up with Krul! There you guys have it I hope you enjoy! Tagging the homies! @InVinsybll @hikaymm @tylor619cruz @BlackoutZJ @VoidX @ebethoven @AdamDean @assasingod @Danse @AshChrimson @NinjaMouse @NeckoNecko @MadHouseRomance @CreeTheOtaku @gabbycalzada @qveenknip @wakleyjj @Yatosgirl @Colonellinguis @kawaiiporpoise @tayhar18920 @pervysagex @JessicaFerrier @Silverfang @UzumakiJess @ShinigamiSan @AimeBolanos