Your Entertainment: Chapter 10
Hey everyone, I know it's been a long time but here is chapter 10! Sorry for the long wait! 난 숨쉬고 싶어 이밤이 싫어. 이젠 깨고 싶어 꿈속이 싫어. 내 안네 갇혀서 난 죽어있어. Don't wanna be lonely. Just wanna be yours~ I was singing BTS's Save Me in my head while warming up for dance practice. Today was my first day and I wanted to be prepared. You probably want a recap on what happened, am I right? Well, it went pretty well I can tell you that. Anong, the boys and I had a great time together after Mr. Bang left. He wants us to call him Bang PD Nim but I tend to be formal with those above me so I sometimes call him Mr. Bang, still in habit. I started laughing at what happened that day when we got into the room. The boys went crazy. My favourite was when they blurted out why we were there. Those were great times. After Mr. Bang left the room we had some lunch with them, ordering chicken and ramen. Cheap, I know, but at least we got to eat to our heart's content. I decided to stretch out my legs, getting on the floor and doing butterflies. This was one stretch I really needed to work on in order to do the splits forward; I can only do them to the sides, hoping to get as low as a couple inches above the ground. I spent about a minute doing that before doing the hollywood, putting one leg across the other and pulling it to my chest, looking like I'm hugging my leg and switched to the other leg, doing the same thing. What I didn't notice was Anong walking in on me stretching. I began to cheer myself on, trying to go down lower but could only do it by a couple centimeters. "Yay! I'm getting closer!" I cheered, still not knowing Anong in the room. I accidently lifted my hands in air earning my body to drop to the ground in pain and shock. "Ah~ My thighs!" I was holding my inner thighs with either hand, earning laughter from across the room. I turned towards where I assumed the laughter was coming from only to find Anong slowly walking over while clutching her stomach. Thanks for the support. What a friend you are. "Wow! You did it, but did you see yourself!? That was hilarious!" She said all in one go while trying to contain her laughter. I joined in, still in pain and lying on the floor curled up in a ball. "Of course I saw it! I also felt it! When did you get here?" I snapped back at her while trying to get up. I began to rub my thighs, trying to get rid of the pain, slowly diffusing it before it only began to hurt a little. I got up slowly, trying to be careful. "Why am I such a clutz!? Why did you curse me!? Why~!?" I asked no one in particular while staring at the ceiling and raising my fists into the air. "You poor baby~." Anong cooed at me while rubbing my left shoulder. I am a poor baby! Of course I wasn't going to tell her that so instead I just gave her a look saying 'stop teasing me you butthole'. "Anyway, I came in here to wish you luck with the class. I have gotten a few trainees and they have all been great so far." The keywords being so far. She continued while putting one hand on her hip and the other dropping to her side. Work it girl. The thought popped into my mind and before I knew it I was trying not laugh while she continued. "I have to get back but I will see you after work. Bye! Good luck! Fighting!" She balled her hand into a fist before shutting the door of the studio and walking to the singing room. Thanks, I guess we will see each other later. The door opened and in walked tons of trainees. Should I call them students or trainees? I decided to go with students since I am technically their dance teacher. Might as well, I mean, it makes sense. "Welcome students! As you are fully aware this is your dance class. Are you ready?" They all nodded their heads, some more eager than others. This is going to be fun, I thought while going to the place where I can put on music. "But first show me what you know. What song was it that you danced to?" A random student,whom according to her nametag was Lee Yunji, shouted "It was Pillow Talk by Zayn Malik" I have heard this song, it has a pretty good melody and rhythm. I looked it up and put it on, while sitting on the wooden floor in front of the class. They all got into their places and the music began. The way their bodies were in sync with the music, it had a lot of movement because of the counts in it. Each move they made went perfectly with the song and you could tell they practiced this a lot. You could feel the passion in the room, each one of them enjoying themselves along with I. Wow, they are amazing. How am I going to compete with this? I wondered as the song began to end, sadly, because I was enjoying this. Time to get started. I clapped earning smiling faces along with some that appeared confused. "You liked it? Our old teacher said it was terrible and we should change it but then she left so we never got to." A girl who was wearing dark green sweatpants pulled up to her calves and a plain black t-shirt paired with black vans had said. I examined her a little more noticing she had a round face, and light brown hair pulled into a loose ponytail. She looked to be around 16 years old. So young. "Liked it? You have got to be kidding me." They all looked to the ground, ashamed for some unknown reason. "I absolutely loved it! You all were amazing!" Everyone's faces lit up with joy and all bowed while saying different types of thank you. I clasped my hands before standing up and pacing in front of everyone. Suddenly an idea popped into my head. "How about we learn a new dance?" They all started shaking their heads. "Come on, I need to hear you." I laughed. "Okay." The class said in unison. Finally, it gets boring to be the only one talking. I grabbed a bowl and a couple of sheets of paper, ripping them into small rectangular shapes. "Here's the plan. Everyone will write down a song you want to learn a dance to, and put it in the bowl. After everyone is done I will pick a random student and have them pick a random piece of paper and that will be the song. Got it?" I sounded so professional it didn't even feel like myself. A whole bunch of got it's, okays, and yeses were heard about the room. I grabbed a bucket of pencils I brought from home just in case and started handing them out to each student along with pieces of paper. After a couple minutes the bowl was filled with every student's song suggestions and the pencils put away. "Okay, now let's see. Who wants to pick?" Almost everyone's hands shot into the air. I laughed a little at this, enjoying this activity. I began searching around the room before pointing to a boy in blue jeans, a white tee and white converse. "You there." He did a victory dance, and the rest of the class groaned. "Calm down, you will all get a turn for we will be doing this once a week." A whole bunch of yes's could be heard and students began high fiving each other. How cute. The boy made his way up to the front and before he got a chance to put his hand in the bowl I had a question. "And what is your name?" I asked, seeing as how his name tag had fallen off during the dance. "My name?" I nodded, obviously. "My name is Min Kyung." He bowed before looking at me while smiling. I nodded my head before ushering him to pick a paper. He ruffled his hand around before finally pulling one out and handing it to me so I could read it aloud. He walked back to his friends and silently listened to what it was going to be. I set the bowl down before looking at it. This is a pretty good song! I took a breath, making the class feel anticipated. I kept looking at the paper then back to the class, some were crossing their fingers and other were biting their lips hoping theirs gets picked. "And the song we will be learning this week is..." I gave a short pause looking at the students examining their faces, trying to remember my first class of the day. "Needed Me by Rihanna." The class cheered and one girl in particular caught my attention. She was wearing black leggings and a white blouse paired with white wedges. Her black hair was down to her collar bones, curled into natural looking waves. Wow, she's pretty. I started to compare myself and looked to the mirror on my right. I was wearing a black and white baseball tee with blue whitewashed jeggings and some black converse. My hair was down in it's natural wavy state, falling to my waist. God my hair is long. I thought as I ran my fingers through it. I put full attention back to the class, having a dance routine already in my head. I clapped earning a couple scared students and chuckled a little, while walking in front of the mirrored wall. "Everybody spread out and face towards me." They all scurried into a position, and did as I told them. So obedient. When I have kids I wish they will be this obedient, I inwardly thought and smiled. "Are you all ready?" I breathed in and out trying to calm my nerves before looking into the mirror, seeing nodding heads everywhere. I am ready. After class, everybody was tired and it was time for them to go to a different class, I took a break. I walked over to where my stuff was and took my water bottle out of my bag, taking a couple gulps. Ah~ so refreshing. I set it back down and decided to dance to another song that I had recently learned. Fire by BTS. The song was really amazing and I just couldn't ever get enough of it. The choreography was super fast and could really work up a sweat and definitely increase your heart rate. It took me a while to learn this song but finally got it as perfect as I could. The song began playing and before I knew it, it was over, not noticing until a few seconds after the last beat just how much I felt like I was dying. It felt like I just did the mile run for gym class and I had to make it under 8 minutes. Those were the days. I laughed at myself before a thought popped into my head. Why not test myself to see if I can dance to different songs? I rushed over to my bag, grabbing a towel to wipe myself off while walking to the computer and putting on random play dance. 5...4...3...2...1.. A song began to play and making me say "Oh crab cakes!" in English because I didn't expect it to start so soon. I rushed to the middle of the dance floor and joined into the song but before I actually could another song began to play and I got it down this time. Time began to fly by and I didn't notice the clock read 8:45 at night, meaning my shift was over but I continued till I felt I was done. Soon enough it was 9:13 and I was exhausted. I turned off all the electronics and began packing my bags,my aching muscles causing me to slow down and take my time. I can't believe I have to go to work with BTS tomorrow. I love that song. Tomorrow the boys have a variety show to go on and I have to go along since I'm their assistant manager. I forgot which variety show it was exactly but it was either Weekly Idol or Hello Counselor, both being my favourites. Either way, I was going to enjoy myself and I am positive Anong was going to also, with her being the main. A deep voice interrupted my train of thoughts, giving me a mini jump scare, small enough for it to go unnoticed; at least I hoped. "I thought you left already." Why would I leave? Tagging: @SindyHernandez @Littlejiminie @KDluvR1999 @evelynrodriguez @Elizabeth1234 @kpopandkimchi @Jinsprincess
Your Entertainment: Chapter 9
Hey guys! Long time no see! Sorry I haven't updated! Again, comment if you want to be tagged or what you thought of the chapter My hands were shaking so bad it looked like I probably had Parkinson's Disease, but I quickly tried to stop them by folding my arms. "Yes." We both answered simultaneously, earning us a sweat drop. I hope this doesn't affect our chance at a job. Anong must have thought the same thing for she was shaking her foot nonstop while twiddling her thumbs. The man before us smirked before chuckling. What's so funny mister? "That's great! Now onto the interview." Good god. I wonder what the rest of the questions will be like. It lasted for about 30 minutes before he said, "How about we show you around the building? Since you will be working here starting next week." We have the job!? Wait, what is the job? "But first, you must be confused as to what your jobs will be. Tou Anong, you will be working as a singing coach and a main manager. I've heard of your work before and would love it if you could work for us and help out the trainees." He clapped his hands, admiring her work from the past. His eyes were filled with hope, awaiting her answer while standing up from seat. She nodded her head eagerly. "I would love to. I'd be honoured sir. Thank you!" Anong bowed a full 90 degree angle several time before I tapped her back, signalling her to stop. Wonder what my job is! The man, whose name was Bang Sihyuk, looked over to me squinting a little before clasping his hands together. "As for you Nari Hatai, you will be our new choreographer and an assistant manager." Score! He continued while walking to where I stood, "I've heard very good things about your choreography classes and looked into one of your old jobs and your social skills are well. Are you able to do them both?" I nodded my head, bowing only once. "Of course, sir. Thank you for this opportunity." I put some hair behind my ear before letting it loose again, falling back into it's place. "Well, shall we begin the tour?" We all walked out of his room and hopped into the elevator. "The entire top floor is just offices and I assume neither of you want to see boring rooms with desks in them." He chuckled at his own comment and we joined in a little. I wouldn't mind at all. I love looking at the different ways people portray their taste into their work. It can get quite unique, let me tell you that. Ding! The elevator stopped, and the doors opened letting us walk out while following Bang Sihyuk to wherever. Anong and I looked at each other with looks of happiness, our entire faces smiling with joy. I winked at her, earning a giggle and of course, the rolling of eyes. Why don't you accept my affections? I mouthed to her, earning a scoff and a wink back. See? Was it that hard? We had always done this growing up. It was a normal thing but to others it wasn't. Can't my best friend and I just wink at each other? No. Not to society, but we do it anyways. Such rebels we are. The man stopped us in front of a silver door with a blurred window in the middle. "This is the room our trainees practice dancing in." Opening the door, we earned a lot of heads turn our way. Everyone looked from about 7 to 20 years old. The room itself was huge. Enough to fill at least a small concert. "Hatai, this is where you will be working." He walked in, and us following suit. The room was dead silent and all you could hear were our footsteps leading to the front of the room. Everybody stood up and greeted Mr. Bang simultaneously, while in sync. "Hello Mr. Bang!" They bowed at 90 degrees and he bowed back, but just with his head. "Hello trainees! I hope you have been working hard! This here," he said while pointing to me, "is your new choreography teacher. Her name is Nari Hatai but you will address her by what she wishes. As you are fully aware of what happened to our last one we got a new one." Murmuring was heard throughout the room and one comment stood out the most to me. "She looks like she's 17." I silently thanked whoever had said that. Good to know I look young! "Please treat her well!" "Hello, my name is Nari Hatai but you may address me by Nari. Please treat me well!" I bowed while introducing myself. "Hello Nari! Welcome to Big Hit!" Wow, how nice. Wish I got that at my old jobs! I laughed a little at myself, earning some weird stares while others smiled back at me. This is going to be so much fun! "Who is that other girl with her?" A comment from a boy that wore nerd glasses, a green and white striped collared shirt paired with blue straight jeans and black converse.His height was probably around 5'8 and he had a slim figure. In my opinion he was pretty cute but he looked to be younger than me so I wouldn't chance it. Mr. Bang and I looked to Anong whose face was flushed red as a beat. She legitimately almost matched the colour of some girl's hair that was in the room. "That Yonming is Tou Anong, your new vocal coach. Please treat her well." She bowed before the class earning the same reaction as I had once before. We both giggled at each other before Mr. Bang continued speaking. "Okay trainees! Back to practice! We have some important business to attend to." And with that all three of us left and walked down another hallway to stop in front of another door. Mr. Bang hesitated before turning around to face us. "Now, please do not freak out. These are some well known people here in South Korea and do not want to disturb them in any way possible. Got it?" He raised his eyebrows at us while pointing at both of us. We nodded our heads quickly answering him with a "Got it." He slowly opened the door earning lots of screaming and yelling from boys. God they are loud. I kid you not, it felt like I almost burst an eardrum. "Bang PD Nim! What are you doing here!? It's been a while?" He chuckled at their reactions. They still didn't know we were there for we were hidden behind the door. "Nothing much boys! How is your dance practice coming along? Is it getting better?" A whole bunch of groans good be heard throughout the inside of the room. I'm guessing that they haven't been getting it. It's okay, they will eventually. They always do. "It's been getting a little better but we are still stuck on the timing for this one part." I heard more groans but this time of agreement. It's that rough? Huh, that sucks. "Is that so? Well, I am sorry to hear that. You guys can take a break for I have some people I would like you to meet. Come in girls!" His voice booming from the inside of the room, and out into the hallway. You could literally sense their confusion as to what he is talking about. Their murmurs soft but still heard, "Girls? What about girls?" Anong and I gave each other a thumbs up before slowly stepping into the room, earning cheers around the room. "Anong!? Hatai!? What are you guys doing here!?" The boys were practically screaming with joy and hugging each other. Jin and Namjoon were shocked but you could tell they were overjoyed to see us. Yoongi and Jimin were spinning each other around looking like the ultimate OTP I have always loved. Yoonmin all the way! Hoseok, Taehyung and Jungkook were playing ring around rosies with each other, or at least that's what it looked like. Mr. Bang looked ultimately confused. His face said it all. "Calm down boys!" They immediately stopped what they were doing and got into a line. "Do you guys know each other?" We all nodded our heads, while looking down. Mr. Bang looked between Anong and I to the boys and continued on like this till he finally stopped, looking back at them. "How did you guys meet?" "Jungkook actually had met Hatai while grabbing kimchi and ended up taking the ones she wanted but didn't see her." Jungkook and I nodded our heads while chuckling. Sad, but true story. I still can't believe he couldn't see me! Like, how can you not!? Jimin continued, "Then Anong came into the picture meeting Jungkook, when Taehyung and I were looking for him and ended up meeting them." Mr. Bang looked a little confused while taking in the story. "So if you five met in the store how did the rest of you meet?" Before anyone could answer Taehyung answered for us. "They met at their house." He said it so bluntly but he couldn't lie or else that would be rude so might as well tell the truth. Mr. Bang's facial expression changed dramatically. His eyebrows furrowed while his lips parted a little and his hand went up to scratch his head. "You met at their house!? When?" "Three days ago, I believe." Taehyung replied. Ugh, that boy. This time it was my turn to speak. "It was two days ago that we all met while having dinner at Anong and I's house. It was great to meet them and we all had a wonderful time with each other." Mr. Bang nodded his head, finally understanding it all. "Well in that case. I'm glad you all know each other. Nari Hatai, Tou Anong, your jobs will be easier than I thought." Our jobs? What? I raised my eyebrows while leaning in a little, clearly confused and wanting more information. "Bangtan I want you to meet your new assistant manager, Nari Hatai and your main manager Tou Anong." Wait, what? Tagging: @SindyHernandez @Littlejiminie @KDluvR1999 @evelynrodriguez @Elizabeth1234 @kpopandkimchi @Jinsprincess A/N: Again, if you want to be tagged, let me know(I hope you guys see the pun too)
Your Entertainment: Chapter 8
Genre: Romance Kpop Korea Fanfiction BTS Word Count: 1,126 A/N: Sorry I haven't updayed, school has been killing me and still is. Yay for an update! Bright light began to blur my vision. Why am I being blinded? I began to feel my surroundings, trying my best to not open my eyes. My hands glided over what felt to be my bed sheets. Are you telling me that entire thing was a dream!? Why are you so cruel brain!? I slowly sat up, groaning as I began to stretch my ligaments. Ah~ That feels nice. Swinging my legs over the edge of the bed, I wiped my eyes checking the time. 9:45. Good god it is late! I rushed out of bed, trying to be quiet while speed walking to my closet. On my way I stopped to check my calendar and found it was Thursday! Aw, now I have to dress nice! Gosh darnit! I grabbed a black blouse with white stripes on the wrists and grey buttons. I found a white skirt that falls to mid thigh, but it was high waisted so it would hide most of my shirt. I hurried to the shower, only taking 15 minutes to do everything that was needed. I dried myself off, wrapping my hair in a towel so it doesn't get in the way of my makeup and clothes. For my makeup I did a subtle beige smokey eye look, one coat of mascara, and some bb cream in the lightest shade for foundation. I decided I didn't want to be naked anymore while getting ready and put on my outfit. I pulled out the blow dryer and straightener, styling my hair in a straight looking manner, to make it seem longer than it is when in it's natural state; waves to the extreme. I looked into one of the full body length mirrors to see if I looked decent enough for this interview. Well dang girl! You sure can pull it off! I chuckled at my own thoughts. I decided to top it off with some black wedges but I won't put them on till we leave. Walking back into my room I glanced at the clock and found it to be 11:01. I have got to hurry! Wait, is Anong awake? I began to worry. She takes forever to get ready! Oh no. No no no no no no. I stormed into her room to find it empty. Sweatdrop, que. My eyes were practically bulging out of my sockets. Where is she? I looked around, all upstairs. I decided since she wasn't up here, she's downstairs. I smelled food cooking and immediately jogged towards the kitchen. I saw a body, but it definitely was not hers. It was a male, but whom might it be? His back was faced towards me, so I would be able to approach him without being caught. I silently tiptoed my way behind him before putting him in a headlock. Who are you and where's my friend?" I felt tapping but didn't let my guard down. Suddenly Anong walked in on the site and gave a look of horror. "What are you doing to Taehyung!? Let him go!" She stood there horrified. It's like she just saw me kill an animal in front of her very eyes. Taehyung? What? I loosened my grip, letting him free. "Taehyung? Oh my god! I am so sorry! I thought you were some stranger who broke into our house! I really do apologize!" I bowed furiously before feeling a large hand tapping my head, indicating for me to stop. I looked up and saw Taehyung with his square smile and Anong behind him giving me a death look. Calm down woman. If only looks could kill. "It's fine! I didn't know you had that in you!" I shrugged my shoulders before twiddling my thumbs. I didn't know it was you! Anong clapped her hands before telling Taehyung we all needed to leave. We bid goodbyes to Taehyung before we left as well. We didn't go with him because we decided to stop for some bubble tea. Anong got strawberry flavoured while I got watermelon. Goodness this tastes amazing! We finally arrived at BigHit. This is it! We stood in front of the doors for a moment before looking at each other with determined faces. We got this! Opening the door, we walked up to the front desk. "Hello, how may I help you?" "Hello! We have an interview for Nari Hatai and Tou Anong-" The lady cut me off by standing up and motioning us to follow. How rude? I didn't know whether that was rude or not so I questioned my own opinion. "Right this way. We have a special room for you both." Special room? Is it going to be like a room filled with heavenly food and amazing music!? Anong and I looked at each other, furrowing my brows before looking back straight ahead while following the lady. We entered an elevator and she clicked the highest numbered button. Well cheeses! The elevator ride was pretty silent other than us breathing and our hearts beating. Not to mention the great elevator music. We finally got off the elevator, the ding making me jump on the inside. I hope nobody noticed that. I looked over to find Anong stifling a giggle, a small smirk set on her facial features. Great. I rolled My eyes before coming to stop, almost running into the woman who was standing in front of a silver door. She knocked three times before hearing a muffled voice. "Well ladies, here is your room. Have a nice day!" And just like that she walked off to leave us on our own. Anong opened the door walking in first and I followed right after. Closing the door we both walked towards the desk and bowed introducing ourselves. "Hello! We are-" "Have a seat." We both sat down immediately, his tone strict. "We have much to discuss ladies." His chair turned around and a smirk was placed onto his, what I assume was before, serious face. Why does he look so familiar? I let the comment slide and focused on the interview. "First of all. In order for me to ask such questions I need you both to answer one specific question. This is a really important question and can only be answered with a yes or no." We both nodded our heads, waiting for him to continue. There was a slight pause in the atmosphere. I could feel myself begin to sweat a little, and my hands began to shake a little, my nerves getting the best of me. I gulped down my anxiety, figuratively obviously, and placed both my hands on my lap. "Do you love someone?" Yes. Then a sudden thought popped into my head. He's the man from the store. Tagging: @SindyHernandez @Littlejiminie @KDluvR1999 @evelynrodriguez @Elizabeth1234 @kpopandkimchi @Jinsprincess
Your Entertainment: Chapter 7
Back with another chapter finally! There was a tunnel as dark as Raven feathers. I kept running for some unknown reason, not even knowing what or who from but it didn't feel good. Oh, come on! Not this again! My lungs were on fire and my legs felt as if they were gonna fall off and leave the other part of me behind. You know how usually there's that little light at the end of the tunnel? Yeah, well, this was not in my case. There wasn't even a speck of light, not even an ounce of shimmering walls or even glittering water on the ground. The air was chilly and the cold nipped at my face, arms, and neck, telling me it wasn't going to get warm anytime soon. I kept on going no matter how much I hurt, no matter how tired I was. I had to keep going or else something would happen. I was on the brink of collapse when I heard a voice. It sounded vague although familiar. I ran towards the voice on the verge of tears, my breath hitching in my throat when I came to a halt and involuntarily fell to my knees. What was infront of me? I couldn't breathe, nor tear my eyes away from the scene. It was a mirror image of myself, blood spilling out of my mouth and a gaping hole in my chest where my heart should be. Kneeling by my right side was a monster like creature. It was a black mass, it's body contoured like a beast's, and had a red and yellow eye. It was breathing heavily and started smelling the air before looking straight into my soul. What did it want from me? I had no clue. I tried getting up but fell back and landed on my tailbone, making me gasp in pain. Tears started rolling down my cheeks uncontrollably, as the monster started walking forward, towards me. It began getting closer with every inch I moved back. My vision began to blur until I saw a glowing light as the monster began to change into what looked like a boy. A boy? What? How? A million thoughts very similar started running through my mind. Suddenly I heard a voice "It's fine, now Hatai," wait, how did he know my name? Who is this guy? He continued through clenched teeth, venom clearly in his once angelic voice, "Everything. Is. Going. To. Be. Alright." I started trembling till he pushed my back to the ground and straddled me, holding my arms above my head with only one of his hands. His other hand had something gleaming and seemed to catch light on the metal part. Oh no. He raised his arm above his head and screamed as it came down on me, an inch away before light flooded my eyes. I woke up to being shaken violently. "Hatai! Wake up! Wake up!" I opened my eyes slowly only to sit up fast and hug Anong with all I had in me. Tears falling from my face. "Woah! What's wrong sweetie? You can tell me anything." She pushed me away, gently prying me from her and placed either hand on each cheek, wiping my tears. I looked down, blinking, wondering how I'm going to tell her about that stupid nightmare. Here goes nothing. Taking a deep breath I began to tell her about it, occasionally stuttering, but she encouraged me to keep going. As each word slipped from my tongue she nodded her head, rubbing my hands in a comforting way, letting me know she was listening. When I finished, I tried to stop crying, laughing at myself for the tears would not stop. "You are very descriptive when it comes to dreams. Has this only happened once or has it been reoccurring?" I knew she was talking about the nightmare, obviously. I giggled a little. "It's a gift." She nodded her head, agreeing and chuckling at my response. I flipped my hair dramatically, emphasizing my quote of description a gift. She only rolled her eyes and motioned for me to answer her question. "It's been reoccurring, but only for a couple of days. I have no Idea what it means or what it's trying to tell me or anything! Not a single clue in my brain!" She slapped the side of my head. "Maybe it's trying to tell you to not fall in love with boys!" Anong said in a joking manner. Yeah, because that's the reason. I rolled my eyes to the back of my head so far I thought they would end up getting stuck; they didn't. Thank god. "Well, time to get ready for the day. I will be downstairs cooking breakfast. If you need to, take your time to think over the nightmare and I'll look it up about what it means. Got it? Okay! Get up!" She yanked on my arm, hauling me out of bed, sendiN me almost flying across the room and pushed me into the bathroom. "Don't fall! See ya later!" Why is she so happy? Maybe she's going on a date with Taehyungie! Yes! That's it! I high fived myself, the sound echoing in the bathroom. I turned on the water, making sure it's just the right temperature, I don't want to die of either melting or freezing! I started taking off my shirt and saw something in the mirror for a brief second. That something had caught my eye and I started staring, trying to find what it was I had seen. If Anong could see me right now, she would probably think I looked like a retard. I felt my back start to hurt so turned around to face the mirror. What I saw terrified me yet it didn't at the same time. The fear slowly started to take over by little bits. "Anong! Come here!" I yelled through the tears streaming down my face. Suddenly I heard thuds down the hall, enter my room and banging on my door. I instantly knew it was Anong. "Hatai!? Are you alright!? What happened!?" I swung the door open and she looked confused as to why I had no shirt on, and tears were falling onto my cheeks. "What's wrong sweetie?" Her voice started to calm my nerves for how smooth and concerned it was. I slowly turned around to show her my back, and she gasped in horror. She began to stammer. "H-h-how did this h-h-happen?" I shook my head and slowly turned back to the mirror, looking at what was on my back. There was a large gash from my left shoulder blade to the bottom of the right side of it. The cut was deep, probably about a half of an inch. "I-I have no idea! It didn't even start to hurt till a couple of minutes ago." Blood started to trickle from the wound, giving me shivers. How could this have possibly happened!? "I get that I'm clumsy and all but there is no way I could do this." "We need to tend to this before it gets infected." I just nodded my head before sitting on side of the tub while turning off the water and waiting as she grabs the first-aid kit from underneath the sink. She started rummaging through it, looking for what she needed. Suddenly she pulled out some alcohol and some gauzes to help tend my wound. I looked at her in fear but it dissipated into sorrow. "I know, this is going to hurt but just bare with it. It's not like you haven't been through worse before." True. I've been hurt so many times over the years, some injuries took it to the point where I ended up being hospitalized for over a month. A terrible stinging feeling rushed through my back, making me wince. I bit my lip to contain the whimpers that came from my mouth and closed my eyes tightly. This took a while before she said, "Time for the alcohol!" I turned around, face to face with her while giving her a look of utter fear. "What? I was just rinsing it, making sure it didn't have anything in the wound." I rolled my eyes before letting out a shaky breath and the process began agin. This time it was worse. She decided to just dump what felt like the entire bottle down my back and I could feel it start to bubble. Good god this hurts. I started breathing heavily, while hearing footsteps. Who else could possibly be here!? "Anong! You almost burnt the food! What's going o-" Whoever that was, their voice stopped along with their footsteps. "Oh my god! What happened!?" I turned around only to find Jin gaping in horror but worry written all over his face. "Are you alright Hatai?" I just nodded, giving him a soft smile. It didn't hurt that bad anymore, enough for me to bare it. "Here, let me help. Anong, do you mind going downstairs and checking on the fold and boys?" He more so demanded than asked. "But-" She began but he interrupted. "Just go." His voice was still soft but the tone in his voice became more demanding. She just nodded before slightly bowing and left to check on the food and boys. Wait. The boys are here? "Yes, they are here. Did you not know? Anong texted us this morning saying to come over since we have no schedule today. She didn't tell you?" I simply shook my head, confused as a bubble falling to the ground. He began to wash his hands, and then tended to my wound. "How did this happen anyway?" "I have no clue! I just woke up and was about to take a shower before seeing this. There's not even any blood on my shirt nor bed." He nodded his head, furrowing his brows while pausing for a moment. "So how are you?" "You are in terrible condition, yet you smile and ask me how I am. Aren't you in any pain?" He went back to wiping my back with some cooling gel, giving me shivers and goosebumps. I shrugged my shoulders. I sighed, "I care for other more so than myself. I always put myself last and others first. It's just how I am." He began to bandage my back as we made small talk. "Well Hatai, I am doing fine but considering you are in terrible shape, I am very worried." He laughed a little before turning serious. "That can be dangerous! So you are telling me you would take a bullet for someone you have no clue of who they are?" I only nodded my head in response. "Why?" "Because everybody deserves a chance." I gave a weak smile before my eyes became worry. I started to fan them. "What an emotional subject." I laughed at my joke hoping Jin would join. He didn't at first, but after a couple of seconds he did. Jin patted my left shoulder, "You're all taken care of. Don't do anything stupid and be careful. Got it?" I nodded my head before muttering a yes under my breath. "Good." He patted the top of my head as if I were a little kid. I mean, to him I am considering he is a couple years older, but still. "Thank you Jin-ssi." I bowed a little, considering I couldn't bend the way I did before due to the bandages. He waved me off before beginning to clean up the mess. "Let me help you." I offered, taking a few bloody gauzes and throwing them in the trash. "Before you start helping me, at least put on a shirt. You're a woman and I'm a man. Do you see where I am going with this?" Jin threw my shirt I was wearing before which was a plain white t-shirt with a pocket on the left side of the top. Just because you're a man and I'm a woman doesn't mean that we will all of a sudden just go at it. Commen sense, bruh. I rolled my eyes before doing as told but ended up hurting myself. "Here let me help you with that." He threw away what was in his hands before helping put on my shirt. "You are just begging for help, aren't you?" We both laughed at his joke. "Sure. Whatever you say." We both laughed to our stomachs hurt when suddenly a voice echoed throughout the bathroom. "Hatai? Jin hyung? What's going on here?" Nice to see you too! what did everybody think of it? what do you think is gonna happen next? Tagging @SindyHernandez @Littlejiminie @KDluvR1999 @evelynrodriguez @Elizabeth1234 @kpopandkimchi @Jinsprincess @PatriciaS